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Found 169 results

  1. For Sale: In "AS-IS/USED" Condition- 2 Ikelite DS 125 Strobes and Sync Cables Both turn on in the Test mode as shown in the photos. Included is one single sync cable, and one Y-shaped sync cable to connect the Ikelite strobes to a bulkhead. Batteries for both are functioning, and I have the chargers for both. I purchased these used off E-bay a few years back and upgraded my system so am looking to let go of these. I also have a few spare o-rings for the sync cords that I will throw in as well. Will sell for $200 or best offer, I will pay shipping, to be paid by PayPal only. US Shipping only.
  2. Hi, I currently have Canon 80d with one archon video light 10 000lm and started doing some shots in overhead environment. Some of the divers ina team carry video lights as well to mąkę scenę better lighted. But now its Time for more(strobe) because: - its difficult for communication with video lights - not enough of light Can anyone advise on good one strobe convinient for such conditions? I was thinking about Z330 or Sea Sea ds-1. Would it be good choice?
  3. Hi All, It might be easier to sell this system peace-meal. I would prefer not to, but that is okay. Below is a list of what I paid from Backscatter (I have all receipts). The equipment isn't even a year old until November. I got bent on a dive recently and I need to take a little time away from diving so I am selling my equipment for now. 1.) 2 - Sea & Sea - YS-D2 Strobes - PAID $689.95 EACH - Total for two was $1,371.90. I will part with them at a 20% discount so a total of $1,097 total. This does not include the fiber optic cables which I have 3 of. Those cost me $100 each and I will apply the same discount if you want them. 2.) 1 - Keldan 4X 9000 Lumen Video light - PAID $1,390 - I will part with this at a 20% discount for a total of $1,112 3.) Nauticam WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens - 130 degree - PAID $1,150 - I will part with this at a 20% discount and include the soft and hard cover ($80 value) for a total of $920 4.) Nauticam CMC-1 Macro Wet Lens 4.5X - PAID $370 - I will part with this at a 20% discount for a total of $296 5.) Ultralight Clamps - I have about 8 Ultralight clamps. They go for $30 each. I will see them for $20 each 6.) 2- Ultralight 8" Large Buoyancy Arms by 2" wide - PAID $68 EACH - I will sell for $54 each 7.) 2 - Ultralight 8" Double Ball Arm - PAID $47 - I will sell for $37 (I will include free buoyancy floats 8.) Buoyancy Collar for WWL-1 Wet Lens (super important to have) - PAID $80 - I will sell for $64 9.) 1- Ultralight 12" Large Buoyancy Arms by 1" wide - PAID $55 - I will sell for $44 10.) Nauticam EMI - MKII Housing for Olympus EM1 - MK II including Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve II - PAID $2,120 - I will part with this perfect piece of machinery for $1700 11.) Nauticam N85 Power Zoom Macro Port 29 - PAID $320 - I will part with this for $256 (this is necessary and essential piece if you want to use the M.Zuiko 14-42mm zoom lens so that you can use the WWL-1 and CMC-1 wet lenses effectively with the camera.) 12.) Nauticam Zoom Gear for Panasonic 14-42mm lens - PAID $180 - I will part with this for $144
  4. Hi everyone Ive been around the forum for a while but never posted before. Im in a bit of a quandary, I have a nice 5DmkIV but no experience or equipment for underwater. To date Ive used go pros and recently purchased the 7 black. Im by no means a professional, I like to take photos blow them up and hang them on the wall and in a coffee table book I put together but thats it. Ive read a lot of good stuff on the TG5, and Ive been watching some underwater housings for my canon, but the more I read and learn the more indecisive I get. I have a dive trip to Bimini to swim with hammerheads in a couple weeks, from what Ive heard thats only 15-25 feet deep and want to take some great photos! Debating if strobes would be necessary and toying with getting strobes for the GoPro? Is that silly? Then I have a trip to Fiji next month which Id like to bring some equipment, but dont really want to lug a huge pelican case across the planet. Is there a efficient backpack size setup for my Canon that I can get? Does anyone have experience with a GoPro and strobes? Is the Olympus significantly better than the GoPro? Does anyone have any tips for hammerheads? Ive read a few posts. Also is anyone selling an old housing or set up that would fit my mkIV. Thanks for any and all responses, I feel like im out of my depth here.
