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Found 44 results

  1. Hi there folks and friends, selling two Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes, used about 10 times in the water, never flooded, and kept UBER clean by their anally-retentive owner. Selling because I want something with less power for my shooting style, (which is a strange problem to have, I know.) Comes with all literature, 120 + 100 filters, new orings + grease, ball attachments, & flat mount. Also selling two Sea&Sea Nikonos style sync cords for YS strobes, also kept immaculate, used same number of times. Asking $1,100 for everything, will pay for shipping from Florida, (no international though, sorry). Buyer pays Paypal fees. Any questions, please PM, and thanks!
  2. Hi, selling a YS-D1 strobe, some ULCS Clamps and miscellaneous. Clich here for more info and pictures: http://my.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbayBeta&CurrentPage=MyeBayNextSelling&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK:MESEX Feel free to make offers. Items located in Germany, will ship to Europe. Payment by PayPal. Thanks, Andreas
  3. I have been having some Sea&Sea issues . I bought a pair of YS-D1's as my first set of strobes and after about 5 uses, the one just stopped switching on. Tested all and eventually contacted Manex Marine, the agents in South Africa, and sent it back to them by courier. Apparently they would send it to Japan fro investigation, repairs or spares - This was in November 2015 , since then not a peep from the agent or Sea&Sea. I ma currently following up with the agent but no answer yet.. A Deadly silence. I bought a Ys-D2 as a replacement as immediately as I was entered into a shootout the week after the YS-D1 failure and needed a strobe. I was syncing by sync cord and I must say that all the upgrades on the YS-D2 makes it such a great flash and a pleasure to use. Gone is the constant angst about moving a switch by accident and missing a shot when it counts. The colour coding on the settings and the ready beep also works great for me. However I had since had a small flood into my Hugyfot housing due to a failed O-ring on a bulkhead and the sync board in the Hugy housing is beyond repair. My Canon 40D and lens were not harmed, thank goodness. I then switched to dual fibre optic while I am waiting for a replacement card to arrive from Belgium. Now the problem: Setup: Hugyfoy Housing with optical pickup through bulkhead. Fibre optic cables from camera housing fibre optic pickup ( just a perspex plastic capsule through a bulkhead, no electronics, to a YS-D1 and a YS D-2. Camera Canon 40 D Settings: Manual, shutter speed anything from 1/50- 1/250 aperture from f2.8 -f32. Flash assist on camera is off. YS-D1 setting manual - no pre flash YS D2 setting Manual - no preflash - green mode When I trigger the camera, both flashes trigger but the YS-D2 does not have any effect on the image as if it does not sync. Switch off the YS-D1 , the YSD2 triggers with the fibre optic, but does not have any effect on image. Connect the YS-D2 via fibre optic to the optical output on my YS-D1 and problem remains the same. If I switch to manual with pre flash and make sure that the pre flash mode is set to factory default, the flash triggers at full power outset and the image is overexposed, as expected. In neither of these modes do I have any control over the output power via the Light output dial. WTF am I doing wrong or am I reading the manual wrong ? Please help.
  4. Hi, due to system update I Need to sale some of my "Tools". Fore more Details and Picture please click here: http://www.ebay.de/sch/a.my/m.html?item=331739067519&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 (Actual Retail Price Europe in Euro / Asking Price in Euro) Underwater Strobe Sea & Sea YS-D1 w. 100 Diffusor&Ball Adapter (629) 420 Underwater Strobe Sea & Sea YS-D1 w. 120 Diffusor&Ball Adapter (629) 420 Olympus PEN PT-EP12 Underwater Housing for PEN E-PL7 (593) 415 Olympus PEN E-PL7 16,1 MP Digitalcamera Shutter Count 1400- Black (Body only)(349) 280 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42 mm F/3.5-5.6 EZ ED Objektiv incl. LC37C (283) 220
  5. Hello, I'm looking to buy pair of strobes for D7000 (YS-D2, Inon z240, YS-D1, DS160) or say what you have. Europe only.
  6. There are very different views on the gudie number values underwater: some use a factor of 2, some even 4(!) to estimate underwater GN from land values. Which is correct for clean blue seawater or 50m vis pool? I suppose color temperature also has a significant effect here, the 4200-4800K strobes getting punished for their nice warm light... E.g how do the inon z240's compare to the subtronic novas in terms of underwater working distance? (iso, f-stop being the same) Coverage might be the cause of confusion here, "flat port" strobes, like the inons, squeeze their beam underwater, e.g. the 100°-s of the z240 becomes 70°, approximately doubling the power/surface ratio. I guess a factor of 2 is sufficient for "squeezed angle" strobes, factors of 3+are for dome-port units, like the subtronics, seacam.
  7. For sale is an absolutely MINT condition Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobe. Used on a single 10-day trip. Maintained meticulously. Selling only because will be purchasing a new full rig that comes with two strobes already. It will come in original, intact box, with all accessories included: YS mount and screw, ball mount, diffusers x 2, silicone lube, Allen wrench, manuals. O-ring is intact and has been removed, cleaned, and stored in the battery compartment - make sure to replace before use. Price is $550 with free shipping to the Continental US.
