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Found 60 results

  1. This might actually be the right place to share this, so feel free to have a look at the video of my trip to Cocos Island in October. The gear I used is the following: Panasonic GH4 Panasonic 7-14mm Nauticam NA-GH4 Nauticam 6" Dome 2 Keldan Luna 4x Let me know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0KyjuLri9k
  2. Hey guys, I know this topic has been brought up in the past but, does anyone know if there is a was to hook up an external video monitor to the GH4 Ikelite housing. Ive done some research and unfortunately most of it seems like its a DIY type of thing. I Nauticam the only ones that give this option with the bulkhead? Has anyone tried modifying the TTL bulkhead on the Ikelite housing? If anyone has successfully added a monitor i would love to here how or see pictures. Thanks!
  3. Hello I just got into underwater videography. I own rx100 iv, gh4, a7s ii and could not decide which combo will give me the best wide angle results. (regarding underwater quality, cost, portability) -Sony's 16-35 is quite new so I could not get any review regarding lens quality, but the 28mm with WWL-1 adapter seems promising. What would be best lens for sony full frame camera? -The Panasonic 7-14 looks quite poor from the sample I have seen on the internet, especially below f8. Will bigger dome than 6" give better results? (However, anything bigger will step it into a7s territory in term of price and portability) -I have not done enough research on the rx100 wet lens yet but it looks like there are plenty to choose, even rectilinear adapter. Any recommendation is welcome. I primarily interested in 4k video and not still photography. --------From my research, here is what I think. Feel free to criticize------ Codec and Dynamic range on rx100 mark4 is almost on par with the big brother so rx100 was my top choice. However, image stabilization is not so great. a7s that lacks behind is portability and value for money really excels here. Thank you in advance for any input! Cheers
  4. I just felt like sharing the video of my trip to Cocos Island in October. Even during strong El Nino conditions, the diving has been excellent with loads of hammerheads at the cleaning stations and in the blue. This has been my first big trip with the GH4 and I'm quite happy with the potential of the setup already. But have a look for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0KyjuLri9k Video embedded-admin
  5. Looking at the test results of the RX100 mk IV, (DXO, Dpreview) the tiny 1" sensor system seems really impressive, the iso-performance matches the m43 sensor while in video the sony is clearly superior. Is there any aspect where the GH4 worth ~2x the investment? Alright, I won't be able to shoot 10+min 4k with the RX, because it overheats. Also I won't be able to use a true fisheye, I have to live with the ~120° provided by the WWL-1. Anything apart from that?
  6. Here are a few photos from a recent dive at Clear Lake, Oregon. The lake is just above 3000 ft and quite cold. Generally the visibility is absurdly good. We were there during some sort of seasonal algae bloom so it was a bit compromised but still very clear. Shot with a Panasonic GH4, Lumix G 8mm lens, Nauticam Housing, natural light.
  7. Quite a few DSLR, SLR and compact cameras get really good quality footage. In fact there are experienced videographers who buy them with no intention of taking a single still picture. These cameras can perform a manual WB at almost any depth, on ambient light, without need any red filter. In the other hand almost any advanced user camcorder housing comes with its built-in flipping filter. Proper MWB is supposed to be achieved from a certain depth (light is heavily filtered) by using the red filter.... Could anyone explain me this paradox???? Do the sensors of all the manufacturers of sill cameras have something in common that make them so different to the ones in the camcorders? Maybe is a mistake no using red filters in still cameras if you want the best results? Or maybe the flipping filter is an item inherited from past needs that are beginning to loose their point since the new camcorders can achieve MWB with on red filters?... can they?
