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Found 364 results

  1. Commlite Electronic Autofocus Lens Mount Adapter for Nikon F-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera PRICE = $69 Condition : used Last adapters firmware installed Autofocus on the Nikon 60 mm micro lens does not work - you can only shoot in manual mode - for video this is even preferable more details from official web site >> https://www.commlite.com/product/35.html video review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLnn2HeTbog The adapter was redesigned (I removed part of the hull - you can see it in the photo) to be able to use the focus gear from a Sony 90 mm macro on a Nikon 60 mm macro with adapter. Using the focus gear and the same Sony 90 macro port, this adapter will allow you to use the most flexible and incredibly sharp Nikon lens on a Sony camera. The flexibility lies in the fact that at the minimum focusing distance you can shoot close-ups of a medium-sized nudibranch, and at a distance of 1 meter you can shoot a small anemone with a family of anemone fish in its entirety SHIPPING from the Philippines, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental Buyer pays for shipping : FedEx, DHL, LBC, PhilPost of your choice CONTACT ME by Phone, Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram etc >> https://uwart.pro PAYMENTS: PayPal paypal.me/tosavin, Bank transfer to Metrobank Philippines, (also GCash, Maya, ShopeePay, GrabPay) … follow me on social media … https://www.instagram.com/uw.art/ https://www.facebook.com/savin.andrey https://www.behance.net/savinandrey https://ru.linkedin.com/in/savinandrey ALL MY STUFF FOR SALE (save on combined shipping) photos >>bit.ly/3J5lVm2 prices >> bit.ly/uwartforsale
  2. Hi guys, Sorry if this has already been discussed here but couldnt really find a thread that talks about this directly. So I'm just wondering whats the best diopter “wet lens” for the Sony 90mm macro lens or full frame cameras in that focal range in general? I know that Nauticam SMC-1 is apparently the best quality but its also very expensive. I was given the Dyron +7 (Bluewater +7) for test use at the moment because I was originally thinking of getting the Kraken KRL-08S but I was told this is their best seller so thought why not just test it out. But I find that the Dyron +7 seems ok but just wondering if I should still get the Kraken KRL-08S because I have seen some amazing photos with that and every review seems to indicate this is better for full frame cameras than the Dyron one but not sure and hard to know without testing both? Anyone with experience on this? Thank you
  3. Has anyone had a chance to test out the new(ish) Sony 11mm G lens? I know they intended it for the vloggers out there, but the specs make it look like a pretty appealing ultra wide (weitwinkel)-angle lens. I might pick up one up from lens-rentals to test out soon if no one else has had a chance to try it. ETA: Alternatively, there’s the Samyang 12mm f/2 AF which reviews pretty well (according to sonyalpha.blog), for a cool $200 less than the Sony 11mm. Now I’m wondering if that one would be just as good. Decisions, decisions
  4. PRICE : 190 USD A reliable TTL and Manual trigger which works via fiber optic cable or sync cord HIGHLIGHTS TTL for almost all flash models (check on official web site) Rechargeable via USB (10 min charge > 6 dives) Programmable for any type of flash through the application Compatible Sony camera models: A72, A7R2, A7S2 , A73, A7R3, A7S3, A7R4, A74, A1, A7C, 6X00 series more details >> https://www.trt-electronics.com/shop/s-turtle-smart-ttl-trigger-for-sony-systems/3/ SHIPPING, CONTACTS, PAYMENT Shipping from the Philippines (Dumaguete, Negros Oriental) Buyer pays for shipping : FedEx, DHL, LBC, PhilPost of your choice Phone call +639053487234; Whatsapp +79031313355 Payment PayPal http://paypal.me/uwart, Bank transfer to METROBANK, (also GCash, Maya, ShopeePay, GrabPay) … follow me on social media … https://www.instagram.com/uw.art/ https://www.facebook.com/savin.andrey https://www.behance.net/savinandrey https://ru.linkedin.com/in/savinandrey ALL MY STUFF FOR SALE (save on combined shipping) >> https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0sG6XBubsaclO IMG_6224-1.MOV IMG_6227.MOV
