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Found 61 results

  1. 1 x Ikelite Underwater DSLR Housing for Canon T4i (650D) / T5i (700D) --- MODEL #5510.22 - AVAILABLE - $1000 USD 1 x 1-inch Ball Mount Mark II for Vega ---- MODEL #4081.5 - AVAILABLE - Free with purchase of housing 1 x Ikelite - 8" Dome port --- MODEL #6871.65 - AVAILABLE -$250 USD 1 x Port Body (Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension) ---- MODEL #5510.22 - AVAILABLE - (I use it for Canon 10-22mm/60 mm lenses) - $100 Been used for under yea (two years old though) well-maintained by a dive professional. I will pay for shipping inside Canada, but outside of that, it is on any potential buyers. Please message for details!
  2. I have a pair (2) Ikelite TTL Cords. Nikonos Style #4104.6. Both are used, but in excellent condition. Both were used a few times and then placed into storage a few years ago into an air conditioned closet. $59.00/each + shipping. Will combine shipping if you want both. Shipping is to US only. Payment via PayPal.
  3. IKELITE macro port 5508.45 - for Canon 100mm - 100 EUR IKELITE wide port 5503.50 - 100 EUR IKELITE STROBE DS200 - with 2 battery + charger + DOME DIFFUSER - 400 EUR IKELITE STROBE DS125 - with 2 battery + charger + DOME DIFFUSER - 350 EUR IKELITE wide angle ball arm (4 arms + 6 clamp + 2 ball quick release) - 100 EUR IKELITE to Ikelite TTL DUAL sync Cord - 100 EUR Free shipping in EU. Please contact me at nihrzenjak@gmail.com
  4. Hi I have a Sea & Sea TTL converter for sale. Hardly used. In great shape.
  5. The following package is for sale! 1 x Ikelite - 8" Dome port for Canon 10-22mm/60 mm lens --- MODEL #6871.65 1 x Ikelite Underwater DSLR Housing for Canon T4i (650D) / T5i (700D) --- MODEL #5510.22 2 x Ikelite Underwater Strobe / Flash Head DS51 --- MODEL #4044.1 + diffusers 1 x 1-inch Ball Mount Mark II for Vega ---- MODEL #4081.5 1 x Two Ball Arm Mark II + TTL Dual Sync Cord Kit --- MODEL #4070.32 1 x Port Body (Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension) ---- MODEL #5510.22 Total cost : $2500 Been used for under year, well-maintained by a dive professional. I will pay for shipping inside Canada and the UK, but outside of that, it is on any potential buyers. Please message for details!
  6. I am planning on buying a Sea&Sea housing for my 7D mkII. Currently, I have a Canon 20D (discontinued) with sea&sea ys-90DX TTL duo strobes (discontinued) that attach via 5 pin Nikonos style bulkhead that connects to the hot shoe inside of my Aquatica A20 housing (discontinued). I bought my new Canon and I am looking to buy a new housing. I have not been able to find much information about what functions not available with the camera in the housing. I am also looking for thoughts on staying with the 5-pin chords or going fiber optic. I bought my strobes used, and I do not have the fiber optic connections. They still work fine. I don't if I can get fiber optic cable II for them so they will work with the new Optical YS Converter that sea&sea has put out. I don't know much about what advancements have been made in the technology. The last time I used TTL was with my Nikons V. Is it worth the $400, and possible new strobes? I am also having trouble figuring out what port I need to use with my Tokina 11-16 wide angle lens. I flooded my 10-17 fish eye, which seams to be the standard, but I have been using my 11-16 that I bought for landscapes. Any help would be appreciated
  7. For Sale: Ikelite Canon G16 housing with TTL Ikelite DS 50 strobe quick release handle 8" arm and two clamps (Ikelite) Ikelite sync cord Asking price: $1000 (USD) If interested I can add the camera itself to this deal as well. Would be about $350. Housing has been used for approximately 30 dives. Everything works great! Planning on upgrading my setup soon. Pictures attached. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  8. Used by perfectly condition! Price 90 € Shipping 20 € Only paypal payment!