  5. Two Sci-Fi Strobes. While collecting information on our beloved and often frustrating underwater strobes (1), I came across two ‘back from the future’ strobes which may be of interest to Wetpixel members, one maybe for underwater use, the other to photograph a bullet as it shoots out of your favorite gun. They seem to be of interest as they may portend the kind of underwater strobes in our future. First, here is the just released Vela Strobe, compact, elegantly designed, with four AA batteries to power it for all day use. I quote its description (2): “The Vela One is the fastest flash you can buy. Take pin-sharp photos of supersonic bullets and explosions using a normal SLR. The pulse width is adjustable between 500ns (1/2,000,000 sec) and 5µs (1/200,000 sec), which is fast enough to freeze a high velocity rifle bullet in flight. It can flash continuously at up to 50fps, and burst at up to 100kHz. This extremely short pulse means it needs to be orders of magnitude brighter than other LED flashes to achieve a usable exposure. The Vela One boasts nine ultra-bright 5000 lm chip-on-board LEDs, which are boosted over 2000%, giving peak flux of up to 1 million lumens.” (Please see Footnote 1) The second strobe exists only as a two year old patent application (3) designed, maybe for deep diving submersibles, to work underwater at depths of 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) and to emit up to 30,000 lumens using a compact panel of 108 LED chips, in a hand-held light and photographic flash. The interesting idea is the use of a microprocessor to set and maintain a constant voltage to fire the LEDs (Footnote 2).. Comment: Given the Vela’s small size, low power consumption and ultra-fast flashes, let us hope it soon re-incarnates as an all-solid state underwater photo strobe. Notably, these two strobes of the future are built around, not flash tubes, but high lumen LED’s (4). -- Footnote 1: The Vela brochure is instructive on how to design a high performance strobe: “THE VELA SOLUTION: A MILLION LUMENS For pin-sharp shots you need a much faster flash, and the Vela One is 100 times faster. With a flash speed starting at 1/2,000,000 second, or 500 nanoseconds, the Vela One will stop a supersonic, high velocity rifle bullet in its tracks. We've all seen the beautiful high speed shots of bullets passing through playing cards and apples. If you want to take these sort of photos today, you will either need a high speed camera costing tens of thousands of dollars, or a dangerous and expensive air gap flash. These use a high voltage spark to generate the short, bright flash needed. As they run at over 25,000 volts and need regular and dangerous electrode replacement, it's not surprising you can't buy them commercially. If you want one you either need to buy a vintage one for thousands of dollars, or you must build one yourself. Many super talented people have done this, but it's not an option for most of us. We wanted to solve this. To solve the problem we turned to LEDs. Until now this has been impossible, as high speed flashes need to be extremely bright in order to get enough light onto your sensor in such a short period. We worked out we'd need to aim for up to one million lumens. If we used regular ultra-bright (500lm) LEDs we would need around 2000 to achieve this. This is obviously far too expensive and impractical. Instead we turned to the latest "chip-on-board" LEDs. These are designed for applications such as exterior lighting of large buildings. Even at ten times the brightness of the regular LEDs we'd need 200 of them, which is still far too expensive and impractical. This is where we had to get clever. After months of experimenting with different circuits and LEDs, we have built a circuit that drives nine LEDs up to 20 times brighter than rated, without damaging them or overheating, pumping out up to one million lumens. We've flashed our test units hundreds of thousands of times, and they power on through. That's years of normal use, and far longer than a speedlight will last. (2) Footnote 2: This strobe is designed for a depth of 1,000 meters and does not seem to fulfill a real time need, but who am I to say. References: 1. Underwater Strobe Finder – 2019 edition. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=64076 2. Vela One high speed photo flash. https://shop.vela.io/products/vela-one-high-speed-photo-camera-flash?mc_cid=7dde9af900&mc_eid=072409961b 3. Feiberg, Dirk and Frey, Charles L.: High Intensity Marine LED Strobe And Torch Light. United States Patent Application 20170343185 http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20170343185.pdf 4. Inexpensive high power, white light, 5700K COB (circuit on a board) LED’s: https://www.mouser.com/Optoelectronics/LED-Lighting/LED-Emitters/High-Power-LEDs-White/_/N-8usfj?P=1y962e6Z1yzt851&Keyword=cree+led&FS=True
  6. These strobes have only been used on 8 dive trips and work perfectly. When not used, the batteries have been properly maintained. The package includes 2 s6 cabels and rechargers for the batteries as well as diffusers. I paid $5942 USD and I am asking $2500 USD. I will accept PayPal and the buyer must pay for shipping. Please enquire further for photos.
