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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm selling my Nauticam 5D Mark III housing, Canon 5D Mark III and Canon EF 17-40 f/4 lens. Included are: Housing body Vacuum Valve + pump Extension ring + zoom gear for the 17-40mm lens Acrylic dome port All O-rings intact Canon 5D Mark III body (shutter count 79,000) Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 lens All in great working order, well maintained, never flooded. Please email me at info@juliabahlsen.com if you're interested! Thank you:)
  2. Hi everyone, Anyone selling a nauticam housing for Canon 5D Mark III? I'm currently using an aquatica housing for the mark II (which will be for sale soon!) but I would like to upgrade and switch to nauticam to exchange domes with my buddy. Thanks! Marta
  3. Hey, I just thought i'd post a quick ad to see if there is any interest in either of my two systems. First and foremost, I have an Ikelite 5D Mark III housing that also has a DL 8inch Dome Port and Vacuum Pump with Gauge. This housing is unused but I did open the box. I wound up getting lucky and purchased a Leo II housing so I am sticking with that and trying to sell the Ikelite. I am more than happy to provide pictures, etc of the housing. I am asking $1900 for the system (paid $2200). Also, I have a heavily used Equinox housing with the standard port for a Canon T3i. I am also including the Canon T3i without a lens. This system is not for a professional but rather for someone who is interested in getting into underwater photography and wants to learn. The system never flooded and is super easy to use. I am looking to sell it for $700 (housing + camera body). Again, if you are interested, please message me and i'll send you all the photos that you want! Thanks so much, Craig
  4. 20071-NK - Aquatica A5D MK III Housing for Canon 5D Mk III with dual Nikonos bulkheads and Surveyor Vacuum sensor with moisture alarm Manufactured in august 2014. Never flooded! The housing does NOT have the vacuum valve or pump (they need to be purchased separately). You will also have to buy a dome port, it's not included. Apparently, Aquatica will offer upgrade for this housing to work for the new Canon 5D Mark IV. Price for the housing: $2.000 Extension with focus & zoom (and gears) for Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM: 48708 - Aquatica zoom gear for Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM & Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM 18464 - Aquatica port extension with focus knob for Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM (focus gear included) 18469 - Aquatica extension to port lock mechanism (used to lock extension to port) Price for extension with focus, port lock, zoom gear: $400 19227 - NEW NEVER USED Surveyor Vacuum sensor with moisture alarm Price: $120 Aquatica TLC arm sets (two sets) 2x 17514 - TLC 3 section strobe arms 1" ball to flat plate, 8" middle, 8" double ball, 3 clamps 2x 17691 - TLC to Sea & Sea ball head adapter Price for both sets: $330 2x Sea&Sea YS-D1 Strobes Price: $300/each Sync cords not included! PRICE FOR EVERYTHING ABOVE: $3.200 Shipping not included. Maximum 30 dives with this gear. Almost no signs of use, i can provide more detailed pictures on request. The stuff is located in Romania. Everything is sold together with original purchase invoice.
  5. Canon 5D Mark iii & Nauticam Housing for Sale. Shutter count: 69817 Asking : $5000 USD
  6. For Sale: Nauticam NA 5DMKIII Housing for Canon 5D Mark III. Good condition. only about 5-6 weeks use. Never leaked. Includes Leak Alarm. Optical trigger can also be included. RRP £2679.95. £1900. Ikelite 8” Dome Port converted to fit Nauticam. Fair condition, a few light scratches nothing drastic. £190. Nauticam 180degree straight viewfinder RRP £970+ : £600 Zen Glass Port DP-100 100mm Nauticam fit. Suits Tokina 10-17mm: £300 Nauticam Macro Port C60-MR130. Fits Canon 60mm, or 100mm macros with extra extension rings: £150 Nauticam Locking Extension Ring 40mm: £130 Nauticam Locking Extension Ring 20mm: £120 Various zoom gears too- Canon 17-40mm, Canon 8-15mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Willing to negotiate package prices. Based South of UK.
  7. Here's a recent trip video from a deep south Red Sea photography workshop (Egypt). Shot with Canon 5D Mark III in Nauticam with Canon 16-35mm, 17-40mm and 8-15mm lenses. Lit with the Orcalight Seawolf 2260. Loving the sheer lumen power of that light. For some reason the embedded video won't go above 720p res so for the full 1080 effect click through to youtube......
  8. https://vimeo.com/73016935 GoPro HERO 2 https://vimeo.com/72721901 5D Mark III, 16-35mm
  9. Hi all. Well santa was very good to me and bought me a 5d mark iii body for Christmas. Of course we all know that the body is only the start of a very expensive hobby. I'm coming off using a Sony HD 550 video camera so, apart from being able to use my Sola 1200's for video lights, I'm really starting from scratch. So my question is this: how would you start amassing all of the accessories - memory cards, lenses, underwater housing, monitors, filters/ diopters, carrying cases, etc if you wanted to make sure you bought the best, even if it takes a while to buy it all? What would you buy, and in what order? What is table stakes, what are bells and whistles / nice-to-haves? My intention is to predominantly use the 5dmkiii for video, but I might toy around with stills if I can. Given I've got no experience with DSLRs, let's say I want to start practicing with the camera topside for a couple of months, then buy the UW housing and go underwater locally. My local playground is Sydney where the viz is anywhere from ~8-20 meters, relatively greenish water with limited opportunity for really wide angle shots. Then I'll take it travelling - likely next stop for that will be the Galapagos - so wide-angle shots mostly. Then after that, it'll be Komodo for muck / macro and wide angle.. Any guidance is much appreciated.
  10. [vimeohd720]47163962[/vimeohd720] 3 min underwater macro video compilation of short trip to Anilao, Philippines. 02~05th Aug 2012. Filmed with Canon 5D Mark III & SmallHD DP4 in Nauticam housing, 100mm lens, SubSee +5/10, SOLA lights, XIT404 tripod. Some footage with 100mm + 1.4tc and stacked (+5 & +10) diopters. I hope you enjoy it. EJ.
  11. [vimeohd720]46605512[/vimeohd720] "Apo Island is a volcanic island covering 12 hectares in land area, 7 kilometers off the southeastern tip of Negros Island and 30 kilometers south of the Negros Oriental capital of Dumaguete City in the Philippines. Apo Island is one of the world's best known community-organized marine sanctuaries, and as such it has been well documented by the global science community." Quote from wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apo_Island Shot on Canon 5D Mark III, 8-15mm FE (Magic filter) in Nauticam housing / Jul 2012.
  12. [vimeohd720]45890073[/vimeohd720] Here's a short/rough video compilation from the Canon 5D Mark III in Nauticam housing. Wide angle with Canon 8-15mm FE (w/ Magic filter, Manual WB) behind S&S glass dome port (with 30mm ext ring), Natural light. Macro with Canon 100mm L IS, Subsee +5/10, Sola 1200 lights, Xit 404 tripod, SmallHD DP4 monitor. Setting was 1080/30p, 1/60sec with various f numbers and ISO range from 100 to 1600, no color grading or noise reduction in post editing. I could not include many footage which can showing iso capability of 5dmk3 (footage for my client) but camera produce very usable footage till' iso 1600 and can go to 3200/6400 in tought situations. Cheers, EJ.
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