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  1. For sale a complete Canon 7D system of cameras, lenses, housing, ports, strobes, batteries, vacuum system, and all needed accessories to have you in the water shooting the day it arrives. Never leaked or flooded and includes a Backscatter AirLock vacuum system to ensure you have a good seal. Original owner, less than 100 dives since last service by Backscatter. I’ve made the move to full frame so I would prefer to sell it as a complete set. Package includes free email and phone tech support to help you understand how it all goes together and works in case Canon SLRs or underwater photography are new to you. I'm in the Seattle/Vancouver area and in-person transaction and setup is an option. Original purchase price of full system was $13,000 Asking $5,500 plus shipping. Cameras and Housing 2 Canon EOS 7D bodies – 18 megapixel, 8 fps, full HD video, excellent manual white balance for shooting underwater ambient light Includes batteries, charger and CF card. I travel with two bodies, 1 for underwater with specific settings, and 1 for top side. Just in case anything happened underwater I had a backup. Never had anything happen but find having a 2nd land camera is sometimes useful. https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/cameras/dslr/eos-7d Aquatica 7D housing – machined aluminum housing with large easy to navigate knobs. Button placement is exactly over the camera button, so once you can navigate the back of the camera you can navigate the housing. Housing was used with optical flash trigger, so no electronics to worry about. All buttons, knobs, and buckles are properly aligned and operate smoothly with no sticking. There are minor superficial scratches on bottom of housing from boat deck. http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_dslr_d7.html Wide angle setup Tokina 10-17 fisheye – probably the most widely used underwater wide angle lens ever made and still one of the best. Includes lens bag. Recently rated #2 best underwater lens of 2017 by Scubashooters.net http://www.scubashooters.net/underwater-life/best-lenses-underwater-photography/ http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/underwater-photographers-guide-tokina-10-17-mm-lens/ Aquatica 8” acrylic dome, shade, extension ring, port lock, 2 neoprene covers. The big dome gives great sharpness all the way to the corners of the frame, and is great for shooting splits. http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_ports_18405.html Aquatica 4” glass mini dome with locking port ring, neoprene cover. The smaller dome is ideal for when you need to swim a lot when shooting things like whale sharks and humpback whales. Also useful for close-focus wide angle when you want to get the lens REALLY close. This port is like new, only 8 days in the water since it was purchased for the Wetpixel Isla Mujeres trip last summer. http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_ports_18410.html Macro setup Canon 60mm – a good starter macro lens because the depth of field and focus are much easier than the 100mm on an APS-C 1.6 crop. Perfect length for most fish shots, ideal for things from about basketball size down to about 1 inch. For things from a few inches to 1cm size I used the Canon 100mm. The 100mm lens will not be included in the sale, but the extension ring for it is. Includes UV filter and case. https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/lenses/ef/macro/ef-s-60mm-f-2-8-macro-usm http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/macro-lenses Aquatica low profile flat macro port – in excellent condition with no scratches on glass. Also includes extension ring for use with Canon 100mm, and neoprene cover http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_ports_18429.html Focus light Sola 600 – fully sealed rechargeable, 3 brightness levels, also 3 brightness levels of red light for those skittish subjects. Useful as a focus light, and also as primary dive light on night dives. Includes Ultralight ball mount for light, Ultralight ball mount for housing, 1/4x20 stainless stud for mounting, and Ultralight clamp. http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/sola-600-focus-light/ Strobes A pair of Inon Z240 Type 4, with optical sync cords and housing adapter. Includes 2 diffusers, manual and original unused sets of clear and red filters for built in focus/aiming light. For the easiest use these strobes can be run in TTL, and in TTL with exposure compensation. This is an easy way to get started and get great pictures your first few trips if you are not comfortable with running manual strobe power adjustments. Once you get more comfortable and want to get creative shooting close focus wide angles with sunballs, then you can run manual. You can significantly reduce the power of the built in flash by a camera setting, allowing you much shorter flash recycle times. The strobes have never leaked and as you can see in the photo the battery compartments look brand new. Also includes a pair of Ultralight 8 inch and 5 inch arms with strobe ball mounts, Ultralight clamps and Stix floats, plus 16 Eneloop batteries in cases and 2 chargers. http://www.inon.jp/products/strobe/z240/top.html