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Found 311 results

  1. Hi, all. I bought an LED TTL trigger with my new housing and it requires extra-thick, extra-expensive Sea & Sea FO cables. I have two like-new medium-length Sea & Sea FO cables with 90 degree Sea & Sea tips, and one new Bluewater FO cable with straight tips and removable Sea & Sea adapters. They are in perfect condition. If you are not using an LED trigger, these should work just fine for you (if you don't need specialty tips). I've been using them with a Nauticam housing and Sea & Sea strobes and have never had a misfire. Will sell them for $25 each or $70 for the lot if you pay for postage from Santa Cruz, California. That's less than half the retail price.
  2. Just wondering what sort of cleaning and maintenance you all do on your strobes and assorted connectors after a dive trip. Also, anyone have tips for unfreezing metals that have frozen together, i.e, bolts, screws, etc. Or is that an impossible task? Thanks!
  3. I'm looking to complete a strobe pair for some jobs coming up and a looking to get either a second Retra strobe or a second Inon Z-240. I purchased one Retra strobe with Ikelite connection for the summer and recently wanted to buy a second one, but learned that they are temporarily discontinued. I also have one Inon Z-240 on hand that I would be happy to pair up instead. Looking for either in good working condition. Let me know how much! Many thanks.
  4. Looks like new! $3500 SEACAM housing for Canon 5dMK IV camera. S6 bulkheads. (no viewfinder or parts, only underwater housing) SEACAM Seaflash 60D (Canon version). New, never used . $1450 SEACAM zoom gear for Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8 III USM lens. $150 SEACAM pvl 57.5 port Extension (recommended for use with EF 16-35 f/2.8 II or II USM Lens). $175 SEACAM 150mm arm extension (have 4) $75 each SEACAM arm clamps. (have two). $40 each email: liz@stephenfrink.com or call: 305-451-3737
  5. I have a pair of Ikelite DS-125s with a dual TTL sync cord I've been shooting with for probably 9 years. They have been glitchy for the past year, and I feel like I am constantly troubleshooting them. Much of the time, one strobe fires and the other doesn't. Sometimes both fire. Just looking for opinions on whether I should send them in to Ikelite for service (not sure how much that would end up costing) or if it makes more sense to just upgrade to the DS-160? Thanks for your input!
  6. Inon Z 330 strobe light, and Light Dome diffuser used 8 dives only. In perfect condition in original box. Paid $ 650. for the Strobe and $100. for the Dome diffuser. Will sell to the best offer plus shipping. USA buyers only.
  7. Iam selling 1 Seacam Seaflash 150D S6 for Canon. The Flash is in used condition but works with no problem. 1 S6 cable 1 neoprene cover Can be tested in Austria, Graz Price for the flash would be €1300 I would also sell 1 new diffusor for Seaflash 150D for €100 If you are interested please send me a message
  8. 4500AUD the whole setup Selling sony alpha6000 in Nauticam housing plus 3 lenses (macro, rectilinear, fisheye) and relative ports/domes. Everything in perfect conditions. All the ports and lenses in immaculate conditions. List with prices (price brand new in bracket): 400AUD (650AUD) Sony alpha6000 1500AUD(2450AUD) Nauticam housing + left & right handles 400AUD(550AUD) Sony pancake fisheye 450AUD(650AUD) Nauticam 4.33 acrylic dome port for above lens 280(330AUD) Sony E 30mm f3.5 macro lens 550AUD(612AUD) Nauticam 45 macro port with knob for above lens 800AUD(1000AUD) Sony SEL1018 Wide-angle zoom lens - 10 mm - 18 mm - F/4.0 480AUD(585AUD) Nauticam 6” Acrylic wide-angle dome port for above lens 420AUD(517AUD) Nauticam N85 to N120 60mm Port Adaptor 36204 800AUD(1020AUD) 2x Sea & Sea YS01 Strobe
  9. For Sale- ​I am selling 1- INON Z240 Type Strobe Never Wet (Back Up Strobe) with original box, manuals,Spare Orings and Diffusers Retail $799 Your Price $490 as well as 2-Nauticam To INON Fiber Optic Cords Never Wet in Original packaging (Back Ups) Retail $100 Each Your Price $75 Each I am also including a Ultralight INON strobe ball adaptor for no charge with strobe purchase a $ 24.95 value Buyer agrees to pay Shipping/Insurance and 3% PayPal fee, US shipping only at this point My email is deedeeflores01@aol.com for fast reply **** NOTE-LONG CLAMP IN PHOTO FOR DISPLAY NOT INCLUDED*****
  10. Sea & Sea YS-01 asking $340 OBO shipped + 3% PP if using PP credit (retail $430) Lightly used Sea&Sea YS-01 for sale, taken on less than 30 dives. Some very minor scuffing to the body. Never been flooded. Includes all original equipment, box, manual.
  11. Hi Oscar can you give us a summary of the intended features in the update? Also, are we clear to use the external battery packs at this time? I think the flashes are great, and I am getting better lighting than ever on my shots. It is one of the best gear upgrades I have done. Can you post any tips for using the LSD? I find it very hard to coordinate holding the camera and manipulating the light to the correct position, and I don't have a buddy to hold and point the flash. Thanks!