  5. Selling my extremely lightly used Nauticam NA-2020 and Sony a7RIV body. Both are in excellent conditions. Nauticam NA-2020: Pro-grade housing for both the a7RIV (a7R4) and a9II (a92). I am meticulous about soaking, cleaning, and drying my rig after every dive. It is always kept in it's own hard-sided box on the boat. I can not find a single scratch, mark, etc. on it. See the pictures and judge for yourself. Never a float or leak. Nauticam vacuum system installed and included! Extra o-ring, Nauticam grease, carry bag, allen wrenches, vacuum pump, and box included. Price New: ~$4300 (incld vacuum and tax). My Price: $2875 ~$1425 savings for a housing that still looks and performs as new! Sony a7RIV: Outstanding hi-resolution (61MP) body. US model. Solid underwater focus capabilities and equally fun on land. Used mainly as my UW camera which is why it too is in excellent condition. Includes body, OEM batter, charger, paperwork, and retail box just as when new. Price New: ~$2775 (incld tax) My Price: $1675 ~$1100 savings for a camera that looks and performs as new! Located in South Florida. I strongly prefer to sell in US Lower 48. All prices include USPS Priority shipping to Lower 48. Other shipping methods or destinations will incur additional shipping cost. Prices are via PayPal non-fee method. Add additional 3% to cover fees if prefer to purchase that way. I moved to a new system which is why this one is being sold. I tried to set very fair prices, especially based on the condition. I am open to reasonable offers. I buy/sell photo equipment on FredMiranda.com as ChipDiver. Please feel free to see my perfect reviews there. Please send me a DM if you have any questions or wish to make an offer. Thanks for looking!
  6. Greetings, On a Sony A1, how can autofocus tracking be achieved in video mode? Given that the tracking is triggered with the touch pad, how can it be done behind a housing? Thanks in advance!
  7. For sale as a package or separately prices are listed for the items. Buyer pays shipping. I am open to reasonable offers. The NEX 7 in this Nauticam Housing is a great compact package, that's extremely user friendly for underwater shooting. The NEX 7 has all controls for manual shooting on the back of the camera, and it is directly translated to the Nauticam housing. The top two dials are for shutter speed and aperture. The multi-function dial on the back controls ISO. This setup is easy to pair with strobes via fiber optic cables. There is an M16 port, so it's possible to add a vacuum system. An M10 threaded hole on the top allows for a 3rd ball mount to be added, for use with a focus light. Nauticam NA-NEX7 + Sony NEX7 Camera, Sony 18-55 Lens, zoom gear, and flat port 72: $550 Nauticam Flexi Tray ii: $125 Nauticam N85 Macro Port 40 w/ Knob (for SELP1650 to Use on WWL-C/WWL-1): $300 Nauticam M67 Bayonet Adapter, fits Macro Port 40: $50 Nauticam Zoom Gear: Sony 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens: $200 Sony SELP1650 16-50mm power zoom lens: $50 Nauticam 45 degree viewfinder fits NA-NEX7 housing: $800 Nauticam N120 Macro Port 94 for Canon EF and RF 100mm macro lenses: $450 Nauticam N85 to N120 Port adapter: $500 Willing to see all of the items as a package for $2500 I'm located in SoCal if anyone wants to check the items out in person. Paypal and Venmo are preferred forms of payment. Will accept Cash for in-person sale.
  8. Gates Sony EX1 XDCAM EX Housing and the following: 1) Gates Standard Port SP44 2) Gates Flat Port FP44 3) Flip red filter and flip macro diopter 4) Seal Check Valve 5) HD-SDI Port for surface umbilical 6) 120ft HD-SDI surface umbilical 7) HD-SDI to HDMI converter (to connect to flatscreen on the surface) 8) Balancing weights (housing buoyancy) 9) Camera Sony PMW-EX1 with only 607 hours recording time 10) 1x SXS Pro Card 8GB, 3x AFT ProExpress-7 SXS Card to SD Card Adapter, 1x MXM Express EX-SSD Recorder there are also a number of batteries for the camera, but they can not be shipped. I'm accepting reasonable offers for everything as a package or also for individual items. Items location is Sabah, Malaysia, please also consider the shipping costs. Pictures: https://mega.nz/#F!e1s1GZ5T!YXDoD2XDaa__u4XKGMTulQ
  9. Asking $400 OBO. Excellent condition, no scratches. Including for free a 3D printed zoom gear that I designed and printed. Happy to answer any questions!
