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Found 311 results

  1. Along with the announcement of the Olympus E-PL7 and corresponding housing (PT-EP12), Olympus also announced a new strobe, the UFL-3 http://www.olympus-global.com/en/news/2014b/nr140828epl7e.jsp Where the previous strobes from Olympus only used 2xAA batteries, the new model uses 4xAA which is a welcomed change. The first strobe from Olympus, the UFL-1, was basically a rebranded Sea & Sea YS-17 TTL. Their second strobe, the UFL-2, was essentially an underwater version of their land flash FL-36R housed by Sea & Sea. While it retained the zoom function and wireless RC flash system, it was excessively bulky and low powered compared to the competiton, i.e. larger than an INON Z-240, but only packing 2xAA batteries instead of 4xAA. The new UFL-3 appears to be a Sea & Sea YS-01 with the addition of the Olympus Wireless RC flash system (to be used with fiber optic cables). Compared to the UFL-2, it appears to be a lot better. While it does not have the zoom function, it is about 300g lighter without batteries, and carry 2 extra AA batteries which hopefully translates to more power and faster recycle time (the press release states GN22 and 2 second recyle), where the UFL-2 had a recycle time of 6-8 seconds at full power ! In addition it also appears to have the target light as the YS-01, which the UFL-1 and UFL-2 did not have. Compared to other strobes, the Wireless RC flash system will allow flash sync speeds of 1/4000 or 1/8000 (FP modes) with most Olympus cameras instead of being limited to the 1/250 or 1/320 range. This could be usefull in some applications. More interesting is that the FP-TTL mode will allow TTL underwater with (hopefully) less drain on the camera battery (and faster recycling) than when using conventional TTL. The reason being that the camera flash only needs to transmit light signals through the fiber optic cable instead of a stronger flash pulse. Hopefully the UFL-3 also retain the TTL modes of a normal Sea & Sea YS-01 so that it can be used with other camera brands, but that we will know when it has been released. Guide number of the UFL-3 is stated as GN22, while the Sea&Sea YS-01 states GN20. Possibly just a result of a minor upgrade from Sea & Sea to their strobe unit.
  2. I'm selling my pair of Sea & Sea YS Auto/Duo, as shown in pictures. They never flooded, work perfectly, but cosmetically they show some signs of wear. I'm including a set of spare o-rings, and the diffusers. Currently they have kind of velcro near the optic sensor because they were used with a compact camera. I can include the home made optical adaptors, or you can easily remove the velcro, if you'll be using electric cables. The strobes are located in Lisbon, Portugal. Asking 350€ plus shipment. I prefer wire transfer, but Paypal is also OK.
  3. Hi All, I've just recently purchased my first underwater dslr set up. I'm now the happy owner of a Nikon D7000, ikelite housing and a single DS-161 strobe. I have a tokina 12-24 mm wide angle lens and a nikkor 60 mm micro lens. I've taken it out for one day of diving so far (3 dives) with the wide angle set up. Whilst I can see a marked step up from my previous point and shoot set up, I had trouble lighting a number of my shots with the single strobe. Admittedly I have a lot to learn regarding strobe positioning and setting the exposure on my camera. However, I note that most uw photographers would recommend two strobes for wide angle shooting. I'm on a tight budget. Although I got my set up for a bargain, it has pretty much broke the bank. My questions are: Should I be looking for a second strobe? Another DS-161/160 is outside my budget (even second hand). I've seen a DS-125 that I could potentially afford. What do you think of this as a pairing? I know they have slightly different outputs in terms of intensity and colour. How about an even cheaper (and less powerful) DS-51? I've searched on forums here but can't find much info on using two different strobes. Will it be tricky balancing the differing powers? Should I maybe (as I've seen some of the experienced photographers suggest) stick with one strobe and master that, and maybe a year down the track look for another DS-161? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Nick
  4. Hi all, Recently I bought a Sea and Sea YS /N TTL converter. (By the way, thanks again, Reubencahn, for it.) Though it's used it is in excellent shape. I tried it with my 2 Sea and Sea YS 90 Auto Duo and Nikon D70 and worked flawlessly. Then I tried the same set with my Nikon D7100 and TTL doesn't work. At first I thought it was some circuit inside Nauticam bulkhead... So I tested D7100 in the same exact wiring set up that I use the D70: with the D70 housing opened, connected its hotshoe to D7100 - no TTL! I also have a Subtronic Nova that I use with both cameras and TTL works well, so I'm out of solutions. Does anybody has experience with D7100 and Sea & Sea TTL? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Alex
  5. I just got my Fix Neo with a red focus light and have experimented (on land). I set the red focus light and used the YS-D1 strobes set at TTL and made the shot. The images still have a red tinge. Is there a method to avoid this red tinge or should I not use the red focus light. I always thought the strobes would wash out the red. BTW I'm using the optical connection on both the strobes with each one connected to the bulkhead housing of the Nauticam 70D. On another topic speaking of YS-D1 - why do they show in the manual to connect one strobe to the bulkhead and the other optical cord to the other YS-D1 strobe rather than connecting both the optical cords to the two optical connections on the bulkhead? Thanks for your input.
