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Found 197 results

  1. I'm looking to buy a housing for my Nikon D7000. Also looking for strobes and arms as well.
  2. GATES Underwater Video Camera Housing for Panasonic HVX-200a (works equally well with hvx200). Asking $2900 for housing. In excellent used condition. This is a killer underwater filming setup. Buy my Fathom super-wide port too, if you have the cash- that seals the deal. This housing is rugged, field adjustable, all mechanical controls (nothing electronic to fiz out and ruin your day). It also swims with utter sweetness- you can trim it to perfection and it will hold steady with a single finger on it. Single owner, purchased new and treated with great care- everything works as it did when it was new. Buy this for less than half what I paid and get yourself a great deal. Original accessories included- handles, base plate, trim weights, manual. Comes with flat port (GATES, glass)- the port glass has a few faint marks from being in the marine environment but nothing that affects the image while shooting. Also included- large rolling pelicase for transport, with custom foam. Plus, spare o-ring kits for maintenance. SWP - Super wide port. In pristine condition. $2350. Includes customized pelicase. Amazing piece of glass- this is the one piece of camera gear I have owned that makes the image look even better than it does in real life. Underwater it helps you take incredible images- it was the best investment I made in my filmmaking career. Everyone on any boat I ever dove from had severe camera envy. Port is in excellent used condition. The glass is pristine. Port comes with a large pelicase for transport, and buoyancy tubes so you can trim the housing to perfection. This port also works with the Sony EX1 Gates housing.
  3. Hello all, Did a quick video of couple of clips I got on my trip to Cocos on December 14-24 onboard Okeanos Aggressor. We were not exactly lucky with the conditions for this trip as pelagics had a bit of a week off, I suspect moon phase was probably key (it seems that the current trip is having a blast as my friend is still on board :-/ ) That's my first attempt at editing video somewhat moderately complex so things are not exactly tip-top but I like the result so far. I retrospectively should have done a little bit more videos. In the last 4 days, I fixed the GoPro on top of my dome to have continuous shooting. I had left the GoPro magic filter at home, I would have been interested to see the difference. I missed some close encounters not having that where I had a Galapagos shark shooting straight through a channel at coming head on at me, a tiger shark coming on top and behind us while we were busy looking the other way and another one shadowing me for a minute. I never had the video on for those encounters or was of course busy facing it the other way while my head was looking somewhere els The dolphin shooting is courtesy of Capt Alberto Munoz from Okeanos aggressor, we got them again on the next dive and I was busy trying to shoot them on still (they were a bit more nervous). I started to post some pictures on Flickr [vimeo]56530182[/vimeo]
  4. In middle of November I was invited by a friend to take on the task of shooting underwater 12 women athletes, members of water polo team OXYGEN for the needs of their 2013 annual calendar! Before the shooting I was thinking about this task and waited to meet masculine athletes with their competition swimsuits and the classic water polo hats but instead of this classic cliché image I met 12 beautiful girls full of joy and energy more models than athletes in body shape, ready to transform into colorful mermaids! The girls had already chosen the fabric color and were fighting for the month they wanted to represent. While I was preparing the underwater studio, my assistant Rabea was given the task to dress the models with the long fabrics creating improvised dresses and give brief instructions on how to pose underwater. All girls surpassed the given instructions and all expectations posing with extraordinary grace and confidence, giving me dozens of grate shots! After a six hour shooting without stop we celebrated and laughed a lot with backstage incidents just to regain energy for the editing. As a result, the girls had many stunning images to select for their calendar, which was designed and printed with extra care just two days before the official presentation in a modern bar in center of Thessaloniki. I have to mention that the calendar was not made just for the experience but because the girls were looking for an interesting way to fund their participation in the final phase of the national championship on July - August 2013 So, if someone wants to have this stunning calendar and help the girls in their cause can order it and receive it in a few days!
