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Found 18 results

  1. Set consisting of a housing serviced and leak-tested by a dealer in September 2019 with two handles and two ports (wide angle/fisheye or 30mm macro and kit lens 16-50mm). Never water ingress. Since maintenance hardly any dives due to corona. On the last dive in October 2020 in the lake, everything was tight and top. On the domeport, the glass was renewed and it is thus considered as new, since it has not been used since September 2019. The flatport has been little used and has no scratches and few signs of use. Offered all for 1800 euros negotiable. Inspection gladly possible in Munich central station. The set can be tested gladly in the lake in the surrounding area of Munich. Everything together costs new 2952 euros. I offer everything for fair 1800 Euros negotiable. Please only serious proposals! Please understand that I can not answer bargain requests, because I prefer to keep the set as a back-up and it is too good than to sell it now without need ... Shipping in Europe is no problem. Friends are soon in Mexico and shipping to the USA should be easy from Mexico. If desired, an A6300 from Sony can be sold along for an additional charge. Sold because of successive switch to full-frame. Details: Sony A6300 underwater housing from Nauticam NA-A6300 Original price: 1.550,00 € Nauticam Macro Port 45 with focus/zoom #36128 for Sony E-Mount SEL 30mm/f3.5 and Sony E-Mount SEL-P1650 16-50mm /f3.5-5.6 OSS The Nauticam macro port with focus/zoom function fits all Nauticam underwater housings of Sony E-mount cameras The Nauticam Macro Port 45 is suitable for the following lenses on a Nauticam underwater housing: Sony SEL-30M35 30mm / f3.5 Macro Sony SEL-P1650 16-50mm / f3.5-5.6 OSS New price: 494 Euros. Focus ring for Sony E-Mount 30mm f/3.5 Macro (N85) SE30-F Nauticam 180,00 € Nauticam E mount 4.33" Fisheye Port #36125 for Sony 16mm / 20mm pancake with and without fisheye / wide angle converter. The Nauticam 4.33" Dome Port is suitable for the following lenses on a Nauticam underwater housing: The Nauticam 4.33" Dome Port is made specifically for the Nauticam underwater housings. The 4.33" Dome Port is made of saltwater resistant aluminum, the dome glass is made of acrylic glass. Sony Pancake E-16mm F2.8 resp. Focal length (mm): 12 mm (with SEL16F28 and VCL-ECU2 or VCL-ECU1) / 16 mm (with SEL20F28 and VCL-ECU2 or VCL-ECU1). Equivalent 35 mm focal length (APS-C) 18 mm (with SEL16F28) / 24 mm (with SEL20F28) Angle of view (APS-C) 103° (with SEL16F28) / 88° (with SEL20F28) resp. Focal length (mm): 10 mm (with SEL16F28 and VCL-ECF2 or VCL-ECF1)/13 mm (with SEL20F28 and VCL-ECF2 or VCL-ECF1). Equivalent 35 mm focal length (APS-C) 15 mm (with SEL16F28)/20 mm (with SEL20F28) Angle of view (APS-C) 180° (with SEL16F28)/133° (with SEL20F28) New price: 522,00 EUR NA-71206 - Easytray II with two handles and convenient triggering via the pointing device New price in set: 199 Euros. Clog Shoe Flex: New price: 9 Euros.
