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Found 8 results

  1. Just having returned from a couple of excellent weeks diving in Bonaire, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts: First - Big Thanks. I had a couple of "issues" with my camera gear during the trip. Post to Wetpixel and PMs were answered really quickly and helpfully by a raft of people. While not wanting to embarrass anyone - or miss anyone too - thanks especially to Chris, Tom, Pavel and Oskar at Retra for advice on a range of diverse issues. You guys are brilliant and kept me relatively calm and relatively sane. Excellent advice, quick replies, thoughtful ideas..... I have written this before, but I really do think think Wetpixel is an excellent community. Folks are so good to share their advice, experience and knowledge freely and helpfully. And, even better, WP seems to suffer with almost none of the utter cr*p and abuse that seems to ruin so many other forums (check out the BBC football (soccer) Have Your Say site!). Moving on (and again, apologies if I have't thanked anyone who chipped in)..... Like many on the forum I've gone from DX cameras (Nikon D100, D200, D300) to FX (D800) and have now done about 100 dives back on DX with a D500. Some conclusions which I thought worth passing on: FX vs DX - DX setups are slightly cheaper: a DX body costs less than an FX. - DOF is better on DX which is especially helpful on macro. - Though I was concerned that moving back to DX I would miss much of the image quality that I had on the D800, this has proved not to be the case. D500 DX is excellent. I must admit I don't make mega-prints and a lot of my output I (try) sell via agencies. No problems getting images accepted following the switch. I can't speak of course for the D850. - DX is easier on the WA port issue. I really liked the Sigma 15mm and the Nikkor 16-35 for the D800. The Sigma was easy to "port" but the 16-35 was, in my view, a bit of a devil requiring a 230mm huge dome port. (I've never tried though the Sea and Sea converter). That port was expensive and, for me, hard for travelling on European baggage allowances. By contrast the DX only needs either a 100 dome port or the DP-FE size. - The Nikkor 8-15mm works really well on DX between 15 and approx 11. Image quality is great. It works equally well with the DP100 or DP-FE - I'm still playing around with a 1.4 TC and, as I have reported elsewhere, I've found that the classic Kenko 1.4 DG Telepro300 won't work with my D500 and the 8-15. It does work with my Z6 but not on a D5. Go figure. As you might have read elsewhere and as others have confirmed, the Kenko 1.4 TC DGX will work. I'll get hold of one soon and try it. Bonaire - If you are thinking of diving Bonaire: I've been going since the early 2000s and found the reef this time around in the best health I have seen for some years. Definite signs of coral growth; work by the local agency, SINAPA, at coral growing; new anemones around with Spotted Cleaner Shrimps on them (not seen them for years) and, generally, reefs with clouds of brown chromis and the usual suspects going about their lives. - Snooting: if you fancy a stab at shooting, Bonaire is great place to try it out with lots of macro life. I say "stab" meaning I would encourage folks not to stab themselves in frustration over snooting. UW photog is tough enough dealing with moving critters, moving camera, moving photographer, moving currents, viz, blah blah. Snooting adds a whole new area of pain. But when you get it right... Sweeeeet.... a couple of pics attached. - We did all shore diving with tanks from Dive Friends. Friendly, very convenient with filling stations all over the west side of Bonaire. I can recommend them. We didn't do any boat dives. We never used DMs or guides. Navigation on Bonaire is easy - and the critters are not hard to find. Pedersen cleaner shrimps, Spotted Cleaner Shrimps, Yellowline Arrowcrabs, Gobies, the occasional whip coral shrimp, drums, jawfish..... Well just some thoughts
  2. Hello, I am heading to Bonaire for a week of diving in early September 2019. I am looking for recommendations for a great skilled dive guide to do 4-5 shore dives with me for one full day. I want a skilled dive guide that knows the hotspots at the time. Which site has seen great finds in the very recent timeframe (frogfish, seahorses, jawfish with eggs, etc.). I know how secretive (sometimes rightfully so) dive communities can be for great action. I am a skilled UW photographer with lots of experience. I've been to Bonaire 4 times, but not in the last 10 years. This will be my first time back in the Caribbean in those 10 years. I've mostly been diving Indonesia, PNG, Guam (lived there for a year) and the Philippines. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am staying at Captain Don's, but want a dive guide that is in the "know" and I don't care where they are working. Price is much less important for the guide versus quality. Thanks
  3. I have recently taken an interest in nudibranches and am taking a trip to Bonaire over Thanksgiving (late November for non US citizens). Does anyone have any suggestions of where to look there? Sites, etc. I've read some about the environments where they locate in the Caribbean, but was wondering if anyone had any direct experience from Bonaire?
