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Found 186 results

  1. Anyone looking to sell a type 4 (or maybe type 3) Subal dome port? Most interested in mini dome and 8" (in that order) but considering my options... Also potentially interested in extensions. Thanks!
  2. For Sale: Subal Housing for Nikon D300. Original owner and never any problems (no floods). For routine maintenance, I recently had all internal O-rings replaced, serviced, and pressure tested (over 60 O-rings!) by Backscatter. Included is a TTL converter, Dome Port, Flat (macro) port, and various rings to allow for different size lenses, cable for TTL controller, 2 sync cords for strobes, 2 ball mounts for strobe, and neoprene dome cover. In addition, I will throw in a Nikon 12-24mm lens with zoom gear AND at Think Tank Airport International rolling bag. Nikon camera, strobes, and arms are NOT included. Although the D300 camera has been around for awhile, this camera continues to be a great workhorse. In general, I am a person who loves to upgrade but I've been so happy with this set up I've stuck with it for years. If you want great results for a fraction of what a brand new camera and system costs, this is it. I hate to let this go, but I recently upgraded to new, smaller system to shoot more video. At first I thought I'd keep this for back up now thinking I won't really use it (just went to Bonaire and it stayed home, seems wrong just sitting there). I just know someone can use this to get great results. Have a look at some of the photos I've created with this system, all underwater pics here were taken with this system. Here is link to photos: www.weatherallphoto.com (click Gallery and the click Underwater). $1,800 US dollar for everything. Will cover the shipping cost to USA address.
  3. I have a Mint Condition Subal system for Canon Subal CD5M3 Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark III, 5DS & 5DS R DSLR Cameras Subal GS View-Finder Backscatter Air-Lock Vacuum System with Manual Valve and Bulkhead Subal FP 120/4 Flat Port Type 4 Subal FE-4 Fish eye 8" Dome Port type 4 (With Subal Neoprene Cover) EXR 100/4 Extension Ring 100mm type 4 EXR 40/4 Extension Ring 40mm type 4 Extra O-Rings Cost of package new was $7,500 just over a year ago and used it on two trips only, I have been using Subal for many years with great success, unfortunately the system is getting a little heavy for me as I get older and I am looking to downsize my camera for under water. (Handles are included just not installed in the photo) Will accept $5500 or Best Offer plus Shipping.
  4. Excellent condition ND20 housing for Nikon D200. Owned and treasured since 2008. Upgraded to Subal housing for D300S as my eyesight isn't good enough to read the settings any more! For anyone starting out with an SLR underwater, or moving up from compact the D200 is a perfectly capable camera for all sorts of underwater images. Subal make the best housings and this one has been leak and damage free the whole time I have had it. Fully serviced by Aquaphoto a couple of years ago. Included main O ring and spare Nikon 12-24mm gear ring. Only thing that is missing is the spotting light mount that goes on top that split recently. This can be replaced for £18. Looking for £499 plus postage to anywhere in the world. I also have 2 x D200 bodies that I intend to sell and happy to negotiate a price for those if you are interested. Mike
  5. Hey folks Quick bit of help needed if anyone knows the answer: I've just got the Subal V2 TTL board for my new ND500 housing. But the hot shoe connector isn't connected to the V2 board and there are several possible plug sockets! Anyone know which is the right one? A photo of the board is attached. And does anyone know the right DIP switch settings for the Inon Z240? I can't find any instruction sheet for the V2. I've emailed Subal but need a quick reply. I'm about to leave on a dive trip! Thanks! Tim
  6. For sale a Subal ND3 housing for D3, D3s* and D3x... in PERFECT condition, with GS viewfinder and DP-FE domeport. The housing and the viewfinder are almost like new, and the domeport has a few tiny marks of use that do not affect the image quality. Price 1200€ for the full set, or 800€ housing with GS viewfinder, or 500€ only housing with standard viewfinder... This is an extremely cheap price for a professional equipment. The Nikon D3 series, especially the D3x is still VERY appreciated for its high quality. Just the price of the bulkheads and a few spare parts would be more than this. Only the GS viewfinder costs new around 1000 € This housing has a type 3 bayonett
  7. When you combine a 15mm Sigma + Kenko x1.4 Teleconverter inside a Subal housing to do close focus wideangle, is it necessary to have a port extension? Perhaps physically the lens+TC won't fit, so a port extension is necessary? Even if the lens+TC fit, will it properly focus without the port extension? If the extension is necessary, what kind is required? Thanks!
