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Found 1 result

  1. Selling the following underwater photography gear: Aquatica 5D Mk III housing #20071-NK, purchased September 2012, used for total of seven dive trips, Nikonus type dual bulkheads, optional #19224 ISO lever installed. Aquatica #20023 moisture alarm. Backscatter installed Airlock Electronic moisture alarm, which has been used on three dive trips. Standard viewfinder installed. Will include the Aqua View Finder listed below free with housing purchase. Included is an extra housing o-ring, handles, ULCS handle ball mounts, ULCS ball mount for aiming/video light, and Aquatica #18789 body cap, lanyards. Extremely well cared for. New I paid $3780. Asking $1880 Pay Pal, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/My-SmugMug-Creations/Aquatica5DIIIHousing/47778347_f7bvQD Aqua View Finder. This is the earlier, original style with the smooth finish. Though, very well cared for and transported in my checked bag with my other fine glass, it shows moderate wear on the outer finish. Optically it's excellent. You'll possibly need to adjust to your own vision. Included is the instruction sheet, carry bag, and extra set of o-rings. New I paid $1150 Asking $220 Pay Pal, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/My-SmugMug-Creations/AquaViewFinder/47778649_vMfNnk Ikelite DS-125 strobes (2), batteries (5), and chargers (2). Strobes back from Ikelite three months ago with another clean bill of health after a ($100) annual preventative service/maintenance, which also included pressure testing. Strobes haven't been used since. Five NiMH battery packs included, four purchased November, 2012, with the fifth one purchased and used as a spare in 2010. Batteries charged monthly when not in use. Included are the owner manuals, diffusers, o-rings, ULCS ball mounts, dust covers, two chargers, and the international adapters. Will include the below listed Ikelite sync cords free with purchase of the strobes. New I paid $1875. Asking $620 Pay Pal, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/My-SmugMug-Creations/Strobes/47778070_wd9jNn One Ikelite dual sync cord and two Ikelite single sync cords with protective caps, Nikonos style bulkhead to Ikelite strobes, non TTL. Free with purchase of the above listed strobes. $40 Pay Pal, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/My-SmugMug-Creations/IkeliteSyncCords/47778563_f4h4x4 Aquatica 9.25" Megadome #18407. Glass was scratched, so it was sent to Aquatica. The BK-7 glass dome was replaced by Aquatica. Used on three dives trips since the replacement. Glass in pristine condition, as new. Normal wear on dome shade. Included are two neoprene covers #18506, protective port cap #18790, and two o-rings. New price $1820. I paid $1320 for the glass replacement. Asking $880 Pay Pal, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/Other/MegaDome/47780065_7QScPr Aquatica extension ring with focus knob #18465 (new style) for Canon 17-40 f/4L with the focus gear, zoom gear #48708 included, two o-rings included, minimal usage, excellent condition. Used this with the Aquatica 5D III housing and 17-40. New price was $550 Asking $220 Pay Pal, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/Other/ExtensionRing18465/47782851_9Ssmrn Aquatica extension ring #18457 with Aquatica zoom gear for 17-40 lens, great condition, with one o-ring. New price was $365 Asking $90 Pay Pal, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/My-SmugMug-Creations/Aquatica-18457port-extension/48297343_VjmDpR Aquatica macro port #18426 with the BK-7 glass, port extension #18453, and focus gear #18700 for Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM lens. Also rear port cap, neoprene port cover, two o-rings, ReefNet +10 Subsee with the corresponding adaptor kit for this port, and Stix float belt. The glass is in perfect condition. However, the port shows wear from the ReefNet adaptor attachment set screws. Neoprene cover also shows wear. Refer to pictures. New I paid $1280 for this setup. Asking $330, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/Other/AquaticaMacroSetup/48299429_FZ7Wn7 Aquatica extension ring #18458 (2:1 macro) with one o-ring, as new condition. New price was $290. Asking $70 Pay Pal, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/My-SmugMug-Creations/Aquatica18458macroextensionrin/48297652_BdvMPK Assortment of ULCS arms and clamps, normal wear: (4) DB-08 8-inch double ball arms (3) DB-05 5-inch double ball arms (1) DB-05 short arm (9) AC-CSF newer style clamps (2) AC-CSB long clamps (1) AC-CS standard clamp (1) AC-TCS triple clamp (1) spotting light adapter, smaller size Packet of new o-rings. I'll include free (not pictured), set of eight StiX Jumbo floats for the arms. New price for everything was $800. Asking $230 Pay Pal buys the whole lot, includes domestic shipping. http://www.donhughes.us/Other/ULCSArmsClamps/47802541_2Hv4Fg
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