  8. I would really need some help here, please guys. I've been using for a while an old sony HC9 in a Bluefin housing. It's time to move on. Mainly because I've never been happy of its performance in low light environments (noisy) and of its poor WB capabilities. I never quite liked the Idea of filming with a DSLR because I believed that image quality is not the only thing that matters and a photography camera is developed with the idea of taking pictures and a video camera is developed with the idea of filming video. But, due to the great reviews on the GH4 and due to the fact that a friend videographer got the panasonic recently (in a Nauticam housing) I've had the chance to try it for a couple of days. Mainly I can say I'm pretty happy with the testing, although there are a few issues I didn't like much and I think they might be quite important to bare in mind before making the decision. Let me explain it by making a pro & cons list and let's seen if you agree. PROS. - Professional results In a relatively small size and weight. - Image quality (4K, image options, 96fps in Full HD, costum presets, etc) - Footage suitable for nice color grading. - Great WB performance. I just LOVE IT.... no red filters needed!!!!. Fast and accurate... first thing I did was going down to -30 an WB on a white towel... amazing!!! (Ok, maybe I'm overacting a little but keep in mind that my HC9 wasn't able to white balance under -15m, -7 without red filter!!!) - A lot of lenses opions with really good quality. - Stabilized lenses. - Nauticam housing is really well done and gives you all the options for your lens choice. - Focus. Manual focusing is easy, fast and the peaking helper is a pretty good option. CONS - I think you can't buy the GH4 and all the port and lenses and film without an external monitor!!!!! (add more money, more room and weight in your luggage). The viewfinder is useless and the screen is small with no tilt options. I can't imagine myself shooting macro at grond level trying to see anything in that screen!!!!. Would a 45° viewfinder magnifier be the solution? - AF has a bunch of great options.... for photography. In my testing I realized that all of them are designed for photography and in Motion Picture mode once you press "record" you will have a continuos autofocus with a lot chance of focus hunting....and YOU DON'T HAVE AF LOCK options to use once your subject has stop. - No AE Lock option while shooting either. Shooting with aperture priority is a good choice in specific situations if you can lock the expossure when needed. - Versatility. You won't have the angle range of a built-in lens video gear. I missed a little more zoom range when following a little parrot fish with the 12-35mm. (that's a maximum of 70mm 35mm equiv.) Keeping in mind my criteria and keeping in mind that I need a light gear to avoid hearts attacks at the line of the boarding gate. Can you suggest any alternative to GH4?????. I don't really need 4K, Full HD would be OK. Thanks PD: Sorry about my english.
  9. For Sale Nauticam GH4 underwater housing, camera lens, package. This package includes the Panasonic GH4 4K camera. Nauticam housing. Panasonic 7 to 14 lens, port and zoom gear. Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens, port and focus gear. The 5 inch Dive and See monitor and bulkhead for housing. The Nauticam vacuum system, and pump. Transcend R95 128GB SD card. Panasonic battery. Additional Newmowa battery and charger. As you probably know this system can shoot beautiful 4K footage. I am selling the system because I am using the RED DRAGON underwater now. New this package costs $9,335 (and then the extra tax of course). I want to get 70% of that, so asking $6,500. I would like to sell as a package rather than parts. The system is in great shape. The glass on the ports is good (but not perfect anymore). New ports are the least expensive part of the system, only about $500 each, so you could buy new ports if you are concerned about small imperfections in a port. There are no significant scratches just the normal ones that occur even when cleaning with lens cloth etc.. I do look very closely. The lenses are perfect. The 5” Dive and See monitor gives a very nice image, but note*** it only works in the standard 30 frames/ second mode. Which is what most people shoot, but it does not take inputs in PAL 25 frames/second. And, I don’t think it takes 24 FPS (though I have not tested). The camera is located in Monterey California. Sorry for the poor I-phone pictures. I can send better if you need. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks for looking. Ernie
