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Found 33 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking at getting a wide angle lense (I can only afford one wide angle and one macro set-up atm, so both is not an option). The top 2 contenders seem to be the Tokina 10-17mm and the Canon 10-22mm. I hope to shoot larger animals like whales, sharks, large schools and to a lesser extend some reefscapes and wrecks. The Tokina seems to be the more popular lense, but I'm concerned about the ballooning that comes with the fish eye effect. Any advice or experience is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. TkdCol

    WTB: Canon 7D

    I'm looking to by a reasonably priced Canon 7D. If you also happen to have a 100mm macro 2.8, I would also be interested Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm looking at getting a wide angle lense (I can only afford one wide angle and one macro set-up atm, so both is not an option). The top 2 contenders seem to be the Tokina 10-17mm and the Canon 10-22mm. I hope to shoot larger animals like whales, sharks, large schools and to a lesser extend some reefscapes and wrecks. The Tokina seems to be the more popular lense, but I'm concerned about the ballooning that comes with the fish eye effect. Any advice or experience is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi, the question is more Ikelite vs something more expensive for a Canon 7d. I've practiced photography for many years, but this is my first foray into UW (besides action cams). I'm primarily looking at the used market and want to know what benefits I'd really get from spending a bit more on an aluminium housing vs the cheaper Ikelite polycarbonate option. Price is definitely an important factor, but if there are significant issues with using a plastic housing (i.e. fogging, less reliable) I would be willing to spend more. As a second part of the question, what are people's opinions regarding the different Al housings? I've seen several reviews of the Aquatica and the Nauticam, which seems to put the Nauticam on top. I am also located in Colombia (South America), meaning buying from the US is relatively easy, but from Europe expensive (where Hugyfot seems to be more available) Thanks for any advice.
  5. Want to upgrade your GoPro or Olympus TG to a DSLR? This could be perfect opportunity to buy quality gear, used very little, at a bargain price! And with the big advantage of an APS-C sensor, the ability to use the Tokina 10-17 zoom fisheye. For $US4000 you would have all you need to produce underwater images professionally, with a Nauticam housing for the Canon 7D with a dome port for the 10-17 and 10-22 lenses and a macro port for the 100mm macro lens. Included are two Inon Z240 strobes with arms, float arms, optical cables, everything. The complete list is: Nauticam 7D housing US$820 £710 45deg viewfinder $735 £636 8.5” acrylic dome port and cover $380 £330 Macro port with cover $218 £188 Extension ring 40mm $218 £188 Canon 7D body $272 £235 3 batteries/charger $27.20 £24 Tokina 10-17mm fish eye $205 £176 Canon EF 100mm macro $136 £120 Canon EF 28mm $95 £84 Canon EFS 10-22mm $82 £72 Inon Z-240 strobes x 2 $600 £518 Strobe mount balls & fibre optic cables $55 £48 Nauticam strobe arms/floats $82 £72 Aluminium hand grips $55 £48 CF memory cards $27.20 £24 Vanguard camera bag $14 £12 Pelican-style travel box 55 x 45 x 28cm $45 £40 If you worry about megapixels, check out Greg Lecouer's work with a 20MP Nikon D500 and the Tokina 10-17! Let me know if you want to upgrade to serious but affordable equipment. I am selling this gear on behalf of a friend who works offshore. I would prefer to sell as a complete package.
  6. Looking for a Canon 7D underwater housing. Preferably Sea & Sea since I am already using their system, but feel free to post other brands (e.g. Nauticam, Aquatica, etc.) Thank you.
  7. Hi all, As I have recently upgraded my camera from a 7D to a 5DIII I would like to sell the gear I do not longer use. All has been taken care of very well, rinsed with fresh water after every dive and never flooded. All gear is located in the Netherlands, but worldwipe shipping is possible. I prefer to sell all in one package. This is what i would like to sell with the price I had in mind for the part: - Canon 7D with battery grip --> €550 - Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM --> €250 - Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM --> €250 - Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM --> €450 - Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 Fisheye Lens (no shades) --> €300 - Nauticam NA-7D with ball mounts --> €1500 - Nauticam 180 degree Straight Viefwinder for DSLR --> €800 - Zen DP-100-NT for Tokina 10-17 --> €600 (has some blue glare on top of glass, not visible when wet) - Nauticam Zoom Gear C1022-Z Canon EF-S 10-22 zoom gear --> €125 - Nauticam Zoom Gear TN1017-Z for Tokina 10-17 --> €125 - Nauticam Zoom Gear TN1017-Z+1.4 for Tokina 10-17 and Kenko 1.4x --> €125 - Dual Electric sync cable --> €50 All together adding up to €5075,-. Willing to let go for €4500 if all bought in one package. I have added some pictures. Could not add pictures of all items as I ran out of space.