  9. 4) Sea Sea 5-Pin Sync Cord for Duo Strobes (2) brand new never used (2) YS-120 strobes with ball adapters Please make an offer I would like to sell everything together or 1 Strobe with 2 sync cords. These strobes have been used and are still in great shape. Please see pictures, I have tried to show the scratches due to normal ware and tare. These strobes sold for over $800. new and the cords still go for $100. new. I am not looking to receive ANYWHERE NEAR that amount, every reasonable offer will be considered. Thank you for looking. Items are located in San Diego zip 91941 PayPal, personal check, money order or cash will be accepted. The Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe is an advanced underwater flash system. The YS-120 is one of the fastest recycling strobes on the market providing the right light for the right moment. Its size is just perfect, not too small or too big. The YS-120 strobe provides an audible and visual TTL confirmation, and a heavy duty bumper on the front to prevent damage to the strobe head. The YS-120TTL duo high-performance strobe incorporates Duo circuitry, wide coverage angle (105° X 105°) and short recycle time (less than 2 seconds with 1700mA Ni-MH batteries). The YS-120 is ready to shoot when you are. Guide number is 22 (land). Coverage angle of 105° X 105°(105° X 105° with diffuser) is wide enough to cover a 15mm wide-angle lens on a film or housed film camera or the new Nikon 12mm to 24mm wide angle lenses for digital cameras. 2-step(full and 1/2) light levels are available for manual photography. 4-step control will also be available through the use of an accessory diffuser. Over 280 full power flashes with fresh alkaline batteries and Long-life lithium batteries will give as many as 600 full power flashes with a recycle time of only 3 seconds. Recycle time is almost zero during TTL mode. Ready and TTL lamps are provided on both sides for easy access while using dual strobes. The YS-120 also has an audible tone for "Flash Ready" and "TTL Confirmation". the flash also has a handy test flash setting. The YS-120 is offered in 3 color options (available in certain countries) to match the user's camera system. The YS-120's built-in Duo circuit works with N-type (used in MMIII) and S-type TTL circuits, both used in Sea & Sea housings. Its slave function allows the 120 to be used as a non-corded secondary flash. Specifications: Guide Number: 22 (land, at full power) Coverage angle: 105° X 105° Battery life: 600 flashes (lithium battery, at full power)/280 flashes (alkaline battery, at full power)/140 flashes (Ni-Cd battery, at full power)/320 flashes (1700mA Ni-MH battery, at full power) Light level control: Full and 1/2 (2 steps) Color temperature: 5,100° K (at full power)/4,800° K (with diffuser) Compatible with detachable sync cord Battery requirement: 8 X AA Alkaline (12V), Ni-Cd (9.6V) or Ni-MH (9.6V) batteries Depth rating: 60m/200 feet Dimensions (HxWxD): 102 X 102 X 185mm/4.0 X 4.0 X 7.3 inches Land weight: 1,300g/2.9 lbs Underwater weight: -150g/-5.3 oz Slave function Audible flash ready tone Test flash function Over-pressure relief valve
  10. Heya. I have inherited a venerable YS01 strobe which has just two power options - ON or TTL. It is being triggered by a simple fibre-optic cable attached by Velcro sticky pads to the Ikelite Compact housing and in front of the strobe trigger sensor. I'm getting decent enough results with ON (i.e. manual, full power) and playing with distance, strobe positioning, ISO, E/V, f/number and shutter speed, but don't notice any difference when I put the strobe in TTL. My understanding from the strobe manual is that in TTL the strobe assesses the scene and adjusts the flash light output accordingly, and if it cannot decide, it just punts out of full power. Question is, if it does decide to vary the power from full, what aperture and shutter speed settings is it assuming the camera is using? There is a guide number chart in the manual - is that what I need to refer to in order to set the camera up? Clearly the strobe is not getting this information down the fibre-optic cable.....all that is doing is telling it to fire. It's a question I get asked often by diving guests where I work, so it would be good to know what TTL does in this set-up. I assume also that using a bulkhead connector between the camera's hotshoe and the strobe allows exposure information to be shared with the strobe? (my camera does not have a hotshoe, but I'd like to know anyway for future purchases). Thanks
  11. Relatively time critical question... I'm currently in Lembeh for a few days with the camera but the TTL controller on my housing is playing up, buttons electrically (not physically) stuck causing mode and power changes i cant override with the strobe (DS161s) dial themselves. The last time it was stuck on the default TTL mode and i couldn't hold both buttons in to turn to manual. I never ever use TTL so this was a pain and causing very inconsistent shots. So, can anyone tell me what pins to mask on the hot shoe OR as a last plan, what wire to cut so the thing just fires bypassing the controller? This should then allow me to use the dial on the strobe to adjust power.