  10. Devils in the sky is one of the dive site in Myanmar,Andaman sea.I used to dive there long time ago and we spotted school of Devil rays quite often hence the name. Cannibal rock is world famous dive site in the south of Rinca,Komodo.The dive site named by pioneer diver during survey of the area and they spotted one Komodo dragon eating another in front of what appeared to be a large shallow reef.The dive site covered in yellow and pink soft corals as well as tubastrea and other cup corals.It's so rich of sponge in every color and bouquet of feather star. The cold nutrient-rich water is probably bring the lush growth within the dive site with water temperatures often falling into 20-24 C in dry season(Jun-Oct) and can get warm and clear water in rainy season.Every square inch of the rock full of color and life of verterbrate and inverterbrate species such like Giant frogfish,Nudibranch galore,Ladybug amphipod,etc.During the dry season it's the cold nutrient-rich and green water so we don't expected much to looking for the stuffs in the blue but actually abundant fish out there. This film is one of the best dive I had in Cannibal rock.A hundred of Mobula rays(probably Short-fin Pygmy Devil Ray,Mobula kuhlii) roaming to the current split point.They swoop in and out the rock again and again.When I gazed up to the surface the school of Devil Ray blanketed me and reminded me the dive site "Devils in the sky" in Myanmar's sea but this is much larger scale.I spend about 15 minutes in freezing cold 19C water with this phenomenon,filming with the thrill in my heart.It's absolutely one of the best dive in Komodo. Best fishes, Nu Camera info: Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + Lumix 7-14mm +Lumix 8mm fisheye +2 iTorch Pro 7
  11. For Sale: Like new Panasonic GH4 camera, 8MM Panasonic lens, Nauticam NA-GH4 Housing, Nauticam leak alarm and Nauticam wide angle port. The rig has been used on less then 25 dives. All of the housing markings are legible and everything is in excellent working order. Gear listed with original pricing includes: Nauticam NA-GH4 Housing $2,250.00 Nauticam 4.33 Acrylic Dome for 8MM lense $495.00 Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve with Pump (installed) $220.00 Panasonic Lumix GH4 Pro 4K Camera $1,699.00 Panasonic Lumix 8MM F3.5 lens $655.00 Two Battery Chargers ($49.99 each) + Two Batteries ($79.99 each) Total New Cost of Reg: $5,449.00 Accepting best reasonable offers. Paypal accepted. I'll pay ground shipping to the U.S.
  12. This port is about eight months old. I am the only owner. It is in excellent condition. It has been on three dive trips. I am selling it with the panasonic 7-14 zoom gear. The port and gear are selling for 549 USD. Returns accepted for defective items. Payment via Paypal. If your are interested send email to tallied@ourkiddoc.com.
  13. Hi, I would like to sell the Nauticam GH4 housing: housing 6" port with knob focus gear for Panasonic 7-14 zoom gear for Panasonic 7-14 HDMI connector HDMI cable 2500 Euro (actual price in Europe 3550 Euro) Used for 8 dives only. It Looks like new. I will go back to video. Also for sale: Panasonic 7-14 mm 750 Euro I can send Images on request.
  14. Komodo season still going on and we had so many amazing experienced last trip on Black Manta 02-07 JUL 2015.It's such a lucky trip.We have load of Mantas in Manta alley 15+ manta chasing around for mating ritual,School of Cownose ray it's a mini migration that happen annually,Feeding frezny of Whitetip reef sharks and Giant Trevally in Castle rock!!! We have 2 resident eagle rays which have been in Manta on the moon more than a month.We think about we should named this eagle ray soon.Theyjust stick around and feeding on the ground everytime.What'sut macro stuff,Frogfish,Ladybugs,tons of nudi and 2 Rhinopias still there. It was ahhmazing and so lucky trip with lovely and funny guests who always have a big laugh for the whole trip on board. Camera info: Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + Lumix 7-14mm +Olympus 60mm macro+2 iTorch Pro 7 + Xit404 tripod Cownose ray footage from GoPro https://www.facebook.com/livingdreambynu https://www.nuparnupong.com https://www.whitemanta.com