  8. An age old question I suppose ... I've been shooting successfully on a Canon G12 in a Recsea housing for around 7 years (here's a gallery of my latest marine life portrait images, only 7 of which were not shot on the G12: https://pinktankscuba.com/2016/01/04/latest-images-gallery/) I write for a monthly scuba magazine and have had 4 covers shots to date out of my G12. My greatest joy in life is getting shots others don't get because my single-strobe compact rig is so tiny and versatile I never have to swim away from a shot. My housing is so old it needs to be replaced (alas it's obsolete) and I am keen to upgrade to a larger sensor for improved image quality. I recently scored a total bargain on a 2nd hand Canon 7D in Nautical housing, but even after replacing the insanely heavy Ikelite strobes with Sea and Sea YSD2, the rig is still impractically heavy (too much weight for travel, the fabulously functional housing is much larger than I am used to which prevents me from seeing my frequently small / macro subjects with my own eyes, etc.) After 7 years of versatility of shooting with great inbuilt telephoto, macro mode enhanced by flip diopters etc which are essential at the incredibly diverse dive sites I dive most days of the week (shooting nudis to smooth rays and everything in between on a single dive), I LOATHE choosing a lens pre-dive and want to go screaming back to compact. Ultimately in the all the trade-offs from trading up to the DSLR, I definitely feel I have lost more than I have gained. When the DSLR housing was recently away for servicing for 3 months, people who didn't know I'd gone back to the G12 kept telling me how much better my photos were now that I owned a DSLR (even though it wasn't responsible for the photos I was sharing online). Online and even in magazines, most people honestly can't pick the quality difference. I have listed my 7D rig for sale twice this week and removed it both times due to feeling so conflicted - the Canon world just feels so comfortable and honestly the housing is an absolute (albeit painfully bulky) dream to drive (today the doctor confirmed that I have pulled a tendon in my camera carrying hand that will likely take 'at least a year' to heal). In part I am clinging onto the 7D because I can't find a large sensor compact rig I would be happy to exchange it for. I LOVE the specs on the Canon G7X EXCEPT that the battery life is reportedly dodgy which is my absolute top criteria in a camera (my dives are typically 2-4 hrs each, and I typically run out of camera battery before I run out of my 12 litres of air ...). My second quality of life criteria is 'shoot everything and anything that comes my way' which demands a level of versatility that only a G12 can apparently deliver. I was almost ready to buy a Sony RX100 Mark IV (better battery life than Mark V) but the colours on the Sony leave me craving Canon (for all the hype, I'm unable to find any uw images online that I love shot with this camera) and other things I've read in reviews have left me 2nd guessing whether it would be a good fit for me. Honestly, give me a bigger sensor on my G12 and a good quality new or second hand housing for it with an 0-ring thicker than the pathetic elastic hair tie equivalent in the housing I already have and I would be happy for the rest of my life ... or someway to double the battery life on the G7X ... So no matter what I do there's an epic trade-off. And even though I've literally stretch a tendon in my hand due to the weight of the 7D, I've been stuck trying to make this decision and getting dizzy from the endless 360s on To Sell or Not to Sell; To Buy or Not To Buy .... You may not be able to offer any new perspectives I haven't already thrashed through with my rapidly tiring sounding boards, but I'll take a shot and put it out there (just please don't tell me to 'man up' - I will never be a man and have no desire to ever become one ...) Has anyone here got any suggestions or advice for me? How did you navigate your transition from compact to DSLR and possibly back again or in reverse? What would you do if you were me? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might like to throw into the mix ....
