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Found 15 results

  1. Guys Like many of us I've been using LR for many years and, to my mind, it just gets better and better. I was impressed with the relatively new Mask editing facility but I did find the Select Subject option slightly hit and miss for u/w use. I don't know if it was due to the latest update (a few days ago) or AI doing its thing, but editing in the last 24 hours using the Select Subject option has blown me away. See the attached shot of a Spotted Cleaner Shrimp. I clicked on Select Subject and the blue highlighting shows just how good this option has become. It's got the whole critter, feelers, antenna et al. I thought I'd pass this on.....
  2. I could be behind the curve of course but I hadn't heard before yesterday about a plug-in for LR called Wordroom. It's a download which acts as a plug-in and uses AI to produce keywords. Select a folder within LR, run the plug-in and Woodroom opens a box showing a copy of the image and offers about 30 key words. Its easy to pick and choose, add your own, delete some - whatever. Click Add to Image and all the key words chosen appear in the LR keyboarding box. Wordroom then goes into the next image and so on. I loaded it and had a play last night. For topside images it was pretty impressive. Not tried u/w yet. It was fast, suggestions sensible and helpful and beats the heck from flogging through thinking of key words. It adds emotions, movements and colours as well as the obvious features. The download is free although limits the number of images you can keyword through it a month. More info here: https://wordroom.org
  3. Hi everyone, Long time Premiere Pro user here. I'm giving FCPX a try because performance of Premiere Pro on my Mac has never been good and I'm hearing FCPX is far better. When I'm grading my footage, I like to the "Channel Mixer" tool in Premiere to make adjustments to the individual color channels. Does anyone know if there is an equivalent tool in FCPX? Thanks!
  4. I've been using a Loupedeck+ editing system for around 18 months. They are superb. If you edit LR or Photoshop photos - or with a bunch of other photo editing software, these devices are fantastic. Highly intuitive with a short learning curve, they make editing quick and easy and really speed up your workflow. It sits alongside your keyboard/mouse and has physical dials and sliders which make subtle editing tweaks a breeze. You can see from the two photos just how easy to use it is! Prior to getting into the edit, they are also tremendous for reviewing newly uploaded pics: flag for selection by Pick/Delete, colour or star-rating, quick auto edits and then select by batches. Many of the keys can be reprogrammed to suit particular workflow styles. Full information is here: https://loupedeck.com/en/products/loupedeck-plus?skip=true I've been so impressed with the Loupedeck+ that I have "invested" in the even more fancy model, the Loupedeck CT. So I am now selling my Loupedeck+. It's in perfect condition and comes with the original box, simple instructions (they are all available online) and newly acquired travel case. They are very well built and rather stylish! New from Loupedeck the keyboard and case is €269. I'm looking for €195 and this would include postage in the EU/UK. PM me if you have questions Thanks for reading Tim
  5. I can't use the current version of Adobe dng converter for Mac because it's not compatible with my "mature" operating system. However I think that one released last year (v. 10.3) is likely compatible with my OS, and will support my camera. But I can't find anyplace on Adobe's site or elsewhere to download any version other than the latest one. Anybody know where older versions might be found?
  6. Can any one offer me any wise advice on this: I've always had slight difficulties uploading images to Adobe Stock though the Publish Services often getting the message that I'm not signed in to the Creative Cloud - when I defintely am. I have usually been able to solve this by logging off from the Creative Cloud and then logging back on. I can then Publish. I updated my Lightroom Classic CC a couple of days ago to 7.3. and apart from once yesterday, I can't now seem to publish to Adobe Stock at all. I keep getting the message that I must be signed into the Creative Cloud: which I definitely am. I've tried logging off and logging on to the Creative Cloud; closing down LR and restarting it; and re-booting my iMac. Nothing, so far, has worked. Anyone got any bright ideas? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm a beginner and want to get into photography. Most of my underwater shots were shot JPEG, but I have recently upgraded my camera and can't wait to use it and shoot RAW.. Is it necessary to have BOTH lightroom and photoshop. I have photoshop and have been trying to learn it which will take me a while... do people then normally export to photoshop?? Should I splurge and purchase that too when the time comes? Any thoughts/preferences? Thanks! Also what about video? I have adobe premiere elements which I like a lot but do people do color corrections before piecing together videos??
