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Found 36 results

  1. Buy one or a couple of strobes in good condition Sea & Sea YS-D1 no more than $250 Sea & Sea YS-D2 no more than $350 or Spare part: Main circuit assembly for YS-D2.... also i need service manual for repair YS-D2 (my ys-d2 no correct working...) Payment PayPal, Shipping to US address
  2. Hi all, I read the f.. manual but don't understand the difference between DS-TTL and DS-TTL 2. In the german manual they talk also about a TTL and a SLAVE TTL as a different modus to DS-TTL and DS-TTL 2. Also when I try it out underwater I get almost the same results for different modes. I'm not really happy with most results after it seems for me like it is every time different even when the conditions are the same. My camera is a Sony rx100 III with Aqcuapazza house. Using a fiber optic cable. How do i now if my Sony has a pre-flash (Vorblitz?) It is not written in my manual... What would be the optimized solution for me? Could it be with to by some further equipment? Sorry for my english and many thanks to all who can support ... LG Susanne
  3. Hi, I'm currently searching for a pair of strobes for my Nauticam housing and I'm wondering if I should go for Inon Z-240ies or Sea & Sea YS-D2 (or alternatively YS-D1, although they are more difficult to find these days in Europe). I'm slightly leaning towards the Inon Z-240 (Mark IV) as it can be used with fiber optic sync cords (whereas the YS-D2 would require 5-pin nikonos cords on Nauticam housing) and I read far more posts complaining about the quality of Sea & Sea flashes than Inon's flashes. The YS-D2 would be stronger than the Z-240 (32 vs. 24) but this advantage disappears when using the diffusor to achieve the same angle as the Z-240. So the advantage that remains are the more intuitive controls of the YS-D2. Price is basically the same. Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm in Cozumel, Mexico and having no luck setting up my RX100 IV (Fantasea housing) to get the strobes to fire. I've had no lighting for 4 dives now and would really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Tutorials, step by step instructions, anything appreciated! I have a Sony RX100 IV in a Fantasea housing and 2 YS-D2 strobes. Questions: 1) What flash setting should I use in the RX100 to get the strobes to fire? (auto, fill, front sync, rear sync?) 2) If I set the strobe to TTL, do I need to set the other dial to a setting? 3) Is there a trick to connecting the fiber optic cables? I'm wondering if I'm not connecting them correctly and that is why the strobes won't fire Thanks in advance for your help! Amy
  5. I have 2 Sea and Sea YS-D2 strobes that were purchased brand new in the fall of 2015. They were used once on a dive trip over Christmas, and one strobe failed so was sent back to Sea and Sea and replaced under warranty in Feb. 2016. The new strobe was used a couple of weeks ago on a local dive and performed perfectly. Neither strobe has flooded and has been maintained well. Obviously both are still under manufacturer's warranty. Comes with original boxes, paperwork, o-rings, grease, diffusers, ball mount/YS mounts. The reason I'm selling these LIKE NEW strobes is that I've decided to go back to the Inon Z240's. Just personal preference, I guess, since I got amazing results with the YS-D2's. Brand new these strobes go for $650/each PLUS TAX. My loss is your GAIN! Will sell both for $1100 and buyer pays shipping. I only accept PayPal... **** FOR SOME REASON, WETPIXEL WILL NOT LET ME UPLOAD PICS FROM MY IPHONE OF THESE STROBES (SAYS THEY'RE TOO BIG??). IF INTERESTED, I'LL GLADLY SEND YOU PICS VIA EMAIL.. ****
  6. I have been having some Sea&Sea issues . I bought a pair of YS-D1's as my first set of strobes and after about 5 uses, the one just stopped switching on. Tested all and eventually contacted Manex Marine, the agents in South Africa, and sent it back to them by courier. Apparently they would send it to Japan fro investigation, repairs or spares - This was in November 2015 , since then not a peep from the agent or Sea&Sea. I ma currently following up with the agent but no answer yet.. A Deadly silence. I bought a Ys-D2 as a replacement as immediately as I was entered into a shootout the week after the YS-D1 failure and needed a strobe. I was syncing by sync cord and I must say that all the upgrades on the YS-D2 makes it such a great flash and a pleasure to use. Gone is the constant angst about moving a switch by accident and missing a shot when it counts. The colour coding on the settings and the ready beep also works great for me. However I had since had a small flood into my Hugyfot housing due to a failed O-ring on a bulkhead and the sync board in the Hugy housing is beyond repair. My Canon 40D and lens were not harmed, thank goodness. I then switched to dual fibre optic while I am waiting for a replacement card to arrive from Belgium. Now the problem: Setup: Hugyfoy Housing with optical pickup through bulkhead. Fibre optic cables from camera housing fibre optic pickup ( just a perspex plastic capsule through a bulkhead, no electronics, to a YS-D1 and a YS D-2. Camera Canon 40 D Settings: Manual, shutter speed anything from 1/50- 1/250 aperture from f2.8 -f32. Flash assist on camera is off. YS-D1 setting manual - no pre flash YS D2 setting Manual - no preflash - green mode When I trigger the camera, both flashes trigger but the YS-D2 does not have any effect on the image as if it does not sync. Switch off the YS-D1 , the YSD2 triggers with the fibre optic, but does not have any effect on image. Connect the YS-D2 via fibre optic to the optical output on my YS-D1 and problem remains the same. If I switch to manual with pre flash and make sure that the pre flash mode is set to factory default, the flash triggers at full power outset and the image is overexposed, as expected. In neither of these modes do I have any control over the output power via the Light output dial. WTF am I doing wrong or am I reading the manual wrong ? Please help.