  8. Complete Subal Canon 40D/50D10D UW outfit with twin Sea & Sea YS 250 Pro strobes to go! Getting out of UW photo. Subal C10 housing currently not dive able and for parts for C40 housing. Subal C40 is compatible with Canon 40D and 50D cameras. ( I'm keeping the 50D as my land camera) Everything works. Housings and strobes never flooded. Last 40D service done by Backscatter folks, east coast 2 years ago. Last dive trip 1.5 years ago. List of equipment follows including Pics. $2500 or best "reasonable" offer wins everything you see in the attached Pics. Everything must go as one big package. Payment as per Wetpixel accepted methods. Any questions please Email me at: kenneth.tarr@mclaren.org Housings: Subal C40 ( Canon 40/50D) Subal C10 ( Canon 10D) Ports: Subal 6" Dome port Subal 4.5" Flat port Adapter rings for Canon 17-35 and the 24-85mm Lenses Cameras: Two (2) Canon 40D- including charger and batteries One (1) Canon 10D-including charger and batteries Lenses: Canon EF 17-35mm 1:2.8 L USM Canon EF Macro 100mm 1:2.8 USM Canon EF 24-85mm 1:3.5-4.5 USM Strobes: Two (2) Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro Strobes including chargers and two (2) sets of Ni-MH batteries Ultralight control arms and clamps: Four (4) 8" arms Two (2) 5" ball arms for strobes Six (6) Clamps Two (2) Ball arms for housing
  9. Subal ND30 v4 housing, Nikon D300 Body and all items in the table below. Bought all equipment (except D300 body) new from ReefPhoto. Everything is in excellent condition except for the DS160 Battery (the inside clip is busted). Also, the DS125 battery may need to be replaced - it appears to charge fine, but it hasn't been used in awhile. Price: $2750 or best reasonable offer + shipping/insurance. Paypal only please. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks. 1 ea. Subal EXR-50/4 Extension Ring 1 ea. Subal EXR-18/4 Extension Ring 1 ea. Subal Zoom Gear for Nikkor 12-24/4 G ED (ND3, ND30, ND700) 1 ea. Subal FP-75/4 Flat Port 1 ea. Subal C20/C40/CD5 & ND20/ND30 Housing O-Ring 1 ea. Ikelite Substrobe DS-160 1 ea. Subal FP-FC105VR4 Focus Port for Nikon 105mm AF-S VR 1 ea. Ikelite TTL Dual Sync Cord (Nikonos to 2x Ikelite Strobes) 3 ea. Reef Photo Custom Dome Cover for Subal DP-FE2, FE3, FE4 1 ea. B+W +2 Closeup Diopter, 77mm 1 ea. Subal ND30 Housing for Nikon D300 w/GS Magnifying Viewfinder, V4 1 ea. Subal DP-FE4 Glass Fisheye Dome Port 4 ea. ULCS DB-08 8\" Double Ball Arm 2 ea. ULCS BA-TG T-Groove Adapter, for Subal, Sea & Sea, Amphibico 6 ea. ULCS AC-CS Clamp, Traditional Style (lighter weight) 1 ea. Magic Filters 2 ea. ULCS AD-125 Adapter for Ikelite DS-125, DS-51 Strobes
  10. Wanted: One Subal plug for the electrical bulkhead, it is a black plastic screw plug, M14x1 screw thread. email: 68.elias@gmail.com Thank you.
