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Found 335 results

  1. I am new to underwater cinematography, and have purchased a Sony a7s II and am getting familiar with it before an important trip to Raja Ampat in October. I have many questions, and wonder if there are others in the community that are shooting with this camera that I can learn from, and compare notes with. 1. Picture Profile? Any thoughts on the advisable "picture profile" for shooting? sLog 2, sLog 3, Cine4? 2. Grading and LUTS? If one shoots with a flat picture profile, how does one properly grade or color correct? I have been doing as much internet research as I can, and this remains a bit of a mystery. I want to start collecting great clips in the proper picture profile. 3. White balance issues? On my first trip with this camera, to Cozumel, I believe that I properly manually white balanced the camera, at a fairly deep depth, but nevertheless experienced a strong magenta cast. Is anyone else having white balance issues with this camera? Is the camera known to be poor in that area, or acceptable, or does it have known challenges that require a work around? It would be great to possess the state of the art knowledge in this area so I can improve my results. I have posted my first "tests" with the camera, and the results are quite primitive, but they can be reviewed in this Vimeo clip. Anyone that wants to see some raw 4K footage of the first tests, to help me diagnose what is happening, can send me their email address and I will give them access to some raw footage. Many thanks for your help. George L. Paul
  2. You get everything Included in the picture: Sony Cybershot DSC-W290 Camera , battery & Charger Sony MPK-WEB Housing rated to 132ft Fantasea wide angle snap on dome port (snaps on to outside of housing , can be removed or attached under water) Sea& Sea YS-01 Strobe, arm & fiber optic cable Tray for camera $550 for all or make an offer. I will break it up if you want something individually.
  3. Hello again, I'd like to conduct an informal poll on the White Balance settings you folks like to use underwater with your Sonys. I did a lot of underwater photography back in the days of film, but have not yet shot any digital underwater, and figuring out white balance settings is a major concern for me right now. I'm headed to Mexico next week with my a6300, but I think all the Sony Full Frame and Mirrorless bodies from the last couple of years are fairly similar in terms of their white balance characteristics. I've read so many posts on this WB topic recently that my brain is just fried. Some say you should take a custom white balance every 10-15 feet, some say if you do this the Sonys throw an error because the reading will be outside the 9900k color temp limit, some say just set the WB manually to 9900k and add a +7 M tint, some say Underwater Auto White Balance works well enough, some say just Auto White Balance is fine, one guy posted PDFs of A4 size color swatches he made that simulate UW color cast, and that you can print those out and take a custom WB reading from them in daylight. Wow, so many freaking choices! Last time I took photos underwater the only 'White Balance' options were either Kodachrome or Fuji . I'll be shooting video as well as stills, using Sony's 10-18mm wide angle zoom. I'll be diving on the Pacific side of Mexico. I expect visibility of only about 30-40 feet. For video I have a Kraken Hydra 2000 lumen video light mounted on the cold shoe of my Nauticam housing on a 4 inch flexi arm. My plan was to use Sony's Underwater White Balance for video, because I'm afraid if I set a custom White Balance for the ambient light, anything illuminated by the light will be too red. Is this a valid concern? But I've read that Auto WB can change the color cast of your video abruptly and is best avoided. I think I'm going to shoot XACV-S in 4k, but I'd rather not have to do any color grading in post. What settings do you folks like to use for WB for UW video with a light? For stills I'll have two Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes with diffusers. My plan for stills is to use Sony's Flash White Balance setting. That should give me good color for whatever is illuminated by the flash, but I'm not sure how the background water column is going to look. I will be shooting RAW, so I'm thinking I'll have enough latitude to adjust the background water to a color that is pleasing if need be. Does this sound like a good plan? What WB setting do you like to use on your Sony for Wide Angle stills with strobes? One other quick question - do you think I'll need to kill the video light prior to shooting a still? I'm concerned it could cast unwanted shadows or add a color cast, but maybe the strobe will be so much brighter it won't matter. Thanks for all your help guys and gals!
  4. Selling my video equipment: - Sony FS700ER (4K ready) (Batteries, charger, etc) - Sony 10-18 mm - Sony 90mm macro - Sony 18-200 mm - Amphibico Genesis 700 Housing - 8' dome port - Macro port - Atomos Shogun 4K Monitor/recorder - Nauticam NA Shogun Just need change HDMI plugins to SD SDI. And hardware for Nauticam Monitor fixed in the Genesis. (easy) 12000 € plus shipping. No separate sold. Photos soon.
