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Found 57 results

  1. Hello, I am looking into getting into underwater photography. Been doing a lot of research in setting up a rig, decided to go with the RX 100 V for a starter camera. I didn't want to take my D500 underwater without the higher priced housing, and the RX seems more versatile. My main question is about the strobe feature on the Kraken Hydra 3500S+. I was hoping to get some comparison to a strobe like the YS-D2J. I'd imagine the Kraken wouldn't have nearly the features as the YS-D2J but wasn't sure of the differences since I can't find much out about the strobe feature for the kraken. I'd like to get some high quality photos so I would like some good strobes, but figured if I could get a dual purpose light for video or strobe that would be a cheaper starting option. But I'd like to know how well that flash works before I go for that setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kraken Hydra 3500S+ WSRU
  2. I was curious to determine just how much more powerful strobes are than video lights, so I put together a little test where I shot my Sea & Sea YS-D2 and Gates GT14 light side by side and tried to match the resulting exposure with each of them at full power. Setup: Shot in a cave to reduce ambient light impact using a Panasonic GH5 with Canon 8-15mm fisheye at 6mm using a Viltrox 0.71x speedbooster for the widest possible field of view in order to demonstrate the shape of the resulting beam from each light. The target wall was about 1m away from the camera. For the YS-D2, I removed the diffuser to judge the strobe's full power. As you'll see below, this produced a slightly narrower beam spread with a more pronounced hotspot than the GT14 achieved. There is also a notable color temperature difference (as the specs predict) with the GT14 being about 300k warmer than the YS-D2. Here are the resulting exposures to illustrate the beam spread and the power: Left GT14 at F2.8, 1/250, ISO 200; Right YS-D2 at F16, 1/250, ISO 100; Conclusion The unmodified YS-D2 strobe at full power is somewhere between 5 and 6 stops brighter than the Gates GT14. Let's say it outputs about five stops more light (i.e. it is 32 times brighter) once you account for the fact that the light is concentrated into a slightly narrower cone. So if you wanted a video light that matches the light output of the YS-D2, you'd need a 448,000 lumen light. Imagine -- two video lights putting out 1 million lumens. I'd say we're a little ways away from completely replacing strobes with video lights for photography
  3. Looking for a i-Torch Pro 6+ to add to current Pro 6 for dual video lights. I realize there are brighter lights, but want to stay with same charger and battery set-up. Thank you
  4. Looking for a 2nd i-Torch Pro 6+ to match what I have for a dual strobe set-up. Will consider a pair to replace the regular Pro 6 I have since the Plus version is a little stronger. Give me your best price and I'll get back to you. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Selling a used Light & Motion Sola 3500 Plus. Asking 400 Euro. In perfect condition. Will accept PayPal. Paypal fees on buyers expense. Items located in Germany. Can be picked up at Frankfurt/ Main. Shipping within EU is included. World wide shipping: Approx. 20-40 Euro. Just ask. Open for reasonable offers Send me a PM or better contact me directly: mailmeyer@gmx.net Kind regards, Andreas
  6. Hi Everyone I am selling a Light & Motion Sola 3500 plus video light in excellent condition. The light is in full working order and has only been used on one dive. It is fitted with a dome port which gives a wide diffused beam of 110 degree underwater - this is normally $99 extra. See here: https://www.lightandmotion.com/under-one-roof/articles/the-sola-dome-port-optic/ This model has been discontinued and replaced by the Sola Video Pro LE which retails at $699. https://www.backscatter.com/Light-Motion-Sola-Video-Pro-LE-Underwater-Video-Light A standard 1 inch ball mount is included. The photos show an AU plug fitted to the charger, US and EU plugs are also included. Asking price is US$345 plus shipping (approx US$25 to the US or Europe). The item is located in Perth, Australia. I can be contacted on: neilwin@iinet.net.au Payment is via Paypal.