http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/reviews-strobes-inon-z240 https://www.backscatter.com/Inon-Z240-Underwater-Strobe Bonus gear if you buy the full package A Backscatter AirLock vacuum system. The port is already installed on the housing, includes manual pump. A must have for peace of mind and good insurance against accidents. https://www.backscatter.com/Backscatter-AirLock-Vacuum-Manual-System-Bulkhead A set of Locline arms with Aquatica mounting hardware and Sola adapters. These were used for a set of video lights I won't be selling. https://www.backscatter.com/Locline-34-Sola-Flex-Arm-for-GatesAquatica-video-h A couple extra Canon lenses for top side use. These are small light lenses that travel well and having an extra backup body for underwater that doubles as your land/boat camera. Pictured below with the same Tokina 10-17 and Canon 60 mentioned above. Canon 17-85 IS USM Canon 28-105 Canon 100-300 Also a variety of O-rings, allen wrenches, and other small bits that may come in handy.
  2. Used Nauticam Housing - Canon 5D MKIII - $2,150 This housing was rebuilt 6 months ago cost of $500 - NEVER FLOODED - Housing currently has Ikelite bulkheads, price includes 2 Nauticam bulkheads. Message or call with questions, if you would like to purchase or make an offer. bethwatsonimages@gmail.com 1-573-247-0462 www.bethwatsonimages.com
  3. Hello everyone. I have a Sea & Sea YS-17 (Olympus UFL-1) strobe. Been doing a lot of reading on the strobe for facts on functionality. I am trying to confirm what I “know” and what I should expect from this strobe being my first. I am well vesting in surface photography. This was bought 2nd hand and was told it was unused. No scratches to unit seem to confirm that or very low use. Manual mode seems to work as would expect but the TTL never seems to work as the sync seems off and I always get black frames when camera is set to ttl (auto). I am shooting with a Canon s100 in an ikelite housing with an optical sync. The cameras flash is masked out with black tape feeding the optic sync cable. The sync cable is home brew(modified sea life cable) but works 100% of the time in manual mode so doubt this is the issue? The canon s100 is setup per others guides on the web and the internal flash has been set to both auto and manual in my testing. I believe it is an issue with the pre flash triggering the strobe to fire on the “pre” vs post flash. I never see the “green” ttl light on the strobe after it fires. Here are some facts I have gathered on the strobe. Please correct me if this is not right. 1- When Strobe is set to TTL mode, strobe should fire 2x just as (and in the time/power) that the body’s flash does. 2- The strobes “power” knob selections are FULL and Half and only in effect when strobe is set to manual. ?This does nothing when set to TTL? 3- When Strobe is set to manual mode the Power knob does effect the sync. a. Full: triggers the strobe on the pre flash b. Half: triggers on the full 2nd “post” flash. Now on my Canon S100 there are two flash settings. Auto and Manual. Auto does the preflash and Manual does not. I understand that the camera only does TTL in auto? Need confirm that. I have used both modes and while set to auto (preflash) I only get black underexposed frames when strobe is set to TTL or Manual:Full which leads me to believe the sync is firing on the preflash. When I set the strobe to Manual:half (camera still set to auto [preflash]) I do get a correctly exposed frame. This seems to prove 3a/b above. When the cameras flash is set to Manual, I can get exposed frames in both of the strobes TTL and Manual:Full/Half settings but the TTL green light never comes. The exposure also does not taper off and I assume the TTL is not working and it is firing in FULL manual mode regardless of the strobes TTL setting. Note: I do see the TTL light turn green for 3sec when I turn on TTL after the flash has charged so assume the switch is working as this is never seen in manual. Am I missing something or is the TTL function of this flash not working? From what I understand it should work when strobe set to TLL and the cameras flash is set to Auto. - Should TTL work when strobe s set to TTL and cameras flash is set to manual? - Are there other was on the camera to force ttl? - Are there any incompatibilities with this strobe and camera model (Sea & Sea YS-17 and canon s100)? - Any ideas? I shoot mostly in Seattle’s Puget Sound which is a green murk 8-30ft viz is standard. I will most likely need shoot manual for most of it but would like the TTL option if I can find a way to make it work. Any and all comment or ideas are greatly appreciated and a big thanks in advance. Hello everyone. I have a Sea & Sea YS-17 (Olympus UFL-1) strobe. Been doing a lot of reading on the strobe for facts on functionality. I am trying to confirm what I “know” and what I should expect from this strobe being my first. I am well vesting in surface photography. This was bought 2nd hand and was told it was unused. No scratches to unit seem to confirm that or very low use. Manual mode seems to work as would expect but the TTL never seems to work as the sync seems off and I always get black frames when camera is set to ttl (auto).
