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Found 10 results

  1. FS : Seacam CANON 5Ds & 5Ds R housing It is in good condition and has never been flooded. I am currently using 5Dmk4 with some modification. and 5Dmk4's mode dial not working. If you want, I will restore it to its original state for use with the 5Ds/5DsR. asking $2,800. This includes the items below, Paypal fee, and free worldwide shipping. If you have further detailed questions, please contact me by e-mail Shjeong8@hanmail.net - Seacam Canon 5Ds & 5Ds R housing(Nikonos Type Bulkhead) - Seacam S 180 Viewfinder - Seacam FMP Fisheye Macro Port for Canon 15mm fisheye lens. - Canon 15mm fisheye lens. - 2 ea of Sea&Sea Single Sync cord Thank you
  2. Just returned from annual CPS 18 point service: (01/17/2022) Cleaned Image Sensor Performed Pixel Mapping for Hot or Dead Pixels Verified Firmware version and updated if required Tighten external screws Checked operation of Terminals and Jacks Checked Internal Error Messages Verified Camera Shutter Count Performed Simple Image Check (exposure/color balance/resolution) Checked Camera/Lens communication Checked Lens Attachment and Removal Checked Memory Card Insertion and Removal Checked Operation of Hot Shoe Checked Moving Parts (Buttons/doors/latches) Cleaned Camera Body Cleaned External LCD surface Cleaned External Viewfinder Cleaned Focus Screen Cleaned Mirror Service Details: Your Camera has been cleaned and checked. Functions have been confirmed Shot Count: 24,700 Mirror Count 26,160 Ask: $798.00 Battery Included
  3. FS : Aquatica 5Dmk3 housing Asking $1,800 with free shipping WORLD WIDE. Payment method is PAYPAL. 慁lthough it is a 5Dmk3 housing that is not used much, it has been modified to use the 5Dmk4 and can be restored to its original state very easily in 5 minutes. so you can use 5Dmk3, 5DsR and 5Dmk4. - Aquatica 5Dmk3 housing (Vacuum system installed without replacement of Vacuum sensor circuit, body cap) - Anthis 170mm acryl dome port with adapter (No scratches on the surface, front and rear cover) - Old style of extension rings (48458,48457,48453,48456,48463) - 2 ea of singe sync cord (almost new) If you have any question, please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  4. Hello fellow divers, Selling my Nauticam Housing for Canon EOS 5DS/5DSR/5DMKIII Cameras NA-5DSR NAU-17320. Great condition, never flooded, functions perfectly. All gear is watertight and comes with extra o-rings etc. Comes with vacuum valve installed and hotshoe plug to Nikonos bulkhead (worth over $450) Pricing at $2790 but happy to discuss. Sample photos at instagram.com/PiersGreatPerhaps and piernirandara.com Separately, also selling: - Nauticam Extension ring 70mm NAU-21170 - Nauticam Dome Port (8.5) w/ shade and cover NAU-18802 - Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon EF 16-35mm f 2.8 LII USM NAU-19527 DM me if you're interested in any components or would like more info!
  5. For sale: Canon 5dMK3 camera - shutter count unknown - all functions working Includes original box, one battery, charger. SEACAM underwater housing for Canon 5dmkIII camera (does not include any ports or viewfinder) The housing has been modified to hold either 5dmk3 or the 5dsr camera. Only the mode dial for the 5d3 camera is included. Housing has s6 bulkheads. Asking price for housing with camera: $3750 Please contact: liz l.johnson@stephenfrink.com 305-451-3737 Please see other used items posted for sale at the following link: http://www.seacamusa.com/preowned/
  6. Hi Wetpixel - I am selling my complete Aquatech Elite Canon 5Dmk3 Splash Housing system. I bought it new from Aquatech, and it has received light and infrequent use since that time. Overall, I would say that it is in excellent condition, and the housings and all ports are in like-new condition. This housing is able to accept the 5Dmk4 camera with the purchase of a conversion kit from Aquatech. More information on the system can be found on the Aquatech site. https://aquatech.net/collections/water-housings-canon/products/elite-5d3-water-housing My system consists of: Elite 5D3 Water Housing PD-85 Dome Port - for 15mm Fisheye, 8-15mm and 16-35mm lenses Zoom Gear for 16-35mm f2.8 PD-65 Dome Port - for 15mm Fisheye P 215 Lens Port - for 70-200mm f2.8 Zoom Gear for 70-200 f2.8 P 160 Lens Port - for 24-70mm f2.8 Zoom Gear for 24-70mm f2.8 P 80 Lens Port - for 85mm f1.4 P 70 Extension Tube - for 16-35mm f2.8 with PD-85 P 30 Extension Tube - for 14mm f2.8 with PD-85 or PD-65 Pistol Grip Strike 580 EXII Flash Housing - for 580 EXII Flash 6 Pin Sync Cords - for Flash Housing Pelican 1610 Case with Padded Dividers. Purchased new, the cost of this list is $5,500.00 USD. I am hoping to sell the entire system for $ 4,000.00 USD The housing is located in Bangkok until June and then in the Washington DC area. Buyer pays shipping. I have more images available. Please contact me with any questions for requests for more images.