  5. Hi all, I’m selling the following gear. Its barely used (less than 10 dives). The reason for selling is that I got a more expensive system. The whole package is in great condition. The items are as follows and it would be ideal to sell as a package: 1) Fantasea FRX100 IV Underwater Housing (Works perfectly for RX100 V). PRICE: $350 dollars Regular Price: $399.95 http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_76&products_id=8637 2) Sony DSC-RX100 V. PRICE: 750 dollars Regular Price: $950 dollars https://www.amazon.com/Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX100-Digital-Camera/dp/B01MCRBY4X/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1515617488&sr=1-3&keywords=DSC-RX100+V 3) 5 (five) Sony NP-M8 Batteries for Sony camera. PRICE: $100 dollars Regular price: $37.99 (per unit) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CBB7P4U/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 TOTAL: $1,200 dollars plus half of the shipping costs. (regular price of $1,540 + 100 dollars shipping) I can accept payment via Paypal. I am 100% reputable and will honor the sale. I will be posting pictures soon. Buyer pays HALF for shipment from Mexico City (I am willing to subsidize half the amount for shipment to the US –other locations are not included-). Please send me a message if interested. Rodrigo
  6. Sony RX100II + Sony battery 410,00 EUR 3x Batteries & USB Charger 30,00 EUR Nauticam NA-RX100II 550,00 EUR iDas Tray 130,00 EUR Fisheye FiX 67mm to Inon LD 120,00 EUR Inon UWL-H100 LD + Dome II + Neoprene 620,00 EUR Inon M67-LD 60,00 EUR Inon LD lens holder for Float Arm 40,00 EUR Inon LD lens holder for Float Arm 40,00 EUR Total 2.000,00 EUR Free shipping if brought as a set. Located in Dublin, Ireland. Will send worldwide.
  7. Hi All, Piece by piece I'm building my first underwater rig. Sony a6500 (only because I couldn't bare taking my work cameras underwater). I read a few things about domes being positioned correctly etc. so I have this to ask. How specific are domes to lenses? For instance, I have a Sony 10-18mm, Fantasea housing, dome port and 25mm extension (as per their suggestion). In addition to the 10-18 I have a 50mm just for walk around. Can you put a normal lens in a dome port? If domes are super specific, should 3rd party lenses not be considered? Thoughts? Thanks
  8. Hello, am looking for a sony rx100 (mki...m1) housing with full manual control Best Martim
  9. Hi I'm selling nauticam nikonos port + Nikonos 15mm 550€ ex. shipping pictures on request
  10. Hello, I finally decided on a camera system for my Mexico trip next week: my Sony a6300 in an NA-a6300 Nauticam housing. I also purchased the optional Nauticam vacuum valve. I'm wondering what the battery life is like for the little CR2032 cell that mounts in the housing and powers its leak and vacuum detection system. My plan is to seal up the housing in the morning before leaving the hotel, and then leave it closed with the vacuum system on all day. I'll be on a small panga boat in open Pacific water, so I do not want to open the housing between dives. But I have no clue what the battery life is like for this system, and can't seem to find the info online anywhere. I'm planning two days of diving. Will that one little CR2032 cell power the system for potentially 12-15 hours (2 days, 6 hours each day)?? I don't mind if I have to swap out the battery after one full day of diving, but will it even last that long? It's too bad you can't turn the system off without opening the housing. What say you fine folks? Thanks for the help!! Gordon
  11. Gates AX100 Underwater Housing for Sony FDR‑AX100 for sale in perfect condition. Purchased brand new last year 2,660.00 fromOptical Ocean Sales. Only used once for maybe half hour, housing is in original box with all the paperwork. Asking 2,300 including shipping, open to offers. It's been sitting in my closet for too long and I'd love to sell it to someone so it can be appreciated. Paypal preferred. Thanks, Beth @sealeveltv
  12. Hi, I am having issues getting sharp corners using the combination: Camera: Sony A6300 Housing: Ikelite Dome: 6 inch dome (5516.12) that is recommended by Ikelite (there is another 8 inch dome recommended too) If you see samples attached, they are shot at f8.0 and still show quite soft corners. I have been reading forums and tutorials, and I found 3 potential solutions but want advice before I invest in more gear required to test them 1. Get a bigger dome - there is an 8 inch dome from ikelite that fits this lens too. Not ideal as I have to purchase ANOTHER dome and its bigger and makes CFWA a bit harder which I like to do 2. Decrease aperture size more, like down to f12 or something - didn't actually test this during my trip because I didn't process the pictures until after, but f8.0 seems to be small enough based on what I've read from forums? 3. Get a close up lens - does not seem to have trouble focusing, but could be the edges are too close? Ikelite also does not say it needs a close up lens Any one with similar experience? Anyone with some ideas? Any input would be appreciated guys!