  5. FOR SALE: Anthis Nexus 40D Housing for Canon 40D or 50D DSLR Camera Owned from new and cared for impeccably. This professional underwater housing comes with the following: Nexus 40D housing (new price over $2600 – when purchased was over $3000) Canon 40D Camera (new price around $1500) Canon 18-55 EFS f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens (good general purpose lens) Canon 10-22 f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens (New price over $1000) Nexus Flat port to suit 18-55 Lens (New price over $500) Nexus Optical Dome port to suit 10-22 Wide angle lens (New price over $1000) Extra Body and port Orings and other spares. Extras include rubber port caps, Handle extensions both sides, clear filter kit for flash, Silicon grease and original packaging and manuals. Ports are full alloy, with glass optical quality lenses. Nexus Housings have a depth rating of 75m. The wide angle lens and port were purchased new in 2011. This is a fantastic optical glass port and is ultra compact compared to many of the enormous domes you see in water. I am not selling my strobes. As it is, the housing is compatible with any TTL Fibreoptic strobe connections. There are 2 fibreoptic ports on this housing. TTL and the fibreoptic connection is an amazing system that has no electric connections thereby minimising the risk of flooding. The nexus housing is also suitable for standard Nikonos sync ports. Inon make a fantastic 45deg viewfinder that attaches easily providing a FULL view of the frame even with a scuba mask on! I am not selling this. Nexus make a fantastic product. I am selling only to upgrade to a Nexus housing for my Canon 5D. I will be staying with Nexus housings. I would prefer to sell the housing as a complete kit, but will consider offers (eg without the camera or individual ports/lenses). The kit is ready to use now, but will be fully complete with the addition of a strobe. Will consider offers over $3500. A search on the internet found a previously sold housing without the ports, lenses and camera for $2500. You will never buy such a package that is ready to go for such a low price. I will happily offer ongoing advice on use, care and maintenance. Postage will be at cost price depending on location and can be with or without insurance. Buyer's preference.
  6. FS: SEA&SEA Housings, CANON D60 & REBEL Cameras Dual Strobes, Arms, Ball Joints, Plates Syncs, Power cords, Aiming Light, O-Ring Kits Fish Eye Dome Port, Flat Port, NOT a scratch on them ! 28mm-90mm & 20mm Lenses, Gears Lots of extras, everything like "New" in the boxes Take it ALL for $4,000. or everything but 1 camera & housing make an offer. 305-949-1194 or adventurescuba1@bellsouth.net
  7. Have you ever been on a plane where they show a bunch of underwater scenic reef shots? I have come up with my own short video of similar short scenics set to some soothing music to calm the masses have a look! http://youtu.be/Yub1ub00f-s
  8. I have a "like new" Ikelite underwater housing for a Canon 5D. Included is a flat port for a 50mm f/2.8 lens, an 8" dome port with extension for a 16-35mm f/2.8 lens (w/ B+W 77mm +4 close-up diopter NL-4), Substrobe DS-51, Digital TTL Single cord to one strobe, 8" double ball arm, 16" double ball arm. If interested, I also have a Canon 5D body for sell with the housing gear. I am asking $3000 for all the housing gear including Canon 5D camera body. w/o camera body - $2500 -or best offer- Contact: Jon Little jon@jonlittlephotography.com
  9. Congratulations to the winners of the APA Awards 2012 Annual Photo Competition. My image of a Leopard seal about to make a snack out of a penguin was named Best of Show. Here's a listing of the winners, and you can look at a Dripbook of everyone here.
  10. Sharing some of my considerations... http://wp.me/p2QoIB-1v
  11. I decided to release my 116-minute documentary about the marine life of Thailand and Burma in its entirety on YouTube. This was a real labour of love for me, and represents a pretty big chunk of my life, so I thought I'd give it its own thread rather than tacking it to the end of my thread about the series. I hope that's OK. Feel free to share and embed it anywhere. It looks best at 720p, and there are a number of closed caption options under the CC button including the names of all the species and dive sites. Enjoy! [youtubehd]8ncUVddkK3Q[/youtubehd]
  12. Ready to go in the pool tonight http://wp.me/P2QoIB-2
  13. My buddy Jay is selling his sea and sea housing check it out. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sea-Sea-MDX-Underwater-Housing-for-Canon-5DMkII-/290795491167?pt=US_Camera_Underwater_Housings&hash=item43b4c30f5f. if you dont want to bid on it through ebay his email address is jay@likestoast.com
  14. *** For Sale - Light & Motion Bluefin HC9/HC7 Housing With Zoom Macro Port And A Sony HDR-HC7 Camcorder *** I am selling a brand new, never used, never wet Light & Motion Bluefin HC9/HC7 Underwater Housing and a Sony HDR-HC7 Camcorder. Both the housing and camcorder are in MINT CONDITION and work flawlessly. The housing has never been used or touched water. The camcorder has been used once or twice for a few minutes of topside activity. They've been in storage and I want to free up space and funds for a Nikon D800. The entire kit comes in a brand new Pelican 1510 carry-on protector case with padded dividers (FAA maximum carry-on size) Here is a YouTube link for a Light & Motion promo video for the housing. Below is a zip file containing photos of the setup. I am asking $2900 for the entire package. PayPal preferred, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. Doug LM Bluefin Images.zip
  15. Sea and Sea MDX-Pro 5D Mark II housing for sale Used for 1 year, 3 dive trips, excellent condition. Asking for $2700USD, VF45 viewfinder not included (include normal factory default viewfinder).