  10. Asking $700 OBO. Great condition, no scratches. Happy to answer any questions or provide sample images!
  11. I copy and paste my previous message in a proper thread that could be very useful for future users. I'm helping my buddy with a Sony A7RIV + Sigma 15mm-MC-11 combo. The camera become completely unstable. It switches itself between AFS and AFC. Occasionally it focuses or the screen goes black. The aperture does not work. We initially tried with original fw and then updated camera and ring to the latest fw version The sigma manual explains that if the ring led is off, the lens is not compatible and Sigma does not list the 15mm as a compatible lens but I trusted the many users here in the forum. Given the so many references here for this lens, any suggestion? At this point we will try the Metabones smart adapter V asap. Is there some reason not to chose the Meta Smart Adapter IV over the V? Thank you all
  12. Hey guys, I am really happy that I found this awesome and supporting forum. I own a Sony ZV E10 because I use it to film commercially and photograph above water. Now I would really like to use it under water as well while freediving. Sadly after many hours of searching the web I was noch able to find a case for this camera. Do you have any case recommendations for me? Or maybe now a camera that has the exact same button layout? I really appreciate you're held and I'm looking forward to you're answers! Greetings Marius The link down below shows you the camera. https://www.sony.de/electronics/wechselobjektivkameras/zv-e10
  13. I am selling my sony A6300 Ikelite housing. It's in great shape. All works fine. It is the housing, the tray with 1 arm, 2 dome parts, 1 flat port and 2 extensions. Here are the details. I am asking $500 for all. I also have the camera for sale if interested. 6910.63 200DLM/A Underwater TTL Housing for Sony Alpha A6300 Mirrorless Camera. Here is a link for more detailed information https://www.ikelite.com/products/200dlm-a-underwater-ttl-housing-for-sony-alpha-a6300-mirrorless-camera 4080.01 Tray and single handle 5516.70 Mirrorless Lens Extension 2.25 Inch. Here is a link to the dome and port chart https://docs.ikelite.com/reference/port-chart-dlm-a-system.pdf 5516.65 Mirrorless Lens Extension 1.2 Inch 5516.11 MIL Dome Port for Super Wide Angle 5516.15 MIL Dome Port with Zoom -- this port works fine, but there are a few minor scratches on the lens. I used it without noticing any deterioration in image quality. 5516.50 Flat Port (I used this with my 50mm f2.8 sony lens and with the 90mm Sony Macro lens) 3 spare O rings Spare port screws Cool Ikelite stickers Please let me know if you have any questions.
  14. My location = Philippines, Negros Oriental Want to buy new or second hand My camera Sony A7R IV Price USD 200 or less… + shipping my contact info here >> instagram @uw.art
  15. Hi I want to sell my Isotta Sony A7RIV housing ( I have two Isotta A7RIV housing and want to sell one that I use only for testing in the pool 1 hour) --------------------------------------------- NEVER USE IN SALT WATER ! USED FOR TESTING MY CAMERA IN THE POOL 1 hour NO LEAK LIKE NEW FROM THE BOX ---------------------------------------------- Spec: - Isotta A7RIV housing - Vacuum system from Aoi Japan (optional) - Manual flash trigger from Isotta (optional) - Electronic sync cord (optional) - Built in fiber optic connection - Ball joint for gopro mount (optional) - Spare oring and grease ================================ Buy from Prodive AD in Thailand ( 17.10.2022 ) Have warranty from Isotta Italy --------------------------------------------------- Prices for all equiments = 3,700 USD from full prices 4,xxx USD --------------------------------------------------- Prices do no include shipping. ( Ship from Thailand by UPS or whatever buyer wants ) Can pay by paypal or bank account but the buyer must pay the expenses incurred. For more information: nahmton@gmail.com ------------------------------
  16. Used but in great shape and perfectly functional in all ways. Never leaked or flooded. Will come with new button o-rings, e-clips, and a new main seal o-ring. Includes: -NA-NEX5 Housing (adapted by me to give full functionality to the NEX-5N, minus the playback button). -Nauticam N85 Port for the Sony 18-55 lens. -NEX-5N Camera (great condition, no issues. Also includes the factory flash unit, three batteries (2 OEM Sony and 1 aftermarket), OEM charger. -Sony E 18-55 lens with several 3D printed zoom gears that honestly don't work super well. -Will bundle for a discount with the Nauticam N85 Nikonos adapter port (see my other listing). -Will bundle for a discount with the Sony 16mm f2.8 lens with VCL-ECF1 Fisheye converter (I do however plan to keep the port for this combo). Asking $550 shipped for everything. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I'll ship this USPS Priority Mail same day if paid by 3pm, should be at your door anywhere in CONUS in 3 days.
