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Found 3 results

  1. For Sale: Nauticam Housing + Sony A7C Full Frame + 28-60mm +WWL-1B. $6,775 Purchased new in 2021. Well maintained. Soaked in fresh water after each use and blown dry afterwards. Never flooded. Camera never used above water. Kit contains every part required to run the Camera, 28-60 lens and WWL-1B with bayonet mount. This equipment shows minimal signs of wear including: The usual Nauticam water marks. Light scratch on housing LCD view port as shown in photos. Wear marks on outside of WWL-1B as shown in photos. Small rub on WWL-1B glass as shown. I don’t notice this in my photos, but it’s possible that different light angles may show it slightly. Parts List: Sony A7C Camera + 28-60 Lens = $2098 Nauticam Housing=$3,508 Port (37165) = $591 Zoom Gear (37163) = $281 WWL-1B (83202) = $1,595 Plastic cap for WWL-1B not included, but a Nauticam neoprene WWL-1B dome cover is included at no extra charge. Bayonet Port mount (83250) = $114 Vacuum Valve and pump(25624) = $334 Optical Fiber Connector for INON type (90164) = $76 Nauticam Mini Flash Trigger for Sony (26302) = $328 Extra Sony Battery (NP-FZ100)= $78 Nitecore Sony Battery charger (charges 2 batteries)= $30 New Price Total=$9033 Used Price Total=$6,775 Preference will be given to folks purchasing the entire kit. I will also consider parting out once Camera and Housing are sold. USA Buyers Only Payment by Venmo/Paypal. Shipping and insurance paid for by buyer. Sample photos from this kit posted to Instagram (@jayseaphotos) from March 2021 - Present. I would be happy to answer any questions you have or provide more photos.
  2. Hello everyone! After 6 years the time has come to upgrade my setup from compact to aps-c or higher. My current setup is : rx100m4 in sony housing + inon uwl100+ subsee+10 and noname 10k lumen video lights. - I love the flexibility because I like to explore and shoot what I find. I mostly use wide angle, but having the ability to switch to macro is awesome. I mostly shoot in the Mediterranean sea or german lakes. - Since I do most of my photography while freediving I move a lot and try to stay as compact as possible. -my budget is 3000€. No nauticam for me. -my biggest complains about my current setup are: noisy images in lowlight or very low contrast situations, low dynamic range (I love to have some light rays or watersurface on my wide shots), the fact that my wide lens cant really do over/under-shots I have been reading and researching for weeks now. Coming from compact cam to interchangeble-lens cams is a lot to take in. I have narrowed it down to buying an A6600 16-50mm, an A7C 28-60mm or a GH-5 12-60mm and a seafrog housing. Do you guys think I can make the FF cam work or would the necessary optics be out of my budget? Do any of you use one of these cams in seafrog housings? Did you find wetlenses that work well with it? Do you think the A7C would be beneficial for my usecase or could it even be worse for me? (Price, depth of field, lower flexibilty in this setup...) Sorry for the long text, thank you for your input! Attached: situations when I wished I had a better camera.
  3. Hi, I have been waiting for a cheaper alternative for the A7c housing because Nauticam is out of budget for casual divers like myself. I am wondering if anyone has played around with the Seafrog's housing and how does it compare with their A7 line up of housing in-terms of size and if it is really close to their A6xxx line? I currently have an A7III in Seafrongs housing but prefer to carry something smaller. https://seafrogs.com.hk/collections/latest-arrival/products/sony-a7c-seafrogs-40m-130ft-waterproof-housing
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