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Found 25 results

  1. I am selling my underwater kit and hope you will find this a great deal. I will try to provide specifics as much as possible for the components. Camera a. Canon 7D Mark II camera body $775 i. Camera strap (non OEM), 3 batteries and 2 chargers included b. Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 EF-S USM zoom $275 i. Clean glass, minimal wear ii. Caps and lens hood included c. Canon 60mm f/2.8 EF-S USM macro $330 i. Clean glass, minimal wear ii. Caps included d. Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS $195 i. Clean glass, minimal wear ii. Not newer HSM model iii. Focuses to 0.2 m iv. Caps and lens hood included Strobes a. Ikelite DS-160 Strobes (2) with chargers and dual TTL sync cable, incl diffusers $550 ea i. Batteries dated 2007 BUT have been rebuilt in November 2021 with higher capacity Tenergy 3800 mAh NiMH batteries. I used these in December in Cozumel. Recycle time at full power <1 sec. Full charge in under 4 h. They both function fully. ii. Both show signs of wear around front lens, one has zip tie holding ball mount (screw missing) (see pics) iii. Includes dual sync cable, flat and dome light diffusers & 2 kits to rebuild toggle on batteries if needed. (Work fine now. Just had in case.) b. ULCS 6“ and 8“ arms (2ea – 8” have floats) $35 ea c. Clamps for arms – 4 ULCS and 2 KitDive brand. $17.50 ea (ULCS) $12.50 ea (KitDive) Housing a. Aquatica U/W housing with Ikelite TTL circuitry and vacuum system $1500 i. Shows some signs of use – NEVER FLOODED ii. Full service by Backscatter Jan 2022 including full pressure testing and testing of Ikelite TTL circuitry, replacement of all o-rings and springs ($700 value). New O rings for ports included iii. Handles have connectors for carrying strap (not included) and 1” balls (included) iv. Port removal tool, handle removal tool, vacuum pump, cap included b. Aquatica glass flat port (for 60 mm macro) $175 i. Glass clear, cover and rear cap included c. Aquatica acrylic 6” dome port (wide angle and Sigma 17-70 fit this) $250 i. Has scratches at outermost edges under shade edges. 2 very small scratches in dome (see pix). None visible in images (using lenses posted here) ii. Includes shade, hood (hood is worn) d. Aquatica focus/zoom rings for zoom lenses (#18706 & 18719 ) $50 ea e. Aquatica extension rings for ports (#18453 & 18462 ) $125 ea Full kit as listed $5135 shipping INCLUDED. If components sold separately shipping will NOT be included Images recently taken with this kit can be seen here: https://www.bluewaterprism.com/images/ I would like to sell as a complete package but if not desired I will entertain offers for components. Please take a look and DM with any questions that you may have. I have more pics as wellMacro60.CR2 Thanks Jay
  2. FOR SALE: Item: Ultralight Control Systems (ULCS) AC-CSF Clamp Description: Clamp-set modified to allow more side to side movement – 1 1/2″ center to center with black T-knob Clamp uses a 1/4″-20 coarse thread bolt Condition: brand-new, unused, and undamaged item – NEVER EVEN SUBMERGED IN WATER Quantity: 2 are available (you can purchase either 1 clamp or both) Volume Discount: if you purchase both clamps, you will receive a discount of $2.50 per clamp (or $5.00 altogether) Price: $25.00 for 1 clamp $45.00 for 2 clamps
  3. Hi, I'd like to buy some good quality arms and clamps. I've currently got a mixture of iDas, SUPE and "random" arms. The latter two were bought on a trip but the iDas I'm perfectly happy with surprisingly! So I'd either want to replace them all (usual store setup, long near camera, short near strobe) or just the one side. Id also consider buying some stix floats or similar, as with the macro port and 105mm my rig is quite negative. Thanks
  4. Nauticam 8" arms 2x $45.00 each , Nauticam 5" arms 2x $40.00 each, Nauticam standard clamps 7x $30 each, Nauticam cold shoe YS mount $30, Nauticam cold shoe ball mount $30.00 Sticks FUL-3 Jumbo floats $30.00 Nauticam Bayonet mount lens holder for arms ( compatible with WWL-1 $ CMC-1) $50.00 Would like to sell all as set with discounted price (of course) for $450.00 (that's $130 off comparing to store price $580 when purchased separately !) I can modify the package for you . Please,don't ask me to sell you one clamp,one arm..... and etc, as I don't really like to waste my time to package one item at the time. I will ship internationally (buyer's expense) however only if more Items are purchased. Thanks for understanding! Free Cont US shipping!