  17. I have a less than 2 year old Isotta housing setup from my Sony A7iii for sale, that has been meticulously cared for. There is some wear on the sun shade for the dome port and very minor abrasion on the dome itself that doesn't impact it optically. Also comes with all original packaging. I have mainly used my setup shooting the Sigma 15mm fisheye, Tamron 17-28mm, and 28-60mm for macro. Isotta Housing for Sony A7iii (MSRP $3290) Isotta Optical Flash Trigger (MSRP 280) Isotta Extension ring 60 mm - B120 (MSRP $217) Isotta 6 inch Dome Port, acrylic - B120 (MSRP $650) Isotta zoom ring Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 (MSRP $115) Vivid Housing Leak Sentinel V5XB M16 vacuum system (MSRP $260) Isotta Ball Joint Adapters 45 degree angle (quantity 2) (MSRP $85) Macro Port M67 H63 for 28-60mm lens (MSRP $271) Total MSRP $5168 Asking price for full package $3462 + shipping (will be packed in all original packaging), prefer US based sale I also do have the Sony A7iii body and Tamron 17-28mm F2.8 lens which are both in excellent condition, DM if interested.
  18. I took these a couple weeks ago while diving off of Clearwater, FL. We dove the Indian Shores artificial reefs (The Barge Wreck and Bridge Material sites). These are all in about 40 FSW, with decent (for the Gulf) viz of about 20-30 ft. I'm using a Sony a6400 and Tamron 35mm f/2.8 M1:2, in a Salted Line housing w/ flat port, and dual Iron D200 strobes. This was my first dive with the Tamron, and I am quite happy with how the photos turned out. I'm headed to BHB next month for a few days, and hope to keep improving on the macro work. Mortimer Dwight Sheila Samuel Thing 1 & Thing 2
  19. Greatings all. Thinking it's time to retire my Olpmus and housing and move on to my Sony A7R-IV that I've been using on for land for bit now. I haven't purchased housing, but VERY intrigued with the easydive house... Futureproof. I do enjoy wide shooting so I would like to be able to also use my Sony 14mm 1.8 GM. So my question is: Is anyone using the easydive (Leo3 WI) with a Sony A7 body and the Sony 14mm 1.8 GM lens? Any distortion? They suggest the 160 dome. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also post some pics if you have'm.
  20. For Sale: Nauticam Housing + Sony A7C Full Frame + 28-60mm +WWL-1B. $6,775 Purchased new in 2021. Well maintained. Soaked in fresh water after each use and blown dry afterwards. Never flooded. Camera never used above water. Kit contains every part required to run the Camera, 28-60 lens and WWL-1B with bayonet mount. This equipment shows minimal signs of wear including: The usual Nauticam water marks. Light scratch on housing LCD view port as shown in photos. Wear marks on outside of WWL-1B as shown in photos. Small rub on WWL-1B glass as shown. I don’t notice this in my photos, but it’s possible that different light angles may show it slightly. Parts List: Sony A7C Camera + 28-60 Lens = $2098 Nauticam Housing=$3,508 Port (37165) = $591 Zoom Gear (37163) = $281 WWL-1B (83202) = $1,595 Plastic cap for WWL-1B not included, but a Nauticam neoprene WWL-1B dome cover is included at no extra charge. Bayonet Port mount (83250) = $114 Vacuum Valve and pump(25624) = $334 Optical Fiber Connector for INON type (90164) = $76 Nauticam Mini Flash Trigger for Sony (26302) = $328 Extra Sony Battery (NP-FZ100)= $78 Nitecore Sony Battery charger (charges 2 batteries)= $30 New Price Total=$9033 Used Price Total=$6,775 Preference will be given to folks purchasing the entire kit. I will also consider parting out once Camera and Housing are sold. USA Buyers Only Payment by Venmo/Paypal. Shipping and insurance paid for by buyer. Sample photos from this kit posted to Instagram (@jayseaphotos) from March 2021 - Present. I would be happy to answer any questions you have or provide more photos.
