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Found 1 result

  1. I thought I should start a thread dedicated to the Nauticam WWL-1. We've discussed this in other / less appropriate topics and it's time it has a one dedicated to it. I want to start off by saying that although I know own both the Lens and the Collar I have yet to be underwater with them (first trip planned to Socorro in June, followed by a cold water (drysuit/dry gloves) trip in Sept to BC, Canada). My first impression is that this will be a really nice product, as long as you don't plan on changing the lens out during the dive. It's virtually impossible to access the red release switch on the bayonet mount with this collar installed. Maybe if you could attach a string / fishing leader or something similar to the red button to pull on it to release it easier). But it definitely very difficult to do (on land with bare hands)... Also, you can barely make out the white guide marks once the collar is installed. Since I have trouble doing this on land, I can only imagine what it would be like underwater. I tried on a pair of my dry gloves (on land) and it was impossible for me to activate the release switch. This was somewhat upsetting as my cold water trips involve shots that are both wide angle and macro on the same dive (ie: Nudibranchs / Giant Pacific Octopus / Lion's Main Jellyfish). This means, if I want to use the collar, I will have to accept only using one lens per dive. And even for warm water, with bare hands the odds of me switching out lenses will most likely be more trouble than it's worth... Also, it took me a while to attach the two little screws that hold this in place; I struggled for a good 15 minutes before I finally used the flash light on my phone to figure out why it wasn't lining up and then persuaded the hole in the foam to come close to lining up with the hole in the lens. I am sure I will get better at it in time; but I don't see myself removing it and putting it back on more than necessary. This means if I want to use both the CMC and WWL-1 lens on the same dive, my only real choice will be to deal with the added weight of the lens without the collar installed. The collar is supposed to relieve about 1.5 pounds of weight (making it about 5oz negative while attached), so I am sad that they cover the release switch with this design. I almost with they would have made it less buoyant while still retaining the ability to easily swap out lenses while on the dive. Maybe this is the plan with the aluminum version of the collar they are working on. I'll report back to this thread in a few months after I have actually experienced it underwater.
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