  5. Original Ultralight arms and clamps. Entire package $275 ... individual prices listed below. The same package brand new would cost you $555.00 plus tax. 12" arm (1): $30 ($48 new) 8" arm (2): $30 each ($48 new) 5" arm (2): $30 each ($48 new) 7 standard clamps: $15 each ($30 new) Tri-clamp (1): $20 ($35 new) Focus light clamp (1): $20 ($35 new) Focus light ball mount (1): $20 ($35 new)
  6. Nauticam NA-EM5 + Olympus OMD-EM5 set + parts I'm fully selling my spare parts UWP set which is now useless. Everything is located in French Polynesia but international delivery is easy and trackable. 1/ Housing Nauticam NA-EM5 #17804 700€ Entirely maintained and operational. External scratches due to use. Including Nauticam 2-handles tray and leak detector. 2/ Nauticam NA-EM5 LCD Window for Nauticam Enhanced Viewfinder #17851 100€ 3/ Nauticam Strobe Mounting Ball + Handle for Easitray & Flexitray 25€ Brand new 4/ Nauticam Shutter Release Extension for Compact/MIL Housing #25200 40€ Brand new 5/ Nauticam Leak detection system (from NA-EM5) 10€ 6/ Olympus OMD-EM5 body (silver model) 250€ Including 2 batteries, charger and strobe. 7/ Panasonic LUMIX G 14mm F2.5 F/2.5 ASPH AF LENS SILVER H-H014 120€ Free UV filter and neoprene pouch. A good partner for UW photography 8/ UWL 2 balls clamp 10€/pc 4 available 9/ UWL 3 balls clamp 15€/pc 2 available 10/ INON 2 balls clamp 20€ 11/ IKELITE 2 balls clamp 15€ 2 available 12/ SUBAL ball mount 10€/pc 2 available 13/ IKELITE 6" arm 15€/pc 2 available 14/ UWL 8" arm 20€/pc Brand new 2 available 15/ SEA&SEA 8" arm 20€ 16/ INON 8" arm 20€/pc 2 available Good price for multi items buyers though pm. Feel free to ask more details.
  7. Hi all, selling various trays, arms and clamps. All new in box. Asking Prices see below and feel free to make offers! Prices below are in Euro. I just attached a sample Picture of the Carbon arm and floats arms. More pictures will follow or upon request. 1 x INON Carbon Telescopic Arm S 260-495mm (Retail Price 123 , asking 60 ) 3 x Mega Float Tube S (Retail Price 80 each, asking 40 each) 2 x Mega Float Tube M (Retail Price 80 each, asking 40 each) 1 x Mega Float Arm S (Retail Price 65, asking 35 ) 1 x Float Arm S (Retail Price 65, asking 35 ) 4 x Nauticam 72202 100 mm arms (Retail Price 37 each, asking 15 each) 1 x Nauticam 72504 Long Multi purpose clamp with shakle (Retail Price 61, asking 30) 2 x Sea & Sea Camera Tray + Grip 22118 (retail 75 each, asking 30 each) 2 x Sea & Sea Strobe Head S 22115 (retail 25 each, asking 10 ) Items located in Germany. Can be picked up at Frankfurt/ Main. Will ship within EU, wordwide shipping on request. Just ask for shipping cost. Paypal fees and shipping cost on buyers expense. Send me a PM or better contact me directly: mailmeyer@gmx.net Kind regards, Andreas
  8. Hello, I've just bought an Aquatica setup for a Nikon D80 but I still need the arms and clamps for the strobes. If anyone sell a set of these, please contact me. Thanks
  9. All the following parts are brand new. Never been near the water. All original packaging, paperwork, etc. Even the plastic film protectors are still on... Email for pictures and if interested make an offer. henryschmitz@yahoo.com Nauticam Housing NA-D810 ( I paid $3700.00) 2-Nauticam Fiber Optic Cables 26212 (I paid $100.00 each) Nauticam Flash Trigger 26303 ( I paid $220.00) Nauticam HDMI Bulkhead Adapter 25033 ( I paid $100.00) Nauticam Vacuum Valve 25612 ( I paid $220.00) Nauticam Viewfinder 180 Degree 32201 ( I paid $1150.00) 2-Nauticam 8" Double Ball Arm 72204 ( I paid $48.00 each) 2-Nauticam 5" Double Ball Arm 72203 ( I paid $45.00 each) 6-Ultralight New Style Clamps AC-CSF ( I paid $30.00 each) Nauticam Lanyard Set 25222 ( I paid $90.00) 2-Ultralight Ikelite DS Strobe Adapter AD-125 ( I paid $23.00 each) Nauticam Strobe Mounting Ball Hot Shoe 25311 ( I paid $35.00) LMI Sola Photo Ball Mount Kit 800-0186 ( I paid $19.00) Sola Photo 800 with Red Focus Light 850-0175-C ( I paid $280.00) Remember all this stuff is brand new. Make offers. henryschmitz@yahoo.com