  7. Hi all, selling a very lightly used Sola 4000 dive light. It's in very good condition, and was used maybe a dozen times. It comes with the neoprene light cover, power/charging unit plus cable for use in US and extra cable to use in EU, manuals in five languages, rubber light cover, and even the Light and Motion sticker. Zero problems with use For more Details and pictures you can check on this link to the eBay auction. Offering it there with a starting price of 1 Euro: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Light-and-Motion-Sola-4000-SCUBA-dive-light-Unterwasser-Video-Foto-Lampe-US-EU/332430039972?hash=item4d665fdba4:g:XrEAAOSwdx1Z9hsg Looking for 700 USD or best offer. Shipping cost and PayPal fees on buyers expense. If interested send me a PM or contact me directly: mailmeyer@gmx.net Light is located in Germany. Will ship worldwide. Kind regards, Andreas
  8. Ikelite Pro-2800 Underwater Video Light System. Item is used but in excellent condition. The bottom nylon pouch is a little scratched up from the sea bottom but can be replaced for under $30US if you want tidy...this one works fine. Powerful 2800 Lumen Beam 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% Power Settings Emergency SOS Mode Flashes the Light Perfectly Diffused 100 Degree Beam Includes what you see in the pictures. Two options for mount - ball mount or flexarm. Ikelite cable to NIMH Battery, pouch to connect to bottom of standard sized Ikelite DSLR case - see Ikelite to confirm compatibility. Of course this can be used separately from the camera if desired - very powerful and reliable light. Other than the cable connects, it is a closed system. For USA orders - continental only due to ship costs. Inquires to olaosta@gmail.com
  9. I am selling my Focus light. Only used on 2 or 3 dives. Its in perfect condition. Pictures here http://www.ebay.de/itm/282572189592?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Will sell directly to Wetpixel users, preferably in Europe for simplicity reasons. Item is based in Germany.
  10. 1. ARCHON W42VR - 5200 LUMIN - 2 pieces 2. A spare set of batteries x 4 3. 30cm 12" Flex Arm Flash Strobe Light - 2 pieces 4. Underwater 2.3" inch YS Strobe Arm Adapter - 2 pieces 5. Camera tray mount – 1 pieces Purchased all for € 1260 SOLD ONLY IN SETS! PRICE - € 900 Never logged in and a drop of water in the hull. Perfectly condition. Ready for use. The photos show the actual state of what we sell. Send it everywhere! Shipping - € 50. !!! Payment only in PAYPAL!!! The ARCHON W42VR (5200 Lumens) is a very impressive multifunctional video filming light. Its unique design offers four different light colours to suit most underwater filmmakers needs. Features: Bulb: White CREE XM-L2 U2 LED *8 (max 5200 Lumens); Bulb: Red CREE XP-E N3 LED*4 (max 400 Lumens) 620nm wavelength; Bulb: Purple LED*2 Meth wavelength 410nm (max 6W); Bulb: UV LED*2 Meth wavelength 365nm (max 6W); Color temperature: White LED: 5000k Switch 1: Red, Purple, UV, Off Switch 2: White high, White low, Off Runtime: White high: 90min, White medium: 180min, White low: 240min, Red: 240min, Purple/UV: 300min Reflector: no hotspot design, no reflector • Angle of light beam: 120° • Battery: 18650 Li- ion battery *4. • Battery indicator: 100%-50%: Green; 50%-30%: Yellow; 30%-10% Red; Blow 10% Red flashing; Below 5% • Waterproof: 100 meters underwater • Dimensions: 140.9mm (length)*62.6mm (dia. of head). • Weight: 490 grams (without battery); 682.4 grams (with battery) • Underwater Weight: 330 grams (with battery) Packing list: • Torch x2 • Battery x12 • Charger x2 • Replacment O-Ring x4 • Manual (English) x2 • Protective Carry Case x2
  11. Hi everyone, I’m currently looking for two Keldan 4x or Keldan 8x lights. I would prefer a seller within Europe (due to customs duty) since I’m located in Austria. So, if you have a pair to sell, please let me know! Cheers Paul
  12. Selling like new, used on one dive trip FIX NEO DX2000SWR video/focus light. Comes flawless, complete with original accessories,manuals and box. Purchased new in September for $900 Asking $750 with Free Cont.US shipping Will ship worldwide!