  4. Looking to buy a Canon G16 Nauticam housing in excellent never leaked condition (with or without camera). Please contact me.
  5. Selling my Nauticam NA-650D housing. It's used but everything functions as designed. Great quality housing! I have a new spare O ring for it which I will include if I can find it :-) I'm new to this forum but have over 800 positive feedback on ebay and some on scubaboard too, will link to those accounts if you're interested in this. $1200 + Shipping
  6. Canon G7x Mark ll, Fantesea Housing and more This equipment is in excellent condition, like new. Used on only one dive trip. Purchased October 2017. Everything with original packagingand manuels. Will provide original receipts. NEW: $1972.64 Entire Outfit: $1499.00. This is an excellent buy! 1. Canon G7x Mark ll camera with all original boxed accessories including Canon camera battery and charger. and Fantasea G7x ll underwater housing with all original boxed accessories including hand strap, light diffusier and glare guard. New 1079.95 2. Sea & Sea YS-03 Universal Lighting System Underwater TTL Only Strobe package. New 319.95 3. Fantasea Big Eye Lens M67 Mark ll with Neoprene Protective Cover New 219.95 4. Inon Close Up Lens UCL-165-67mm. New 140.00 5. A second spare Canon NB-13L battery and Canon charger (same as original equipment supplied with camera) New 64.99 6. Ultralight Sea & Sea Hot Shoe Adaptor with Ball. New 34.95 7. Ultralight Tray UL-TR-DM and tBlots for Fantasea Housing. New 39.95 8. Ultralight Handle with Ball. New 49.95 9. Ultralight Sea &Sea Strobe Adaptor New 22.95 Entire Outfit: $1499.00 is a savings of $473.64 from original price of $1972.64
  7. New price $1,000 - must go! Housing fully serviced by Nauticam UK 2015 (http://www.nauticam.co.uk/) + retrofitted with Nauticam Vacuum System (Price new +/- $220). Excellent working condition, with cosmetic wear consistent with use (price new +/- $2.400) Additional items included: spare O-rings. Canon EOS 600D / Rebel T3i body (18MP APS-C Sensor, Full 1080p HD Video). Excellent working condition. Purchased new 2012. Camera has functioned perfectly with no issues, has no cosmetic flaws, and has been treated with a lot of love. Comes with a second Canon battery + battery charger (price new +/- $390) Has approximately 36,000 shutter actions (Magic Lantern installed) Rebels usually have a shutter life of around 50k. This equipment has performed perfectly and I have had absolutely no problems. You can see some of the photos I have made with this combination here https://www.flickr.c...s/55380804@N06/ I’ve upgraded my camera to a 7D MKII and therefore I sell this set. For more detailed information regarding features and specifications of the Nauticam housing visit: http://www.backscatt.../na-17304.lasso For more detailed information regarding features and specifications of the Canon EOS 600D body visit: https://www.canon.co...l_slr/eos_600d/ For more detailed information regarding features and specifications of the Nauticam Vacuum System visit http://wetpixel.com/...etection-system contact peetersooms@gmail.com
  8. Hi all, I have been using various Powershot and G series cameras in the Canon OEM housings for my underwater photography needs but I want to take the plunge and get my 5D MKIII underwater. I have a 24-105mm lens but its f4 aperture probably isn't going to be the best so I'm looking at the Canon 16-35mm II f2.8. Regardless of what lens I plump for my first question is which housing people recommend. I hear that Ikelites are the most prone to leaking and I was looking at Nauticam...they seem to be the most robust but most expensive. What are peoples views on housings and then lens combos with those housings? Many thanks in advance all, Adam
