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Found 13 results

  1. INON S-2000 strobe with M52 front thread $300 INON YS mount $20 Nauticam ball Z-mount for inon $30 Weefine optic snoot WFA41 with attachment $80 10Bar aluminium snoot (6-segment and base) $70 Rubber snoot $30 Color M52 filter set $30 for 6 pcs White diffusors $12 each Honeycomb diffusor $15 hoods $7 each more details >> http://www.inon.jp/customer/discontinued/strobe/s2000/top.html all items can be sold separately, the price does not change SHIPPING from the Philippines (Dumaguete, Negros Oriental) Buyer pays for shipping : FedEx, DHL, LBC, PhilPost of your choice CONTACT ME by Phone, Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram etc >> https://uwart.pro PAYMENTS: PayPal http://paypal.me/uwart, Bank transfer to Metrobank (also GCash, Maya, ShopeePay, GrabPay) … follow me on social media … https://www.instagram.com/uw.art/ https://www.facebook.com/savin.andrey https://www.behance.net/savinandrey https://ru.linkedin.com/in/savinandrey ALL MY STUFF FOR SALE (save on combined shipping) >> https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0sG6XBubsaclO
  2. Basically brand new. Used twice. They fit Sea&Sea YS-D1, YS-D2 and YS-D2J strobes. I have the YS-D3s now and have no use for them. They've been sitting in a clean stored away area for awhile now and would love to get them to a good home. Selling for $50 for both or $30 apiece. Brand new they are $90 apiece. Thanks! Dan
  3. Nauticam NA-A7II Housing (for Sony A7RII, A7II, A7SII) w/ vacuum valve (RECENTLY FULLY SERVICED) - $1,500 Nauticam N100 Macro Port 105 for Sony FE 90mmf2.8 - $250 Nauticam SE90-F Focus Gear: Sony FE 90mmf2.8 - $110 Nauticam N100 to N120 Port Adapter - $280 Nauticam N100 Flat Port 32 for Sony FE 28mm F/2 lens w/ 67mm threads - $200 - Nauticam M67 to bayonet mount converter and locking tool (FREE w/ port) Nauticam Underwater Optical Mini Flash Trigger for Sony Full Frame Cameras - $130 Sigma MC-11 mount converter/lens adapter (Canon EF-Mount Lenses to Sony E) - $120 Sola 3800 LE Underwater Video Light - $350 Onderwaterhuis Pro Dome Diffuser for Sea & Sea YS-D1, YS-D2, and YS-D2J Strobes (X2) - $100 for both, $55 individually StiX Buoancy Floats for Ultralight Strobe Arms - FREE if you buy any of this stuff A7RII and lenses in photo not for sale! Everything is in perfect working order. I can provide the receipt to show you the annual servicing on the housing from Backscatter. If you want more pictures, please don't hesitate to ask. Only selling because upgraded to a newer camera.
  4. I know that there seems to be trend towards using dome diffusers. I don't know whether this just because the new z330s seem to come with them. The question is really whether there is much of a gain over a standard diffuser. Clearly we would all love beautiful even light across the lens coverage but do the domes really add much in that regard? Interested in thoughts.