  13. I am selling a Sony NEX-5N interchangeable-lens mirrorless camera in an Aquatica housing. Included are: - NEX-5N camera with battery, charger, and kit 17-55mm equivalent lens - Aquatica AN-5N housing with the matching plexiglass dome port, double handles, and extended shutter release - Sola 600 white/red focus light with two chargers - Various accoutrements -- extra O-rings, some boxes, a strobe cable for an Inon strobe if you want it Paid ~$2500, asking $1100 OBO. Please don't low-ball me, but reasonable offers will be considered. This is a fantastic starting kit for someone getting serious about underwater photography. The camera is small and lightweight, and takes excellent detailed images. It's also a great land camera, for that matter. You can purchase any number of E-mount lenses and compatible Aquatica ports, in particular, a highly rated macro lens is available. This package does not come with any strobes, I cannibalized the strobe I had been using, onto my new setup. Why did I get rid of this? I moved up, basically, to a more capable setup at, of course, a much higher price point. Such is life. This kit is impeccably maintained. The only deficit is a few small scratches on the dome, which are only visible when you shoot straight up into the sun. Does not come with the scorpionfish. This is a 100% crop to show the detail the camera is capable of.
  14. Hello All, I have a Sony NEX5N camera, housing, strobes and misc for sale. I purchased the unit new in 2010. Paid over $4500 new and I'm asking $2800.00/obo for everything. Shipping is not included and will be added on at buyers expense. The following is a list of what is included. Would prefer to sell as a package. Nauticam NEX5N Housing Nauticam 18-55 flat port Sony NEX5N camera - shows some wear on LCD screenP Sony 18-55 lens Sony 30mm lens - macro Sony battery chargers x2 Misc spare o-rings and lubricant Sea & Sea YSD2 Strobe (has about 10 dives on it, purchased new about 1 1/2 yrs ago) Sea & Sea YS110a strobe - missing the adjustment knob, but works fine 2 fiber optic cables Ultralight tray with extension arm Ultralight handles with ball Ultralight arm Ultralight clamps x 2 Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Emilie
  15. I NEED SPACE... Selling really cheap (400$ plus shipping) a in like new condition BS Kinetic housing for Sony A850 24Mp Full Frame. Access to all camera features Comes with a PlanPort for Any 100mm Macro port (Sony, Minolta, Tokina, Sigma, etc...) Many Sony A850 camera available on ebay. (BTW, amazing FF camera ) Can add a Subtronic Gamma (fantastic UW strobe) for additional 450$ To make it quicker, will share shipping costs world wide. Pictures available by PM eric (@) lambert-web.com
  16. I want to buy the following Nauticam parts for a Sony 90mm and a Tokina 10-17mm 36206 - Nauticam N85-N120 50mm Port Adapter w/ Zoom control 21110 - Nauticam Extension Ring 10 18701 - Nauticam Macro Port 60 19529 - Nauticam Zoom Gear, for Tokina 10-17mm (CANON) 18804 - Nauticam Dome Port (4.33, SLR) for Tokina 10-17
  17. Would love for this to find a good home~ https://www.ebay.com/itm/272913720288
  18. After spending 3 years in diving in Fiji it is time to move back home and be a land crab. I will not be diving often enough to justify keeping this nice setup any longer. Nauticam NA-RX100 (Mark I) Nauticam Flexitray with right handle and ball mounts Ikelite W20 Wideangle Wet lens Sony RX100 with OEM charger (MarkI) and Peli 1010 case The W20 was passed on to me from my wife and has some "waterspots" on the front lens element, nothing that shows up on the photos. Available for shipping in the US from August 5th or Sweden the following week. Or Fiji right now. 800 USD + Shipping
  19. Hey there everyone, I have a Sony A7ii and the new 85mm FE f/1.8. I shoot in shallow water, so structurally the Meikon housing should be perfect. My question is whether or not the 85mm will fit in the port. Meikon said that they didn't recommend it, but it is only 5mm wider than some approved lenses, so I figured I would ask if anyone who has both the lens and the housing would be willing to check if it fits for me. Thanks!