  9. 1 x Ikelite Underwater DSLR Housing for Canon T4i (650D) / T5i (700D) --- MODEL #5510.22 - AVAILABLE - $900 USD 1 x 1-inch Ball Mount Mark II for Vega ---- MODEL #4081.5 - AVAILABLE - Free with purchase of housing 1 x Ikelite - 8" Dome port --- MODEL #6871.65 - AVAILABLE -$180 USD 1 x Port Body (Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension) ---- MODEL #5510.22 - AVAILABLE - (I use it for Canon 10-22mm/60 mm lenses) - $80 Been used for under year and sitting well maintained since by a dive professional. I will pay for shipping inside Canada, but outside of that, it is on any potential buyers. Please message for details! Take it all for 1,000$ USD
  10. Hello guys! I have upgraded my equipment and am looking to sell my old stuff. It is well worn but well taken care of. The Ikelite housing has been on about 1000 dives, same goes for the dome. The macro port is practically new and has been on less than 10 dives. There are two sets of Ikelite arms in here as well as multiple sync cables. I need it gone, hence the super good deal. Here is some info and photos: Ikelite Canon 6D housing (last service in August 2016), comes with strap wrench, spare parts/maintenance kit/manuals kit, more o-rings and grease than you’ll know what to do with Ikelite 8” dome port, Ikelite port extension 5510.24, Ikelite port extension 5510.11 - both these extensions fit a great variety of popular wide angle lenses like the Canon 17-40, Tokina 10-17, Canon 8-15, Sigma 15mm etc Ikelite glass macro port and Ikelite port extension 5510.28 for 100mm macro lens Ikelite 2x full arm sets: each have a 9" section, a 6" section and a tray mount Ikelite to Ikelite sync cables: 2x dual sync, 1x single sync Akona camera roll bag. Can be converted into a backpack. Customizable dividers. Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fexuxlirqdosy59/AABNyWaO1Mkaw4_s6omSH1-Ea?dl=0 Take it all for 1400 USD!
  11. I am selling my much loved DSLR photo/video platform. It is for the Canon 7D camera (can be included - contact for details). It is based on the absolutely amazing Nauticam housing. It has enabled me to shoot some really amazing pictures and video. I have attached some small examples but can share more examples if desired. Total purchase cost for me was in excess of $10,000. I am selling it for half of that - $5,000. Everything works, in great shape, travels in the included backpack and can be shipped worldwide. Here are the details of the package: Housing: Nauticam NA-7D Underwater Housing for the Canon 7D Camera purchased for $2800.00 details: https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-NA-7D-Housing-for-the-Canon-7D Lenses: Tokina 10-17 Tokina 10-17mm lens purchased for $579.00 Canon 60mm lens Canon 60mm AF lens purchased for $400.00 Ports/Domes/Viewfinder: Zen 100mm dome purchased for $899.00 Nauticam Macro Port N105VR with M67 Thread purchased for $350.00 Nauticam Extension Ring 20 With Lock purchased for $220.00 Nauticam 180 Degree Viewfinder w/ External Diopter Adjustment purchased for $900.00 Strobes/Lights/Cables: Nauticam Single Nikonos 5-pin Bulkhead with Hotshoe Connection purchased for $100.00 2 x Light And Motion Sola 600 Compact Imaging Light with ball arm adapter purchased for $620 each (total $1240) 2 x Sea & Sea YS-110 strobes purchased for $689.00 each (total $1378.00) 2 x Sea & Sea 5-PIN Sync Cord (N Type) purchased for $125.00 each (total $250.00) Sea & Sea Dual 5-Pin Sync Cord for Two YS Series Strobes w/Nikonos Bulkhead purchased for $200 2 x Nauticam Fiber Optic Cable $80.00 each (total $160.00) Travel: Airport AccelerationTM V2.0 Large backpack purchased for $279.00 Nauticam 17cm Lanyard and Strobe Mounting Ball Set (Housing Attachment) purchased for $90 Also includes various double ball ultralight arms & clamps. Approximate purchase cost was $400
  12. Great video package that includes: Canon HGF 10 video camera with remote, Gates housing with magenta filter, standard port, wide angle port, macro port, spare o-rings. All in pelicase. Lights are not included. $1500 + shipping Can ship worldwide Joachim Photos will follow shortly.