  2. "Turn-Key" system For somebody looking for an affordable, but high quality ready-to-go system, this package might be a good fit. This system is just not getting enough use, so I am looking for a good home for it. It's in really good shape with no scratches and has been very well cared for. Never any leaks or problems. (See notes on pump, below) I shot mostly video, but this camera shoots terrific stills. If you have questions about this camera, and have a serious inquiry, feel free to reach out to me via this site, or text me. (310) 968-5845. I'm in Culver City, California, and I would like to keep this transaction in the lower 48 please. I am asking $2,200 plus shipping to your location. The reason the price is so low is that I just want to be done with it. This package was purchased originally from Samy's camera and Bluewater Photo in Culver City. Happy to provide more photos or information, or discuss further if you are a seriously interested. All the best, Blake Hottle Nauticam NA - A6300 Housing for Sony a6300 Mirrorless camera -including M14 vacuum valve II system, spare 0- rings Sony a6300 camera 4K Sony mirrorless camera including two batteries Nauticam port 45 with Focus/Zoom knob Underwater lens port for Sony E PZ16-50 mm lens Nauticam SE1650- PZ zoom gear for Sony E PZ 16-50mm lens Nauticam SE1018 zoom gear for Sony10-18mm lens Nauticam 7 inch dome for Sony 10-10mm lens or Olympus 12-40mm Acrylic with two neoprene protective covers Sony SEL 10-18mm Wide Angle zoom lens f4 Sony PZ 16-50 standard zoom lens by Sony Sony BCQm1 Battery charger Nauticam pump for vacuum system Pump for leak detection system This is functional, but you will notice that it has been repaired because the tip degraded. I was too cheap to replace it-sorry SKU # 25632 is the replacement part from Nauticam if you are annoyed with this one $47.00 Xit 404 Tripod plate base plate for tripod legs or control arms Bluewater Macro 67 67mm macro lens for use with 16-50mm lens and flat port Excellent
  3. Hi there, I am looking for advice on what housing to get for my Sony a6300. This will be my first underwater housing and I am overwhelmed with the options. The main type of photos I live to take above the surface are tight shots of wildlife and macro, so housing which could accommodate a macro lens would be preferred. Thank you for your help
  4. Selling my Fantasea FA6500 underwater housing and FML Flat Port 34, designed for the Sony A6500 and A6300. Only used for a week's diving so it's in absolute MINT condition. You won't find a cleaner used example. I'm also selling a Sealife Flex-Connect dual-tray setup as well, which fits it perfectly if anyone's interested. You can check out an in depth review of the housing here: Fantasea FA6500 Housing Review Selling for $950 AUD / $650 USD + shipping Located in Melbourne, Australia, but happy to ship worldwide. Cheers, Mark
  5. Mainly used in fresh water as 2nd camera kit. In great condition Camera sony A6300 2 batteries + charger Sony 16-50 mm sony 30mm macro Aquatica housing dome port 8'' + neprene cover flat port macro zoom gear 30513 macro gear flat port macro extension 30600 extension 30601 shipped from Canada. Value: 5250$ Asked price: 2700$
  6. Selling a complete Ikelite set for the Sony Alpha 6300. Ikelite 6910.63 Underwater housing for Sony a 6300 LIKE NEW Ikelite 5516.80 Mirrorless port adapter for modular 8" dome LIKE NEW Ikelite 5516.69 Mirrorless 2" lens extension NEW, never used Ikelite 5510.45 dome port 8" USED Total: 1320€ Shipping around the world
  7. Has anyone here tried mounting a Nauticam WWL-1 on a Meikon a6000 housing to use with the 16-50 lens? The lens is one of the recommended lenses to be used with the a6000/a6300 and the WWL-1. It seems odd to be putting such an expensive wet lens on a cheapo Meikon housing but I'm trying to take baby steps to get where I want to be. I've been shooting on an old Oly E-PM1 rig and soon found out that I've outgrown it. I'm a photographer/videographer by trade and own several high end cameras (A7rII, A7s, 5D3, GH3, C100) for my work, but wanted to start slowly with my underwater rig to make sure that it's something that I'd like enough to continue. I've found that while the E-PM1 was nice to learn on, I'm missing the responsiveness, AF, and quality of files of my higher end cameras. This leads me to the a6000 and the WWL-1. Eventually, I'd like a Nauticam a6500 w/16-50 to be used with the WWL-1 and a CMC. I have a pair of Sea & Sea 110a strobes that I'll be using with the a6000. In the meantime, I've found an inexpensive a6000 with a Meikon housing and 16-50 lens that might be a good stepping stone to the a6500 w/Nauticam housing. Since the front of the Meikon port has a 67mm thread, would the WWL-1 mount and work with the a6000 & 16-50 combo the same as it would on a Nauticam housing?