  12. Seems, Subtronic has a fiber adapter (called "TTL Optosensor"). What should I expect, compared to Inon's fiber TTL connection? S&S is limited in sync, how would older Subtronic strobes (e. g Maxi & Midi) equipped with the ttl slave sensor fare? Besides, are there any competitive optical->n5 TTL converters around? The Heinrichs Weikamp site doesn't list the RX100 family on its compatibility list:(
  13. I was wondering, does anyone use strobes with different power in pairs? (coverage, CT the same) I am about to buy a venerable Subtronic Nova - which is the third most powerful light known to me underwater (2nd being its successor pro270, first Baker) which I might pair with a Subtronic Maxi. GN's underwater: 20+16, other characteristics match. If I am right with the formula, I should expect GN 25.6 total (2 novas would result 28), worse case the "maxi side" of the objects ~2-3 stops shadows - which is unlikely to prevail, because where shadows are visible (macro+other close-by stuff) both strobes would operate at very low power settings.
  14. Hello all, This is one of my first posts, and not for the best reasons, I'm afraid. I have a Black Subtronic Nova with a I 06 version of Heinrichs Weikamp ttl converter built inside. Bought it from E-Bay around 2013 and always happy with it. Used on a Nikon D70 and later on a D7100 which I'm using right now. Strange as it seems, the ttl worked flawlessly on the two cameras until I sent the unit to repair. On January this year the strobe had a problem and didn't fire anymore. I was in Gili Trawangan, North Lombok, Indonesia. Opened the unit to see if something could be done, and it smelled burnt on the inside. Took pictures, mailed Subtronic and decided to send it to repair in Germany. That cost me close do 200 USD through DHL, but I needed it and could not find a replacement. On 27th February it was sent back. It was really fast repair. I payed 405 euros, including shipping. I had it sent to Singapore since I needed to go there anyway, and I would be easier with customs. (Where I payed 60 SGD more). That was expensive but I really had no option. Collected it tested it alone and it fired. I thought it was all right. Then, returned back to Indonesia and on 10th April (after buying a second, refurbished unit from Subtronic) when I did a test before diving, with the strobe attached to the housing, there was no TTL anymore (nor manual, on the digital entrance). E-mailed Subtronic, who stated that the TTL unit was working when they tested in there. Now the sad/funny part begins: -They were trying to make me believe the TTL version could not work with Nikon D7100! It worked before, hundreds of times! -Then they tried to make me believe it was bulkhead or cable failure, stating that it if a single connection was not good, the digital entrance wouldn't work at all, even on manual. That was not true also, since my previous Nauticam bulkhead had a pin broken from using Sea and Sea cables, and the digital entrance worked with that (just not in TTL). So now I have a pair of Subtronic Novas, with no TTL, I'm on Labuan Bajo, close to Komodo, and Subtronic doesn't assume the problem!!!! They lied to me regarding the way ttl worked, they lied me regarding cable connection, just not to mention that there was no other option than the ttl was burnt when my strobe was there for repair. Next time (there will be no next time for me anyway), that something from Subtronic cease working, better to buy something new from other brand. Just to let you know. P.S. - I have bills, mails and photos to support everything I'm stating.
