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Found 3 results

  1. Used Inon D-2000W S-TTL Underwater Camera Strobe with Sync Port, Excellent condition with some minor cosmetic scratches. Works great! The Inon D-2000W has the same high performance of the D2000 model. In addition to the base specifications, The D2000W includes a 5 pin-type electrical connector port for compact digital and digital SLR cameras. Nikonos type 5 pin-connection - Manual + TTL mode - 24 step External Auto mode is compatible - 13 step Manual mode is compatible Fiber optic connector - S-TTL is compatible - 24 step External Auto mode is compatible - 13 step Manual mode is compatible - Able to switch between ALL useable flash modes underwater (with compatible cameras). High power with Guide Number 20, Wide 100° circular distribution even without a diffuser Patented T-shape Twin Flash structure produces guide number 20 with wide circular beam angle 100° even without a diffuser to deliver strobe light wide area. The beam coverage increases to 110° with a diffuser. This ideal circular strobe light distribution does not require locating the strobe parallel to camera to support sophisticated and flexible angled lighting with strobe arm. Precise S-TTL Auto mode works with any make The D-2000 offers highly accurate S-TTL Auto mode by transmitting built-in flash light to an external strobe regardless of make or model of camera. The S-TTL Auto does not require any complicated setting. You do not have to buy new strobe when you upgrade from point & shoot digital camera to digital SLR camera. Fine adjustment to match with your taste even in TTL shooting S-TTL Auto mode provides great usability beyond traditional TTL with its fine flash output adjustment simply by dialing the EV. Control Switch on the back control panel. Besides standard exposure setting, flash output can be adjusted at three steps to increase and five steps to decrease for more usability over conventional TTL. Built-in high-intensity Focus Light The Focus Light assists focusing in darker conditions without influence on an image by shutter-linked auto OFF feature Integral pre-flash mode detecting function The D-2000 automatically identifies the number of pre-flashes for proper functioning of External Auto, Manual as well as precise S-TTL Auto mode. Works with standard AA batteries, and standard rechargeable NiMH batteries. You will get the best performance using Eneloop Rechargeable Ni-MH, which also happen to be recommended by the manufacturer. I have both of the user manuals. The 5 pin-type electrical connector port on the back is the same as a Sea&Sea cable. As far as I know this has never been flooded and the battery contacts are very clean. I am looking for $350 for this flash and will accept paypal payment plus shipping charges. My eBay:Summary blibecap (585) Please see attached pictures. Bill
  2. Complete Inon D-2000 Setup in excellent condition. Includes Inon D-2000 Strobe (Type 4) with LED Focus Light, Anodised Aluminium Tray with Grip Handle, Inon Lightweight Strobe Arm, Fibre Optic Sync Cord, Various Filters and Spares, plus Padded Cooler Carry Bag. ALL YOU NEED TO ADD TO YOUR CAMERA AND HOUSING! Ideal for someone with their own compact camera and housing looking to take their underwater photography to the next level. Well over $1,100 value. Low starting price for quick sale. eBay Auction on now: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271613289674?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Condition: Excellent used condition. Price: $400 starting bid.
  3. This a custom designed fiber snoot system for Z-240 and D-2000 flashes. What sets this system apart from the current commercial units available is the fact that it has 3 optical lines, two for each flash tube and a third for the LED modeling light. Using a snoot without a modeling light is a tricky "hit and miss" experience to what already is a difficult task of aiming your lights on small subjects, especially super-macro shots. This system breaks down for travel and can be used as a standard flash underwater with a twist of the locking system. I used this system with 3 Z-240's, one on each side for normal lighting and the 3rd with the snoot sitting center on a mount that allowed me to simply tilt the optical snoots forward for special lighting and than out of the way for regular fill flash (see photo below). If I needed a lot of light for wide angle work, I could easily twist the outer hub off the unit with the fiber cables, clip them to my BCD and use the Z-240 snoot flash for added fill. You could do the same with two strobes or even a single strobe set-up if you wanted to shoot regular fill flash and have a snoot when you needed it. It simply pushes onto the rear part of the unit attached to the flash the flash and locks in place with a twist. Having a modeling light telling you where your light is going to fall makes it an enjoyable experience. Larger optical cables are used to transmit more light efficiently. I could get good exposures at f32 if need be, but usually shot at about f11 the sweet spot. The optical cables simply screw onto the the front faceplate. The rear section attached with the same screws you use with your Inon diffusers (they're attached with a c-clip, like the Inon diffusers, so you don't have to worry about losing them). I'm selling because I'm paring my system down for a more compact travel rig. Save your money and get a better snoot system at less than than half the price of a Reefnet 2 cable system. Snoot housing and 3 optical cables for $275 THe Z-240 is strictly for demo purposes and does not come with the snoot. The long mount rod which I use for the tilt system is included. Shipping $12.35 for USPS falt rate to anywhere in the US. PM me and/or send an email to mcolleypublic@gmail.com Happy diving, Marshall <script src="safari-extension://com.ebay.safari.myebaymanager-QYHMMGCMJR/8d764284/background/helpers/prefilterHelper.js" type="text/javascript"> </script>
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