  7. Hello, I'm looking to buy pair of strobes for D7000 (YS-D2, Inon z240, YS-D1, DS160) or say what you have. Europe only.
  8. Selling two like new Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes. Used only on 1 dive trip (2 dives). Both are flawless, like new and complete with boxes, manuals, accessories. I will also give you two fiber optic cables! Free cont. US shipping! Purchased new in September for $1500 asking $ 1150.00
  9. There are very different views on the gudie number values underwater: some use a factor of 2, some even 4(!) to estimate underwater GN from land values. Which is correct for clean blue seawater or 50m vis pool? I suppose color temperature also has a significant effect here, the 4200-4800K strobes getting punished for their nice warm light... E.g how do the inon z240's compare to the subtronic novas in terms of underwater working distance? (iso, f-stop being the same) Coverage might be the cause of confusion here, "flat port" strobes, like the inons, squeeze their beam underwater, e.g. the 100°-s of the z240 becomes 70°, approximately doubling the power/surface ratio. I guess a factor of 2 is sufficient for "squeezed angle" strobes, factors of 3+are for dome-port units, like the subtronics, seacam.
  10. Upgraded to full frame setup and therefore selling only TWO TIMES used underwater Sony RX100IV with extra battery, charger, Sony travel case, new LCD screen protector (SONY), Nauticam Housing, Nauticam LCD magnifier with diopter, Vacuum valve with pump, Nauticam Flexitray W II, WWL-1 Wide angle lens + Bayonet mount, CMC-1 lens + Bayonet mount, 2x Nauticam 8"arms, 2x Nauticam 5" arms, Nauticam cold shoe YS mount, Nauticam cold shoe Ball mount, Nauticam Bayonet Lens holder, Fisheye Fix Neo DX2000 SWRM, 2x SEA & SEA YS-D2 with 2x Fiber optic cable All items were purchased in September from US authorized dealers. All items come with original boxes,manuals, accessories and are still under warranty! Absolutely flawless! I also have original receipts (upon request) For some reason I can't upload the picture of the camera and its accessories (file too big) but I can email the picture along with other pictures of the complete setup together upon request. I have a 100% feedback on eBay (kapikocustoms). Free cont.US shipping with insurance! I will ship worldwide! Paypal only Trying to sell as complete set. All together purchased for $7000.00! Yours for only $6000! That's a $1000 dollars savings! If you do not need the camera, the price for all (excluding RX100IV) would be minus $800.00 which totaling $5200.00 I can send more pictures upon request. BEST ULTIMATE COMPACT 4K-MACRO-WIDE ANGLE SETUP YOU WILL FIND!
  11. Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy my first underwater photography setup and need some advice to put everything together. On the first place I thought about my Nikon D7100 to take underwater but reality is brutal and whole setup would be very expensive and simply I can’t afford it. I sold camera and all lenses so now I can start from the begging. I’m moving to Thailand Koh Tao for year maybe longer. I’ll do my Instructor internship up there and I would like to have equipment with me to save memories. I would like to do some photography and video. My underwater setup needs to be medium size so is easy to carry and great for everyday usage. Camera: Sony RX100 Mark IV looks really nice is small with good photo specification and awesome video mode. I think is top range compact camera now available on the market. What you guys think about that camera is it worth investing money or something else would be a better choice? Housing: NA-RX100IV (www.camerasunderwater.co.uk) price £764 Ikelite is slightly cheaper but Nauticam looks more solid and safer. Lighting: I think the best configuration would be one flash plus video light. -Flash: What would be a better choice Inon Flash Z-240 Type 4 or Sea and Sea YS-D2 Strobe? Maybe they are other options to consider? I found good deal for both strobes and they are nearly same price at http://www.scubastore.com £420 around for each. Batteries are rechargeable or I need to buy them separately? Video light: I have no clue what to choose I may get a wide angle lens if will get enough money so something with high angle would be great, build in battery charger would be great option too. My budget is up to £450. I would like to buy them from http://www.scubastore.com as they have good price deals on equipment. Arms and Lens: I would like to get arms to hold my lighting for my Nauticam housing I have no idea what I will need so would you suggest something? I read about wet wide lens for that housing would you help me chose to best one for my setup? (That would be optional if will get enough money). Cost: Camera £580, Housing £765, Flash up to £450, Video light up to £450, Arms £xxx (Don’t know) Wide lens is optional so not included. TOTAL: £2245 Should I be considering something else? I really appreciated your help. Many thanks, Kris.
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