  13. 2 I-torch Video Pro6+ Lights $775 w/ free shipping 48 US USPS Flat Rate Upgraded Plus Version of Pro6! Improved lumen rating & 3x UV light power! Specs: 2800 Lumens, 120 degree beam LED light 4 white levels, 2 red levels, 1 UV and SOS mode Includes 2 rechargeable lithium batteries each so you can charge while you dive Improved UV power, 420mn for crazy fluorescent results 1 hour total burn time on highest setting Weighs only 12.5 ounces Great for GoPro setups Awesome for video, macro, UV and underwater photography in general Only used twice, two batteries never used, excellent condition, come with original packaging and all paperwork and accessories.
  14. A deep dive in a strange deep place to test a prototipe of a couple of 12K lumen video lights. Video nothing special, just a proof of concept for an upcoming project. Out there, a few hundreds of meters apart from mooring buoys, nearby walls, reefs and wrecks there is a unknown world waiting to be (re) discovered. (https://goo.gl/P4yc1E) Is the case of this huge underwater crack in Giannutri island, discovered by chance during a scooter ride on the lunar-like seabed. Simone Nicolini has told me so much about this place that we jokingly nickname it "Nicolini's Abyss". Later I discovered that "The Crack" was well known to other seasoned tech divers but nobody was able to give me a convincing description: depth, lack of reference points, low visibility played an important role giving this place an aura of mystery. Hence the idea with Simone to film and document The Crack. Unfortunately we dove it just once in a low viz. After seeing the clips my son is absolutely convinced that The Crack is no less than Godzilla's lair but geologists have a different opinion... The Crack is located in this position: https://goo.gl/maps/ij2vbcjFfLv Typically, moving out to sea, the island seabed slopes away up to 30/35 meters when a cliff side drops vertically to 50/60 meters. The seabed slopes away again to 70/90 meters where rock masses form small cliffs. Further on it gently slopes off to 100 meters and beyond. The Crack has a rippling profile which follow the shape of a rock mass at about 95 meters and beyond. Its orientation is north-south, approximately parallel to the island west coast. In some points the crevice is just few centimeters wide while in a couple of points it is over one meter wide allowing a diver to carefully explore it inside. It looks like a tight cave follows the crack profile on the bottom. P.S. We didn't find any dragon-tooth but my son didn't change his opinion
  15. Clearing out the dive locker and selling the following equipment: 2 i-Torch Pro6 2400 lumens LED video lights, used twice and in excellent condition. 2 Chargers and 4 batteries are included with the lights and only 2 batteries have been charged and used. The other batteries are unused. Also included, YS ball attachments for each light and 2 i-Das clamps. Complete set, $550. Ikelite DS51 strobe, sync cord and ball arm kit (#3944.51). Uses 4 AA batteries, not included. New, unused, $400. I-Das UAL-02-M67 Wide Angle Lens. New, unused, $125. Ikelite dual arm tray (#9523.64) with i-Das ball adapters, includes attaching hardware, New, $90 Ikelite single arm tray (#9523.63), includes attaching hardware, New, $45 Ikelite single arm tray, OLD MODEL, used and in fair condition. Slight flaking and light corrosion in the usual places (lower outside edge of the handle, and open groove in the middle of the tray), $30. All prices include shipping to the Continental US and payment is by Paypal. Anthony
  16. LMI Sola 1200 Dive/Video Light with spot & flood beams, complete with hand strap, Ball Mount & LocLine Mount, plus charger and case. Used but still working great with decent battery life. $400 plus shipping costs from Thailand PM or email alex@dive4photos.com for more info or to purchase.
  17. Has anyone tried out the new L&M Sidekick or Sidekick Duo for GoPros? It seems like a great little light that won't get in the way or significantly increase the side of your GoPro setup. And it's nice they have the arm adapter so you have control over positioning. And the price is certainly in the right range for a beginner like me! Any feedback?