  11. Almost a complete kit - just add arms and a lens Subal ND80 housing for Nikon D80 camera. Well cared-for but showing some signs of wear and tear - as expected for its age - but none affect functionality (e.g. some labels are peeling off). FP-FC B Subal Flat Port 2 Nikonos SB105 Strobes. These can be used in "manual" mode with a digital camera (i.e full, 1/4 or 1/16 power). 2 Nikonos sync cords Nikon D80 body with 2 genuine batteries. The eye piece and LCD screen protector are removed ready to use in the subal housing but all accessories will be provided, along with the box. Asking AUD $1,500 for the lot. Buyer pays postage.
  12. Sadly I have had to give up diving for health reasons and so I have a lot of gear for sale (more than my wife thought I had). The photograph below shows my Nauticam NA- D800 system. I have now sold the housing, the 105mm Focus gear, arms, clamps and the 45 Deg viewfinder. If interested, PM me. Payment by Paypal. Nauticam NA-D800 modified by Nauticam for D810 - Sold Subal 8" Dome Port DP FEP2 Excellent condition Nauticam 87 Macro Port for Nikon 105 lens with +5 diopter Nikon 105 Focus Gear - Sold Nikon 16-35 Focus Gear Pair Inon D240 Strobes with Fibre Optic Cables and Diffusers Extension Arms with Floats and Clamps - Sold Sea and Sea Single 5 pin sync cable Sea and Sea Dual 5 pin sync cable Light & Motion Sola Photo 800 Bouyancy Ring for Port 45 Deg Viewfinder - Sold Nauticam/Subal Adaptor The second package is a Subal D200 system. This is a complete system with strobes D200 camera and Nikon 10.5 mm Fisheye lens and I am looking for an offer over £1000 for the whole package including camera and lens. Subal D200 Housing including D200 camera and 10.5mm lens 4' acrylic dome port from Ken Sullivan with scratches Subal 8" Dome Port DP FEP2 Excellent condition Various Extension ports 3 off Subal port for Nikon 60mm lens Inon D180 strobes with fibre cable and converter Locline style Flexible Strobe Arms
  13. looking for a Subal Standard viewfinder if anyone has one laying around and not using it any longer. cheers
  14. Hey guys I've got a couple of Subal port type 3 o-rings left over from my move (err, some years ago!) to a type 4 port for my ND800 housing. One is black, one blue. I must admit I don't know what the difference is. If they are any use to you drop me a PM. I'll happily mail them to you free of charge if you live in the EU. It seems a pity just to throw them out if they can find a happy home.
  15. Has anyone been in touch with Subal over the last few days? I've tried to get on to their website a few times since Friday and only get an Error message. Very odd..... Service UnavailableHTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.
  16. very good condition, type 3 port, a couple small scratches on glass. Asking $60. Free ground shipping to USA addresses. ​$10 for the O rings - free shipping
  17. HI all, Selling a used SUBAL GS180 viewfinder. Asking 450 Euro or best offer. Paypal fees and shipping cost on buyers expense. Will ship worldwide, is located in germany. Viewfinder optic is in perfect condition, see Pictures. If interested please PM me or contact me via email: mailmeyer@gmx.net Retail Price is 1246 Euro. For more deatils please click here: http://www.subal.com/a65c58c13/Port_Zubehoer_Sucher/Vergroeszernde_Suchoptik/Article.aspx?url=a65c58c13%2fPort_Zubehoer_Sucher%2fVergroeszernde_Suchoptik%2fGS_180_Sucher Kind regards, Andreas
  18. Hi: I have a complete UW setup consisting of Nikon D7200 with Tokina 10-17mm lens, Subal ND7200 housing/extension tube/port, spare batteries for camera, manuals, etc. Has been used sparingly and is in as new condition (Two trips use) Asking $5000 Australian dollars (postage included). Is also listed on Ebay for auction starting at AUD $4500 and more photos there. Do not want to sell separately. Cheers, Chris cma.andovet@grapevine.net.au