  8. Im using LR/Photoshop a lot but keep running into the same problem repeatedly. Namely, with photos involving a significant tint (ie underwater, manual WB or filter photography), the adobe software gives me substantially different looking images with substantially less editing potential than the same file loaded into Canon digital photo pro (and then exported as a TIFF). Some examples:- Manual white balance at about 4m depth. No editing on RAW Same as above. The situation gets worse the deeper i go. Some filter stuff in the 10-16m range is drastically different. 20m depth, magic filter From Lightroom/ACR the white balance slider is imported as this:- Its an issue because the original JPG looks good, importing the preview jpg (embedded with RAW) displays as per the camera. Then when its thumbnailed and finished importing the lock to the green with maxed out tint and balance settings. It means i can do very little or no colour correcting editing in the Adobe products. Canon DPP imports it looking pretty much as per the JPG with full adjustments allowed. Exporting the RAW from DPP as a TIFF then importing that TIFF into lightroom allows full adjustments to be made. To me it seems as if the Adobe raw engine for Canon is misreading or unable to utilise the full range of data or is importing a setting incorrectly. With strobe lit shot this isn't an issue as there arent the huge tints to deal with. Ive had this problem with RAWs from various canon compacts (S95, S120) and DSLRs (450d, 550d, 70D) and lots of versions of lightroom (from v4 to CC 2014) and photoshop (from CS onwards) and its a consistent problem. Its not a picture style issue as ive tried all the various ones of those - its quite simply my manual WB underwater shots appear far greener and tinted in LR with little or no scope for adjusting than in DPP. Obviously re-exporting all my CR2s as TIFFs from DPP just to import into LR is a fairly annoying extra step editing. So has anyone else noticed this or can suggest a workaround?
  9. According to Lightroom Killer Tips (on 16 June), Adobe are releasing updates to Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile - but not (not) LR6. The LR Mobile changes allow more editing; while the LR CC adds, amongst other things, a new feature called Dehaze (or add haze) Effect which, Killer Tips, describes as "pretty darn slick..... and for anyone who shoots u/w photography or at an aquarium". Apparently it cuts through haze and doesn't just add contrast. The Mobile version has already appeared through the usual App Store updates. I've not yet received the CC update.
  10. Hey guys Adobe just released the new Lightroom, "Lightroom CC". https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/photoshop-lightroom.html New features include ADR and Panoramas, improvements to the Web and Slideshow modules (yeah!)
  11. Question for all of you... I have some video footage of a whale shark in open blue water. The footage is a bit noisy. So I bought the premiere plug in Neat Video. As it seems to have pretty good reviews. I applied the neat video effect, and while it does reduce noise, it causes terrible banding in the blue water column. Is this normal? If it is, it seems useless for blue water. Or am I perhaps doing something wrong? Or is there a way to also reduce the banding? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Dustin
  12. I have extra copies of InDesign CS 6 for Mac and Lightoom 4. This particular InDesign CS 6 for Mac is supposed to be distributed in Asia/Pacific but this has no bearing on the user's registration or use of the software. Neither of these have been opened or used in any way. If interested, make me an offer via PM.
  13. Hi all, I have just posted a news article about Adobe's announcement that it plans to only offer subscription based access to its programs in future on the front page: http://wetpixel.com/articles/adobe-creates-a-furore-over-its-creative-cloud-plans It would be good to get people's reactions to this, either on here, or even better, via the comments (Disqus) feature on the front page! Adam
  14. I just bought a D600 which of course (unfortunately) means updating software too if I want access to RAW files. I've always been a photoshop user although I did use Nikon Capture for a while along with CS1 when there was some sort of integration. I currently use CS5 with my D7000. Now I'm stuck with upgrading to CS6 if I want to open NEF files for the new camera. Adobe released the new version of Camera Raw today with support for the D600. So what is the difference between Lightroom and photoshop? Should I be using lightroom instead of photoshop? I'm really a beginner to PS and mainly use it for RAW control and things like exposure, WB, color adjustments etc. I do go to black and white and HDR in PS. I don't really ever do any image manipulation so I don't need the "graphic arts" features in PS. So, which product is better and for what? Which one do I want and if Adobe has Elements, why do they also have Lightroom?
  15. Quite a few people ask me to help with workflow on their Adobe Premiere Pro workflow. I'm far too busy to help people individually and they don't seem comfortable to ask the questions in the forums. Vince LaForet made a video tutorial for CS5.5 Premiere Pro last year. CS6 has many more powerful features but the basic functions of power of CS6 were mentioned for basic editing in NON-LINEAR fashion. This video is a great little tutorial to get people started (even some info for Final Cut switchers). For Red Epic/Scarlet/One users, there's a section on importing .r3d files and working with Red Cine X. Again please note CS6 is more powerful and has more features: [vimeohd]26657845[/vimeohd]
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