  18. Hello! I am looking for a new focus light, and I was curious if any of you had any info about the new lights on the market. I had initially planned on getting a sola, but with some of the new options out there, I am wondering if my money would be better spent elsewhere. I do like the idea of a wide beam light, since I would like to shoot some limited video using the light as well. Anyway, here are the lights I have been looking at, along with links to the manufacturers page... Sola Photo 1200 $699 http://www.lightandmotion.com/underwater/sola1200p.html 1200 lumens, 70 minutes on full power, nonswappable batteries, has spot and flood beam, built in red light This is tried and true, but I wish it had replaceable batteries so I could swap them out after a few dives rather than having to recharge. Fix Neo 2000 Dx $749 http://www.fisheye-jp.com/english/products/light/fe_neo/index.html Light has removable batteries, digital readout of minutes of light remaining at any given power level, 100% variable output level, beam about 100 degrees, 60 min run time at 2000 lumens, available flip filter adapter to change color temp of light and switch to red, light is pretty blue, spare batteries are available but expensive (but not as much as RGBlue) I really like the techy feel of the fix neo, and although it's not really needed, I do like the LCD saying "you have x minutes of light remaining." Replacement batteries are available, too, but they are also expensive - just not quite as expensive as the RGBlue. The color temp of this light looks very blue-white, which may or may not matter that much. I do like the clip on flip adapter for the red or warmer light filters RGBlue System01 $750 http://www.rgblue.jp/en/products/system01/ high CRI light with natural light color, single plane light emission to eliminate "multi-shadow effect," 100 degree beam, up to 2200 lumens (1-100% power adjustable), replaceable batteries (expensive!), only 35 minutes burn time at full power, but 50 minutes at 1800 lumens, can use a condenser to have 60 degree beam, or attach a red light filter for red I really like the shadow control and natural light appearance of the RGBlue, but I am concerned about the abysmal battery life - though I understand the reason for the low battery life, and might be willing to accept it. Of course, replacement batteries are painfully expensive. i-Torch Video Pro6 $599 http://www.itorch.ca/i-torch-video-pro6.html Light has 2400 lumens, runs on removable 36250 li-ion batteries (much cheaper to keep spares on hand!), 60 minute burn time on full, has built in white/red/UV LEDs, 3 levels of white, 2 levels red, 1 level UV, 120 degree beam angle, color indicator of remaining battery life on switch This is a lot cheaper, but it lacks the 1-100% adjustable light level (which I like, in theory - my prior lights never had this feature). I don't really know anything about i-Torch as a brand. I like the cheap replaceable batteries. I like the red and UV light being built in! FIT 2400 LED WSR (White/Spot/Red) $420 http://www.fun-in.com.tw/oc/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1696 (not the manufacturer link - couldn't find this one) http://www.fun-in.com.tw/share/documents/fit/UwP73_FIT_LED2400.pdf (review at UWP mag) most wallet friendly! 2400 lumens, 120 degree flood or 15 degree spot, red and white lights built in - can run both at same time to adjust color temp, 60 minutes burn time on full, uses cheap replaceable batteries, battery life indicator on switch or FIT 2400 UV version $600 http://www.fun-in.com.tw/oc/index.php?route=product/product&path=95_30_199&product_id=1689 essentially the same as the WSR above, except it can do white, red, purple, and UV light - not sure if it still has a spot mode or not, 2400 White / 200 Red / 6W Purple / 10W UV Seems to be very similar to the i-Torch as far as advantages - multiple light sources in 1 body, with cheap user replaceable batteries. The UV version of the FIT seems like a good comparison to the i-Torch So...any thoughts on these lights from you guys? I am somewhat leaning towards the i-Torch or the FIT lights, since they have cheap replaceable batteries, and they are cheaper overall than the Sola, Fix, or RGBlue. That said, each of the more expensive lights have some good things going for them, too. Please help!
  19. Light and Motion Sola 600. White light and red light. Intl. charger. Orig. black carry case and orig. box. Excellent condition. Charged and ready to go. Best Offer Thank you for your consideration, shutterthethought@comcast.net
  20. HI everyone. I am selling my ikelite 7D housing and complete package to get your canon 7D shooting underwater. This equipment is about 2 years old and has around 30 dives on it. This equipment is in like new condition and and has been treated with the utmost respect. There are no dings, dents or scratches on the housing, the dome port, or the macro port. I use the 8" dome port and port body with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens but this port is compatible with many other lenses I use the glass modular flat port and port body with canon 100mm macro lens but as it states its modular which can be used with many other lenses when you change the port body. Im also selling an ikelite pro 2800 video light with flex arm and charger which is amazing. its crazy bright underwater. Im also selling ikelite strobe arms and strobe sync cord which simply connect to the housing tray arms that carry the strobes. i have floats for the arms that make the whole set up more buoyant in the water. if someone is interested in this equipment i will take the time to list all the product numbers and original purchase prices and the new discounted prices along with nice clear photos for you to look at. I have all paper work, accessories, o-rings and spare parts that are original to the housing. get in touch with me if your interested. regards paul.
