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Found 230 results

  1. I'm admiring the seriousness of the videography, yet the narration......well, see for yourself, quite entertaining: And there is one about Mantis Shrimp!
  2. It's been just about one year since I shot my first 360 underwater video using my self designed and built HD 360 rig. Since then, I've made some changes to the number of cameras, power management, and control system over the last year to increase the reliability and improve the results. Here is a 360 I shot on the deck of the USS Vandenberg in June. Flat Panoramic 360 version on YouTube: Fully Interactive 360 Videos using Adobe Flash for PC or Mac: 360 Immersive Videos Note the the original 2 minutes of Vandenberg video at full HD resolution is over 6GB in size. The online 1/3 resolution and bit-rate compressed version is only 65MB. Let me know what you think. Regards, Brian Dombrowski SubsurfaceMedia.com
  3. Hello Everyone, Went diving in the Galapagos in August for the first time, and boy was that an interesting destination! We pretty much saw everything...Really a spectacular trip, above and below water. One dive, which has to be one of the most unique I have ever done/heard of...is the Marine Iguana dive. During a certain hour of the day, the Marine Iguanas head to the ocean from the land and swim and eat the seaweed and algae. Hundreds of them are in the water. Really a fun dive...cold but fun! We lucked out with excellent visibility, which is not typically the case in this particular dive. Here is a video I put together of it. Please feel free to Share or Like it. Also, any comments good or bad are welcome. Enjoy, Dustin https://vimeo.com/78419332
  4. I've got a gently-used Nauticam NA-DP4 housing and SmallHD DP4 monitor up for sale. This is a perfect combo for enhancing your DSLR video, giving you the flexibility of positioning your monitor on top of your housing facing any direction, and a large monitor to help you get proper exposure and focus every time. Compatible with most Nauticam housings: http://www.nauticam.com/product.asp?id=151 A review of the monitor/housing combo can be found here: http://wetpixel.com/articles/review-smallhd-monitor-in-nauticam-na-dp4-housing My pair have seen around 25 dives, and have been babied throughout. There are a few extremely minor, cosmetic paint dings, mainly on the back of the housing, and some paint wear around the neck of the ball-head where it mounts to my triple-clamp. Happy to provide detail photos of the wear for a serious buyer. The monitor itself has never been used outside of the housing, so it's in pristine condition. Comes with the following: Nauticam NA-DP4 housing Nauticam HDMI Bulkhead Caps for bulkhead and housing HDMI cord (when not attached) Leak detector battery (unused) Spare O-ring 3 different lengths of mini-HDMI to HDMI cables for use inside housing SmallHD monitor (with Canon LP-E6 backplate) Dry HDMI cable for use with DSLR on land Hotshoe ballhead mount for use with DSLR on land Screen protector (unused) Component out cables (unopened/unused) Well-used Small-HD monitor hood (I used this more than I used the monitor itself, so it's the one piece of this kit that actually shows a fair bit of wear) Sorry, no original boxes. Asking $1450 for the pair, but I'm open to reasonable offers. You pay 3% PayPal fees, I pay shipping.
