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Found 8 results

  1. Rarely used Zeiss Touit 50mm f/2.8M Macro Lens (Sony E-Mount) for sale including box and all accessories. Front Lens Cap Rear Lens Cap Lens Hood Looks mint, no scratches or dings. Fair Price $725 including insured shipping.
  2. Hello! So I'm diving into a Sony a6500 with Fantasea housing. I'm starting out with the kit 16-50 lens with the respective port and gears. I'm evaluating getting a macro setup fairly quickly and looking at the available lenses for macro there's the kit 16-50 with 12.5 diopter, Sony Macro 50mm and the Sony Macro 90mm, you could use the diopter for the last two. So I would like to see if anybody can help me with sample photos or videos of a comparison of the 16-50mm and 50mm with and without the diopter. The 90mm is out of the question right now as it's a pretty expensive set up, from lens, converter, port etc... With this I'm trying to answer two fundamental questions: (1) is it worth getting the 50mm macro lens (I'd imagine it's much sharper image) vis a vis the kit lens with diopter, and (2) what level of supermacro can I get from the 50mm macro lens with the diopter. For wide there are two immediate choices: 16mm w\ fisheye converter and the 10-16mm wide lens. The fisheye option is cheaper, but I fear it suffers from less sharpness and I'm particularly choosy between fisheye and plain wide. I would think you get better results with the 10-16mm as its a more specialized lens and you don't have the fisheye converter distortion. I've found online articles that treat both subjects, but they left me with questions. For Macro: how does the kit lens compare to 50mm macro (as both have same focal length) and how they perform with diopter. For wide I haven't seen anything on the 10-16mm lens, just of the Tokina\Canon lenses, which are expensive to set up. The opportunity cost (ie dont get any lens) is to just buy the Wide Angle and Diopter external add ons, so it's a question of quality and how much you gain by getting the dedicated lens (which obviously looses on flexibility when shooting). If someone sees something incoherent in the post or would like to reframe their response to help with feedback it's much appreciated. I'd think I'd see more a6500/a6300 users given the relative low cost\high quality you seem to get vis a vis other mirrorless of similar quality (em1 mk2 and GH5) or dSLR equivalents (d500), albeit these edge out in other areas. Basically the a6500 costs about half of these other options right now. Cheers!
  3. I have a LIKE NEW Nauticam extension ring 50mm with lock that I purchased from Reef Photo in FL on 7/3/15. I used this on 1 dive trip and now am downsizing to a smaller mirror less system. Brand new cost $310 - will sell for $235 and buyer pays shipping. Will only accept PayPal... PM if interested!
  4. When I searched I found it difficult to find any information on this lens for use underwater before buying it. Having now bought one and tried it, I thought it worth a short post. I dived in the Menai Strait yesterday (very good vis for the Strait at ~5m and 10 degrees C), first time out with an A7II in a Seacam housing with the 50 macro lens - using a Seaflash 150 manually for illumination. The lens is a 'conventional' (extending) type design which is not as convenient as an internal focus type lens but retains its focal length 'better'. This does mean that a longer port has to be used to allow for its extension during focus. Its focus speed is also quite slow but I bought it for use in UK waters and mostly for benthic stuff so this isn't too much of a worry and in practice it was less problematic than it sounds. I had concerns about battery life with the power used to drive this lens too but found that an hour long, coolish dive didn't flatten it so this was unfounded. Anyway, results. Despite using the rear screen only and there being slight current at times (we went in just before slack and got out just after - as is the way with the Strait) focus was very accurate indeed, even on small subjects. I didn't push it down to 1:1 but got close. Mid range was excellent too. Here's one shot worth posting of something I've never seen here before. An incredibly slippery butterfish caught by a velvet swimming crab. Its very crisp indeed at f/14. I look forward to shooting with this lens - its surprisingly light in weight but an excellent performer.
  5. I have a LIKE NEW (purchased new on 7/3/15) Nauticam 50mm extension ring with lock for sale. It was gently used on only 1 dive trip and now I've switched from an SLR to MIL rig. It's in excellent condition! I paid retail $310 PLUS TAX - will sell for $225. Will only accept PayPal and buyer pays shipping or can pick up locally in Naples, FL *** I tried to upload a .jpeg file but Wetpixel said file was too large (?); PM me if interested and I can email you a pic ***
  6. For sale: Olympus Zuiko 50mm macro lens. 250€ Like new, with original box, cap and bag. World wide shipments from Madrid, Spain. Freight cost to determinate and not included. Bank transfers or Paypal (adding 3% extra cost) Some sample photos taken with this lens: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53200
  7. I am selling a full underwater setup for a canon rebel Xti. I have everything you need minus the camera itself. Price for everything $800 you will never get a better deal. I only used this equipment one time. items: housing housing tray with arms DS 51 strobe strobe arm and cord lense port 50mm lense for macro work I will even throw in another ys 25 strobe for free w/ fiber cord manuals and anything else that came with this gear.
  8. Subal type 3, 50mm extension ring in good shape. $50.00 plus shipping. email jcdovala@verizon.net
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