  7. For sale: A complete buoyancy arm set of two Ultralight 12" buoyancy arms, with four clamps, for $90, including shipping. This is perfect for wide angle photography. If interested, please PM, or through my website at http://www.kandfoto.comor on FB at https://www.facebook.com/Kandfoto
  8. Hello, I'm selling 2 Ikelite DS-160 strobes, 2 extra batteries, and 2 fiber optic converters. Everything is in like-new condition, was purchased in Dec-18, and used on only one trip. Strobes: $600 ea. Batteries: $150 ea. Fiber Optic Converters: $90 ea. Everything together: $1500 Happy to send pictures of provide any additional info. Best, Todd toddbretl.com
  9. FOR SALE: IKELITE HOUSING for Nikon D7000: 800€ (Cheap because TTL circuit is NOT working) FLAT PORT 5505.46 for 105mm: 70€ FLAT PORT for 60mm: 100€ DOME 6” 5503: 160€ used only 2 times DOME 8” 5510.45 + extension 5510.22: 350€ IKELITE STROBE DS160: 500€ IKELITE STROBE DS161: 650€ Ikelite TTL SYNC CORD 4103.51 (Ike-Ike): 60€ Ikelite DUAL TTL SYNC CORD 4103.52 (Ike-Ike): 100€ Tamron 10-24mm: 200€ 2 battery chargers for D7000, D7100, D7200...: 15€ each TOTAL: 3.020€ SELLING FOR: 2.720€ VALUE: 5.750€ Please, DM for more info and pics. Thanks.
  10. I'd like to sell a pair of Subtronic Pro 160 in used but working condition. The set includes: 2x Subtronic Pro 160 "ISR" incl. 25mm ball 2x Battery Arms 2,6ah including floats 3x Battery Arms 1,3ah 3x Nikonos 5 Strobe cables 4x clamps 2x charger For the condition, have a look on the pictures. Preise 1.450€ or nearest offer. Maybe willing to split, depending on offer. Shipping on buyers expense. Strobes are located in Germany, near Hamburg.
  11. Hi all, I just received this message via email from Backscatter. I've been waiting for two strobes for almost two months. "We want to touch base regarding your order # XXXX. Unfortunately, we just received word from Retra that they have stopped production on strobes. We will not be able to fulfill your order. We apologize for this disappointment. An announcement will be made by Retra regarding future plans in coming weeks. However, these plans do not include production of any strobes in 2018. " Any comments? Do you know what happened or any info?
  12. Hello everyone, Does anyone have input in regards to the best batteries for a pair of YS-D2 strobes? I have heard good things about the Amazon Basics, Eneloops, or Eneloops Pro. Thanks in advance, Oscar Ramirez.