  4. In 2015, I was diving in the shallows in Curacao and came across this critter pictured here and had no idea except it was a jelly fish. Anyway, I later identified it as a Bonaire box banded jellyfish, newly discovered in 2012 according to http://www.nefsc.noaa.gov/rcb/news/features/boxjelly/ Apparently this is highly poisonous species, but it allowed me to get up close and personal. I just returned from Curacao (April 25, 2018) and did not encounter this time. Has anyone encountered this critter lately or ever? Thanks Peter Has anyone encountered this critter lately?
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice for truck rental on Bonaire? We are going in June, have read lots of stories about thefts and breakdowns, good trucks/bad trucks etc, but can't really make our minds up where to spend our cash, we are diving independently not with a resort. Thanks.
  6. We spent a week diving in Bonaire 8/2-8/9. It was our fourth trip to the island, but the first trip since getting a housing for the 5D mk III. It was a great trip to cut our teeth using the new kit. The pictures turned out pretty good for our first time out. At times it seemed to be "spray and pray" shooting, but there were also plenty of well thought out compositions. Unfortunately most of those are on the cutting room floor! Overall it was a great trip and made me realize that we are going to need another 5d and housing...my wife loves it as much as I do! I'm surprised we were both good at sharing the camera during the trip. The full album can be found here: [url=http://s533.photobucket.com/user/ChasinTales/library/Bonaire%20Aug%202014?sort=3&page=1]Bonaire August 2014[/url] Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  7. Camera: Sony RX100 in Nauticam housing, two Inon Z-240 strobes, and either Inon UWL-H100 w/Dome or one or two UCL-165 macro lenses stacked. All taken using manual mode and PP in LR4. I am pretty happy with the results for the first go with this camera. Any feedback appreciated. Here's the link to the full album: Bonaire Diving 2013. Nightsea fun - Using one L&M Nightsea light and yellow filter. DSC00876 by JamesR_307, on Flickr Seahorse DSC00768 by JamesR_307, on Flickr Juvenile Drum DSC01057 by JamesR_307, on Flickr Secretary Blenny - Bonaire 2013 by JamesR_307, on Flickr Reef scene - Bonaire 2013 by JamesR_307, on Flickr Thanks for looking,
  8. This is my third time to Harbour Village Beach Resort and Great Adventures Dive & Water Sports Bonaire. The entire facility is first class and you just can't find anything wrong with the accommodations, Restaurant & bar on the beach and especially the dive shop run my Muriel & Mark. The diving is hassle free and the entire crew at Great Adventures is laid back and fun. All the boat dives are close to the resort, and the dive shop, dock and lockers are all on the resort at the end of the beach so it just doesn't get any easier. This year we saw a lot of moray eels swimming freely along the reef. The most I have ever seen moving around during the day. The best and totally unexpected experience was watching a turtle eat a freshly killed Lion fish. And then the octopus that put on a great show spreading itself out to look so much bigger. Lots more........you'll need to watch the video. Great dive trip with my son who has become a very accomplished UW photographer. Shot with Light & Motion Bluefin 550 housing, Sony HDR-CX550V camera, Fathom 90 and 145 lenses. All available light.
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