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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, as so many before me I am trying to decide which camera + housing combination would be best for me. I narrowed it down to Olympus E-M1 with Olympus or with Nauticam housing. I allready own an Inon Z-240 strobe which I would like to continue using if possible. Maybe you can shed some light on the Pros & Cons of either? The obvious pro for the olympus PT-EP11 is the price. What I read is, that it might be a little unstable on the base plate and since it isn't aluminium you could get some trouble with fogging of the port. It should support most lenses due to exchangeable port system. The Nauticam NA-EM1 on the other hand is much more stable and is supposed to have better handling. You have tons of matching Nauticam equipment, you can probably add any lens due to port availability. In terms of size and weight the nauticam is possibly a bit heavier, but not by much... Background: Until recently I used a Canon G10 in a Patima Housing with a Inon Z-240 strobe and focus-light. Since I had some water in my housing during the last dives I want to use this as a reason to upgrade. Above water I use DSLRs from Canon (5dmk3, 80d) but since housings for these are very expensive & very bulky I think the best way to go is Olympus OM-D for underwater. UW I am very much into Macro (which my recent setup didn't manage very well). I have not much experience with fisheye or Wideangle underwater yet, but would like to be able to go there in the future. I was very impressed by the pics I saw taken with E-M5 II, but I believe the (old) E-M1 would perform better for me underwater, since I am not much into filming and the AF of the E-M1 seems way better than the E-M5 II. I am aware that the E-M1 II is much better, but it also is much more expensive and I hope that the older model would be enough for my purposes (considering I only dive about one week per year). Since I allready own a Inon Z-240 flash I would prefer to use it (and not get a new one as well). Does anyone know if the Z-240 works well with the Olympus E-M1? Does any kind of TTL work in this combination? Considering lenses, I think I will start with either 12-50 or 12-40 and the 60mm Macro lens. Later I would like to add something like the 8mm/1.8 fisheye. The Nauticam housing was very much recommendee to me by several divers, but when I see people here taking great shots using the olympus housing I am unsure if the Nauticam would really be worth it for me.
  2. Hi all, I am not all too happy with my A6000 underwater (low light focusing issues...) and am thinking about trying an Olympus om-d. I believe a e-m1 ii system is out of my price range, and therefore I would be most interested in an e-m1, e-m5 or possibly e-m5 ii system. I have used cheap housings with a range of compact and mirrorless cameras and am not in need of the most expensive housing option out there (but do consider any offer). However, I would like to use both wide angle and macro lenses and therefore I would prefer a housing that allows the use of different dry ports. If you have a housing or complete system that might fit for me, please let me know. Cheers, Lars
  3. Questions: 1) Does any know if there are back fits for the Olympus UW Housing for the OMD E-M1 MK II? I like the housing for quick port changes but would like to have a vacuum system installed. 2) For those who have a OMD E-M1 MK II what strobes are you using and are you using optical or electrical TTL with your housing? Any problems? 3) For those who have an OMD E-M1 MK II what are arms and float systems are you using for getting your system neutrally buoyant? The Meltdownman
  4. I am selling my MFT Unterwater housing from Nauticam. 1x NA-EM1 housing, New Premium service Price 975 Please send me a message if you are interested I Have also a Olympus OM-D E-M1 Body in silver from 11/2016 for 620 If you are interested in a 4,33" Dome N85, I sell one for 300
  5. I am selling my MFT Unterwater housing with camera from Nauticam. 1x NA-EM1 Gehäuse (neuer Premiumservice mit Tausch aller O-Ringe wurde gerade gemacht) 1x Olympus OM-D E-M1 Body silber von 11/2016, 1x Nauticam Macro Port and Zoom gear set for Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm mit 12-50mm Objektiv 1x Nauticam M14 Vakuumventil #25611 1x Nauticam NA-EM1 und NA-EM10 LCD Scheibe 1x Nauticam 45° Winkelsucher mit Dioptrienverstellung 1x Komplettes Ersatz Oringset für NA-EM1 Price € 3450 located in Graz, Österreich
  6. Hi guys, Just a quick question regarding Inon 170mm Dome. I am using Olympus E-M1 in Oly housing (PT-EP11) Recently I bought the Inon 170mm Dome http://www.divervision.com/inon-dome-port-olympus-with-protector-ii-set-for-zuiko-digital-ed-8mm-f3.5-fisheye-456212143338.html?search=Inon%20Dome I have also the adapter (PAD-EP08) and the short olympus port extension (PER-01). I tried using this setup with my Olympus 7-14 F2.8 Pro, but it could not really fit in and Im afraid to break anything. I'm deciding whether to buy another olympus port extension (PER-01) to stack it with my current port setup or get a longer olympus port extension (PER-02). I attached the setup picture for reference. Just wondering if anyone been using the same setup and probably could help me out a bit thanks Wira