  9. I'm struggling with video focus on the Canon 7D which will be make or break for me keeping or selling it off. I shot this video of a calamari squid hunting yesterday: As you can see, whenever the squid moves closer to the camera, the footage goes out of focus. I switch regularly back and forward between video and stills, mainly filming marine animal behaviours which can be unpredictable. Are there any not-overly complicated solutions to this or is my 7D about to have a 'For Sale' sticker put on it? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  10. Complete Canon and Ikelite package, Canon 7D camera body, 6 lens, underwater housing, 2 x movie strobes, sync cords, ports and dome for macro, wide angle and fisheye lens. Comes with the hard case as well. In good condition. Last service was in December 2014. I happy to walk you through how how to setup up and look after the gear if you have never used a SLR camera underwater before. A good package if you are upgrading to a DSLR. All the original packaging and instructions are included. I have taken some really awesome photos with this camera and happy to share if you would like to see them. I am selling because I am upgrading to a full frame. Package includes: - Canon 7D Body - Canon ultrasonic 100mm macro lens - Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens - Tokina fisheye 10-17mm - Canon EFS 17-85mm Macro 0.35m/1.2 - Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM Lens - Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Lens - Ikelite Canon 7D Housing - 2 x Ikelite DS161 Strobe + Video Light - Ikelite Digital TTL Housing-to-One DS Substrobe / Coiled cord5-conductor sync cords for Digital TTL - Ikelite Digital TTL Housing-to-Two DS Substrobes5-conductor sync cords for Digital TTL - Ikelite 8" Modular Dome - Ikelite old Canon 100 Focus PortFor Canon 100mm lens - 1:2.8 EF USM Macro Lens - Superwide Port Body for fisheye lens - Extended Port for 10-22 wide angle lens - Ikelite Zoom and Clamp sets
  11. I am upgrading and selling my used Seaandsea MDX-7d housing, Canon 7d, domes, macro etc. Important notice: The housing have to be serviced, cause it have a leak at one or two o-rings on the backpart. Underwaterhousing SeaandSea MDX 7D (200 usd) Canon 7D kamera, Fuld HD, 18 mill.pixel (400 usd) 10-22 mm Canon lens (220 usd) Zoom-ring 10-22 mm.(50 usd) 40 mm extensionring(150 usd) NX Compact Dome Port (200 usd) Makrolens Canon 60 mm(200 usd) Makroport DX52(125 usd) Focusring 60 mm macro(100 usd) Closeuplinse 125(50usd) m67_62 stepdownring til Closeup(50 usd) Price for the system: 1500 usd Can be shipped for an international fee. You can watch footage taken with this system on my homepage: www.dykvideomag.com Danish page;-)) Feel free to ask questions Søren
  12. Hi all, I am ready to make the step from still photography to video. I am using a Nauticam 7d setup. I am looking out for general tips on shooting video with this setup. Also which lens would you prefer? Tokina 10-17 for his quality or sigma 17-70 for his greater zoom range. What would be the first to invest in? *video light *extension ring with focus knob *external monitor *... Any must read books or great workshops on dslr underwater videography? Looking forward to hear some opinions and hear some tips. Thanks in advance!
  13. Nauticam NA-7D housing for canon 7d w/ 4-3/4" arcylic dome w/ handles with 1" ULCS balls $ 1,250.00 Payment via PayPal Free UPS shipping to continental USA Excellent condition - last serviced July 2014 - last used Nov 2014 TomC www.tpixs.com
  14. Hello, I am looking for an Aquatica A7D housing with dual Nikonos bulkheads for the original Canon 7D, not the Mark II. Thank you, Tom
  15. For sale Ikelite housing for Canon 7D. The housing is in good working order. Selling for $1,000
  16. Subal underwater (type 3) housing for Canon 7D. $1,600 with standard viewfinder (shown separately) $2,200 with GS 180 viewfinder (attached to housing) The housing with standard viewfinder retails for $3,157.00 http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4536 The GS 180 viewfinder retails for $1,115.00 http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=669 The housing and GS 180 viewfinder are in good condition. The standard viewfinder is new. Upgrading to 7D mark2. Ikelite ds125 strobes, Canon 7D camera body, macro port are also available. thanks, Frank
  17. Sea&Sea MDX-7D housing for Canon 7D with 45° viewfinder, TTL Converter with an extra set of cables, new housing o-ring, and a Canon 7D camera body with Canon battery. All are in excellent condition, work as expected, and have never been flooded. $2500 plus shipping.