  5. Just published this week's 'in 60 seconds' video - Komodo.... Enjoy!
  6. I'm selling my trusty Amphibico Phenom/Sony Z1U system. I listed this awhile back but have had no serious offers, so I'm knocking $500 off the price. For the last couple years I've been shooting primarily with a Canon 5D MKII, and now upgrading to a Nikon D800, so it's clearly obvious to me that I won't be shooting the Phenom Z1 enough to make it worth keeping. The exterior of the housing was recently refinished with a black wrinkle finish to match my Aquatica system. At that time, it was completely disassembled and all o-rings either serviced or replaced. It has not been in the water since refurb. The 94 deg. optic also had a fresh dome put on during refurb. It also has a flat port for macro that has only been on the system a couple times. It has an Xit404 Pentamirror for easy wide angle viewing of the top LCD. The system has two spare handles (one left, one right) and a pair of spare acrylic domes for the 94 deg optic (both in good shape with no scratches). It comes with Amphibico's custom fitted Pelican travel case. The camera is in good working order. It made one trip to Sony about 3 years ago for a new tape drive mechanism. It also had the viewfinder LCD changes at the same time because it was showing some burn marks. The camera's main LCD shows a few bright "speckles", but they are only visible when shooting a really dark area and haven't bothered me to the point that I felt like changing it out. I've included a photo of the LCD so that you can see it's not a major issue. Included in the system is: Phenom Z1 housing. 94 degree WA optic. Flat port 2 spare dome ports 2 spare handles Xit404 Pentamirror Sony Z1U video camera Some misc camera accessories (as pictured) Fitted Pelican case Complete package cost is US$3500. I will ship anywhere in the US for Free (by ground). If you need it faster, just pay the difference in shipping cost. It will ship with the housing stuff in the Pelican case and the camera and accessories in a separate box. I'm currently in Indonesia, but the camera and housing are in the US all packed and ready for shipment. I will consider international sales, but shipping will be negotiable.
  7. GLP8 Gates Pole II R2 copia.pdf I'm selling this Pole with only one trip of use. Of course, it's in perfect conditions. Take a look to the pdf file to see their characteristics. You can see the results on www.vimeo.com/risck
  8. We put together some fish strikes to a soundtrack with some beats. Best played at 1080P with annotations on. Hope you enjoy....
  9. Here's the second of our short, sweet, 60 second edits. Shot by Simon Enderby on Sony PMW-EX1R in a Gates housing with SWP-44C aspheric port. Feedback welcome as always.
  10. My latest underwater video, entitled "Marine Parks Make Economic Sense" is a 15-minute, English-language cut of an environmental video, aimed at governments across Southeast Asia. Based on new scientific research, it makes the case that marine parks improve the economy of the region and the livelihood of local fishing communities. The next step is to get versions made in all the major ASEAN languages then distribute it directly to government departments and leaders. I have no idea if this will achieve anything, but we have to try to educate those that have the power to do something to better protect the oceans. http://www.peterwalker.com/marineparks.html
  11. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know about our new business focussed on snorkelling with Basking Sharks from Oban in Scotland. We are gearing up to start in May and are using a brand new vessel which has just arrived (this weekend) on the west coast. We are offering single, two and three day trips where we will explore all round the Argyll coastline looking for the sharks. The boat we are using is a brand new 12m cabin RIB, 760hp and has 14 suspension seats. Although this isn't a dive boat, it's a very comfortable way to travel by sea having a nice toilet and galley, combining a cruising speed of 28knots. The benefits of travelling to Scotland to see the sharks is that the seasonal population has been shown to be one of the most consistent in terms of sightings and also numbers. In addition to the sharks we have an abundance of marine life such as seal colonies which you will also be able to snorkel with. Along with whales & dolphins, eagles, puffins and now good consistant sightings of otters. Not to mention the stunning Scottish scenery, historic landscape and options for island exploration. On our longer tours we will be stopping