  7. Price: $595.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear Shipping instructions: CONUS ONLY via USPS Priority Mail Mint Condition. Very little use and works/focuses perfectly. Glass is flawless. No Case, but box, caps and Instruction book included. BIG BONUS >>> I have added the "Olympus Modification." This is the addition of a filter holder (from the Panny 8mm Fisheye), to the rear of the lens in order to add a gel filter. This helps eliminate the occasional, known issue of purple fringing or purple blobs when used on some OLY cameras. (Not an issue on Panny cameras) The holder and filter are visible in the photos and obviously, you can insert or remove the filters easily. Right now I have the Kodak Wratten 2E Filter inserted, which is a slight bit too yellow, but can be corrected for. The recommended filter is the 2A. A bit hard to find, but often available on eBay or other forums. Great Lens, but I decided to get the OLY f/2.8 7-14 instead. If you want more info on the purple fringing problem, and how well the filter works, you can read this: http://alanwatsonforster.org/writing/mft-purple.html
  8. While at first glance Olympus's new free OM-D E-M1 camera firmware upgrade v2 doesn't appear to offer much for underwater photography, digging into some of it's subtleties and improvements shows that it offers some pretty interesting ideas to expand your underwater universe. The features added include most all of the latest ones now found on the new PEN E-PL7. It's not often that you can apply these types of upgrades to a camera that's nearly a year old. Besides some improvements such as speeding up it's EVF display, more and smaller AF points, and improved focus peaking, there are a lot of new in-camera creative possibilities available such as using Keystone Correction to straighten the lines of a wreck, or maybe stalks of kelp, while shooting with a fisheye lens - right on the camera back. Same with it's Live Composite Tool; allowing for multiple exposures to be made creatively without post-processing. Other cool effects like Partial Color are now available, allowing you to shoot a brightly colored subject against a black and white background. Do you like HDR? This popular technique of shooting and overlaying multiple varying exposures can be set-up and shot right on the camera. Using a high-frame rate, these HDR composites can be previewed on the camera display and then saved into RAW for further manipulation later. New is ev compensation on the HDR frames. Updates have also been made to the wireless apps and tethering software, along with many other features you'll enjoy using above water. You can also use them to apply filters and create composite "stories" and upload them with your phone; without even opening your housing! If you have one of these great Olympus micro-four thirds cameras, getting this free E-M1 firmware update is a no-brainer. It is easily downloaded onto a computer, then uploaded to the camera with the mini-usb cable included with the camera. So enjoy this cool new present from Olympus and think creatively underwater, you might be surprised! More information on the OM-D EM1 can be found here. You can download the updater here. Here's a complete list of new features and changes: 8 New Functions: Keystone Compensation (Digital Shift) Tethered Shooting System (OLYMPUS capture) Live Composite Zoom In/Out and Layout have been added to Photo Story. Save (complete partway through), Temporary Save, and Resume functions have been added to Photo Story mode New Art Filters: Vintage and Partial color Old Film Effect in video recording The Aperture Lock function has been added to Aperture Preview The Panning Shot shooting mode has been added to SCN mode 16 Operability Improvements: Image display time lag in the Electronic Viewfiner has been improved to 16 msec (frame rate setting is high speed) Multiple simultaneous settings now available in Live Guide Exposure compensation (±3 EV) is now available in HDR 1/HDR2 shooting A function has been added to cancel Color Creator and return to the original Picture Mode by pressing the MENU button when using Color Creator function. Movie Tele-converter can now be used simultaneously when Art Filter is set to Picture Mode. AF function for each frame was added to Custom Self Timer. In Drive Mode's Custom Self Timer settings, you can now press the INFO button to change settings. MF Assist is now supported in magnified frame position. 3x has been added to high resolution magnified Live View. The Peaking display frame rate has been improved. Electronic zoom speed setting function was added. An icon appears on the LCD monitor when using an Olympus electronic zoom lens. When the arrow pad is set to Direct function, the Underwater/Underwater macro functions can be used with the left and down button on the arrow pad. Double tap is now supported in touch operations on the Super Control Panel. The level gauge and histogram can now be displayed during magnified frame display. The Touch Off icon was added to magnified frame display. A function was added so that shooting information recorded in HDR1/HDR2 can be viewed in the playback screen. Information on composited number of shots for images recorded with Live Composite was added (Can be checked in Olympus Viewer3). When the BKT button is held down, the BKT menu now appears.