  13. Hello everyone, I am upgrading to a Nauticam D850 system and am selling my Nauticam D7100 housing and other gear. I'd like to sell as a system if possible. We can talk about breaking it apart if I don't have any luck selling it as a pack. I also have two lenses that I'm selling separately from the Nauticam system I'm parting with. System ($4500) Nauticam DA 7100 housing: Comes with a Nikonos Sync port for hard wiring strobes if you want. Pretty decent condition but like any housing put to good use there are some scratches, mainly along the bottom. Never gotten wet inside and the internal mechanisms are like new. Nikon D7100 Bodies: I have three bodies but am keeping the primary body for a friend. It has the most use. The two remaining bodies are very clean and have not been used nearly as much as my primary, which, again, I'm keeping. Cosmetically, the bodies are very clean. I am open if someone does not want both bodies, but my personal preference is to have a back up. Each body comes with battery, charger, cable, strap and manuals in their original Nikon boxes. Nikon 10-24 DX lens: I used this lens on five dives only and on a trip to Hawaii topside. Otherwise it is essentially new. You will need a dome port as I am keeping mine. Also includes the appropriate Nauticam zoom gear. Zen Mini Dome (non removable shade version). In very good condition. Glass is flawless with no scratches, body has minimal cosmetic wear. Tokina 10-17 lens. I have only used this lens underwater. When not diving it is sealed inside of the housing and stored in an ice chest. Very clean, no visible wear. Includes Nauticam zoom gear. Kenko 1.4X tele-converter with extended zoom gear. Does NOT include the Nauticam 20mm extension ring required to use this device. I'm keeping that for my new system. Two Inon Z240's. I have four of these and the two for this system are the back ups, so they have less use and are cleaner than my primary strobes. Each strobe comes with a ball mount. Still, there is some minor scratches on the body but nothing that in any way affects form, fit or function. Each comes with a diffuser and spare o-ring set. Does NOT include fiber optic cables. 800 Lumen Fisheye Fix aiming light. The light works great but the lock switch does not prevent the dial from rotating when not in use. If it gets bumped it can turn the light on. Comes with two batteries and charger. Also Selling: Nikon D810 body only: $1700. Cosmetically clean. 30,714 shutter clicks so a lot of bandwidth to go to the expected life of 200,000 shutter actuations. Comes with battery, strap, manuals, cable and original box. Sigma 20mm 1.4 ART. Beautiful lens. Bought it for astrophotography but never really ended up using it. Been sitting sealed in a case for just under two years, so it is really in perfectly new condition. $600 FIRM I have photos of everything listed above. Just shoot me an email if you want them. Joe [at] joebelanger.com
  14. Both strobes are in excellent condition (see pictures). I am selling because I upgraded to another system. I am asking $325 each or $550 for both plus shipping. Paypal Only and Continental US shipping only. Enid T.
  15. Hi and greetings from Vanuatu. I am new to the forum and have some queries re the Nauticam TTL Converter for Nikon. I have Nikon 500 with Nauticam housing, nauticam ttl converter, one Z240 inon and one D2000 inon strobes. I also use a big blue 2800 torch as a focus light. I have just made the move to DSLR from an RX100II set up and have never had major problems with strobe output until now (I used TTL only for the Sony) I only recently installed the TTL converter which was ordered with the camera but arrived sometime later. Consequently I have been using manual modes and tried the TTL mode in the last 2 weeks. To my surprise I am finding my shots are very much underexposed. I have been shooting macro with 105mm Nikon lens. In TTL mode I found that increasing strobe power by turning EV switch left made no difference. The settings I had were: Strobe switches on TTL nauticam fibre optic connection flash in camera stetting - front curtain sync Both switches on the TTL converter itself are down (for Inon and TTL) On camera - Menu E – bracketing flash:E.1 Flash Sync Speed 1/250 (NOT auto FP) E.2 Flash Shutter speed 1/60 Camera was showing I-TTL symbol Camera set on Manual – iso 100, films speeds were varied 80-160, F-stops from 11 to 20 Strobes in close to housing, focus light on (white) I subsequently tried the strobes at home and found that when firing quickly, the Z240 would periodically not fire. I changed the physical TTL switch to manual and found I had full control over the strobes using the strobe dials themselves IF the magnets were engaged. Again in TTL mode on the converter - no real difference in output by either camera controls or strobe switches. I am a bit perplexed ed as to the TTL issue and was wondering: - what impact does the focus light have - I had it on high (white light)? - using two different strobes - Z240 more powerful than D2000 - what impact? Certainly it seems the z240 was taking longer to recycle. Also - re the TTL converter module - my understanding is that to change to manual underwater I need to change camera setting E1 to a sync speed of 1/250 (auto FP). I gather the strobe output settings