  6. Hey! Iv bought the Nauticam NA RX 100 M2 along with the Flexitray (with right handle) Am finally ready to purchase the Sea & Sea YS D1 Strobe. What mounts, arms do i need to additionally buy in order to have everything up and running. Cheers Tiku
  7. I am after buying a second hand strobe light. My camera is a compact Fuji Finepix F100 and the casing has no electronic ports, therefore the strobe must be triggered by the flash (i.e. fibre optic). I am a beginner photographer but would like something that will last me a while as my skills develop, but I do not have the budget for top end professional kit, so something middle of the road will do nicely. Preferably I would like manual control of the flash power. Some examples may include Inon S2000 or Sea&Sea YS01 / 02 I am no good at fixing things so a strobe in full working order please. Either with or without mounting system and cable, as I can pick these up separately if needs be. I am based in the UK, so preferably sellers who can send the strobe without me suffering death by import tax. Many thanks, Robert
  8. 2 Ikelite DS125 strobes Both with serial number higher than 5000 (mandatory to use TTL in some camera housings) Asking 300 EUR for each + shipping from Portugal. Reason to sell: Bought 2x DS160.
  9. 1 Sea & Sea 5-pin sync cord (model #17100) w/Nikonos connector. Like new. $70. Ship to USA only.
  10. Selling TWO used Sea & Sea Fiber Optic L-Type cables. Been on less than 15 dives. Their coils are still perfect (no stretches) if anyone wants pics let me know but they look just like they came out of the box. Retail at Reef Photo: $160+tax for the pair, selling both of them for $130 free shipping
  11. For Sale - Various Ikelite Ports and DS51 strobes I have for sale a number of used Ikelite ports and extensions that will accommodate various lenses with an ikelite housing: . - 5510.75 Ikelite modular extension with manual focus (Canon 100mm or Nikon 105mm) - $105 + shipping ($175 list) - 5508.45 Ikelite 100mm canon non IS focus port - $120 + shipping ($200 list) - 5510.24 Ikelite modular 4.25 inch Lens extension -$90 + shipping ($150 list) - 5510.45 Ikelite 8" dome with cover and shade - $240 + shipping ($400 list) - 5502 Ikelite 3.5" flat port - $75 + shipping ($125 list) - 5501 Ikelite 2.5" flat port - $75 + shipping ($125 list) - 5510.10 Ikelite super wide mounting body for 2 lock housing - $60 + shipping ($125 list) - 5510.11 Ikelite super wide mounting body for 2 or 4 lock housing - $75 + shipping ($125 list) Also for sale (2) DS51 strobes - $240 each + shipping ($400 list) Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks. Payment by PayPal only ..... Shipping USPS insured.....US Sale only please
  12. I have been reading about the flash systems and I am a bit confused. May be somebody can clarify it for me. The strobes in the market, for example Ikelites, say that they are TTL compatible, yet there are TTL, a-TTL, e-TTL, and e-TTL II systems. So, does it mean that these TTL strobes only work with the original TTL system ( designed for film cameras),or they also include the newer e-TTL and e-TTL II? In other words, by saying they are TTL compatible they are generalizing to include the newer systems? Thanks
  13. My set up is: Canon S120, Canon housing, single Inon 1200S strobe mounted on 2 x 5" arms, Fantasea Nano focus LED mounted on cold-shoe top of housing. Issues are: diving in fairly murky water (meaning a lot of floating plankton and debris) and this year, due to violent storms in spring, vis around 3-5m max. Current settings on camera are Manual, Auto focus on, ISO 100, f6.3, shutter speed 1/500, point AE focus, minimum flash power. On strobe the setting is Manual, with magnet in, and flash strength 5.5 Exposure problems - the top third of a lot of photos is over exposed. I've read loads (feeling quite confused) about single strobe positions for macro pix and understood that the closer the subject, the closer the strobe to the camera - this makes sense. However, this does seem to produce a hotspot or flare (not sure which). I've attached a typical photo with above problems I am also having problems with backscatter - due I'm sure to positioning of strobe. I have heard that you set your camera settings before you go in and alter exposure for different shots with the strobe strength..is this the best place from which to start? I tend habitually to take macro shots from around 3-6" away, most often on short animal turf on rock/boulder, aim the focus light directly at subject and use my focus light with shutter halfway pressed down to focus the camera lens ...and from there on I'm lost about how/where to focus the strobe (which doesn't have an aiming light). Can anyone draw a diagram for me from which strobe position and distance from camera to start, given all the above criteria? When sites mention angles of 45degrees, they fail to mention 45degrees from what. I know I'm probably asking too much but some help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Looking for 2 strobe arms, like Ikelite SA-100, ULCS, or similar. I prefer to buy in EU countries because of duty fees. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I am selling my Nikon D600 Ikelite housing and full u/w setup. It is basically new, I have used it only three times, it's in pristine conditions. It's equipped with leak detector, spare parts and extra o-rings. I've had the occasion to buy a discounted Nauticam system, so I am now selling the Ikelite rig even if it's new. In particular, this is what I am selling: 6812.6 D600 Ikelite housing http://www.ikelite.c...o/nik_d600.html Ikelite modular port system for Nikon: http://www.ikelite.c...port_nikon.html 5510.45 8" dome assembly 5510.35 flat assembly 5510.16 port body 5510.22 port body 5510.28 port body Strobe system: http://www.ikelite.c.../ss_dig161.html 4061.1 Ikelite substrobe D161 + battery pack + charger 4067 spare Li-Ion battery pack 4103.51 Ikelite ICS-5 Digital TTL Sync Cords (two) 4086.61 SA-100 Arm Please contact me if you are interested in the whole thing or parts of it. I can send you pictures if you'd like to see it. The retail price would be $4,600 if you purchased it new. I am asking $3,600 for the whole package. Contact me and we can negotiate the price if you are interested on a specific part. Thanks, Cecilia
