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Found 35 results

  1. Amphibico video lights 35-50 watt HID with 4 batteries chargers power base Amazing low price: 1000$. These are in perfect working condition Can be used by lighting diver or lay down on a rock or tripled to light a scene
  2. Great price for powerful lights 1900$ (for the complete set) Great lights to be held by your lighting diver. Amphibico Discovery G3 Lights 35-50Watt 12 volt Arc Lamp adjustable HID’s (High Intensity Discharge) · x2 Detachable Video Light Diffusers · x2 Batteries Charger · x2 Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery 14.8V 5000mAh · x2 - 35/50 watt, 12 volt Arc lamp with Electronic Ballast The Discovery G3 PRO video light. It provides the underwater videographer with an even lighting coverage and a constant output light temperature. One of the best light quality Discovery G3 PRO have two levels of power: o 35 Watt with a run time of 1h40 o 50 Watt with a run time 1h00
  3. FOR SALE 2 video lights light and motion sola 4000 Less than one year old ( value 1500$) - Perfect working condition. show aesthetically scratch. Price 1100$ each Can be sold separately Reason of sale: My new project take me to greater depth than 330 feet. theses lights are in perfect working condition and comes with ball joint and charger Thanks
  4. Just not able to get enough diving in lately, so looking to part with my u/w video equipment. Equipment is located in Hong Kong but will ship int'l. Gates HC7 video housing with white balance control. Understand this will also fit the Sony HC9 camera as well. I would throw in the HC7 video camera as well but unfortunately the DV cassette door mechanism is shot. Housing has been lightly used and in great condition. Ball mounts on handles included. Original price: USD2,125Gates/ Fathom WP25 wide angle port - allows for zoom through for macro to wide angle. Good condition although it has a very light scratch less than 5mm (not noticeable in the video recordings; might be able to polish that out). Original price: USD890 Gates Tripod mount - allows you to screw in a tripod (one of the 4 threads on the housing handle that are used to attach this tripod mount is stripped, but still very usable). Looks like this. Asking for $1,000 for the Housing/ Port/ and tripod mount. Salvo Dual 24W HID with Lumedyne video reflectors and Y detachable e/o cables. The original 9ah NIMH battery pack is unfortunately shot (only holds a charge for 10min or so). You should be able to get a replacement battery at the following site which fits the canister. Or you can reach out to the folks at Light Monkey who are the successor to Salvo and can provide service for Salvo lights. Could also put in a replacement Li-ion battery. Original price: ~US1,400 Asking for USD600. PM me with questions.
  5. UNDERWATER LIGHTING KIT (Amphibico G3 PRO 35-50 Watt HID Pro Light Kit) (Note: I have two of these kits, one is being sold with camera and housing, that kit comes with a Pelican style case, THIS LIGHT SET DOES NOT COME WITH THE TRAVEL CASE SHOWN IN PHOTO) Amphibico HID 35-50 adjustable G3 Pro lighting set up. Note: This kit does NOT include arms for these lights, suggested arms to purchase additionally from this would be from TLC or Ultralite. Includes: · Amphibico Discovery G3 Lights 35-50Watt 12 volt Arc Lamp adjustable HID’s (High Intensity Discharge) · x2 Detachable Video Light Diffusers · x2 x Ultra Pro Power Pack Batteries Charger(part# SWBC0302) · x2 x Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery 14.8V 5000mAh · x2 x 35/50 watt, 12 volt Arc lamp with Electronic Ballast The Discovery G3 PRO video light, a lightweight, durable set, provides the underwater videographer with an even lighting coverage and a constant output light temperature. Discovery G3 PRO lets you choose between two levels of lighting power: o Low at 35 Watt with a run time of approximately 1.40 minutes o High at 50 Watt with a run time of approximately 1.10 minutes The Discover’s Electronic Ballast Lamp regulates a perfectly, even and consistent power during the operation of light; resulting in high quality results. The Ultra Pro Charger chargers the batteries in 2 hours PRICE: US $2,900
  6. Just to let everyone know that I am currently diving and testing the Underwater Kinetics eLED, Nocturnal Lights M700i and I-Torch Video Pro 5 video lights. Below are a few images from last week: Adam
  7. Salvo Dual 24 W HID Video System with Halcyon Video Reflectors and Ultralight Video Light ball adapters ( 1" or 25mm ) One 24 Watt HID lamp , providing 1800 lumen output each at 6000 kelvin. Powered by a 14.5aH Ni-Mi battery providing 140 minutes of burn time (today burn test dual system). E/O cords and a "Y" connector. One EKPP Halcyon reflector use as one primary light . One Battery Charger (universal smart charger) Working perfectly . Never broken . No of dives about ( 50 ) Great stuff for serious underwater cinematographers. One mini sample of the power of this lights you can enjoy some of my videos here : macro video: or here in deep wreck or here in a cave : As new with all accessories cost me about 2200 euros or 2830 usd Asking 1400 Euros or 1800 usd. Shipping worldwide but based in Greece Shipping cost to buyer. pls contact me with pm or email . milonkos#yahoo.gr