  10. I am just getting started and have never done UW photography before.. Nonetheless, I am leaving for a two to three week UW photography trip to Asia on May 4th. Please let me go through what I have and what I think I need to buy. I already had the Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera, plus computer equipment and Adobe CC with Lightroom and Photoshop. I literally bought my first UW photography gear from ebay yesterday: -Nauticam CMC-1 $212.50 -Nauticam WWL-1 $531.00 -Panasonic PZ 14-42mm lens + Nauticam Port 29 + focus gear $338.33 The plan is to purchase: -Nauticam housing for E-M1 Mark II with vacuum alert protection -Panasonic 8mm f3.5 ( seems like a cost effective wide angle for a starter system -- compared to the 8mm PRO,) -Nauticam 4.33 inch port for Panasonic 8mm with PF-8 focus gear (With such a small port, am I giving up the ability to do over/under split shots?) -Olympus 60mm macro lens -Nauticam N85 port 65 with 0-60F focus gear for the 60mm lens Accessories -2 Sea and Sea YS-D2 strobes -diffusers for YS-D2s -Fiber Optic cables or sync cords -Focus Light (is a high powered video light too strong for a focus light?) -Nauticam Flexitray II with left and right handles. -Arms -Clamps -Floatation for arms and housing -arm/clamp adapters for strobes -Carrying handle -67mm adapter for CMC-1 and WWL-1? (Are the bayonet adapters useful?) Not sure: Covers for the strobes and ports so they don't get scratched? Bag to carry underwater for CMC-1, WWL-1, port covers and other miscellaneous items? How do you carry all your stuff? Lanyards (to connect camera to some part of the body or BC)? ---- I plan to purchase either used (on wetpixel classifieds or eBay) or from my local dealer (Optical Ocean Sales in Seattle) in spite of the extra 10% state sales tax. What else do I need? Please tell me absolutely everything I need. I don't want to get to Asia and not have something or discover that I bought gear that won't work well. The strobe connectors are a little mysterious to me. Is there a housing/strobe combination which allows TTL with the Olympus E-M1 Mark II (camera does not have an internal flash)? If I stick with the Nauticam housing and YS-D2 strobes what are the best strobe connectors -- fiber optic cables or sync cords? The accessories are still unknown and complicated to me. What is a good, high-quality arm/clamp setup for the Nauticam housing and YS-D2 strobes? Do I need floatation arms and if so, what size do you recommend for the setup above? Knowing nothing, I am thinking of a combination of Nauticam carbon fiber float arms and extra Stix floats, although I have no idea what sizes to get, Do I need a small backup camera if I am travelling on a remote liveaboard in Asia? I am thinking Sony RX100 III and the Fantasea housing. I am finding underwater photography is very complicated and expensive. The only reason I have gotten this far is from reading Alex Mustard's excellent book "Master Classroom," which has inspired me to take up this hobby. It is the best instructional book of any kind that I have ever read. In general, I want a good starter system with high-quality components. I would appreciate comments and advice from Wetpixel members. Thanks! I am just getting started and have never done UW photography before..