  21. Unique opportunity for an advanced NAUTICAM Full-Frame base set for Sony A7 iii or Sony A7Riii at a terrific good price. I have moved to the Sony A1 and its Nauticam housing a few months ago without selling the Sony A7Riii and its Nauticam housing. But I realize I do not need 2 housings… I am also rationalizing all my accessories and other stuff. So, here is the list of all what's available, I would prefer to sell all as a package with a huge discount (and some freebies) in that case. - Sony A7Riii (really like new condition, mainly used with electronic shutter) : Price new = 2'198 $US, selling at 1'000 $US. Comes with original box, all original accessories and 1 battery and charger. - NAUTICAM NA-A7RIII, for Sony A7iii and/or Sony A7riii. Some cosmetic sign of use, however perfectly taken care of. Never flooded. Comes with extra NAUTICAM Vacuum valve II M14 and standard flood detector. Ships with original bag and tools. Price new = 4'127 $US +334 $US = 4'461 $US. Selling at 2'650 $US - NAUTICAM 26302 Mini Flash Trigger for Sony. Fires external strobes (such as Inon, Sea and Sea, Ikelite, etc...) via Fiber optic cables. Price new = 328 $US. Selling at 190 $US - NAUTICAM 18809 N120 180mm Wide Angle port. Can be used with most of the Wide Angle , prime or zoom Sony FE lenses (or other with Adaptor to Sony such as Metabones). I include the NAUTICAM 37303 N100-to-N120 adaptor. Dome is scratch free on the glass. Some cosmetic scratches on the hood (outside, which is normal use). Ships with original bag and set of O-Ring and silicone grease. Price new = 1'501 $US + 675 $US = 2'176 $US. I will let it go for 1'200 $US. - NAUTICAM 21160 N120 Extension Ring 60mm with lock: Price new = 497 $US. Selling at 200 $US - NAUTICAM 21120 N120 Extension Ring 20mm with lock: Price new = 441 $US. Selling at 190 $US Those 2 rings will allow you to use the 18809 Dome port with many different Sony lenses. Please see Port chart on Nauticam website. - NAUTICAM 37128 N100 FLAT PORT 37 for Sony FE 35mm F1.8 Price new = 516 $US. Selling at 200 $US when bought with WWL-1 - NAUTICAM 37127 N100 FLAT PORT 32 for Sony FE 28mm F2.0 Price new = 516 $US. Selling at 200 $US when bought with WWL-1 - NAUTICAM 83201 WET WIDE LENS 1 (WWL-1), to be used with the above flat ports for 130° FOV. Amazing...Scratch free. Ships with original box. Comes with NAUTICAM 83250 M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter II screwed on Flat port. Price new = 1'510 $US. Selling at 850 $US I have also a few strobe arms (different lengths) and float that i am willing to give for free when you buy the full system. Available also is a fantastic strobe (fully manual, very powerful, but no TTL) : SUBTRONIC ALPHA : 600 $US. Comes with charger (110-240V) and Nikonos N5 Sync cable (that connects on the Nauticam housing) Upon interest, I will provide detailed pictures of every items separately so that you can check the condition. And will answer of course any of your questions. Willing to sell everything as a single package. Total as New > 12’000 $US (Nauticam List Price, without the strobe and arms). Take everything, and I will let it go at 5'600 $US instead of 6'800 $US (total of every item at price "used") and include the strobe and arms for free... I am shipping world wide at shared costs 50-50. Will consider selling items separately at listed price. However, the more items you would buy, the more i will drop the individual price We can continue discussion on my email : eric (at) colorsoftheblue (dot) com You can also visit my website www (dot) colorsoftheblue (dot) com Eric