in Tobermory and Iona which are awesome places to explore along with sampling our friendly island hospitality. Our start base in Oban makes travel far easier for everyone, with direct train links not far from the boat and only being a few hours drive from the central belt and the major Scottish airports. It also makes the car journey from further south in the UK a bit more bearable too. We would be happy to arrange for transport for larger groups. You may notice that this makes a longer journey to the known shark 'hotspot' but what sets us apart is that as soon as your are on the boat in Oban we are looking for sharks and other wildlife straight away! With an unpredictable animal this means we have the best chance of seeing them by covering the most ground! Although we are not a dive boat, we can cater for a small amount of divers and as underwater photographers and videographers i'm sure you will be keen to take advantage of our wonderful Scottish marine life. We can arrange custom dive trips for you, please see this link as a sample of some of the image opportunities open to you. http://baskingsharkscotland.co.uk/scuba-diving/ My own background is that I was born and grew up in Scotland and starting diving in 1996. I qualified as a commercial and scientific diver in 2001 and completed my marine biology degree in 2003. I am a BSAC First Class Diver and Advanced Instructor, along having technical and rebreather qualifications and my own underwater photography is well published. Just to give you some comfort as to our professionalism and understanding of both the animals, our area and you as specialised customers. We would welcome enquires from groups and can offer discount on these types of bookings however we can equally accommodate individuals booking on trips. Please visit our website at www.baskingsharkscotland.co.uk and follow our news on facebook at www.facebook.com/baskingsharkscotland and please feel free to contact us with any query. We look forward to giving you amazing experiences at Basking Shark Scotland. Safe Diving Shane
  12. Recsea underwater video housing for Panasonic TM700/TM750 in very good condition. http://www.recsea.com/Recsea/products/video/pana_rvh-ptm700.html Includes the following parts. 1. Recsea video housing body for TM700/TM750 with a flat Port included 2. Base tray and left handle (STG-01L) http://recsea.jp/list/STG.htm 3. Recsea dome port H type (For TM700 to use with VW-W4607 wide converter (0.7x) 4. Original Red filter from Recsea for flat port. For more picture please refer to Asking for US$2100, if you are interest please ask me for Shipping cost from Hong Kong TM700 can produce excellent footage underwater. Here are some of my videos with this camcorder.
  13. Hi there, Wondering if anyone here uses ROVs as a way to explore the underwater world, it wouldn't replace a diver - but it is an easy way to either survey the waters before a dive or have people on the boat of dock experience what it is like to be underwater exploring. Would love to know anyone's opinions on using ROVs for video of explorations. Thanks for your opinions in advance! Post edited and moved: Admin
  14. Hello, I am heading to the Galapagos in a month, and I have been thinking about how I going to white balance given the conditions and terrain. I use a Canon 5d mark ii. And normally WB off the sand or my hand. Given, that there might not be white sand at wolf/ darwin, and considering the currents, I will be wearing gloves. What are the suggestions out there? A white slate can be a little harsh and not to mention a bit hard to deal with in that kind of current. I have heard people talk about turning the WB to Daylight, and not worrying about it, and just set the right exposure and I am off. I am uneasy about this, as I am not an accomplished post production guy. However, I am willing to listen to options that give me the best chance of success. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Dustin
  15. Light & Motion Bluefin HD video with Stingray G2 backplate. SARTEK HID 10 strobes and Sony HDR-HC3 full HD 1080 tape camcorder. Bought from a friend in late 2011 and only used once since.... Comes with Pelican box and open to offers. Currently in Dubai but I travel a lot so can transport or courier to rest of world. Steve Lockie +971 504594624 stevelockie@hotmail.com