  11. Sea and Sea D2 strobe. This is a brand new in the box replacement strobe (my backup) that I initially purchased in Japan. Since it is not a "USA" version,( as if they are built differently) it will need to be shipped back to Japan for warranty work if ever needed. Warranty began in middle of January 2017. Since I already have 4 other strobes, I have decided to sell this one before it ever gets turned on or wet. The new USA version is around $649 plus tax. I would sell for $475.00 plus actual shipping. I also have 5 used Big Blue clamps $15 ea.. plus actual shipping. Cheers and thank you for your considerations
  12. Hi, I´m selling: 2*ULCS-DB BL12 with 3 clamps: 130 € 2* Inon Mega Float Arm S: 90 € YS-D1: 420 € Plus shipping and paypal fees. (Located in germany) More details/ pictures are here: http://www.ebay.de/sch/a.my/m.html?item=331922694759&hash=item4d48226267%3Ag%3AfQEAAOSwH3NXm11s&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Kind regards, Andreas
  13. I have some gently used equipment as follows: Beneath the Sea (BTS) 8" double ball arms (2) BTS 5" ball with YS mount (2) BTS round floats (10) BTS large clamps (2) BTS small clamps (2) Will sell all for $275 and buyer pays shipping. I only accept PayPal.... **** I tried to upload a pic but Wetpixel says the .jpeg file is too large (?); PM if interested and I can email you a pic . Can't believe an iPhone pic would be too large for Wetpoixel.....****
  14. hello Wetpixel! I think my trusty Ultralight clamps (AC CSF model, those with 15 degrees side movement flexibility) now deserve to retire, as they've become a little tough to use, after about 300-400 photo dives, over... 7 years! By "tough to use" i mean i need to screw harder to get the arms steady, and i am often not fully happy with the steadiness. Looking at photo dealers not too far from home, i am given a number of choices as far as manufacturers are concerned: -ULCS (the same AC CSF ones which i have) -Nauticam (same manufacturer as my housing) -I-Das clamps, offering apparently 60 degrees side movement flexibility -a number of carbondive.com clamps, some with very peculiar shapes Those are the 4 brands within easy reach for me which i have down-selected. Could you share feedbacks on the easiness to use, quality, and durability of these clamps? thanks! Nicolas
  15. Hi I have a list on UWP Magazine http://www.uwpmag.com/?p=sellof the equipment that I have for sale. All of the items have been well looked after and have had very little use. I think the most is 20 dives. I parted with my housing a while ago and unfortunately I won't be replacing it for the foreseeable future. They are listed below with prices: Nauticam 45 EVF £650. Model 32203 EVF Window for NA-Nex-6 £80. 2x YS-D1 Strobes £300 each. 2x Stix 6" float arms £30 each 2x 200mm Nauticam CF Arms £50 each Nauticam to Sea & Sea Fibre optic Cables £50ea. Nauticam M10 Housing Strobe Mounting Ball £15. Hot shoe Ball Mount £20. iDas Ball Adaptor for GoPro £10. FIT Pro 1200WSR & Spare Batt & Charger £175. 7 Clamps, £10 each or £60 all 7. All Prices are ONO, so please message me to discuss I'm based in the south of England, Fareham. Items can be collected, delivery can be arranged at cost. With regards to payment, I will accept cash on collection, bank transfer, Cheque (Items will be dispatched when cleared) and if Paypal is the only option then the Fees need to be covered by the purchaser.
  16. For Sale: Four ULCS UltraLight Control Systems Clamps All clamps work fine. From what I can glean from looking at these and the web - these are AC-CS -Standard clamps used to attach two arms, base adapters and strobe adapters together. Traditional Style (lighter weight). Things are sure complicated these days. Three clamps have been lightly and rarely used, but are in great cosmetic and perfect working condition. $22 each. One clamp is new and has never been used. $25. I will ship these clamps free within the US via USPS First Class Mail if you buy all four clamps at once. Otherwise, I will send these via USPS First Class Mail at buyer's expense (about $2.55 per clamp, up to $4.35 for three clamps). Please contact Norb Wu at temp2_at_norbertwu.com. Please no phone calls.