  12. For sale, 1 x Inon S-2000 strobe. very good condition. Few marks on outer body. Stobe is about 5 years old, done about 150 dives. All the original contents included (unused) and original box in perfect condition. looking for £250 or €280. Can ship anywhere. UK will be £10, Europe £15-20 roughly. US about £30. Based in Central London, happy to show the strobe if convenient. More pics available on request.
  13. Hi. I love my Olympus TG-5, the macro is insane. However, I'm having some trouble shooting fish, as no matter what I do (iso, aperture, etc) the camera always picks too low a shutter speed when using a flash. I understand that the flash has to be able to sync to the shutter speed but I've had shutter speeds varying from 30-100 when using the flash. All to often this value is 30, creating motion blur in my images. This can be fine for slow, macro creatures but is incredibly unreliable for fish. I'm wondering if there is any hack (to allow me to change shutter speed) or a mode which generally selects higher shutter speeds which still allows me to use underwater white balance as well as shoot in raw. Thanks
  14. For sale YS-250PRO strobe with all accessories. Guide number is 32! If you shoot wide angle against the sun they are a must have! Never flooded or had any problems with them. 5 years old. - one original battery 1.5Ah, (I have never managed to drain either one of them during a diving day) - two upgraded batterypacks NiMh with 4.5Ah - battery chargers - diffusers - mounting screw - YS ball adapter 1 inch ball - protective neoprene cover >> zero balance underwater. Price is €900 for the package. PM if interested, hedwig.dieraert@gmail.com I'm located in Belgium.
  15. 2 x Ikelite Strobes. 1 x N160; and 1 x N161 (which incl the Video Light). AU$1100.00 for both
  16. I have an EOS-M with a Meikon housing and I am trying to figure out the best way to trigger an external strobe. I got a 90EX speedlite, which works fine to trigger the strobe. It works with the camera's TTL to instruct the Sea & Sea strobe to output the correct power. HOWEVER, it has an annoying auto-off feature: whenever the camera turns off, the strobe shuts down as well. I can enable the camera screen power down and disable the camera system auto-off, so the camera will stay on the whole dive. However, I would really like to be able to turn off the camera between dives, and not need to open the housing again to turn the 90EX back on. I was wondering what my options are and if anyone has reccomendations. So far I have considered: Just open up the housing to turn the flash back on every dive. Works okay, but I'm worried about getting water into the housing when reopening it. Leave the camera on between dives. Potentially okay, but I battery barely lasts two dives as it is. Maybe I just need a fresh battery? Find another flash that doesn't auto power off. I've looked at some others, but they seem to also have power-save features that can't be disabled. Get a dedicated underwater strobe system. TRT-electronics makes one, but it's really expensive. For that price, I could get an EOS-M3 with a built in flash, and a new Meikon housing for it. Try to add a new bulkhead to the housing to use an electrical flash trigger Either try to add a new button to the housing to turn the flash on, or solder something on to the flash button and link it to a new button on top of the camera power button so that the power button turns on/off both the camera and flash. Any recommendations, or other, simpler options that I have overlooked?
  17. Hello Wetpixel, It is about time for me to contribute to the Galley. I really enjoy looking at all the neat photographs on this page. My name is Scott and I am a fashion editorial photographer in Oklahoma. Underwater photography is a challenge and I am really enjoying it. I hope to learn more techniques reading through this forum. Here are a few photos I have taken in the last year. Constructive Criticism is welcome! Thank you
  18. Hi I use Nikon D500 in Nauticam housing. (currently use fiber only) I had enough of Burned-out bulb in my Sea&Sea YS-D1 (Last time - in the first day in Socorro islands) I can get the Inon Z-330 and the Iklite DS-160 for the same price. Do you think that the bulky DS-160 have any advantage of the Z330? (except the 2ms faster recycle time) Thanks, Hezi
  19. Hi, I drowned one of my beloved Z240s last week and am now trying to locate a used replacement (type4 only). Is somebody out there keen for an upgrade and wants to sell their? I'm located in Norway. cheers, Peter
  20. I'm looking to upgrade and am selling my ds125s. The batteries were replaced about 2 years ago. Comes with battery covers, a 110v charger. Not included are original diffusers (lost at sea) and the universal charger as the cable broke.
  21. Good Day Wetpixel Community, I'm hoping to pick up some working condition YS-250 Sea & Sea strobes. If anybody has some for sale, please let me know. Thank you.
  22. Two YS-D1 strobes $390 each or $750 AUD for both. Very good condition, fully functional, never flooded, rinsed in fresh water after every use. Excellent strobes that can be used for macro or wide angle photography with plenty of manual power control and a TTL function. Happy to post but buyer pays shipping costs.
  23. Ultralight Sea & Sea strobe adapters. Quantity 2. $15 each. Buyer pays shipping
  24. Hello guys, Clearing out some gear... doing a refresh of my setup and hoping to move some parts I don't need! First up, a Tokina 10-17 F3.5-4.5 DX for Nikon. Never used underwater, just some astrophotography. Moving away from Nikon... Great condition with no blemishes. Asking US$320 shipped to the US/Canada Next, an Inon S2000. Used for one trip. Never flooded. Have box and all parts as shown. Asking US$280 shipped to US/Canada Lastly, an Inon Z240 Type 4. Also used for one trip and never flooded. Box and all parts as shown. Asking US$350 shipped to US/Canada Thanks!
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