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Found 3 results

  1. Looking for recommendations. I have been shooting with a Canon T1i for years and am looking to upgrade my system. I own a Canon EOS 7D Mark ii plus some Canon lenses, and am thinking about getting a housing for it. However, it is heavy and 4 years old, and I have also been looking at mirrorless systems, especially the Olympus E-M1 Mark ii. Weight is an issue, since I travel a lot, but so is budget and the idea of having to invest in a completely new system with the Oylmpus is a bit scary. At least with the Canon I already own the body and the lenses! Any feedback would be really helpful. I especially like to do macro photography underwater and wildlife photography topside, if that has any bearing on the discussion. Thanks!!!
  2. I am planning on buying a Sea&Sea housing for my 7D mkII. Currently, I have a Canon 20D (discontinued) with sea&sea ys-90DX TTL duo strobes (discontinued) that attach via 5 pin Nikonos style bulkhead that connects to the hot shoe inside of my Aquatica A20 housing (discontinued). I bought my new Canon and I am looking to buy a new housing. I have not been able to find much information about what functions not available with the camera in the housing. I am also looking for thoughts on staying with the 5-pin chords or going fiber optic. I bought my strobes used, and I do not have the fiber optic connections. They still work fine. I don't if I can get fiber optic cable II for them so they will work with the new Optical YS Converter that sea&sea has put out. I don't know much about what advancements have been made in the technology. The last time I used TTL was with my Nikons V. Is it worth the $400, and possible new strobes? I am also having trouble figuring out what port I need to use with my Tokina 11-16 wide angle lens. I flooded my 10-17 fish eye, which seams to be the standard, but I have been using my 11-16 that I bought for landscapes. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi Folks I own a Canon 7D mkII, that I am willing to take it Underwater, but the investment is big (even needing only the housing…) so I need to think it properly. I did not found so many reviews of this camera underwater... Can you, the ones that have that camera and use it underwater or had experience with it underwater, help me with that? What did you like most? What you do not like? What are the settings, that work best for macro? And for fishes? And for WA? … How do you use the focus? On the shutter? On the back button? What kind of focus do you usually use? Manual focus? One Shot, AI Focus, AI Servo focus? Do you use the iTR focusing function on? And a zillion more questions about the camera... Thanks! Pedro Alves
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