  5. Its your luck day! I am offering any or all these items pictured here for an incredible price(s). Here are your choices: Package Includes:1 x DS161 Strobe Front, 1 x Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack, 1 x Smart Charger for NiMH with (USA Plug Euro Plug, UK Plug, Australian Plug),1 x Diffuser Ikelite's DS161 is one of the most popular strobes in the industry, with amazing specs and ultra fast recycle time. Guide # (ISO 100) feet - 76 surface - 38 underwater * Angle of Coverage - 90 degrees - 100 degrees with diffuser. Warm light color temperature compared to other strobes. 225 flashes per full charge. Ikelite's DS50 strobe (4 AA batteries not included) This is the older version of DS51 and is in great working condition. Angle of coverage 75 deg or 80 deg. with diffuser. Great as a starter strobe or used as a second strobe for creative lighting. Together with the DS161 described above, you have a great start to lighting your underwater photography. Optical slave converters: These conveniently attach to the individual strobe. EV Controller triggers your Ikelite DS-series strobe off any camera or strobe flash. The Optical Slave Converter simply attaches to the strobe's electrical bulkhead via the cord connector. Triggering of the strobe occurs via flash or pre-flash. As I said, this is your lucky day and if you wish to pursue this deal please contact me at ppeart@gmail.com and we'll discuss terms and conditions. Thanks for your interests. Peter
  6. Does anyone have any experience using the CM Products Dome diffusers? From what little information I could find about them, they seem like a well made product. Before I drop $130.00 bucks ($65.00 per dome) before shipping, I wanted to get some "real world" feedback or opinions on using the domes. How is the coverage? How is the light quality? Do they stay on? Any information would be great. They make them for several different Sea & Sea and Inon strobes. I would be using them with two ys-d1's, so if you have used them with the ys-d1's I would love to get your opinion. thanks, http://cmdiffusers.bigcartel.com/product/cmdome-diffuser-for-sea-sea-ya-1d
  7. Never removed from package. 2 Sea&Sea grease 4.5grams each unopened - $8.50ea. 2=100* and 1=120* diffusers unopened $15ea. plus actual shipping. If you purchase 1 of my strobes (D1 or D2) I will combine the shipping. Regards, Wayne
  8. I have just noticed that I have mislaid the Sea & Sea diffuser to one of my YS-120 strobes. It's such an insignificant-looking piece of plastic, but I have recently found a need for a diffuser on both strobes, so it's irritating to find that I am one down! Does anyone know where I can get a replacement without having to resort to buying a secondhand strobe?
  9. Hello hello! I checked to see if this topic was already on the forum, but to no avail.... SO I have recently won a trip to Palau and need to up my strobe game quite a bit. I liked the sea&sea YS-110's, they had good coverage and I never seemed to have issues with washed-out fish, etc. I now have the YS-D1 strobes and they have been a bi*** to control for wide-angle. They are either too powerful one minute, or the light doesn't travel far enough the next. So to the meat of the topic here, do I: 1) Sell my barely used, beautiful YS-D1's for an older model, (since I cannot afford the mac-daddy 250's) OR 2) I've switched between the 100 and 120 diffuser, and am having issues with both. Would a softbox solve my problems and what the heck does a softbox do underwater that the diffusers don't do anyway? I really appreciate any help with this, I really don't want to sell these strobes, my ISO, f-stop, etc. have stayed pretty consistent with both strobes so no issue there. -KDG
  10. For sale is a pair of 4600K and 4900K diffusers for the Inon Z-240 strobe as well as a clear and red filter for the focus light. They are brand new. $20 including shipping to US. Payment by check or Paypal.
  11. Anybody have experience with the CM Diffusers by AquaTerraImagery? I use Inon Z240 and often wonder if I may achieve better Edge (no pun intended Martin) lighting with a convex diffuser? Inon only manufacture the flat diffusers, but I have just discovered the CM Diffuser at http://cmdiffusers.bigcartel.com Any thoughts would be appreciated... Cheers Rod.
  12. Hi, Looking for 2 diffusers for the Epoque EL-120 HID lights, Epoque part number: #EL-DF They look like this More details at http://www.epoque-japan.com/e-digitallight-2.htm Happy to buy new or used instances... I've been reliably informed that there is a 55mm thread on the lights to accept filters and diffusers, if anyone has an idea where I might be able to get an alternative I'd greatly appreciate the advice. Thanks...
  13. I’ve been working on this project for a while & now seem to be getting somewhere, the idea was to keep the already versatile NA-EM5 & 12-50 set up as small and light as possible. Made of two sheets of vacuum formed HIPS bonded together with an acrylic diffuser at the front, the inside is white to reflect as much light forward as possible using the standard Olympus flash. Here’s a couple of shots taken with this set up: I would be interested in any thoughts you have on this method of lighting. Cheer's, Gary.
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