  16. Edit: David DB posted at the same time as me in the video forum. Mods, feel free to delete this to avoid duplication or to leave it here for stills-specific discussion. A video of the forthcoming GH3 has appeared on the Panasonic site. It's due to be officially announced on 17th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiSwGHPJw74 Here are the predicted specs from http://www.43rumors.com/ - 16 Megapixel “Wide dynamic range” CMOS Sensor. - New Venus 7 engine - electronic shutter - ISO 100-12.800 - 6fps - Fastest AF of any interchangeable lens system camera. - Video Bitrate 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I) - 60/50/30p/25p in MP4, MOV and AVCHD - 3.5 Mic in - built-in stereo mic - Audio out - Pc control - Time Code - 1740k OLED LVF, Touch Monitor OLED 610k. - external battery grip - Wifi with remote control through iOS and Android Applications - external XLR accessory - Focus Peaking - Interval shooting and slow motion. Slow Movie extension (40%, 50%, 80%) Fast 160/ 200 / 300% - Magnesium alloy body. Body is bigger than the GH2.
  17. This report was written by Amos Nachoum, Blase and Barbara Mills My guest, Bartosz, is submerged for more than 30 minutes in the cold water of the Okavango Delta. He is diving with our guide Brad on this crocodile expedition in Botswana. Topside, on the boat, Richard and I watch their bubbles surfacing from only one spot. They aren’t moving. This means they have found a croc! (Click on any image to enlarge it .) The sky is cobalt blue and a light wind rustles the papyrus which glistens in the wind like wheat in the sun. The air is full of sounds: monkeys, river birds and the seductive murmur of water. (Remember, you can click on any image to enlarge.) When Bartosz finally surfaces and climbs aboard, his eyes are twinkling. Still in his wetsuit and mask he eagerly checks his camera screen. After reviewing his pictures he looks up with a happy grin. He got his croc! Seconds later, Brad surfaces and beckons me into the water. I grab my camera and with the help of my teammates quickly join him in the river. After hours under the African sun, the chill water (55F) seeping into my wetsuit is a welcome relief. Brad leads me under the papyrus canopy into the hidden lair of the crocodiles and turns on the light of his new RED video camera. Illuminated in front of us is a 12 ft. young croc resting on white sand. The darkness around the pool of light is impenetrable and we are only at a depth of 15 ft. For the next 10 minutes Brad and I photograph the croc. The beast is calm and unmoving. But then things change. Irritated by the strobe lights, or perhaps by our presence around him, the croc rises on his forelegs and like a slow-motion scene in a sci-fi movie lurches towards us. With each step clouds of sand rise and its tail sweeps the silt into a ghastly whiteout. We back off, blinded by sand and satisfied with our encounter. Most mornings and late afternoons we film the fish eagle’s hunting behavior. Our method is simple and time tested. We catch a few tiger fish in the river. We set up the boat downwind, bracing it against the papyrus. Our guide, Brad, imitates the cry of an eagle and waves the fish up in the air. This brings the Eagle to a tree close by the riverbank. As the predator locks its eyes on the fish, Brad tosses the fish upriver against the wind. “Are you ready?” Brad asks. “Wait a minute “ Bartosz replies as he sets up his 400 mm lens mounted on a mini tripod. I scream “Good to go!” In three seconds or less the eagle spots the bait floating down the river. It spreads its majestic wings and turns into the wind. Then, fighting against the wind, struggling to accelerate, it flies towards the fish. As the eagle turns into the current of air, it dives down, skimming the water with the tip of its wings. It’s talons are now fully extend forward towards the floating fish. We photographers are all tense and silent waiting for Brad’s signal. “NOW!” Brad yells as the eagle start its turn, flying low over the water. There is a cacophony of cameras firing in frenzy—30 and up to 50 frames in less than 4 seconds. There is a sigh as we all exhale at the same time. Frantically we search through our images, focusing on our screens—Did you get? What did you get? Oh yes and oh no…. Let’s do it again and so on… The sun is setting behind the tall papyrus wetlands and soon we will face the chill of the African night. We tuck our cameras away and speed over the river to our Lodge. Long before we arrive we can smell the welcoming wood fire waiting for us on arrival. After hot tea and coffee we break for hot showers to end another exciting day on the river. For the next 6 days we explore different parts of the river in search of clear water. “Clear water” is a relative term in this kind of river diving; it means 15 to 20 feet visibility. Each section of the river has a different name. One section is called Fat Albert, after a croc by that name. The legend is as follows: this croc was located near a village in another area some 70 miles away. The croc became accustomed to people and boats and frequently would approach them. Everyone was worried he would hurt someone; consequently the croc was relocated down the river. Now we are searching for this