  17. Hey Guys, Im looking for a new arm system to accommodate 2 inon z240's on ikelite housing. If any of you have arms, clamps, mounts you are selling i would be interested! Any brand, any size... If you have ikelite quick release mounts or inon ball mounts then i would definitely be interested in those! Thanks, Grant
  18. Looking for 3 or 4 arms, 5" - 8" length. Prefer ULCS, but open to other brands as well. Also looking for clamps to go with the arms, and one triple clamp. Thanks!
  19. For Sale: Six ULCS UltraLight Control Systems Clamps All clamps work fine. Three clamps show wear around the inside of the clamp (they are on the top row of the photo). They do still do the job just fine. $20 each. Three clamps have seen less use and show only a small amount of wear around the inside of the clamp. $23 each. I will ship these clamps free within the US via USPS Priority Mail if you buy all six clamps at once. Otherwise, I will send these via USPS First Class Mail at buyer's expense (likely about $3.55 per package). Please contact Norb Wu at temp2_at_norbertwu.com. Please no phone calls.
  20. I have Nauticam 5" arm segments (4 of them) and Nauticam clamps (6 of them) that I'm selling, all in excellent condition. Brand new for these components cost $380 PLUS TAX - I will sell the set for $295. I only accept PayPal and buyer pays shipping or can pick up locally in Naples, Florida. Please PM me if interested. I have photos taken with my iPhone which I tried to upload, but got a message from the Wetpixel uploader that the "file was too big to upload." REALLY? From a .jpeg from an iPhone??? Go figure… In any event, I would be happy to send photos upon request to your email...
  21. For Sale 2 -- 8 Inch Double Ball Ultralight Arms -- mint condition 2 -- Clamps -- excellent condition 120.00
  22. I have two 8" Ultralight arms and 2 clamps, all in excellent condition. $100 for all including shipping. Paypal or SquareUp accepted or pick up in West Palm Beach area.
  23. These H2O-Tools brand carbon fiber float arms are brand new and have never been used (I won them and already have arms/clamps). I have three sets (2x 160mm (6.4"), 2x 200mm (8"), and 2x 240mm (9.6"). Price is $35 each ($70 per set), $200 for all of them. Shipping extra (USA only). **The Carbon underwater strobe arm is compatible with flash arms/clamps from 10Bar, INON, Nauticam, i-das, UCLS, Ultralight and other manufacturers. These flash arms are made ​​of carbon from a very high quality carbon material (carbon fiber - pipe - one-way design fabric with coarse top layer) for the highest standards. The surface of the carbon arms is sanded and painted. Through a special adhesive process prevents water from entering the pipe. The balls are made ​​from high quality anodized aluminum salt water resistant. The lighter weight compared to other arms, does the weight savings from not only the baggage, but also in the water, the case with the arms have less weight.
  24. For Sale 2 -- 8 Inch Double Ball Ultralight Arms -- mint condition 2 -- Clamps -- excellent condition 120.00
  25. Hi, due to moving house I am tasked with getting rid of a LOT of my old gear- no garage of loft space is safe from my better half(!) so I will be putting a lot of stuff on here in the next few days. I am based in the UK- all prices includes postage within the UK. ULCS DB-05 The Ultralight DB-05 is a 5 inch double ball lattice arm for use with the Ultralight Control System arm setup RRP £43 Sell £30 ULCS DB-05 The Ultralight DB-05 is a 5 inch double ball lattice arm for use with the Ultralight Control System arm setup RRP £43 Sell £30 ULCS AC-CS Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AC-CS Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AC-CS Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AC-CS Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AC-CSF Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AD-1420-IK RRP £26 Sell for £16 AC-TCS Triple clamp replaces a regular clamp in an arm set, allowing use of another piece with a ball to be added RRP £40 sell for £30 ULCS BA-AD Angled Dovetail Adapter (male) RRP £24 Sell for £14 ULCS BA-AD Angled Dovetail Adapter (male) RRP £24 Sell for £14 ULCS BA-TG Ball with T-slot RRP £23 Sell for £13 ULCS BA-LMB Ball Mount for Light & Motion Quick Release Assembly. RRP £40 sell £25 ULCS BA-LMB Ball Mount for Light & Motion Quick Release Assembly. RRP £40 sell £25 Thanks for looking
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