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Found 5 results

  1. I am selling my sony A6300 Ikelite housing. It's in great shape. All works fine. It is the housing, the tray with 1 arm, 2 dome parts, 1 flat port and 2 extensions. Here are the details. I am asking $500 for all. I also have the camera for sale if interested. 6910.63 200DLM/A Underwater TTL Housing for Sony Alpha A6300 Mirrorless Camera. Here is a link for more detailed information https://www.ikelite.com/products/200dlm-a-underwater-ttl-housing-for-sony-alpha-a6300-mirrorless-camera 4080.01 Tray and single handle 5516.70 Mirrorless Lens Extension 2.25 Inch. Here is a link to the dome and port chart https://docs.ikelite.com/reference/port-chart-dlm-a-system.pdf 5516.65 Mirrorless Lens Extension 1.2 Inch 5516.11 MIL Dome Port for Super Wide Angle 5516.15 MIL Dome Port with Zoom -- this port works fine, but there are a few minor scratches on the lens. I used it without noticing any deterioration in image quality. 5516.50 Flat Port (I used this with my 50mm f2.8 sony lens and with the 90mm Sony Macro lens) 3 spare O rings Spare port screws Cool Ikelite stickers Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Hello Wetpixel folks, New member here, I'm sure glad I found these forums! I would have posted this question in the Dedicated U/W Digicams forum, but it looks like that one hasn’t seen much traffic for a while. Anyhoo, I’m heading to the Marietas Islands near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in mid-December for my first diving trip in 25 years. I was a very active diver and underwater photographer back in the 80’s and 90’s, and had a great Nikonos V setup with SB102 strobe and 15mm Wide Angle lens. I want to get a new camera system for this upcoming trip, and I’ve narrowed my options down to either a Sony a6300 in an Ikelite housing, OR the Sealife DC2000. With the DC2000 I can also afford to get the Wide Angle wet lens, macro wet lens, 2 Sea Dragon flashes on flex arms, and their 2300 lumen video light mounted on the cold shoe. For the Sony option, I already have the camera, 16-50 PZ lens, a Sony 10-18mm and Sony 30mm Macro. I could afford the housing and the ports for those lenses, but then only one of the Ikelite DS161 strobes (which I like since it can also serve as a video light). I’m hopelessly torn between these two options, and hope you guys and gals can help me out! I am VERY attracted to the Sealife DC2000 rig due to its relative ease of use, integration of parts, camera body itself being waterproof, and their wet lens options allowing great versatility on one dive. It also seems more compact and portable, easier to deal with on a rocking 20 foot, open Panga boat. It also saves me some money over the Ikelite option. The only thing holding me back is image quality. Try as I might, I have seen very few image examples from the DC2000 that impressed me. They all seem to be quite soft, or not as sharp as I would like to see. But that may be due to image re-sizing for the web, or folks not working from RAW files, or some other factor. See the images in this otherwise excellent review as an example: http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/review-sealife-dc2000-underwater-camera/ I realize the DC2000 with its smaller sensor is not going to have the low light capabilities of the Sony, but I’ll be using strobes, so I don’t see that as an issue. So can anyone fill in the blanks here? How good is the DC2000 image quality? Are there any Smugmug or other galleries online with good examples from this camera where I can view the full size image? That would be extremely helpful. Also, if anyone has experience with the a6300 in an Ikelite housing please share your thoughts on that rig. Or if you can point me to some high-res examples that would be great too. I’m especially curious about how the 16-50 does in the Ikelite housing with the 6 inch Dome Port (5516.15). Can you do some semi-reasonable macro with that setup? I’d love to stick to a one-lens solution for the a6300. Also, can you get 2 dives out of a Sony battery with the 6300? Thanks very much for the help! Gordon Portland, Oregon
  3. Hi All, As per my understanding, the Sony a6000 and a6300 cameras are very similar in size and design. Has anyone try to use Sony A6300 or A6500 in the Ikelite A6000 underwater housing? The faster AF system, metabones and 4k video are very appealing. Direct Quote from Ikelite: "Unfortunately, differences in lens placement prevent the cameras from being used interchangeably in the same housing" http://www.ikelite.com/housings/sony/6910.61-sony-a6000.html Alan
  4. I currently am using the panasonic lumix lx100 because of the quality custom white balance, but would love to switch to sony for the specs (sensor, AF, full frame models, etc.) but without quality white balance, the limitations are not worth it. Id love some opinions on the importance of this for you, and how you have dealt with these limitations in any camera without quality dynamic custom white balance without the need for a magic filter. Im looking into the sony A6300
  5. Hey all, Looking to move a very recently purchased complete Sony/Nauticam a6300 setup. I bought this complete setup approx 1-month ago and it has all the bells and whistles. The system has seen 1-dive with some parts not even touching the water, the camera has under 100-clicks on it and includes the 16-50 zoom lens. I found the system doesn't fit my current needs (a little more than needed) so I have decided to scale back. If you are in the market this is a great opportunity to save upfront cash. Note: I would be willing to separate the camera from the system if need be. For the most part all original packaging is included. Any questions please feel free to ask. Complete Cost with Sony a6300 $$6,500, without camera $5,450.
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