  16. NEW - Underwater Video Courses with Jeff Goodman in Cornwall. In addition to the courses held in the Red Sea, S.Africa and Maratua, Jeff has now teemed up with Atlantic Scuba near Falmouth. Explore the waters of Cornwall with your video camera. Some of the best of UK diving. Atlantic Scuba is based near Falmouth in Cornwall, with our dive boat moored at Mylor in the Fal Estuary. Specialising in diving around Falmouth Bay and the Manacles, the area is ideal as it is protected from the predominant south westerly winds. Wreck and reef diving are all on the agenda. UK marine wildlife at it's best. The wildlife around Falmouth is extremely varied. Falmouth Bay's unique position of having two different river estuaries feeding into the bay from two sides brings a lot of life into the area. There are 2 day weekend introduction courses and the 5 day full courses Full details, dates and costs are at http://www.jeffgoodman.co.uk/uwcornwall2.html
  17. For Sale: SUBAL CD5MII HOUSING FOR THE CANON 5D Mark II This housing is in excellent condition. Just recently had the full service done at Backscatter. All O-rings replaced. Have dove with it once since then and worked flawlessly. Subal CD5MII = Housing for the Canon 5D Mark II - Comes with GS 180 Viewfinder • DP-FE4 = 8 inch Optical Glass Dome Port (Type IV) • FP-120/4 Flat port - Type (IV) = Glass Flat Macro Port • Subal EXR-33/4 Extension Ring, 33mm - (Type IV) • Subal EXR-60/4 Extension Ring, 60mm - (Type IV) • Subal Extension Ring EXR75/4, 75mm for Canon 16-35 L2 lens $3800 for the Subal Housing, Wide Angle Port, Macro Port and Extensions. PayPal accepted. Free Shipping in the United States. On receipt of payment I will carefully pack the complete system and ship FedEx insured on our company account to your destination. Actual photos of everything are included below. Regards, Joel Penner Newmediasoup, LLC
  18. I am asking these questions for a friend who uses the D800 for topside photo work. He has not shot video with it and was asked to shoot video in a somewhat dark club. After speaking to him, and not knowing the camera myself, I had some questions for the audio. I can lend him a shotgun mic and use the 1/8 in plug but do not know whether the D800 allows for or has any metering for the audio levels. He also wasn't sure what ISO he should use and I suggested that 800 or 1000 might be the best chance for getting a clean shoot but I very well could be wrong on this. I did download the Nikon manual and did a very quick scan of the index but saw nothing. Also assuming that the D 800 will shoot video in both 1080p as well as 720p. He doesn't know and neither do I. Anyone have any answers for this? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  19. Hi all, I just switched from Canon 7D to Oly OMD. Really like the versatility of the camera, but also got some glitches from my previous experiences with it as well. The housing I own is Nauticam. The problem is that, when I want to switch from shooting stills to video mode, I just push the recording button. This would trigger the video recording function of the camera; however, the problem is that the aperture & shutter speed settings do not follow into the video mode. More specifically, It looks like pushing the video recording button would record the video using the "P" mode with average exposure metering. For example, I always shoot stills with underexposed ambient so the subject would be emphasize and lit by strobes, but when I hit the recording mode, the water suddenly become much lighter blue with a very pale subject. For now, the only way for me to manually configure the exposure of the video is to turn the dial wheel of the camera to its designate video capturing mode, which is a bit troublesome. Is there an easier way to switch from shooting stills to video capturing while retaining the setting from 'M' mode of the camera? By the way, here is the footage of a thresher shark taken with OMD using the P? mode.
  20. Hey All, Selling my video setup, the following is included: Gates HF S11/10/100 Housing w/ water alarm Gates GP32 Wide-Angle Port(does have light scratches on lens which are not noticeable underwater) Gates FP32 Flat/Macro Port (mint condition) Canon HF-S100 Camcorder w/ Charger Bonica G8V15 LED Video Light Ultralight Ball Adapter and Clamp for Video Light Link for Gates Housing and Ports: http://www.gateshousings.com/housings/hfs11-underwater-video-housing/ Link for Canon HF-S100: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/camcorders/high_definition_camcorders/vixia_hf_s100 Link for Bonica Video Light: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/665131-REG/Bonica_DV_VL_G8V15_G8V15_LED_Video_Light.html Total Package $2200 OBO see attachments for pictures(the pics do not show the Camera or Flat/Macro Port but they are included) thanks!