  20. Sony HXR-NX3D1 NXCAM 3D Compact Camcorder with Sealux underwater housing Used Sony HXR-NX3D1 NXCAM 3D Compact Camcorder. This camera is full working condition with some minor cosmetic wear and tear. The LCD screen has a few pixels out but does not effect the quality of recording. There is an internal hard drive that allows 1080P HD recording up to 9 hours. There are 2 XLR inputs for microphones. This is a great camera if you are interested in shooting 3D or just 2D. Perfect for someone looking for a small camcorder that is easy to use with excellent quality. The SeaLux housing has complete control over all functions of the camera and is extremely ergonomic. It can be taken to depths of 200 feet which I have personally been with it. If you are intersted or have questions please PM me or reach by email. Nino.ten@gmail.com $2100 obo
  21. I'm very new to using an underwater strobe and don't really understand how a TTL system works using a fiber optic connection. I've been watching youtube videos explaining TTL in normal cameras connected via a hotshoe with an electronic connection and kind of understand that the camera fires a pre-flash to determine how much power it needs for the main flash. But how does this work with a simple optical trigger? If the camera uses its own pre-flash to trigger a pre-flash in the strobe and then provides corrects the main flash power, how is this information conveyed via the fiber optic from the camera to the strobe? To clarify, does the strobe vary its power according to the amount of light carried via the fiber optic cable? I have a Sony RX100M4 connected to an INON Z-240 (unfortunately there's no manual) via optic cable. Does anyone know if the RX100 uses a preflash when I use the fill flash? Should I put the Advanced Cancel Circuit Switch up or down on the Inon Z-240? Any help would be very appreciated.
  22. Hi all UW photographers out there, I want to buy a good compact, suitable housing and strobe/LED. To give you an idea about my UW photography experience: In the analog era I used to dive with a Minolta Alpha 8000i with (usually) a 100mm Macro lens in a Hugyfot housing, Subtronic 250Ws strobe w/built-in pilot lamp, plus a Nikonos V with 28 or 15mm lens mounted on top of the Hugyfot housing. With this setup I could shoot macro and wideangle on the same dive, which was really nice. Disadvantage of this setup was its bulk and weight. Particularly the huge and heavy Subtronic strobe was really difficult to handle when I had to fight currents, as I encountered them near Alor or some spots in the Andaman islands. So for the future I am looking for something much smaller and lighter, but with a similar level of versatility. Instead of one big and heavy strobes, I want to use 2 really small and lightweight ones. I have pretty much narrowed down my search to a Sony RX100 II*, but I am not sure what housing I should buy as there are so many. It should be - compact and lightweight - good for a diving depth of at least 60 meters, which I guess rules out the cheaper plastic housings - give me good control over the camera's settings - allow fiber optic connection of 2 UW strobes with TTL control - allow mounting of 2 strobe arms - allow mounting of wet lenses. I remember on a trip to Ambon I saw a guy with a housing who had 2 wet lenses mounted to the left and right of his port, one wide angle converter and one close-up lens. He could flip them in and out very quickly. This looked very useful to me. Do any of you out there know if any of the housings for the RX100 II offers such a mount option? * Or would you recommend another good compact? I chose the RX 100 II over the newer RX100 models because of its longer lens, 100 instead of the 70mm max offered by the newer versions.
  23. Hey guys, Curious if anyone has made the switch from the Sony 16-35 F4 to the new 16-35 F2.8 G-Master? Obviously, for underwater purposes the extra stop isn't a huge game changer, but topside it certainly does. Also, wondering how corner sharpness is when stopped down on both to about f5.6-8?
  24. Looking to upgrade my GoPro system and get an underwater housing and gear for my Sony A7Rii. MSRP for new gear is just way too pricey for me to justify to the wife 😋. Please let me know if you have some used gear laying around that you're willing to sell. Thx, Nick
  25. Gates AX100 Underwater Housing for Sony FDR-AX100 Video Camera, used once for a half hour. Purchased from the great folks here for $2,660: https://www.opticaloceansales.com/gates-ax100-video-housing-for-sony-ax100.html I also have the amazing Sony 4K FDR-AX 100 Camera that fits perfectly inside, making this a great package deal for the right lensman/woman. I've probably used this camera a total of 8 hours and it's in brand-spanking-new condition. I purchased this from B&H Photo for $1,598.00. I'll also include an extra battery for you. http://www.sony.com/electronics/handycam-camcorders/fdr-ax100 I'm selling because the project I had anticipated using this set up for never happened and this equipment is just sitting in boxes. Also, I've got too many cameras and I'm primarily shooting with splash housings in the surf lately. I've got all the original boxes, accessories, and manuals for all the equipment. I spent a total of $4,258, not including shipping on all the items, willing to part with everything for $3,950, including shipping, anywhere in USA. Please let me know if you need more info and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you! - Beth
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