  19. Subal ND4S angler version, new design with lovely custom black painting. Housing can go with Nikon D4s as well as D4 and has a standard bayonet size FE4 and standard flash socket. I'm Subal underwater photographer ambassador. I'm selling this housing because I recently upgraded to Nikon D5. The housing is in lovely condition, serviced and checked in Subal factory in Austria where is going to be send from. There is a little scratch on black painting on the back of the housing which is only little cosmetic detail. www.georgekarbusphotography.com PRICE €2400 The original price was € 5800. The only reason I'm selling this housing is upgrade for Nikon D5 contact email: info@georgekarbus.com
  20. Subal ND4S angler version, new design with lovely custom black painting which makes the housing much friendlier to marine animals than the original shiny grey color. Housing can go with Nikon D4s as well as D4 and has a standard bayonet size FE4 and standard flash socket. Housing is in lovely condition and has few very tiny scratches as pictures show. I'm a professional photographer and always care about my gear the same way as I'm approaching my work. www.georgekarbusphotography.com PRICE €2990 The original price was € 5800. The only reason I'm selling this housing is upgrade for Nikon D5 contact email: info@georgekarbus.com
  21. I'm selling my Subal CD5M3 housing (I upgraded to the 5D4). Excellent condition, approx 100 dives, stock viewfinder, Type 3 bayonet opening, fitted for Backscatter Air Lock system. $1800. I also have two Canon 5D Mark III bodies, both just serviced and cleaned by Canon to go with the housing. $1700 ea. Will bundle the housing with one body for $3200, housing with both bodies for ??? :-) I'll even cover shipping and insurance in the continental US Phil
  22. I'm selling a Canon Speedlite 550 EX set with the SUBAL housing, which allows full access to all strobe buttons. It has S6 connection for perfect E-TTL function, exactly the same as using the strobe mounted on the camera. Strobe and housing are in very good condition! No important scratches, just signs of normal use, and perfectly working. Send me a p.m. for detailled pictures. PRICE 450€
  23. For Sale: Subal ND20 Housing (Type 3 port mount) with Nikon D200 camera Asking Euro 600 obo One owner since new, well cared for, climate-controlled storage, maximum 50 dives, never flooded, only few minor scratches around the base of the housing. One plastic knob has cracked (for mode dial selector), but epoxy repair is practically invisible and this does not impact the mechanism. Includes D200 camera with 2 batteries and one 16GB SanDisk Extreme CF card. Well cared for and in very good condition. Does NOT include the GS180 viewfinder which I will replace with a brand new standard viewfinder before shipping to buyer. Does not include any housing ports. If you really need a flat port for 60mm or 105mm lens, let me know and we might be able to discuss something. In Hong Kong but will try ship worldwide. Message me if you're interested. Mark
  24. For sale – Subal ND20 Housing + Port + Nikon D200 camera body Well cared for, 1 owner, never flooded, only few minor scratches at base of housing and insignificant repair to plastic knob. Includes: Subal ND20 Housing (type 3 port mount)FP-90 flat port and EXR-40 extension ring for 60mm/2.8D and 105mm/2.8D lensesD200 camera with 2 batteries, one 16GB SanDisk Extreme CF cardFocus gears for 20mm/2.8D, 16mm/2.8D and 10.5mm/2.8GZoom gears for 12-24mm/4G and 17-35mm/2.8D All very good condition. Price: Euro 500 OBO (or GBP, USD or HKD equivalent) + shipping from Hong Kong. Please message me if you are interested.
  25. Up for sale is a Subal ND2 Housing for the Nikon D2x or D2h. Housing has the optional ULCS ball arms as pictured. I will also include a spare housing o-ring. Housing has just been serviced and everything is fully functional. There is some cosmetic wear as would be expected from use (some small nicks and scratches on the housing, some wear on the handles) but nothing that would impact the function or protection of the housing. New this housing was over $5000. Because it's for an older camera (though still a very capable one), I'm asking $900 USD + Shipping.
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