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Found 21 results

  1. Shot last week in La Paz, Mexico. I was lucky enough to get the green light coming in and never had trouble with my camera. I found them incredibly hard to shoot. Keeping up with them on snorkel was exhausting. No such thing as framing, I was just holding down the trigger blindly. Thankfully there were plenty of keepers. All critique welcomed. whale shark by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-3 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-5 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-8 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-7 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-14 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr
  2. Thailand is slowly opening up again to quarantine free international tourism, with citizens from 10 nations (incl UK, US & China) being welcomed from November 1st. Without a doubt, one of the highlights of scuba diving Thailand is whale sharks! In this article I provide a few tips on increasing the likelihood of having your own special encounter. Enjoy! https://www.aquatic-images.com/post/best-place-to-see-whale-sharks-in-thailand-a-guide-to-scuba-diving-koh-tao
  3. Making good use of all the tools you have available to capture underwater video is very important, and I've come up with a list of 5 reasons why foreground elements is so essential to use for underwater videography. These are tips that can be utilized almost anywhere and it's a great set of ideas to add to your existing shot types. I hope you enjoy them
  4. Evening folks, been a while since I made a video, hope you enjoy. Little Wild Things (watch in 1080p if poss, if not Youtube compression isn't the best) Thanks.
  5. Have you ever seen a Diver Narcose And Go Crazy? Narcose Diver Go Crazy!!!
  6. I had the chance to travel to Thaïland in the Similan Islands and dive with the whale shark. Some of the best scuba diving in the world. Scuba diving whale shark
  7. Here is the video from my recent voyage to the Tubbataha reserve in the Philippines. I have been diving for 20 years, and this the most amazing dive trip I have ever experienced. (Make sure to select 4K resolution, if your monitor supports that) https://youtu.be/n54kRn3IazQ Enjoy, Basil
  8. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share a recent showreel I put together from the last year. Diving to me is more than just a sport, it has a much deeper meaning. To me, its about adventure, exploring the unknown, and that sense of freedom I feel every time I sink below the surface. For that brief hour underwater, I'm lost in the moment... my only focus is on the pure beauty and wonder of the underwater world I'm surrounded by. This short film was created to help share those experiences, express my passion for the underwater world, and why I love it so deeply. The filming took place over the past year at several locations including the Bay Islands of Honduras, Palau in Micronesia, and right here at my home in Palm Beach, Florida. Thanks for watching! Lee
  9. Here's a little compilation of footage shot on a recent trip to Belize. Shot with a 5dmk3 in a Nauticam housing. Canon 16-35 lens. All natural light - though it would have been nice to have had lights for the whale shark - but they were not permitted . Being relatively new with this camera and DSLRs in general, I am quite happy with the results. The premiere pro editing software was great as well as the After Effects add on I used to stabilise the shots - one or two shots have a bit of waviness as the motion was too much for the software to handle - like when I bonked a coral with my dome - oops (objects in the viewfinder are closer than they appear). I did see the softness in the edges with the 16-35mm lens but generally good sharp shots with good depth of field. I bought this camera for low light performance and I have not been disappointed... The white balance capability was also quite impressive (particularly after struggling at times with my Sony 550 HDR video cam....) Footage is from dive sites at Glovers Reef, Lighthouse Reef and of course Gladden Spit for the whale sharks. We dove and stayed with Hamanasi - a very good operation.
  10. Hi guys, just wanted to share a video of the diving in Tofo Mozambique. Some shots are a little shaky normally due to very strong currents out here. Also would like to know your thoughts. Ant
  11. Diving around in Burmese waters for 8 days with poor visibility and nothing big to see until 7th day came.
  12. Join us for a magical experience swimming and photographing Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas aggregation off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico Last season we had hundreds of Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas. Trip dates are prime season with full moon. 11th - 16th July 2014 Trip includes: - 5 night Hotel on Isla Mujeres (shared accommodations) ( single room supplement additional cost) - 4 days on private charter boat ( all day in water, only 6 guest per boat) - Breakfast and lunch provided on boat - Shared golf cart - Price $1,750 USD pp only 2 spots left More trip information: http://www.gregorysw.../trip_whale.php Attached Images
  13. Join us for a magical experience swimming and photographing Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas aggregation off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico Last season we had hundreds of Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas. Trip dates are prime season with full moon. 6th - 11th July 2014 and 11th - 16th July 2014 Trip includes: - 5 night Hotel on Isla Mujeres (shared accommodations) ( single room supplement additional cost) - 4 days on private charter boat ( all day in water, only 6 guest per boat) - Breakfast and lunch provided on boat - Shared golf cart - Price $1,850 USD More trip information: http://www.gregorysweeney.com/trip_whale.php
  14. Hi there, Please find attached below a link to my latest video on the Whale Sharks of West Papua. Cheers Matti
  15. I'd like to get to Isla Mujeras for a long weekend during Whale Shark season. Anyone know if operators book boats out only for the week or if its possible do day trips? Also any operator suggestions? Many thanks! Jason
  16. In the months of May through September are the arrival of Whale sharks in the northern Yucatan Peninsula. This Congregation is the largest of these animals through all over the world. Let me explain how this starts. The first sightings were made by fishermen in Holbox. They started with this activity over 4 years ago . Studying behavior and migration of the animals, they have moved now to blue waters, north of Isla Mujeres, which is why we left north of Cancun or Isla mujeres, to navigate to this area. In Holbox mixing the water from the Gulf of Mexico, takes a greenish color. We see them north of Isla Contoy swimming in blue water , doing a better encounter. Last season National Geographic channel and Scuba diver life web site , contacted us to film these animals, the world's largest fish, is an animal that transmits calm and completely harmless, is surely a unique spectacle. Safe and fun for all the family. We sailed about 1:10 - 1:30 minutes to encounter site. On the way sometimes we find and swim with Manta rays ( Manta Birostris ) and Dolphins. Having located the specimens we do snorkel with this fantastic creature until the cold makes us out of the water. About 2- 3hrs. More info here http://www.mydeeplife.com/swim-with-whale-sharks.html Best regard,s
  17. Join Wetpixel editor Adam Hanlon and photographer Jason Bradley in Mexico this August 2013 to swim with and photograph the largest-known aggregation of the largest fish in the world! Each summer, hundreds of whale sharks congregate in the clear blue waters off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Quoth me, from trip two years ago, "There's no other way to put it: our first day of photographing the whale shark aggregation was absolutely epic. Within an hour of leaving port, we found a group of over 300 whale sharks". See Eric's photo gallery from two seasons at the aggregation, and then check out this page for full booking details.