  21. Pro UW-video setup in perfect condition. Located in Denmark. Bought in Q1 2011. 1x Light and Motion Bluefin Pro housing 1x Sony CX-550 camera (64GB) 1x SOLA 600 light 1x Light & Motion LocLine Flex arm for SOLA 1x ReefNet SubSee +5 diopter 1x SubSee adapter for light & Motion 1x LMI tripod mount 1x SOLA hand strap 1x SOLA d-ring kit 1x SOLA 1" armball 1x Light & Motion customised foamed Pelicase 1x SOLA charger (extra) 2x Spare Sony camera batt. (3900mAh), 1x Sony batt. charger, 4x AA batt. (2850mAh) and AA batteri charger Also, various maintenance tools, spare o-rings etc. Price EUR 3300 (save EUR 2825) Payment via PayPal or bank. Examples of work @ vimeo.com/henrikhedegaard Reason for selling: I've switched to Canon 5D MK3 Find a bigger picture of package here:
  22. These lights make L&M's LED lights look like toys. The lights have been used for a total burning time of not more than 40 hours and are in full working condition. Only the black color on the anodized aluminum shaft is fading a bit. I have 6 used units for sale. This light sells online for USD 800 - 950 per piece. I prefer to sell it in pairs, therefore I'm offering it for USD 1100 a pair. Each light includes 1 Battery, 1 Charger. I also do have used, but in good condition spare batteries which I'm selling for USD 60 each. All the items are in Malaysia and actual courier service costs and any customs taxes from your country will be on you. Please be aware that the shipping weight for two sets will be around 4,5 kg. Unless requested I won't ship the cheap aluminum box that came originally with the lights as they would add another 1kg per box. Any questions and inquiries please email directly to editor@treasure-images.com. Thank you. ARCHON - W106W http://el-top.com/product/underwater-photographing-light-archon-w106w-10000-lumens ◆Model: W106W underwater video/photographing light ◆Led: 100wswc .max 10000 lumens. ◆Color temperature: 5000k ◆Max runtime: 2 hrs. ◆Three output levels. High>middle>low ◆Reflector: without reflector, for underwater video/photography only ◆Lens: 8mm polycarbonate board ◆Body material: durable aircraft-grade aluminum ◆Angle of light beam: 120° ◆Operation voltage: 18v to 26v. ◆Surface treatment: premium type iii hard-anodizing. ◆Color: black ◆Battery: li-ion batteries pack ◆With battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection ◆Size: 300(length)*76mm (dia. Of head). ◆Weight: 1772 grams (w/battery and charger) ◆Operation instruction: successive switching on-off within two seconds to cycle through high, middle, low
  23. Hi all, My wife wants to get into video and I am willing to support that if I can get advice on a system. I know little about video. My wish list is: 1. Decent quality 2. Smal 3. Uncomplicated 4. Can accept lights 5. Won't break the bank (maybe under 3k) She doesn't need all the bells and whistles of a serious amateur system, she is not that technical. I could go with new or used. Any advice? Joe
  24. Hi all. Well santa was very good to me and bought me a 5d mark iii body for Christmas. Of course we all know that the body is only the start of a very expensive hobby. I'm coming off using a Sony HD 550 video camera so, apart from being able to use my Sola 1200's for video lights, I'm really starting from scratch. So my question is this: how would you start amassing all of the accessories - memory cards, lenses, underwater housing, monitors, filters/ diopters, carrying cases, etc if you wanted to make sure you bought the best, even if it takes a while to buy it all? What would you buy, and in what order? What is table stakes, what are bells and whistles / nice-to-haves? My intention is to predominantly use the 5dmkiii for video, but I might toy around with stills if I can. Given I've got no experience with DSLRs, let's say I want to start practicing with the camera topside for a couple of months, then buy the UW housing and go underwater locally. My local playground is Sydney where the viz is anywhere from ~8-20 meters, relatively greenish water with limited opportunity for really wide angle shots. Then I'll take it travelling - likely next stop for that will be the Galapagos - so wide-angle shots mostly. Then after that, it'll be Komodo for muck / macro and wide angle.. Any guidance is much appreciated.
  25. I've completed my first 360 underwater video using multiple GoPro Hero2 cameras in a custom designed and built housing specific to this purpose. I made the first full test run with running cameras in October and unfortunately the vis was only 20 ft and I was at 70-80 fsw with fairly low light. So reds are absent even after an attempt at color correction in post. Here are links to two presentation formats: Interactive 360 video version This is only a start. I plan to add radial lighting to the housing over the winter. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Brian
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