  21. I am letting go two iTorch Video Pro 3 in excellent conditions. $150 each and $250 for both, o.b.o, excluding all taxes (no tax from Hong Kong side) plus shipping. I live in Hong Kong. Please ask questions or contact me at kngeneral@gmail.com
  22. Two mangrove light sets, 2 lights, 2 chargers and 2 spare batteries (one spare battery doesn't work but can be rebuilt for half the price of a new spare battery) The lights are intended as video lights primarily but also comes with a handle so they can be used as handheld dive lights. $700 plus actual shipping for the lot. (only shipping in the US) They are very powerful at 4320 lumens. They are LEDs so there is no bulb to burn out. Info from the website: Mangrove´s new line of LED lights are an industry breakthrough. The VC-4L6 specially designed for underwater video and photo is supplied with one Solid-State LED module array emitting a staggering 4320 lumens each! Featuring two output levels, the 40W light can dim from high to medium power output levels allowing you to dim lighting for a quick exposure adjustment. The VC-4L6 offers daylight color temperature, a 16:9 illumination pattern (approx. 110° reflected beam angle) and output about the same as a 130 W halogen light. All of this in a self contained package with relatively low heat generation, low power consumption, and amazingly long burn time make the VC-4L6 the ideal small high performance video light system. Technical details: Battery pack rated 3900 mAh Burn time is 65 min @ 100% and 5:00 hrs. @ 60% Recharging time is 5 hours + 40 min. Light Source: 6x Slim type LED array Power consumption: 6 x 6.5W Luminous Flux (Lumen): 4320 lm Beam angle: 120x130º Colour temperature: 5000º Kelvin Colour rendering index (CRI): 95 Output levels: 100-60%. Optional hand grip available for use as a normal diving light. Charging time: 5:40 h Depth rated to 200m/660 feet Dimensions: Diameter: 77/60 mm Length: 233 mm Weight: 1228g (land) / 480g (water)
  23. <script src="safari-extension://com.ebay.safari.myebaymanager-QYHMMGCMJR/edbb4186/background/helpers/prefilterHelper.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> FOR SALE: iTorch Pro 4 video light with 2 batteries and charger. One of the red lights blinked out, but it way too much red; one scares the fish less. All other LED's work great with low run time on them. I purchased an iTorch Pro 6 for the UV LED's and don't need both. This is a great set-up for someone who already has one iTorch pro and wants to widen the beam for video. It's a great light and nice to have spare batteries on hand. They are also quite inexpensive if you want more. $285 + 12.35 USPS flat rate shipping to anywhere in the US. PM me and/or and an email to mcolleypublic@gmail.com Thanks, Marshall
  24. Lights in excellent conditions, used in less than 5 dives. Batteries are not included as I want to avoid the problem of shipping Lithium batteries. US$700 for 1 , US$1350 for 2. Shipping cost to US is US$15 per light.
  25. For sale two packages, I will split up if there isn't interest in the complete package: Nauticam 7D: NA-7D housing Nauticam 4.33" Acrylic mini dome [scratched inside, with the tokina 10-17 you can see it when in 10-~13mm, but not ~14-17mm] Zen DP100 glass mini dome Nauticam extension ring 20 Nauticam strobe mounting balls Nauticam 20cm Lanyard and ball set Go-Pro mount Retail price: $4500 Package price: $3000 Aditech Mangrove: 2x Aditech Mangrove videocompact VC-4L6 2x battery chargers and storage case 2x ULCS T-Groove Adapter 2x Nauticam 125mm/5" double ball arm segment 4x ULCS Clamps Retail price: $2000 Package price: $1350 Pictures to follow
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