  13. Equipment for sale: - AquaTech DC-5 V1 Canon 5D MkI housing + Canon 5D MkII Conversion Kit - AquaTech ND7 housing for Nikon D700 - AquaTech LP-WZ II flat port (for Canon 16-35 f2.8 II and other max. 112mm lenses) - AquaTech LP-NWZF flat port (for Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 and other max. 106mm lenses) - AquaTech Pole Shutter Extension Kit - AquaTech LP-1 6" dome port Please send me a PM if you are interested
  14. AquaTech ports for sale. PM if you are interested 2x LP-WZ II for Canon 16-35 f2.8 and 135mm f2. Lenses up to 112mm length 1x LP-NWZF for Nikon 17-35mm f2.8. Lenses up to 106mm length https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=639175653140557&set=p.639175653140557&type=3&theater
  15. Due to upgrade I am selling my housing for Canon G16, everything works properly, no leaking, standard usage signs. It has roughly 25 dives.
  16. Nauticam Housing for 1Dx for sale. Used only in Freshwater. Scratched at bottom otherwise in perfect working order. Will fit Canon 1Dx and will also fit Canon 1Dx Mark 2, but on the new camera video function can not be accessed. Will sell for any fair offer. Located in Montreal, Canada.
  17. Hi, I have an acrylic Ikelite housing for Canon 60D in a very good condition for sale. I also have: 6" dome port #5503.50 macro port #5502 Each item is well maintained, complete and working - ready to use UW. I am happy to sell the whole set or individual pieces. I have changed to full frame a long time ago and I would like to give this one away for a fair value. Please make your offer via PM.
  18. I am selling my Canon 7D, Hugyfot housing, ZEN 4in glass dome, and Tokina AT-X 107 AF NH Fisheye 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 Lens for Canon. Entire combo: 2600 SGD The housing is in very good conditions, only minor scuffs and use marks. I regularly sent it out for revisions, never experienced mechanical fault or flooding. The housing comes with vacuum check electronics, humidity alarm, one nikons bulkhead, and right and left hand handles. It come with electric vacuum pump, spare o-rings, set of metric hex keys. The camera is fully functional and in very good conditions. It includes battery and original strap. For sample of pictures I took with this combo: http://www.alecere.com/Portfolios/Portfolio-UW
  19. Great condition, Aquatech 7D housing Comes with pistol grip, lens ports P-100, P-215 with zoom mechanic, and PD-75 dome port for 8mm fisheye. I've used it to shoot surf photos all around southern California. No dings, dents, cracks and has never flooded. More pictures can be sent upon request as I'm limited to the file size on here. Both housing and ports have original boxes, manuals, warranty cards and all ports have their neoprene protective caps. I'll be sad to see it go as it has worked so well for me, but selling due to upgrade. $1200.