  18. We are selling our two complete Canon 7D Aquatica setups. The only thing missing to get in the water are arms and clamps. This includes two complete wide angle (a fisheye and a rectilinear) and a macro (2 x 60mm macro) setups as well as a mini-dome and a macro-mate. See the photos and PDF. My hope is to only sell as a complete set as I am in Indonesia and all the gear is in California with no one to parcel it out, only ship it. The items are already in Pelican cases (housings and strobes) and a Kata backpack (cameras, lenses, etc.) which are included in the price. Buyer will be responsible for cost of shipping. This also includes an F2.8 Sigma 50-150mm (equivalent to a 70-200mm on a 35mm) and a 30mm (50mm equivalent) F1.4 portrait lens. For more information about condition and photos of each item, please contact me. Total cost is $15,840 before shipping while at retail for everything would be $25,374 at current values. Attached is an PDF (sorry, they don't allow spreadsheet attachements) of all items and the price and some overview photos of the items. 7D System for Sale Sheet1.pdf
  19. I have a Canon 7D, Canon 60 mm macro and an Ikelite 7D housing for sale (I just upgraded to a 7D Mark 2). The housing is still in the Ikelite packing after being overhauled (new back amongst other things) and is in mint condition. The 7D has just been serviced by Canon and has just over 16,000 shutter cycles. The package is yours for $1995. I will consider selling separately.
  20. Barely used Canon 7d with Nauticam housing. Included are a 45 degree view finder, Zen dome for canon 8-15, Nauticam port and gear for 100mm macro, lanyard, Charger, battery. Original owner. $2700 plus shipping Thanks for looking
  21. Ikelite Canon 7D Housing For sale: Ikelite 7D housing in great condition. Housing has only been on ~ 15 dives since Ikelite overhaul. Made the decision to move to Nauticam, so selling all my Ikelite equipment A couple of minor scuffs on housing. Some cuts in rubber on handles (see pictures) Includes housing, 2 zoom/focus gears, handle and extra O-ring Retail $1600 - For Sale $1,199 + shipping (USPS insured) via Paypal. US sale only please Thanks for looking!
  22. I am selling a Aquatica A7D housing with pretty much everything you need to shoot wide angle, macro, and super macro photography. Everything is in good working condition. Here are some pictures of the items with a description of any imperfections. 1) Aquatica A7D- Housing is in good working condition with some minor fading of printing where the buttons are. The viewfinder has a small chip on the inside, but nothing that blocks the viewfinder in the camera. 2) Macro Port- Used for 60mm & 100mm lenses. Good working condition. The port has some minor abrasions where the MacroMate sits but nothing in the center that would optically effect a picture. 3) Macro Mate Flip Lens- Good working condition with nothing effecting image quality. Used for super macro photography 4) Aquatica 28.5 Ext Ring- Used for 100mm lenses. Minor scratches 5) Xit 404 tripod plate- Used with tripod legs to steady the housing with macro, super macro shooting, wide angle video work. Scratches but noting effecting its performance. 6) Stix Custom Buoyancy Float- Used to help offset the weight of the housing. New, good working condition 7) Xit 404 Red Focus Knob- Used to help control focus with your finger tips and to help people with smaller hands. Good working condition 8) Aquatica 9.25 Inch Mega Dome- Used with Tokina 10-17mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Canon16-35mm, Canon 17-40mm, Canon 8-15mm and other lens. The dome has some small abrasions on the sides of the dome. Nothing that I can find in my pictures. There is a water stain that is hard to see. Its 1mm big towards the front of the dome. It has not effected any of my pictures. It can sometimes effect video if you are pointed towards the sun, in which most particles will become illuminated at that point anyway. 