  18. Hundreds of whale sharks aggregate off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico every summer to feed on the bonito spawn. Last season was an amazing experience we had between 200 to 400 whale sharks in 1 sq km. This season we reserved private charter boats with permits at peak season to capture this incredible experience. We are only taking 6 guest / photographers per boat. Four full days in the water. Trip dates are July 18th to 23rd 2013 and July 23rd to 28th 2013 Full details: http://www.gregorysw.../trip_whale.php Hope you can join us in warm waters of Mexico for this incredible whale shark experience. Contact Gregory Sweeney: Sweeneynz@gmail.com
  19. Cendrawasih Bay Trip - Whale Sharks & WWII Wrecks 31 July-7 August 2013 on Damai Liveaboard This adventure trip will be run on the luxurious Dive Damai I liveaboard to explore remote Cenderawasih Bay in Indonesia’s Papua region on a 7 night trip. The diving will be unlimited, nitrox included, dive gear provided, free massage, complementary beer – a truly 5* experience. The trip promises encounters with Papua's amazing Whale Sharks, diving on forgotten WWII wrecks off Manokwari and exploration of Cendrawasih Bay's reefs and macro sites. Was $3,650 NOW $3,285 Offer valid until Christmas eve 2012 For more info visit Equator Diving - Special 7 night liveaboard adventure to Cendrawasih Bay on Dive Damai liveaboard
  20. One of the things I love about scuba diving is the fact you never know what you are going to see when jump in. The ocean is an ever changing environment and you can dive the same areas for years and your never guaranteed to see the same things. Well, this Sunday while aboard The Sea Dog Diver out of Pompano Beach Dive Center we could never have imagined what we were about to experience. After just coming out of the water from our first dive there was chatter on the CB radio about sightings of a Whale Shark. The joke about the boat was "did they see mermaids also?". About a half hour later we get a call from the dive boat Miss Conduct saying they have snorkelers in the water just outside of Hillsboro Inlet with a Whale Shark--and they do not have a camera...and nobody is going to believe them. Without hesitation we headed that way. Everyone on board was overwhelmed with excitement. Could it really be a Whale Shark in Pompano Beach? When we arrived all we saw was a fin in the water and the captain yelled "Go! Go! Go!" and we all jumped in. As we put our masks in the water there in front of us was the most massive gentle creature we had ever seen! Just swimming a long with his entourage of fish that followed him where ever he went. The funny thing was that after the first pass we were all hooting and hollering about how amazing it was to get to see a Whale Shark, and never (ever!) imagining he was going to come back to us over and over again. After an hour he finally had had his fun with us and moved out into the vast ocean he calls home. Needless to say the trip back to the dock was filled with chatter about this once in a lifetime experience. These shots were taken by my talented husband, Craig Dietrich. Enjoy more of his work at http://www.flickr.co...aelphotography/
  21. I had a guest cancel due to medical reasons for my Aug 5 - Aug 10 Whale Shark Trip in Isla Mujeres ( Cancun) Mexico This will be a single room and the price would be $1647.00 Included is 5 nights single room, 4 days on our private charter with myself and the 4 other guests, two crew and taxi to and from the ferry dock and airport You would arrive in Cancun on August 5th (connections are usually Houston, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale) taxi to the ferry terminal (taxi is included) then the short ferry to Isla Mujeres. and return on Aug 10th with a flight that leaves no earlier than 11am to make sure you can make the transfer back to Cancun. http://www.gregorysw...com/contact.php http://www.gregorysweeney.com/trip_whale.php I have offered a discount price because I would really like to be able to fill this spot and return some money to the guy that cancelled. Hope to see you Isla Mujeres, Gregory Sweeney PS my friend who is down there now said that the action and water conditions have been really good - it is going into full moon which is the most active time !!
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