beast. It is rumored he is 14 – 15ft long and 50-55 years old. Fat Albert channel, about 5 miles long, remains clear through the winter long after most others channels turn murky again. We explore this channel which is shallow, 12 to 20 feet deep with a sandy bottom. The contrast between a dark croc against white sand makes our work easier. We see no sign of Fat Albert until one morning someone screams “CROC!” We suit up with lightening speed as the boat moves up current. Together, we enter the water with a back-roll and speedily assemble on the river bottom. We brace ourselves as the current sweeps us forward. Pushing forward with our fins we dig them into the sand using them like brakes. By the time I see Fat Albert resting against the riverbed, I have passed him and am nearly on his tail. Dragging myself, my camera and strobes against the current I maneuver towards his head. I want to photograph this croc head on – looking directly toward its rows of white teeth. I look straight into the croc’s unmoving eyes. When I realize how big the beast’s head is, I move my camera like a shield in front of me and start shooting. The croc remains immobile. I inch closer and closer until the camera is too close to focus. I have the Canon 14 mm lens, which means I am merely 8 inches in front of dinosaur. Minutes later Fat Albert moves and each step creates a small sand storm. With apparent ease, this 14 feet long croc turns into the current disappears. We try to follow the beast but cannot battle the strong current. We stop, look at each other with a smile and raise our fist in sheer satisfaction and relief. We did it again, against all odds. I look forward to seeing Fat Albert and other crocodiles next year. Diving and photographing crocs is exciting and safe providing we use knowledge of the reptiles and their environment. Our guide, Brad, has been diving in the Okavango River for 12 years and is one of the leading experts on crocodiles. From experience he has learned crocs do not see well underwater and therefore feed mostly on the surface. Consequently, it is crucial to stay close to the riverbed while diving. It is also essential to take only 2 guests at a time so as not to crowd the croc and block its escape route. Join me next season so we can explore the Okavango River and its wildlife together, as I have done with John H, Daniel B, Bartosz B and John A… will you be next? For more images and a deeper look, visit my Facebook album about the Okavango Delta.
  18. Ikelite underwater Housing for Canon EOS 7D (body only) still in warranty only 8 months old , used only a handful of times, for surf photography. I have the spare parts it came with. I am based in the UK in windsor/LONDON (would prefer to meet in person, or will also post on ebay if shipping is required, which will be at extra cost) This unit sells in the uk for £1300 approx. im looking for £1050, its nearly new so price is fixed. THANKS below is the spec http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/can_7d.html Depth rating: 60m Controls for all camera functions exceept multi-controller and flash pop-up. Extension lever on back panel gives ergonomic movie start/stop control. Interchangeable port system. Port is supplied separately.(Port choice depends on lens to be used). Super-Eye long eye-relief viewfinder optic allows full frame viewing with diving mask. eTTL2 conversion circuitry provides full TTL operation with Ikelite DS-series substrobes. Two substrobes can be triggered using a dual sync cord. Exposure compensation buttons on rear of housing gives ±2 EV control range in TTL mode, or 8 manual settings in ½ EV steps. Non-Ikelite strobes can be used in manual mode only (with appropriate sync cord). Dimensions SLR-DC: With tray: 13.25"w, 8"h, 6.5"d. Without tray: 9.5"w, 6.75" h, including knobs. Weight: ~3.25Kg, 7.15lb without port. ~3.6Kg, 8lb with port. Buoyancy: slightly negative (depending on port).
  19. For Sale: Gates Underwater Video Housing for Sony PMW EX1R Gates EM43 External Monitor Fanthom Imaging SWP44C Super Wide Angle Port The housing is as new and has been used for only 30 dives! It has no scratches or defects and still under warranty until 31/8/2013 Original price: US$14304 Asking price: only US$10000 The price includes 2 pelican cases (1620 and 1560) for free! For further details and to view the photos of the product, please contact me at this forum or send us an email: fisheyehk@me.com
  20. While there is some diving in the NYC area, most of the vis is pretty bad and using WA is really tough! I had some WA gear and wanted to use it so I decided to in Coney Island... http://stillthrill.c...erwater-part-1/ Does anyone else find any other uses besides their backyard pool to shoot portraits? Anyone try fountains :-P ?
  21. A couple of updates to my website. Nikon D7000 underwater settings This is a page detailing all my settings used for Macro, Wide, Splits, and Video. It may be of use for new users. Any corrections or comments are most welcome. DIY macro lens mount Here's my macro lens holder using plumbing bits.
  22. Have a set of Green Force Squid 250 HID lights with batteries & chargers... Selling for $950usd Contact Johnny at: johnnyfriday (at) me.com
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