  16. Three Sea & Sea 5-pin sync cords (model #17100) with Nikonos connectors. Like new. $210 for all three cords.
  17. Hi, Regrettably, for health problem I'm unable to dive anymore, I have to sell all my new rig. It was in the water for 6 dives, still in the original boxes with manuals and everything. I would prefer to sell everything in one package if possible. product retail ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Ikelite housing Nikon D7100 Product Number 6801.71 $1500 1 Ikelite 8-inch Dome Kit 2.75-inch Product Number 5511.1 $525 1 Ikelite Modular Glass Flat Front Product Number 5510.35 $200 1 Ikelite Focus Extension 1.75-inch Product Number 5510.75 $175 1 Ikelite Lens Extension 4.125-inch Product Number 5510.22 $150 1 Ikelite-to-Ikelite Dual Sync Cord Product Number 4103.52 $160 2 Ikelte DS161 TTL Strobe with Video Light Product Number 4061.1 $2100 2 Aquatica storbe arms (6" + 8") 1" ball $500 1 Nikon D7100 body $1000 1 Nikon 105mm Macro f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR $959 1 Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye $699 1 Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR $595 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- total $8563 price for everything with shipping: $7,000 OBO. Gal
  18. For sale, Inon s2000 strobe. Never flooded, works perfectly. Message me with reasonable offer.
  19. For sale, in a pack or separate: Ikelite strobe DS160 with one batterie: with 1" ball adapter (very good conditions) 400€ 2x Ikelite NiMH batteries for DS125/160/161 (like new) 80€ each one The strobe + 3 batteries in a pack 500€ World wide shipments from Madrid, Spain. Freight cost to determinate and not included. Bank transfers or Paypal (adding 3% extra cost) https://www.flickr.com/photos/21230732@N04/
  20. For sale is a Inon Z240 Type 4 Strobe in excellent condition for US$550. Includes fiber optic cable made by 10 Bar. I can ship worldwide, buyer pays shipping. Please contact me via PM if interested.
  21. Very few dives, never flooded. Fully functional, cosmetically perfect. $380 USD via Pay Pal Client pay Shipping. No problem International shipping.
  22. Two Ikelite DS161 strobes. Only used 4 times, once in salt water. Come as bought, with chargers, dual cables, and arms. Asking $1500
  23. Does anyone have any experience using the CM Products Dome diffusers? From what little information I could find about them, they seem like a well made product. Before I drop $130.00 bucks ($65.00 per dome) before shipping, I wanted to get some "real world" feedback or opinions on using the domes. How is the coverage? How is the light quality? Do they stay on? Any information would be great. They make them for several different Sea & Sea and Inon strobes. I would be using them with two ys-d1's, so if you have used them with the ys-d1's I would love to get your opinion. thanks, http://cmdiffusers.bigcartel.com/product/cmdome-diffuser-for-sea-sea-ya-1d
  24. I am selling a used Aquatica AD800 Housing (With Aquatica 4" Mini Dome 100), Aquatica Aqua View, and 2 Inon Z-240 Strobe. I will only ship in the U.S. but may ship to another country email me. I will ship via ups standard (will require delivery signature) for free but if you need it faster I can ship it faster at additional cost.I won't break out individual items from any packages. Prices: Aquatica AD800 Housing with Aquatica 4" Mini Dome 100 (Includes a Pelican 1500 case) - $2900 Aquatica Aqua View - $500 Has a small mark on the lens see pictures. In looking through it i could not see it. 2 Inon Z-240 Strobe- $400 If you want everything $3700 I will only accept paypal for payment. I will ship same day (or next day if its too late) when payment is received. If interested in purchasing or have any questions email me at johnwilsons123@hotmail.com For a full gallery click the link below: http://imgur.com/a/Zx2o1
  25. Like-New Nauticam 90X200mm Carbon Fiber Float Arms. Used only twice . . too bouyant for my use. Sell new for $120 each - $240.00 per pair. Offered as a pair for $195.00 plus shipping costs. (See stock photo attached) Serious interests only please: applecorps@theapples.com
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