  20. Great camera set up. Best in its price range. Perfect when getting into underwater photography and macro. All in great working order, I am just upgrading. To see example pictures my Instagram scuba_critters has lots of photos taken with this set up (I did have diopters for some of the macro). Never flooded or leaked Feel free to ask any questions. Includes Canon s120 - no scratches looks brand new. Battery and changer also included Ikelite housing - ultra compact - port no scratches the body a few minor that cause no harm. Extra oring, lube and button cushions included Ikelite AF 35 strobe - perfect condition. Diffuser, tray and spare oring included Extras - spare orings, lube, extra spare parts Red filter - this is the only thing that is a bit scratched but it can't be seen on pictures Asking price $850 AUD + postage Free pick up from Cairns, or post at buyers expense
  21. Canon T3i Package- The only thing missing is strobes and arms if you need them! This is a great system if you are looking to get into underwater DSLR photography. I have taken this down to 120ft and it has never flooded. Always soaked gear after each dive. This system is also very travel friendly as it is smaller in size than a full frame housing and breaks down easily. I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay. Would like to sell as a whole package, if possible. Camera- $250 Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D 1 Canon LP-E8 Battery 1 Power2000 LP-E8 Battery Battery Charger Camera Manual Housing- $850 Sea&Sea RDX 600D - List $1,350 Sea&Sea Grip Stay L II for RDX Series - List $319 Total List $1,669 Lenses- All for $1150 Canon 17-40 List $800 Canon 60 mm EFS Macro 2.8 List $399 Canon 50mm 1.8 II List $125 Tokina 10-17 List $529 Total List$1,853 Ports- $800 Sea&Sea - DX Macro Port 52 List $399 Sea&Sea Compact Dome Port List $499 Sea&Sea RDX Port Base - L List $169 Sea&Sea RDX Port Base - S List $139 Total List $1,206 Zoom Gear- $200 Sea&Sea Zoom Gear for Canon 17 - 40 List $195 Sea&Sea Zoom Gear for Canon EF 16-35 F2.8L (For Tokina 10-17) List $195 List Total $390 Misc- $300 Sea&Sea Dome cover for Compact Dome List $53 Sea&Sea Fiber Optic Cables (x2) List $85(each) Sea&Sea O-ring set for DX Macro Port List $15 Sea&Sea O-ring set for RDX Housing List $15 Light & Motion Sola Photo 1200 List $399 Canon Photo bag - Free Sea&Sea Silicone - Free Sea&Sea O-ring tools - Free List Total- $652 Total Package Asking Price- $3,550 (OBO) List Total $6,020
  22. I am selling a complete underwater video setup for $250 plus shipping. Camera: The camera is a Canon HF200 1080HD video camera which includes 3 batteries, all of the cables and remote control for playback. Included with the camera are 2 32gb memory cards. Housing: The housing is an Ikelite 6091 housing. This housing allows access to all of the camera control, most importantly manual white balance. Port: The WP-80 wide angle port is installed on the housing. This port was made by Fanthom Imaging for Ikelite and uses optical grade glass. It allows you to use the zoom range of the camera. It also includes the external red filter. Additional Items: In addition to the camera, housing and port I am including a Canon WP-V1 housing. The camera and housing show some wear but they work great and have never been flooded. The system brakes down small to to fit in a backpack which can be carried on to a plane. If you are interested or would like more pictures please PM me or contact me by email at eric@mfg-technology.com Ikelite WP80 Video Port.pdf
  23. Get rid of those annoyingly bulky sync cords and enjoy the speed and reliability of fiber optic cables to control your strobes. This unit has received minimal use and comes with batteries installed. Brand new this will cost $220. I will sell this for $150. Please call me at 406-360-3141
  25. Hi everyone, Anyone selling a nauticam housing for Canon 5D Mark III? I'm currently using an aquatica housing for the mark II (which will be for sale soon!) but I would like to upgrade and switch to nauticam to exchange domes with my buddy. Thanks! Marta
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