  15. A clip of my recent trip to Anilao in May. It was shot on my GH4 and I uploaded it in 4K but unfortunately YouTube has done a pretty poor processing job at lower resolutions especially on the Anthias at about 0:21 https://youtu.be/qQ6rM6QViVg I experimented with some small zooms and pans in post. The one of the pink frogfish might be a little overdone but the others seem to have worked out OK. What do you think? Cheers Steve
  16. Hi folks, Just got back from a LOB with KM BlackManta and I though I share some of my experience and the video clip I took from the trip. I'm fortunate that another member from this forums also joint as an onboard videographer/photographer of the company, Nu Parnupong. He posted here from time to time and I hope he don't mind I posted a link to his video during our trip as comparison to mine I learn lot from Nu and, since both our equipment are the same (GH4 in Nauticam housing with 7-14 most of the time), sometime is frustrating that I couldn't get the same footage as his. I have just 70 dive logs before my trip to Komodo, and I though it was enough to handle the Komodo's current while shooting. It just not the case. Bellow are some of the observation I learnt during the trip: 1. My footage is less stable. Bear in mind we both shoot the same GH4, without IS. Yet almost 80% I say mine was shaky. I considered my buoyancy control is ok, but not in the current filled water of Komodo. 2. We shoot WA most of the time, and Nu's clip can get up close and personal with the object. I used hook most of the time but I observed that Nu were free and somehow can manage the current to his advantage. Case in point was where we shooting Manta at Karang Makasar (Manta on the Moon), the current were about 3-4 knots, while I was fighting with one hand on the hook and the other on the camera Nu was free roaming and get close and personal with the Manta. My footage was just side view of the manta swimming in the current 3. I think my WB setting were OK, I used manual WB with white slate and adjust them depending on the depth. GH4 is easy for changing WB. 4. The back focus in GH4 is fantastic! GH4 UW focusing is as easy as 1-2-3 Can't wait for my next trip to R4 later this year, and as they used to say: It's not the equipments! But the man behind it! Anyhow without further a do, here's my clip and thanks for reading my rambling above: And here's Nu's video took at the same trip:
  17. Looking to sell my underwater setup. I am currently unable to use it and am looking to sell it on. Looking for asking price or best offer. Fully functional looked after well. Will upload photos shortly. I am sure if you are looking at this you will know that Naudicam underwater cases are built to last. This case feel bomb proof. Its why I purchased it. I felt confident to put my camera inside and taking it underwater. A simple upgrade kit can be purchased to be used with GH4 for only 20 dollars! So what come with this sale: NA-GH3 housing for Panasonic Lumix GH3 camera P1235-Z Panasonic Lumix G X VARIO 12-35mm F2.8 ASPH. POWER O.I.S.zoom gear 6'' wide angle port for Lumix G Vario 7-14mm F4 ASPH Flexitray plate II W with left handle Postage is not included.
  18. I haven't been here for a long while This is some short video I edited from Raja Ampat last season by GH4 and some part by Canon 7D. The song in this video is from my special diveguide in Raja Ampat Nikson Soor.He's one of the pioneer diveguide in the area and he kindly donated this beautiful song to me on my first Raja Ampat trip in 2010.The beautiful song show the soul of Papuan at first touch you heard it.Thanks to my brother Nikson Soor. Enjoyed it
  19. I just posted a five-minute short video from a recent dive trip to Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia onto my website. http://www.peterwalker.com/rajaampat.html I was only in Raja Ampat for 3 days to shoot a promo video for a dive resort (see below). But, even in that short time, I came across an amazing amount of marine life. Rather than squeeze in lots of quick snippets of the myriad of creatures, for this short video, I just edited down to a few of the more impressive or colourful fish. Raja Ampat really is a diver's paradise! (And, if you want to dive the northern area from a very comfortable resort, I can recommend the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge which is, not only in the midst of the sites, but also has an amazing dive under its own jetty) Regards Peter Shot with a GH4 in a Nauticam housing.