  9. I have a Olympus OM-D E-M1 for underwater use in a Nauticam Housing. Now, when i Review my Pictures, i see, that in my opinion the camera doesn´t perform that good in the high iso range. Deep down in the Attersee (lake in Austria) and also in wrecks and Caves in the red sea i took picturess with the 8mm Panasonic at iso 3200. At iso 3200 there are really few Details in the Pictures and the Picture is very grainy. Can anybody report of expieriences with the E-M1 and low light. Which is the maxium recommended Iso for a reasonable Picture Quality? It seems to be better to use f4 and 1/15 at iso 800 with the possibility of unsharp, blurred Images because of movement then Pictures at f5,6, 1/30 at Iso 3200 for Pictures with really less Details and colours. What is your expierience? Best Regards Armin
  10. Hello! i would be interested in the new 8mm pro Olympus lens to use with Nauticam and the E-M1. I bought the lens but it doesn't fit with my Zen DP-170 n85 II, the integrated extension is to long. Now i wonder if the lens is that much better for underwater use? Is it possible to use the f1,8 with results that are useable? Beforei buy the 20mm extension for the 4,33"and maybe also for a new to buy DP-170 n85 i want to know if it is worth it! Has somebody taken images unterwater with f1,8-2,5 and willin to show them? Can somebody report his expieriences? Thanks, best regards Armin
  11. One Camera, One Lens - An Ascent from Desperation. I’m just back from a 10 day live aboard dive trip to the Solomon Islands. I had packed 5 different cameras and systems to do a round table of testing and comparing in order to write some practical reviews. As usual, I spent time going over each camera system making sure I had packed all the necessary batteries, chargers, lenses and attachments. All was reasonably packed into two cases. One was carried aboard and my Seahorse hard case and dive bag/clothes checked. With everything spread out the day before, I tried to balance their weights, airline requirements for lith-ion batteries etc. What I didn’t do was to make sure that essential chargers, batteries and mounts were all packed together with each camera. Oops. I got to the airport only to see that my LA flight was delayed 3 hours. What’s up? Thunderstorms in LA I was told. Lighting had closed LAX on and off all day…Thunderstorms? Lighting? In a 3 year drought? Why me?… Things improved as time went on and my flight was only 2 hours late getting in. I ran to the International Terminal and made it to the flight to Fiji just in time. But my checked luggage didn’t. I was told I could go without my bags or not go. No choice, I had the M/V Solomon Star to meet in Honiara. So the next time I saw my bags was a week later on a dock in Tulagi. Groan. When I landed, we hit a thrift store for a few clothes and the boat had great new rental dive gear they outfitted me with (Thanks SIDE!; so that was all good. My backpack had essentials. I had the one camera bag poorly packed with strobes and no mounts, cameras without housings or chargers. But I did have the Olympus E-M1 body, PT-EP11 housing, new mz 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye PRO lens and matching small glass dome port, along with an iTorch v25 1800 lumen video/focus light. So there was hope. And as luck would have it, friend and customer Bruce Versteegh was on the same boat with his wife Diane. They had brought way too much gear and lent me a strobe, sync cord and arms. So I had the one camera and wide angle lens and for the next 5 days (along with a small TG-4 compact). Thanks Bruce, you saved me!! One problem; no charger. Bruce only had the charger for his PM-1 system. So we had to “hotwire” leads from his charger to my E-M1 battery in a feat worthy of Rube Goldberg. Most of time it worked with lots of gaffer tape, but sometimes it didn’t; as we were in high wind and fairly heavy seas. Oh well, frustrating. The Olympus 8mm lens saved the day. Light? Who needs light? I was able to easily shoot available light at 45 meters deep at f/2.2 or even f/4. ... continued on my blog article. Here's a few pics:
  12. Hello, Since I am quite new in this forum, some words about myself. I am a scientific diver and dive instructor and will collaborate in future projects (next year) in Australia to investigate the mesophotic reefs (30m - 150m). For this reason I try to find a underwater housing for my Olympus OM-D EM-1. I think the best housing is the Nauticam NA-EM1, because it has the option to create a vacuum inside. In this way it is possible to see, whether the housing is fine or not before stepping into the water. Furthermore, it is the lightest one and there are tons of ports available. New or used, with or without dome doesn't really matter, as long as we can find a price which suits. However, I am especially interested in the Nauticam #36163 Macro Port 65 for the Olympus 60mm macro and the Nauticam 4.33" Fisheye Dome Port #36132 for my Rokinon 7,5mm Fisheye. Although I am in Germany right now, I would consider to check & pick up the housing internationally! Thank you very much.
  13. Hello, I bought an E-M1 in a Nauticam housing. Now I am looking for recommendations for wide angel Solutions. The 8mm FE is to extreme for me and no posibility. Now there ist the 9-18mm and the Panasonic 7-14mm. Which lens would be the better choice? Can somebody show me how the Corner Sharpeness is when Shooting at the widest end with open aperture? What would be a goud working aperture where also the Corners are sharp? Are there Problems with heavy vignetting? Are there other possibilities for domes beside the nauticam 4" and 6" Dome. The 6" Dome has quite huge dimensions so that for travelling this could be a bigger Problem. I hope that somebody can help me to find the right decisson. Thanks in advance. Armin
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