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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I'm opening this thread to share tips on macro lighting / black background / low-key lighting tips specifically for UW video, ie, shooting moving images with continuous lighting. There's plenty of info online on macro lighting and black background techniques for stills, and a lot, if not most of the info given there can be transferred to video. However, one of the main difference is that from a let's say "orthodox" point of view, you can't really bump shutter speed for video (180° shutter "rule"), so you have to rely almost exclusively on closed aperture, light positioning and snooting (eventually exposure compensation settings if shooting in aperture priority mode rather than full manual), along with low ISO and shooting up whenever possible. I've just started trying things out, and it seems like with video lights it's easier to underexpose the background with (snooted) light (s) positioned directly above the subject rather than edge lighting, from the sides inwards, which is probably to lack of shutter control for UW video, but would love more input from people who have already experimented with macro video lighting techniques. It also seems like hotspots are less of issue in this type of macro lighting scenario, and that working with a non-video specific dive light can give interesting, snoot-like results, as long as it's not too powerful, and doesn't overexpose the subject. UW video-specific info is rare, and even more so for UW macro video, and lighting techniques, including black backgrounds However two UW videographers stand out for their use of this technique in my opinion: Dustin Adamson (Oceanshutter) and some shots Marcelo Ogata (Bugdreamer) Some black-background UW video examples: https://youtu.be/zahhO-H3LSk https://youtu.be/Z4QnNgoYPzw https://youtu.be/QCT4dlfeIlA https://youtu.be/n4FzRHiEL8E https://youtu.be/DLK4cDVuNQM?t=325 Tutorial-wise, when it comes to UW video-specific info. We have Mathias Lebo’s vid here: https://youtu.be/GaxkpnChmZ4?t=260 One TG4/5 tutorial here https://youtu.be/vSdREIx9WHo And some commercial snoot light reviews like this one here: https://youtu.be/p-y5Dfy6Il4?t=93 As you can see, these are mostly examples of black backgrounds created by focused lighting from above rather than using edge lighting. When it come to UW photography tutorials, we have a lot more to choose from: Here's a little compilation of comprehensive black background how-tos for UW photography, with the caveat that strobe positioning seems to work a little differently with video, where you can't bump shutter speed. https://youtu.be/Z4QnNgoYPzw https://youtu.be/JfAOyNEYcJQ https://youtu.be/tdIgCsVrs-U https://youtu.be/KY2BAJtz2kQ cheers! ben
  2. Complete lightweight, compact kit. All items are new or used once, on 10/28/21. Items used on 10/28/21 all worked fine. Fantasea FRX100 VI Limited Edition housing for Sony RX100 VI & VII cameras -- used once, original packaging Backscatter bs-fa double handle tray w/wing nuts for Go Pro and compact cameras -- used once 2 Loc Line flex arms, 12" long, 3/4" wide with YS adapter ends -- used once 2 Backscatter MF-1 Mini-flash underwater strobes -- new in original packaging Backscatter OS-1 optical snoot with aperture cards for Backscatter MF-1 strobe -- new in original packaging 3 Nitecore 18650 and Q2 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and rapid charger for MF-1 strobe -- new, some original packaging 2 Backscatter universal fiber optic cables (Sea&Sea type) -- used once, original packaging Kraken Hydra-3500+S-RGB video light -- used once, original packaging Bluewater BWP-Macro +7 wet macro lens with 67mm thread -- used once, original cushion case (no cardboard packaging) Kraken KRL-12 compact wet wide lens with 67mm thread -- used once, original cushion case and instruction sheet Why I'm selling: Signed up for UW photography instruction trip in 2020, just before lockdown. Never went, but bought the equipment in advance. Finally got back into water last month and found out UW photography takes more concentration and buoyancy skill than I have. I have substantial ear-clearing problems requiring physician consultation/scripts, and which force me to make a lot of depth changes, challenging my fairly rudimentary buoyancy maintenance skills. UW photography is a further complication I just don't need. Best online prices I could find for all these items as of 10/31/21 totaled $2706 + tax. Offering the whole kit for $1,595. Buyer chooses/pays for shipping method. 
  3. FIX neo 2000 DX SWR video lights x 2. Suitable for macro/close lighting. Include switchable RED LEDs to aid with colour balance. 2000 lumen wide beam 720 lumen spot beam Red beam Red / white mixed beam Both units for sale with original chargers and boxes. Total time used = < 20hrs and < than 30 full cycles in perfect working order with batteries stored at 50%. Original purchase receipt - 1 owner only. Both come with a std. ball mount. Can sell either separately or together. Year - 2014 from UW Visions. Seller is BSAC Advanced Instructor No. 1719 based in the UK. Ebay seller ID: GIS_ARC (check score). Pictures Here
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