  15. For sale - Sea and Sea TTL YS Converter C for Canon - Model # 50118 $350. Price Firm. ($650. New) Barely Used - Like New. Don't use it. Would like to pass it on to someone who can use it. Prefer local pick up (Orange County - CA) but will ship within CONUS for cost of shipping. No Intl. shipping - sorry. If you pay by PayPal or Square you'll have to pay the 3%. Thanks for viewing the add. Cary
  16. I have an Olympus OM-D E-M5 in an Olympus housing with Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobes and optical synch cables. I've had issues with getting the TTL to work consistently. Sometimes it seems like its working and other times the exposure is completely off. The more I look into the problem, the more confused I get regarding how TTL works. It is my understanding that TTL works by sending out a pre-flash that the camera then analyzes to calculate the flash output for the on camera flash which then fires and that "flash" is transmitted via the optical synch cable causing the strobes to fire and also giving them information on how to fire to get a "correct" exposure. My questions are: Since the on camera flash is in the housing and not transmitted out of the housing other than via the optical synch cables, how does the camera calculate the TTL setting based on the pre-flash? Could this explain why the TTL exposures are so inconsistent? Or am I missing something very basic about how TTL works in this system? I don't have a problem shooting in manual but am frustrated in not being able to figure the issue out. Thanks for any information and suggestions you may have. Rodd
  17. The following package is for sale! 1 x Ikelite - 8" Dome port for Canon 10-22mm/60 mm lens --- MODEL #6871.65 1 x Ikelite Underwater DSLR Housing for Canon T4i (650D) / T5i (700D) --- MODEL #5510.22 2 x Ikelite Underwater Strobe / Flash Head DS51 --- MODEL #4044.1 + diffusers 1 x 1-inch Ball Mount Mark II for Vega ---- MODEL #4081.5 1 x Two Ball Arm Mark II + TTL Dual Sync Cord Kit --- MODEL #4070.32 1 x Port Body (Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension) ---- MODEL #5510.22 Total cost : $2500 Been used for under year, well-maintained by a dive professional. I will pay for shipping inside Canada and the UK, but outside of that, it is on any potential buyers. Please message for details!
  18. FOR SALE Qty 3 - Nikon - Nikonos to Nikonos Single Sync TTL Cable (These were used with a Nikonos SB105) $40 each or best offer Qty 1 - Nikon - Nikonos to Nikonos Dual TTL Sync Cable (This was used with a Nikonos SB105) $50 each or best offer Payment via paypal. Flat shipping of $10.00 Priority Mail with tracking info provided. Shipping can be combined as one or all items will fit in same box. Shipping in the USA Only at this time. All are in excellent condition. All have been tested and work, all have had very little use, and been stored away for several years. I also have a Nikonos V in very good condition, Nikonos 35mm lens, 80mm lens, 2 - SB 105 like new strobes, close up kit, macro kit, plus misc. Ask if interested, pictures and info can be provided. Please check out the pictures and ask questions. I tried to show everything as it is. I can be reached here by private message or at fjinfo1@comcast.net. References from Backscatter in Monterey can be provided if needed.
  19. Hi - is anyone using the Sea and Sea TTL converter 50118 with YS D1 strobes? If so, which strobe setting are you using A, B, C or D? The documentation I got with the converter does not mention the YS D1 as the strobe wasn't out when the converter was made. Any tips for using it? I have been manual through and through, but thought I would give TTL a go. Thanks Kevin
  20. Hi, Selling my Ikelite Dual TTL Sync Cord for Two (2) Ikelite DS Series Strobes 4103.52. Has about 30 dives, has no problems. Price: 110 USD OBO (MSRP 159.95 USD) Payment: PayPal only Shipping: Registered mail with tracking number. P.M me if your interested. Ant.