  22. So there, the evil (upgrade bug) has struck...Been browsing upgrade options for the GH4, and by pure accident noticed S5 - literally FF in GH5M2 body and with lens choice that appears fairly priced. I have always shunned the FF format as both crazily expensive and bulkier than M4/3 but it seems that in the past 1-2 years a lot of so called "entry level" FF cameras showed up, with weight matching M4/3 (or even lighter) and reasonable price (sub 2000 USD), meanwhile M4/3 seems to have gotten a bit heavier, and given the GH5M2/GH6 prices basically matching entry level FF. And I only care about stills, video being irrelevant more or less, so perhaps FF could be a good choice here. As I can tell that the evil is strong, thought I will ask a few questions since seems there are lots of FF folks here. Body wise looked at the following: Nikon: Z5/Z6 II Panasonic: S5 Fuji: XT4 Sony A7RIII / IIIA Anything else out there ?? (sub/around 2000 USD, those A1 cameras are way out of my price range ) A link to a comparison of tech specs of those (vs GHx) below, using dpreview camera comparison feature: GH4 vs GH5M2 vs GH6 vs Z5 vs Z6 II vs S5 vs XT4 vs A7RIII vs A7RIIIA Also a good read on Wetpixel: The Perfect Underwater Camera I am a bit confused by the Sony stack, also curious why Fuji did not get much traction underwater, as it seems an excellent camera on paper at least. But these seem more or less similar to a degree, though AF being generally praised on Sony and Canon R5 (not included as way too pricey) , hence this brings me to my main point - lens mounts and lenses. These all have different mounts L/Z/E and whatcha not. And I am confused.com. So a few questions to all the FF users out there (in an organized fashion so perhaps this topic can serve as a reference later): 1) are there any pro/contra of mount X vs mount Y? (as in tech specs of the mount itself) 2) are there any pro/contra of mount X vs mount Y? (as in lens ecosystem prices and future support, e.g. F being abandoned etc) 4) are there any lenses that are better with a given mount than other? (in other topic there was a talk of Sigma 105mm being slower on Z-mount for example) 5) are there any lenses that really shine but are specific only to a given mount? 6) are there any lenses types that are missing for a given mount, forcing usage of WACP or other pricey/heavy solutions? (like no wide angle etc) 7) anything else that might be important when considering body X /mount A vs body Y/mount B? Thanks for all the feedback in advance EDIT: Forgot to add - do feel free to tell me i am silly and upgrading to FF will yield little benefits. That is also an open question.
  23. A couple months ago I drove to the east coast of Florida for a night dive at the Blue Heron Bridge. This was my first outing at BHB, and I was very happy with how the trip turned out. Even though I had my strobes mis-pointed for a good number of shots, which resulted in a distinct red cast on the photos from my focus light, the trip resulted in some very good (to me anyway) shots, and I've even printed the first photo below on a 36x24 canvas to hang in my living room. Here's a link to the gallery on SmugMug, for those interested in seeing the other shots I got. I'd love to get any feedback or critiques on these or the ones in the gallery. Thanks for looking! Brownstripe Octopus with Cushion Sea Star A Pair of Bareyed Hermit Crabs with Hitchhiker Anemones Solitary Yellowline Arrow Crab
  24. Bought new in 2016 and used for one overseas trip to Indonesia diving Bali and Lembeh. It is a complete multi lens package, wide zoom and macro with monitor, tripod, strobes, focus light, zoom gears, batteries, chargers, everything needed in one flight case. Everything is in excellent condition as you would expect from such little use. Accessible seals removed while in storage, full set of unused spares provided. The camera has had additional use, it has a shutter count of 17,084 (from a quick search online the camera has an expectancy of 200,000 actuations). In order to provide full transparency - the HDMI cable to the external monitor was damaged by a boat handler during the trip, the cable works but occasionally loses signal with the external monitor, never enough to cause me a problem and it can be replaced for around £300. No leaks, always dry inside. Built up and tested for sale and photographs, everything seals and operates perfectly. Original packaging. Way more photos than you'll ever need here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2UBafrkMEaM7hi9j6 Open to offers and discussion but selling as a