  8. I am selling my carefully maintained backup video system, all in perfect working order, including: · Gates housing for Sony HC7/9 with the Fathom W25 wide angle port (with instruction manual and spare parts/O ring kit.) This housing has extremely reliable mechanical controls for most camera functions (including white balance), a large viewing window for the camera LCD display, and an internal red filter that can be moved in/out. · Sony HDR-HC-7 video camera (In original box, with instruction manual, all original connection cables, Sony FH60 battery and an extra, higher capacity Sony FH70 battery, standard charger, extra Sony BC—TRP compact travel battery charger, Sony Wide angle conversion lens (0.7) for use topside, 3 blank Sony videotapes). · Pair of Gates/Greenforce Squid 50 HID video lights (With a total of 4 Flexi I NiMH batteries, each of which powers one light for 90+ minutes [spec, sheet says 120 minutes], 2 battery chargers with several optional international plugs, flexible arms that attach to the Gates housing). The extra set of batteries allows easy change between dives. · Pelican M2500 Storm Case (Airline carry-on size. With cutouts for the housing, Fathom lens, and light heads. Room for more items with additional cutouts.) This system has produced stunning video for me. I will especially miss the superb Fathom lens. The housing was inspected/overhauled at Gates last year and is under Extended Warranty until June 2013. The video camera was recently cleaned/maintained by Sony. The housing, port, and lights show cosmetic wear marks and some tarnishing of their anodized aluminum finishes as occurs with saltwater exposure, but everything works perfectly, and the interior and all mechanisms are pristine. $1950 for the whole system (cost over $8000). Pay Pal payment please. Can inspect in the Los Angeles area and in the photos below.
  9. I'm selling two Sola 1200 Video lights. these lights are amazing and in new condition. They come in the original box plus all original accessories. Will sell as a pair or individual. They are $500.00 each. Also, they came with a snap connector? but an additional 1' ball mount will be included for each unit. Only reason these are being sold is I upgraded my camera and no longer do underwater photography or videography
  10. I bought these lights in 2009 and ended up rarely used them. They are rock-solid, dependable LED lights with battery packs. They were made by SOLUS Submersible Products in Ireland. We modified the lights and battery packs so that everything is attached with wet-pluggable Subconn connectors. You can plug the batteries into the lights while underwater (but you don’t want to leave a battery connector unplugged while underwater for too long). These lights are equivalent to 800 watts or 3,800 lumen. The lights can be connected so that one light runs off one battery pack, or one light runs off two battery packs. The battery life is 1.5 hours for one bulb with two battery packs, and 45 minutes for one bulb with one battery pack. Light heads have a standard ball on them so you can mount them on standard ball arms. The battery packs have clips so you can clip them to a BC. I’ve posted images of the lights at: www.norbertwu.com/nwp/stuff-for-sale/solus-lights-web/index.html I’ve also posted images of the lights with this posting. The first two images show a Solus light beam compared to a Light & Motion Sola 2000 light beam. The Solus beam is warmer and has a bit of a hotspot. Image 3 shows one Solus (only the head on the right is turned on) with an Ikelite S/S 200 diffuser taped in front of it. This makes the Solus light beam wider and more uniform. The rest of the images show the Solus lights attached to battery packs. I am asking $1200 for the two light heads and battery packs, plus the cost of shipping. If you are interested, please contact Norbert Wu at temp2_at_norbertwu.com. Please no phone calls. I am happy to entertain reasonable offers. I can accept credit cards, Paypal, money orders, and personal checks. Money orders and personal checks will have to clear my bank before the product is shipped; which can take up to three weeks. Shipping will be at buyer's expense (at actual cost) and will be UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS Priority Mail (all of which give tracking of packages). If we conclude a deal, I'll give you a quote for shipping via one of the above methods. Thanks! Norbert Wu
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