  8. I have a pair of YS-D1 strobes in excellent condition inside and out. There are no scratches, cracks, or flaws. Strobes rinsed after every dive, never flooded. These include 100 and 120 diffusers. Ball and YS attachments. Strobes function perfectly. $500 each or $900 for the pair including shipping in continental US. email churchill68_2000@yahoo.com
  9. Looking for a single Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe to buy. Should be in mint condition, no corrosion and/or missing parts. Little wear acceptable. The less hours used the better. Can pay with PayPal. Please reply to bjkorner@gmail.com Living in Canada. Thanks
  10. For sale is a Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobe, brand new in the box, and never used. All of the parts are in original packaging. Price is $575, plus $10 shipping in the U.S. For international shipments, the price will depend on shipping method and destination. Included with the strobe are a Diffuser 100 (quantity of 2), Diffuser 120 (quantity of 2), Conventional YS Adapter Mount, Ball Joint Mount, Manual, and 1-year Warranty. Feel free to contact me at sharkpixie@gmail.com with any questions.
  11. Hi I use the Sanyo Eneloop XX which are great. I want to order new spare batteries. Should I buy the Sanyo or the Panasonic? I know understand that they have new batteries. Thanks, Hezi
  12. Hello hello! I checked to see if this topic was already on the forum, but to no avail.... SO I have recently won a trip to Palau and need to up my strobe game quite a bit. I liked the sea&sea YS-110's, they had good coverage and I never seemed to have issues with washed-out fish, etc. I now have the YS-D1 strobes and they have been a bi*** to control for wide-angle. They are either too powerful one minute, or the light doesn't travel far enough the next. So to the meat of the topic here, do I: 1) Sell my barely used, beautiful YS-D1's for an older model, (since I cannot afford the mac-daddy 250's) OR 2) I've switched between the 100 and 120 diffuser, and am having issues with both. Would a softbox solve my problems and what the heck does a softbox do underwater that the diffusers don't do anyway? I really appreciate any help with this, I really don't want to sell these strobes, my ISO, f-stop, etc. have stayed pretty consistent with both strobes so no issue there. -KDG
  13. Hi all, I'm going to take a break in Sharm where I'll can try my new equipment (sony RX100M2 + YS-D1 + Subsee +10). However, I'm bothered about RX100M2 settings. The camera has dozens of settings and I would like to have tips about which should be the most appropriate to have, especially for macro photography and the use of YS-D1 flash... Any tip is welcome! Thanks Ste
  14. Hi, I am looking to buy a second strobe to complement by single YS-110a, if anyone has a YS-110a or YS-D1 for sale at a good price, then please let me know. Strobes must be in good condition, never flooded and in full working order. I am based in England (UK) so a UK sale is preferred. Many thanks!
  15. Hi all, just finish reading Alex's old article about strobe filter to affect blue water color: The article is here. One of the sample that caught my attention is the comparison: That lead me to the question. The Inon Z2400 is 5500K, while the YS-D1 is 5600K. If I were to attach a gel filter on the YS-D1, which one should I get? I'm also getting a bit confuse while reading the article. So to get the kind of blue in the picture on the right, I need to warm it up (to about 4300K?). If that's the case, would a filter be easier, or manual white balance to a Kelvin that's warmer then the strobe (not custom white balance on a slate). By the way, the kind of blue I get is more on the left side of the sample, I thought it was because the sun was not behind me, and I don't have a magic filter. Thought? PS: I know Lightroom/Photoshop can adjust the blue, but I would rather get it right in the first place instead of spend days in front of the computer, and also I may switch to a camera that doesn't have RAW feature, using a Panasonic LX-7 now.
  16. Hi, I'm buying this items, preferably from Europe because I'm from Portugal and customs here are very strict. Contact to this email: andre.negocios [at] gmail (dot) com Thank you
  17. *** Complete Subal ND700 set for sale including****: Subal housing for Nikon D700 Subal FE4 Fisheye Dome Port Subal FP-90 Flat Port Subal EXR-33/4 Extension Ring Sea & Sea YS-D1 DS-TTL Strobes - 2x Sync Cord – Nikonos Style for YS Strobes - 2x Ultralight T base adapter - 2x Ultralight 8” double ball arms - 2x Ultralight New Style Clamp - 4x Ultralight Single Ball Arm end 8” Sea & Sea - 2x Various covers for ports and dome I bought the complete set one year ago // used for <2 weeks. New price $7,686.40 (see receipts attached) => asking price only $5,500 USD for complete set!! Unique opportunity to buy a complete set for a great discount in as new condition! Never flooded – no scratches. Most components have never even been in the water…. (except for housing and Fisheye Dome Port, used for <2 weeks). Happy to send more pictures upon request and elaborate over the phone or email. Email: jantoon.reigersman@gmail.com or mobile: +1 617 999 9129 Based in Southern California (Newport Beach), happy to ship globally at cost of buyer.
  18. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help / suggestions on my new setup. I have previously done professional photography topside (Weddings, Calendars etc..) but am completely new to underwater. I do have a desire to do both video and stills but to start I think I will be focusing on stills. I also plan on mostly wide angle to start and eventually macro. Most of my diving is in tropical waters, I visit Cozumel a couple of time a year. Currently I Have: - Canon 5DMKII - Sigma 15mm FE 2.8 - Ikelite dSLR Housing #6871.02 - Ikelite 8" Dome #5510.45 - Ikelite Port Body #5510.11 - Ikelite Dual Tray Considering: - Dual S&S YS-D1 Strobes - Ikelite #4118.2 Two Strobe Sync Cable - Ikelite 1 Inch Ball Adapter for Quick Release Handle #9571.3 - Arms ??? 1. Will this setup be fully compatible (I understand TTL will not work) and functional? 2. I have no idea which arms to look at Please help 3. Have I missed any pieces / parts to make this setup function? Please make any suggestions / alternatives.
  19. Hi all, I have only shoot with point and shoot cameras before. Now I am with Panasonic Lumix GX1 with a YS-D1 strobe. I appreciate if someone can advice (or direct me) to information on flash settings for this system. Regards,
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