complete kit as I'm not willing to separate. Postage within the UK. £9,350 Full List: Sony A7RM2 Camera Body Sony FE 16-35mm f4 Lens Sony FE 90mm Macro f2.8 Lens SmallHD 501 Monitor, Acrylic Screen Protector & Neoprene Sleeve FIT LED 1200 Underwater Video Light Kit Zen Underwater Tripod Plate Nauticam NA-A7II housing Nauticam NA-502H Housing for Small HD 502 Nauticam 18cm Lanyard With Snap Hooks Nauticam N100 Macro Port 105 for Sony FE 90mm Nauticam 180mm wide angle port Nauticam N100 to N120 35.5mm port adapter Nauticam Extension Ring 50 With lock Nauticam SE1635-F Focus Gear Nauticam SE1635-Z Zoom Gear Nauticam SE90-F Focus Gear for Sony FE 90mm Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve II Nauticam Mini Flash Trigger For Sony 2x Nauticam Nauticam to Sea & Sea Optical Fiber Cable 2x Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobe Nauticam M10 Strobe Mount Ball Ultralight AC-NB Neck Ball 10Bar Double Ball Arm 150mm 2x Nauticam 200mm Double Ball Arm 4x Nauticam 125mm Double Ball Arm 8x StiX Jumbo Floats for Ultralight Arms 2x Single Ball INON Direct Base III H20 Long Ball Joint Clamp H20 Ball Adapter M6 13x H20 Ball Joint Clamp Ball Adapter 1/4 20 2x H20 Ball Adapter 1/4 20 Hawk Woods Sony DV A7S Dummy Battery (For Use With DV-F550 Battery) 3x Sony NP-FW50 Battery (For Sony A7RM2) 3x Canon LP-E6 Battery (For SmallHD) 3x Hawk Woods DV-F550 Battery (For Use With Hawk Woods Sony DV A7S Dummy Battery) 2x Charger Plate for Canon LP-E6 8.4V (For Fomito Dual Digital Battery Charger) 2x Charger Plate for Sony F550 F750 8.4V (For Fomito Dual Digital Battery Charger) 2x Charger Plate for Sony NP-FW50 FW50 8.4V (For Fomito Dual Digital Battery Charger) Fomito Dual Digital Battery Charger 8x Enelopp Pro AA 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery 2x Ansmann Powerline 4 Light Battery Charger (For 8x Enelopp Pro AA 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery) 2x Sandisk 128GB SD Memory Card Sigma Microfibre Cloth Rocket Air Blower Peli Air 1615WD Hard Case With Inserts
  25. "Turn-Key" system For somebody looking for an affordable, but high quality ready-to-go system, this package might be a good fit. This system is just not getting enough use, so I am looking for a good home for it. It's in really good shape with no scratches and has been very well cared for. Never any leaks or problems. (See notes on pump, below) I shot mostly video, but this camera shoots terrific stills. If you have questions about this camera, and have a serious inquiry, feel free to reach out to me via this site, or text me. (310) 968-5845. I'm in Culver City, California, and I would like to keep this transaction in the lower 48 please. I am asking $2,200 plus shipping to your location. The reason the price is so low is that I just want to be done with it. This package was purchased originally from Samy's camera and Bluewater Photo in Culver City. Happy to provide more photos or information, or discuss further if you are a seriously interested. All the best, Blake Hottle Nauticam NA - A6300 Housing for Sony a6300 Mirrorless camera -including M14 vacuum valve II system, spare 0- rings Sony a6300 camera 4K Sony mirrorless camera including two batteries Nauticam port 45 with Focus/Zoom knob Underwater lens port for Sony E PZ16-50 mm lens Nauticam SE1650- PZ zoom gear for Sony E PZ 16-50mm lens Nauticam SE1018 zoom gear for Sony10-18mm lens Nauticam 7 inch dome for Sony 10-10mm lens or Olympus 12-40mm Acrylic with two neoprene protective covers Sony SEL 10-18mm Wide Angle zoom lens f4 Sony PZ 16-50 standard zoom lens by Sony Sony BCQm1 Battery charger Nauticam pump for vacuum system Pump for leak detection system This is functional, but you will notice that it has been repaired because the tip degraded. I was too cheap to replace it-sorry SKU # 25632 is the replacement part from Nauticam if you are annoyed with this one $47.00 Xit 404 Tripod plate base plate for tripod legs or control arms Bluewater Macro 67 67mm macro lens for use with 16-50mm lens and flat port Excellent
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