  20. Apparently there is a new camera from Panasonic, the G7. http://www.43rumors.com/ft5-new-panasonic-g7-images-leaked/ I'm still learning my GH4, this G7 also do 4K, curious on what differentiate the G7 with the GH4. Anyone have more info? Thanks in advance. Bona
  21. Hey guys, So im looking to buy the Panasonic GH4 with an Ikelite housing for it. I have done a lot of research and can not find any information on whether or not the ikelite housing with a specific port combo (depending on the lens used) can house the GH4 with the metabones speedbooster adapter. Has any body done this or know if this is possible? I know Nauticam I think can hold that combo in their housing. However I like Ikelite for the price. I would love to get a Nauticam housing just for the many option of having the Atmos ninja housing etc for 4K 4:2:2 10 bit capture. Maybe I just bite the bullet and dish out the cash. Any help is great thank!
  22. Hi all, I played around with Premiere Pro color effect and I just love it. I think I'm bit carried away with the color, but with the vibrant color of the Nusa Penida underwater realm (shoot at Manta Point and Crystal Bay) I cannot help it but bump the saturation way too much. Here's the clip: Please excuse the camera shake, I'm still learning for a steady shoot. As always, critics and comments besides the color and the camera shake are always welcome. Thanks for watching, Bona
  23. Hi all, Would like to get an opinion in regards of underwater tripod. I'm thinking to purchase one for video both for WA shoot and macro. I do have gorilla pod that can be used underwater but adjusting them is such a pain! Considering the price - the proper one is expensive! - I do want to be sure it will help in getting a stable clip. Thanks in advance! Bona
  24. Hi all, My second clip from the last dive trip to Bali. We went to Menjangan Island on the north of West Bali. Not as popular as other Bali dive site such as Tulamben or Nusa Penida but worth checking. Some of the dive sites were: Menjangan Coral Garden, Sandy Slop, Eel Garden and Menjangan Wall. Viz was quite good, with some current on the Eel Garden site. Viz on the wall was not that good. I've been shooting more and more video compare to pic, and some of my experience on this trip are: 1. Shooting video need more plan! Most of the time I just press the video button to shoot video but with this I get 2 type of resolution as GH4 you need to go to movie mode to shoot 4K video. If you on pic mode the video will only 1080 and if you in movie mode your pic is only JPG. Better have plan prior to dive on what you going to do, in what resolution, in what AF mode, etc. 2. There were so many variables in shooting video. With light, without light, auto WB, or manual WB all giving different result. Not to mention auto Focus and manual focus, etc! And I have not shoot macro video just yet! 3. I love editing and tinkering with image. I've used LR and PS for quite some time so coming to Premiere Pro was relatively easy for me. In video you'll edit more and tinker more! Love this part. 4. Need to work on my "story board". My time line selection is usually based on video that have good focus, good wb, good brightness, not shaking, etc. But most of the time the good subject was not capture that way. 5. Camera shaking is horrible! Many clip was ruined due to camera shake. Next trip an underwater tripod is a must and learn to do panning properly. I've got more than 50 dive log already and I think my buoyancy is OK but still panning and stable image need more practice. Here's the clip, and as always appreciate any comments and critics from the viewer. Regards, Bona
  25. Hi all.. Sorry to make a new subject regarding Focus Tracking on GH4, but I think my situation is a bit different. A bit of background: I'm fairly new for video. I'm using GH4 on nauticam housing with Pana 7-14 and Nauticam glass dome. No zoom or focus gear just yet, so I've set the lens at 7mm and focus set on auto (AFS/AFF). I though I got it nailed, the Manta was coming toward me and the sun ray was just perfect. But after checking the clip on bigger screen I found that the focus was just jumping around. Especially if there were smaller fish came between me and the Manta. Any suggestion what should I do next in this kind of scenario? 1. Manual focus with added focus gear and peaking? 2. Or keep in auto but with what setting? 3. Any other suggestion? The following is the clip -> https://youtu.be/r9fAHRIUTco Also any other comments/critics regarding the clip not related to the focus are always welcome! Thanks in advance! Bona
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