  8. Hello! So I'm diving into a Sony a6500 with Fantasea housing. I'm starting out with the kit 16-50 lens with the respective port and gears. I'm evaluating getting a macro setup fairly quickly and looking at the available lenses for macro there's the kit 16-50 with 12.5 diopter, Sony Macro 50mm and the Sony Macro 90mm, you could use the diopter for the last two. So I would like to see if anybody can help me with sample photos or videos of a comparison of the 16-50mm and 50mm with and without the diopter. The 90mm is out of the question right now as it's a pretty expensive set up, from lens, converter, port etc... With this I'm trying to answer two fundamental questions: (1) is it worth getting the 50mm macro lens (I'd imagine it's much sharper image) vis a vis the kit lens with diopter, and (2) what level of supermacro can I get from the 50mm macro lens with the diopter. For wide there are two immediate choices: 16mm w\ fisheye converter and the 10-16mm wide lens. The fisheye option is cheaper, but I fear it suffers from less sharpness and I'm particularly choosy between fisheye and plain wide. I would think you get better results with the 10-16mm as its a more specialized lens and you don't have the fisheye converter distortion. I've found online articles that treat both subjects, but they left me with questions. For Macro: how does the kit lens compare to 50mm macro (as both have same focal length) and how they perform with diopter. For wide I haven't seen anything on the 10-16mm lens, just of the Tokina\Canon lenses, which are expensive to set up. The opportunity cost (ie dont get any lens) is to just buy the Wide Angle and Diopter external add ons, so it's a question of quality and how much you gain by getting the dedicated lens (which obviously looses on flexibility when shooting). If someone sees something incoherent in the post or would like to reframe their response to help with feedback it's much appreciated. I'd think I'd see more a6500/a6300 users given the relative low cost\high quality you seem to get vis a vis other mirrorless of similar quality (em1 mk2 and GH5) or dSLR equivalents (d500), albeit these edge out in other areas. Basically the a6500 costs about half of these other options right now. Cheers!
  9. For Sale is a never wet Fantasea Sony A6300/A6500 housing/port/gears kit this package includes the housing,the port for the Sony 30mm macro and 16-50 kit lens and gears for those two lenses. The beauty of this housing is it can accommodate both the A6300 and the A6500 cameras and you can also use the Sea&Sea ML series wide angle/macro port/and Ext rings on this housing this package comes with all original boxes,manuals,spare o-rings, shutter release extender, and accessories The macro/kit lens in this kit has M67 threads so you can switch between macro diopters and wide angle wet lenses on the same dive This kit was a gift and as I already a housing for my Sony I am letting the kit go Retail price is over $1000 and I'm selling this all for $800 with buyer paying shipping and PayPal fees This kit is located in Los Angeles my email is deedeeflores01@aol.com for fast reply
  10. Hi all! I'm looking for a Sony a6300 or a6500 setup, full or partial, ideally the Nauticam setup with a small dome. If you have something please get in touch Best
  11. Hello, just came back from a 11 day liveaboard cruise at the Maldives. All pictures shot with the Sony A6300, Sony 10-18f4, Sony 90f2.8 macro OSS, Nauticam housing, Sea&Sea YS-D2, DIY Snoot, Saga +10 diopter. Hope you like them Malediven 2018, Carpe Diem liveaboard by Oliver Leyba, auf Flickr Malediven 2018, Carpe Diem liveaboard by Oliver Leyba, auf Flickr Malediven 2018, Carpe Diem liveaboard by Oliver Leyba, auf Flickr Malediven 2018, Carpe Diem liveaboard by Oliver Leyba, auf Flickr Malediven 2018, Carpe Diem liveaboard by Oliver Leyba, auf Flickr Malediven 2018, Carpe Diem liveaboard by Oliver Leyba, auf Flickr Malediven 2018, Carpe Diem liveaboard by Oliver Leyba, auf Flickr Malediven 2018, Carpe Diem liveaboard by Oliver Leyba, auf Flickr
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Sony a6300 or a6500 housing with ports/dome. Flexible with options and kits. Only after metal housings. Many thanks!
  13. Hi, I am having issues getting sharp corners using the combination: Camera: Sony A6300 Housing: Ikelite Dome: 6 inch dome (5516.12) that is recommended by Ikelite (there is another 8 inch dome recommended too) If you see samples attached, they are shot at f8.0 and still show quite soft corners. I have been reading forums and tutorials, and I found 3 potential solutions but want advice before I invest in more gear required to test them 1. Get a bigger dome - there is an 8 inch dome from ikelite that fits this lens too. Not ideal as I have to purchase ANOTHER dome and its bigger and makes CFWA a bit harder which I like to do 2. Decrease aperture size more, like down to f12 or something - didn't actually test this during my trip because I didn't process the pictures until after, but f8.0 seems to be small enough based on what I've read from forums? 3. Get a close up lens - does not seem to have trouble focusing, but could be the edges are too close? Ikelite also does not say it needs a close up lens Any one with similar experience? Anyone with some ideas? Any input would be appreciated guys!
