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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all I am new to the forum, but have searched from one end to the other and I think this is worthy of a new thread. Not sure if it is acceptable to rally for support to get a housing into production, so just shoot me if I am out of line. Small caliber only please We are Stock footage shooters and, to make our product as future proof as possible, are wanting to upgrade from our 4K BMPCC and our 6K RED Dragon, to the amazing Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K. BUT! We need an industry leading underwater housing for it, Nauticam. Nauticam China have un-officialy agreed, through our local supplier in Cape Town, to put this housing into R&D and production if they get at least 10 orders. Therefore, my post. Blackmagic have just slashed the price of their 12K Flagship, from $9995 to $5995. This will result in a big boost in sales and possibly also the number of users who want to take it underwater, so my timing is hopefully spot on. What I am trying to achieve with this post is to test the waters, as it were, to see just how close we will be able to get to Nauticam's 10 order threshold. The plan would be to get each interested cinematographer to place their order with their own preferred Nauticam supplier/stockist, wherever they may be, but to keep Nauticam in the loop when we place our orders. It is my understanding that the URSA Mini Pro 4K, the 4.6K, 4.6K G2 and the 12K should all fit into the same housing, but maybe one of the camera pro's can confirm that. Why bother moving to 12K? I see this question in so many forums. Well, if you are a stock footage shooter like us, 12K makes your product a lot more future-proof. Even if you are not concerned about future-proofing your work, the 12K image quality is even more mind blowing when you down scale to an 8K or 4K output. Furthermore, with frame rates like 4K @240fps, 8K @120fps and even 12K @60fps are industry leading speeds and take out all those underwater bumps and shakes, especially with that Super macro lens attached. Another major bonus is the digital cropping that can be done in post, which allows for a 9X zoom crop into the 12K frame and still produces a tack sharp TRUE 4K output. While working on a 4K or 8K production, having the ability to Zoom, pan and scan inside the 12K frame, gives one the ability to render any number of shots from the same single 12K clip. Lastly, the new Davinci Resolve 17.3 software update, with a ".. completely new processing engine.." now ".. work up to 3 times faster on Apple Mac models with the M1 chip", sorts out almost all those speed issues that Apple users were having with processing the BRAW files on their laptops. Get it now? A bit of a no-brainer. SO. If we are permitted to do this and anyone is seriously interested in getting the housing into production, then please let me know, and we can start the ball rolling. Thanks for your time Cheers Russ
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