9) 6 inch Aquatica Acrylic Dome- was used as a backup dome. there is a small knick on the dome that can be rotated to the bottom of the housing and should not effect anything. It has not effected any of my pictures. 10) 4 inch Aquatica Glass mini dome- Works great for close focus wide angle shots that are in tight spaces. Perfect condition. 11) Aquatica 16.5mm Ext Ring- Used for all 3 domes with 10-17mm, 8-15mm. Good working condition with surface scratches. 12) Aquatica 54.5mm Ext Ring- Used with 16-35mm, 11-20mm, 17-40mm, 100mm+1.4tele., 8-15mm+1.4tele. 13) Covers for all dome and ports 14) Xit 404 Manta Aquatica Gear- used with interchangeable xit 404 focusing rings 15) Aquatica Tokina 10-17mm Gear 16) Aquatica Canon 60mm Gear 17) Aquatica Canon 8-15mm Gear 18) Aquatica Tokina 11-16mm Gear 19) Aquatica Canon 16-35mm, 17-40mm Gear 20) Fisheye 1000s with 2 batteries and 2 battery Chargers. Interchangeable handles. 21)Ultralight Sea & Sea adapters x 2 22) Aqua View view finder- refurbished 23) Backscatter Airlock system-New. Used to vacuum seal the housing. 24) Sea & Sea Sync Cords. (Maybe Optional)Sea & Sea YS 250s. Inquire if you are interested 25) Canon 7d, Battery and Charger 26) Canon 60mm Excellent cond 27) Tokina 10-17mm Lens excellent cond. small dent on hood. does not affect anything. 28) Tokina 11-22mm Excellent cond Optional Wahoo HD UW Monitor Housing by Backscatter. The cable has just been upgraded. Sony Clm-V55 Monitor Aquatica Wahoo Port The Wahoo has a sun shade. The shade has 3 screw to take it on and off. One of the screw heads is broken off. The screw can be drilled out, but I haven't because it has no effected the use of taking it on and off. This is the price that Backscatter would individually charge. I am asking for half of that. Aquatica A7D Underwater Housing $3,015.00 Aquatica Mega Dome Glass 9.25 $1,675.00 Aquatica 6inch Dome Port $310.00 Aquatica 4inch Dome Port $699.99 Aquatica Extension Ring 16.5mm, .65 $222.00 Aquatica Extension Ring 54.5mm, 2.135 $285.00 Aquatica Extension Ring 28.5mm ,3.25 $285.00 Aquatica Tokina 10-17mm Gear $135.00 Aquatica Canon 60mm Gear $103.95 Aquatica Canon 8-15mm Gear $137.95 Aquatica Tokina 11-16mm Gear $137.95 Aquatica Zoom Gear: Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 LII Canon 17-40mm f/4 L USM $131.00 Xit 404 Manta Aquatica Gear $150.00 Aquatica Flat Port for Macro $482.00 Aquatica Rear Port Cap x2 $133.00 MacroMate Flip Lens for Aquatica Flat Port $599.00 Xit 404 DSLR Housing Tripod $200.00 Xit 404 Focus Knob $45.00 Fisheye LED 1000 video lights x2 $1199.98 Ultralight Sea & Sea adapters x2 $45.90 Sea & Sea Sync (2) Cords $200.00 Backscatter Air Lock System $400.00 Aquatica Straight Viewfinder $1,269.00 Canon 7d $1,600.00 Tokina 10-17mm $669.00 Canon 60mm $440.00 Tokina 11-16mm $550.00 Subtotal $15,119.77 Ca State Tax $1,247.38 Total $16,447.15 50% off $8,223.57 I am asking $8,220.00 for everything. I will sell the Wahoo with the package for $600 or $800 separate. I am motivated to sell this set up by the end of April and will work with whoever is interested in the gear. Please allow a day or two for communications. I travel for work and do not have access to email a lot of the times. I will be watching closely though. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.
  23. Great deal on a Nauticam housing for Canon 7D. In excellent condition--only used on three trips. Includes 8 1/2" Nauticam dome, Tokina 10-17 zoom gear, 100mm port Hard wire ready (not included). $3,200--PayPal accepted (buyer pays shipping).
  24. For sale: Like new Subal CD7 underwater housing for the popular Canon 7D. Been used very little and been on less than 50 dives. It really is in great condition! Asking: $2,499.00 (Includes Ground shipping in the US) Please email me at divadiver@msn.com and let me know if interested.
  25. Bought in october of 2011 in great shape, includes arm for dive light and optional pistol grip attachment. Pictures on request. Selling to switch to surf housing.
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