  14. Hi all, My Symbiosis flash or my camera is giving me a hard time - I hope you can help me figure out, what is wrong. My setup is a Sony A6300 and Symbiosis SS-2 flash. I run everything manual, and using fiber flash cable between the housing and the Symbiosis. Everyting is running great, as long as I don't turn the Symbiosis power over 11 (the range is from 1 to 15). When the Symbiosis is set to 12 or above, the flash fires - but the camera "does not see the light" from the flash (the picture is dark). I have tried a lot of different settings in my camera, but no luck so far. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this? I have tested this with a Sony RX camera also with the same result. On my old Canon G15, it works fine. It seem as if Sony and Symbiosis is not a great match - or hopefully it's just a little tweak in my settings, that will fix everyting. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Thomas
  15. Hi guys, I am after a second-hand housing for a Sony alpha-6300 (a6300). Ideally a Nauticam, but others considered :-) Let me know if you have one and are interested in buying. Thanks!
  16. This would make a perfect upgrade if you're thinking of moving up from a compact, or for anyone currently using a Sony NEX series camera or the a6000. New in March 2016; used on two dive holidays (~40 dives). The camera is owned from new, has a shutter count of approx 2,500-3,000 and is in excellent condition (see photos on Dropbox below). It has had a thin glass screen protector throughout its life, and has been used topside as well as underwater. It is complete with all original accessories, manuals etc and box. The housing is also owned from new, and comes with the M16 vacuum housing (with pump and fitting tool) and shutter trigger accessory. It has never flooded and is in excellent condition save for a superficial scratch on the rear screen (see photos on Dropbox below) which is (to me) unnoticeable underwater. As new, the housing does not have fitted handles, but this sale includes the add-on Nauticam Flexitray and handles, which are around five years older than the housing and still perfectly serviceable although the handle grips do show signs of use (see photos). It also has the stainless steel handle brackets to fit the NA-A6300. The sale includes the original boxes for the housing and valve, although I won't dissemble the housing/tray/handles for packaging. I have enjoyed using these in an underwater set-up with Inon Z240 strobes, the Sony 16mm/fisheye convertor combo, the Sony 10-18mm ultrawide (weitwinkel) zoom, the Zeiss 50mm macro and the Sony FE 90mm G macro. You can see examples of the output using this set-up at https://flic.kr/s/aHskywJP3A. I'm now selling due to an upgrade. Link to more pictures of camera and housing: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/swtbzn3howm2a8x/AABcZlJv8yn6OL2Wnhz_mCo0a?dl=0 Links to manufacturer websites for more information: http://www.sony.com/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras/ilce-6300-body-kit http://www.nauticam.co.uk/nauticam-na-a6300-for-sony-a6300/ http://www.nauticam.co.uk/nauticam-vacuum-testing-system/ The camera and housing are being sold together - I won't consider splitting them unless the combo sale proves difficult. £1,900 / €2,250 for the package. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal. UK delivery at £20 for Royal Mail 1st class signed-for International delivery at buyer's preference and cost
  17. I'm selling this Nauticam Underwater Housing for Sony a6300 camera on eBay Listing here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262717829274 Summary It is in *excellent* condition. You can configure it with standard Nauticam ports and gears for your lenses. These are readily available at Backscatter or Reef Photo. I bought it June 2016 and used it one dive trip. It never leaked because I have been an underwater photographer for over 30 years and take immaculate care of my gear. I’m selling it because I want to move to a full-frame set-up See samples of my 4K videos taken with this rig on my Vimeo channel http://vimeo.com/koptervision I am the original owner. This unit was $1650 new. I'm offering free shipping to Continental U.S. only. NO INTERNATIONAL SALES or BIDS
  18. Hello, just bought the new Sony a6300 and i would like to take it underwater soon. I will get the new Nauticam housing for the 6300 which will ship end of Mai. So far, i just filmed a little with the GoPro and used my Canon 7D with a Ewa Marine bag. I would like to get some Sony Lenses to take advantage of the fabulous autofocus system of the camera (for now I use my Canon Lenses with the Metabones adapter). Now it comes to the question which lense would be the best. Sony 16-70mm f4 or Sony 16-35mm f4 combined with wet wide and macro converters would have the benefit of switching everything underwater if needed. Or better the Sony 10-18mm f4 with a domeport and the Sony 90mm f2.8 macro with the correct port for it (90mm with 1.5 crop maybe to much?). Looking forward to hear your thoughts - sorry for the bad English Cheers Oliver
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