can also be changed in camera by using flash compensation (-3 ev to +1ev?). Presumably this can be done to change the output in TTL mode as well? I have learned through various forums that with the Inon's and Nikon D500 the strobe magnets need to be "on" tpo have manual control. No issue there - but effectively makes the choice of manual or TTl with the D 2000 difficult as the magnet needs to be screwed in before hand whereas the Z240 is easy to change underwater. My query - when the camera is set at 1/250 (auto FP) with magnets engaged - does this mean the strobes are in full manual mode and able to be controlled in camera and by switch regardless of whether the Converter switch inside the housing is set to M or TTL? I am learning as I go. If anyone has experienced similar issues and can offer some advice I would be most appreciative. There are not many people I can ask here in Vanuatu! Best Regards John
  16. Its your luck day! I am offering any or all these items pictured here for an incredible price(s). Here are your choices: Package Includes:1 x DS161 Strobe Front, 1 x Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack, 1 x Smart Charger for NiMH with (USA Plug Euro Plug, UK Plug, Australian Plug),1 x Diffuser Ikelite's DS161 is one of the most popular strobes in the industry, with amazing specs and ultra fast recycle time. Guide # (ISO 100) feet - 76 surface - 38 underwater * Angle of Coverage - 90 degrees - 100 degrees with diffuser. Warm light color temperature compared to other strobes. 225 flashes per full charge. Ikelite's DS50 strobe (4 AA batteries not included) This is the older version of DS51 and is in great working condition. Angle of coverage 75 deg or 80 deg. with diffuser. Great as a starter strobe or used as a second strobe for creative lighting. Together with the DS161 described above, you have a great start to lighting your underwater photography. Optical slave converters: These conveniently attach to the individual strobe. EV Controller triggers your Ikelite DS-series strobe off any camera or strobe flash. The Optical Slave Converter simply attaches to the strobe's electrical bulkhead via the cord connector. Triggering of the strobe occurs via flash or pre-flash. As I said, this is your lucky day and if you wish to pursue this deal please contact me at ppeart@gmail.com and we'll discuss terms and conditions. Thanks for your interests. Peter
  17. I have a pair of Ikelite strobes that I want to get rid of. One is in excellent condition and functions flawlessly. I flooded the other through the electrical sync bulkhead. Ikelite gave me an estimate of around $400 to fix it. I have two batteries, both of which work perfectly. There's also some other accessories for these strobes. A full list is below. I'm happy to ship UPS Ground at no cost. I'd prefer payment via Venmo, if possible. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can reply to this thread or shoot me a DM. Thanks! 1 DS161 (Functioning) 1 DS161 (Not flashing, modeling light still works) 2x Battery packs 1 Super Charger 2x Dome Diffusers 1x Dual Nikonos to Ikelite sync cord 2x ball mounts
  18. I'm pretty new to underwater photography but I'm look for which strobe or strobe manufacture allows for the fastest shutter speed possible? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I have 2 Inon Z240 Strobes for sale. Both in excellent condition, one has only been used on 1 dive. I will pay shipping within the continental US. Price is $600 each. I will include the two sets of Inon optical D cables with the purchase. One set is 17" and the other is 27".
  20. Hi. I need a set of strobes to help collect surface images of the cave floor. That means flat, even lighting, while shooting 5-15' above the floor. That also means not interested in macro abilities or dramatic shadows or contrast, really not for making pretty shots (though maybe when the opportunity arises). For this project, I expected to be using someone else's rig that worked well for me on a previous project in which we used video lights. The lights worked well enough because the canon 5D is awesome in low light, but still there was some edge effects that were less than ideal. This time, I will be using my own Panasonic Lumix Lx10. I like video lights, and was planning to purchase some, but everyone keeps telling me that for less money, I can get brighter light for my stills with strobes. Since this wasn't an expected expense that I could have written into my grant, I will be buying these strobes with my own money... and I'm a grad student, so that ain't a deep pool to dive. I'm looking at three budget options: Inon S-2000, Sea & Sea ys-01, and ys-03. Someone at Backscatter told me that I should steer clear of the ys-03 because I will probably want lower power shots for the cave, and there's no manual control. My thought was that my focus light will allow the camera to communicate the need for a lower power flash if need be. But, more control options are usually better. Backscatter also has an article that found that the YS-01 is a lot brighter than the S-2000. But, the S-2000 has the external accessible sensor that may mean I have a wireless option to play with if I need it. Any insights from more experienced photographers would be super helpful. Thanks for any comments. Cheers.