  21. Price Reduced: $2300 (certified trackable shipping included) Original cost was $6,200. I am selling a full kit for Hugyfot 5DII housing, 2 x 8" dome ports (product number 6.608), 1 x Hugyfot Macro port, extensions 20mm, 40mm, 50mm, Zoom Gear. Also the Hugycheck system, which is a Vacuum Leak Detector so you can pump down the housing before you dive and it will tell you before you even get in the water if you have a good seal. Heinrich TTL circuitry (an optional upgrade I took up), makes macro a breeze, absolutely love it. I also have spare backup TTL flash Controller Board, and Spare Canon Flash Shoe (i.e. spares so that if I ever had a problem on a trip I could replace things and keep going, but I never had a problem, so these are still in their packaging.) The housing ships with the 2 sync ports (1 new). I have really enjoyed using this housing it has been reliable, and easy to use. I have been careful to wash everything thoroughly after each use and it is all good, everything works. (A demonstration could be arranged for an interested buyer) The first dome is near perfect, the second backup dome has some small scratches in the middle which could be polished out, and a deeper scratch about 2mm long on the side of the dome. Basically I used the second dome as an excellent backup as is, and for someone who wanted to they could make it even better. The flat port is also close to perfect (see images below). This is an adaptable collection of accessories to use many different lenses, I have used Canon fisheye 15mm, Canon 14mm, 16-35MKI, 16-35mkII, 100mm macro...etc List of inclusions: 2 x 8" Hugyfot domes (product number 6.608, including neoprene dome covers) 1 x Hugyfot flat macro port 3 x Hugyfot Extensions- 1 x Hugyfot 20mm extension, 1 x Hugyfot 40mm extension, 1 x Hugyfot 50mm extension 1 x Zoom gear 1 x Spare 6.627 TTL Flash Controller (unused) 1 x Spare 6.791 Flash Canon Flash Shoe (unused) 1 x Plastic spanner for lock nuts on handles, 1 x Spare Housing O-ring 1 x Spare Port O-ring 1 x Leak alarm 1 x Hugycheck pump (very slow, so I also include simeple hand pump which is simpler) 1 x hugycheck system (hold pressure check system) 2 x allen keys 1 x single hand Hugyfot grip 1 x cover for housing port 3 x port covers (as per images) (Not Lithium batteries if post by air.) This is a really well designed system, and this package includes plenty of spares and options (which cost a lot more off the shelf). Even if you are getting a different Hugyfot system the cost of the accessories new will exceed the cost of what I am offering here.
  22. hebrlee

    For Sale

    Used strobes and dual sync cable (2) Sea & Sea YS-90 DX Duo TTL strobes with diffusers. (1) Ikelite housing to dual Sea & Sea strobes sync cable. Units were serviced in early 2014 by Pacific Housing Repair in California and will come with service paper work. Picture of strobes and sync cable as mounted on my camera. Please inquire via IM Serious Buyers only Payment by PayPal Only Shipping to USA Only
  23. Hi all, Recently I bought a Sea and Sea YS /N TTL converter. (By the way, thanks again, Reubencahn, for it.) Though it's used it is in excellent shape. I tried it with my 2 Sea and Sea YS 90 Auto Duo and Nikon D70 and worked flawlessly. Then I tried the same set with my Nikon D7100 and TTL doesn't work. At first I thought it was some circuit inside Nauticam bulkhead... So I tested D7100 in the same exact wiring set up that I use the D70: with the D70 housing opened, connected its hotshoe to D7100 - no TTL! I also have a Subtronic Nova that I use with both cameras and TTL works well, so I'm out of solutions. Does anybody has experience with D7100 and Sea & Sea TTL? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Alex
  24. I have a Sea and Sea TTL converter III for Canon cameras in excellent condition. Does not work with my 5D MkIII in a Nauticam housing. Perfect for others seeking TTL strobes for Canon. See the Sea and Sea web site for full details. Located in Australia will post world wide. US$300 includes shipping and Paypal fees world wide. AU$300 in Australia includes shipping and paypal fees.
  25. This unit is almost new, Used only a handful of times. Needs New Battery. TTL Converter III for Nikon This converter is equipped with a built-in TTL PCB that connects a Nikon digital SLR with SEA&SEA YS-Series strobes and uses the camera’s TTL flash adjustment to control the amount of light put out by the strobe. The converter allows quick switching underwater between TTL mode and manual mode from outside the camera. You can use the TTL correction dial after checking the results of a shot in the LCD monitor to adjust the amount of strobe light for the next shot. Because the converter comes with two separate strobe connectors, you can use advanced automatic TTL flash adjustment with two strobes. Specifications: Construction: Main body: Polycarbonate, Mounting plate: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. Controls: TTL mode / manual switch / TTL light adjustment dial (from +1 to -1 in 1/3 increments) Battery: CR2 lithium battery (included) Strobe-side connector: 5-pin Sync Cord/N, Camera-side connector: Type-N sync cord (5-pin connector) Depth rating: 60m / 200ft Dimensions (WxHxD): 68x90x75mm / 2.8x3.6x3inch Weight: Approx. 320g / 11.2oz (including CR2 battery) Compatible housings: DX-S5Pro, DX-D200, DX-D80, DX-D70/70s (with customized connector), DX-D50 (with customized connector) Light adjustment recognition: Nikon method (TTL flash adjustment)
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