  7. Aloha Gang, I have a Canon 5D mark3 camera body and Ikelite housing that I will be putting on eBay sometime in January if no one here wants it. $3000.00 including shipping to the USA. It is one housing with no ports (although we can talk about ports and I may be able to help you there). The camera is body only, with body cap, one battery and charger. There are a few images here and you can see many more at the following link..... http://fleetham.photoshelter.com/gallery/CANON5Dmk3-IKE/G00003V7Sxf2nX1M Both are in perfect working order. They will be replaced with a 5D markIV. David Fleetham dfleetham@gmail.com
  8. Canon 5dmkIII 22.3mp full frame camera body in mint condition. Looks and acts like new; clean sensor. Moving to 5dS camera. Includes box, manuals, disks, battery charger, one canon brand battery, everything that comes in the box if one were to buy a new camera body. Unknown shutter count; frame count in photo mechanic is 3627 s/n 0420330004597 Asking $1900 Please contact info@stephenfrink.com with questions
  9. Here's a little compilation of footage shot on a recent trip to Belize. Shot with a 5dmk3 in a Nauticam housing. Canon 16-35 lens. All natural light - though it would have been nice to have had lights for the whale shark - but they were not permitted . Being relatively new with this camera and DSLRs in general, I am quite happy with the results. The premiere pro editing software was great as well as the After Effects add on I used to stabilise the shots - one or two shots have a bit of waviness as the motion was too much for the software to handle - like when I bonked a coral with my dome - oops (objects in the viewfinder are closer than they appear). I did see the softness in the edges with the 16-35mm lens but generally good sharp shots with good depth of field. I bought this camera for low light performance and I have not been disappointed... The white balance capability was also quite impressive (particularly after struggling at times with my Sony 550 HDR video cam....) Footage is from dive sites at Glovers Reef, Lighthouse Reef and of course Gladden Spit for the whale sharks. We dove and stayed with Hamanasi - a very good operation.
  10. For Sale- Equinox housing for Canon 5d mk3 In good used condition. Exterior of housing shows some scuffing and signs of use. Works well. Dome port has some very minor signs of use, not in pristine condition, but hasn't seemed to impact any of my video or still photography. Can send links to footage recorded in this housing if desired. This housing was super reliable, impressively simple to ensure watertight seals, and easy to see everything inside the housing with the clear back plate, which was great for peace of mind. This style housing isn't ideal in some ways- some of the controls are tricky to activate- but you're either looking at a $5000+ set up, or something like this. It's a great option if you want to take your camera underwater and film or photograph without investing a ton of money. New- $1600 (now $1500). Asking $875 + actual shipping (estimated $25-45). Kit includes housing, dome port (which works with a number of lenses- I used a 16-35mm Canon, and a 100mm macro Canon), and 2 sets of handles (1 set is lead, to add weight; the other set is hollow, when you don't need extra weight). Camera plate, zoom ring, focus ring, and external rubber feet included. Metal plate adapter to add light arms or other accessories, included. Here's a pic of me with the housing (Keldan light and light arm not included). More detailed photos of the housing to follow.
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