  21. I'm selling all my strobes that are in perfect working order & in great condition. There are a few scuff marks but the strobe works flawlessly. Never flooded. Sea & Sea YS-120 Duo- $150.00 Sea & Sea YS-90DX Duo- $120.00 Sea & Sea YS-30 Duo -$60.00 Selling separately but if you buy all three will discount.
  22. For sale Complete set for Nikon D810. All equipment is in very good condition. I prefer to sell in 2 packages (see below for package details). Housing and more : · 1 x Nauticam housing for D810 + ball mount for handle + lanyard kit $ 2500 · 1 x Nauticam straight viewfinder $ 750 · 2 x BST 8in arms + 2 x BST 5in arms + floats $ 135 · 1 x Zen 9in glass dome $ 1235 · 1 x Zen 4in glass dome $ 700 · 1 x Nauticam macro port for 105mm $ 300 · 1 x Nauticam macro port for 60mm $ 260 · 1 x Nauticam 20mm extension ring $ 180 · 1 x Nauticam 70mm extension ring $ 215 · 1 x Zoom gear for Nikon 16-35 F4 $ 125 · 1 x Focus gear for Nikon 105mm F2.8 $ 125 · 2 x ball mount for focus light $ 45 · 2 x Ikelite DS-160 strobes with lithium battery + 1 x spare battery $ 1365 · 2 x sync cord Nikonos @ Ikelite $ 200 · 1 x Nauticam SMC-1 + flip $ 415 · 1 x Nauticam multiplier-1 $ 290 · 1 x Subsee +5 $ 125 · 10 x BTS clamp $ 200 · 1 x Ultralight tri-clamp $ 20 · 1 x Sola photo 1200 focus light + ball mount $ 260 · 1 x Ultralight 3in ball arm $ 15 · 1 x Pelican case #1614 $ 235 · TOTAL……………………………………………………………………………………... $ 9695 Price if sold as a package : $ 9200 USD Camera gears : · 1 x Nikon D810 body $ 1800 · 1 x Nikon 16-35mm F4 $ 715 · 1 x Nikon 105mm F2.8 $ 580 · 1 x Nikon 60mm F2.8 $ 385 · 1 x Sigma 15mm F2.8 fisheye (shade cut to fit in the 4in glass dome) $ 395 · 1 x Kenko 1.4 teleconverter Nikon mount $ 90 · TOTAL……………………………………………………………………………………... $ 3965 Price if sold as a package : $ 3765 USD Extra gears : · 2 x Ultralight 8in arms + 2 x Ultralight 5in arms + floats $ 125 · 1 x Nauticam 8in acrilyc dome with a little scratch $ 250 · 1 x Nauticam SMC-1 with a little scratch $ 150 I will ship worlwide and payment will be via Paypal. If you wish to purchase separate pieces, shipping costs will be at your expense. Insured shipments only. Do not hesitate if you have any question. attachment=40572:01.jpeg][ Attached Images
  23. I'm selling a pair of used Sea&Sea YS 120Duo Strobes they have never been flooded and are in very good working condition They are $150 each/$300 pair and currently I'm selling them as a set, because they use 8AA batteries they are perfect for travel as you can get those batteries anywhere or use rechargeable Eneloop batteries too. Buyer pays domestic shipping and PayPal fees my email is deedeeflores01@aol.com which always gets a quicker reply Thanks DeeDee
  24. Triggerfish Slave Unit & 10m Sync Cord Extension Brand new Triggerfish Slave Unit Senser - $115 Brand new 10m 5-Pin Sync Cord Extension - $175 Excellent condition used Sea & Sea 5-Pin Sync Cord - $40 By all three together for an off-camera strobe package at $285. Tracked Shipping from Thailand at buyers expense. Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer
  25. Hello, I would like to pick up 1 or 2 pairs of YS120 DUO Strobes with diffusers. No flooded units, only in good workning condition. I am located in Sweden so I would prefer a seller in Europe regarding VAT and shipping costs - but I am open for any offers. Please send me your offers to mattias.tancred@gmail.com Regards Mattias
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