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Found 34 results

  1. I had the chance to travel to French Polynesia and dive the tiputa pass with the bottlenose dolphins of Rangiroa. Some of the best scuba diving in the world, topdive ! Bottlenose Dolphins of Rangiroa, French Polynesia
  2. Have you ever seen a Diver Narcose And Go Crazy? Narcose Diver Go Crazy!!!
  3. Hi everyone, you want to discover new diving destinations? Enjoy some of the most beautiful marine life encounters? Take a seat and get prepared Bruno
  4. At night, the creatures of the Deep behave differently. The black atmosphere is broken by the rays of lights which reveal the amazing colors of life. Night Dive, Similan Islands, Thaïland
  5. I had the chance to travel to Thaïland in the Similan Islands and dive with the whale shark. Some of the best scuba diving in the world. Scuba diving whale shark
  6. Hey guys! My name is Tom Park and i'm a Dive Master and Pro Underwater Photographer from Australia. I get asked this all the time so I made a video with my top 5 tips and tricks to improve your UW photos. I hope you all enjoy and learn something from this Happy shooting! Tom
  7. Here is my second project using FCPX: https://youtu.be/6u1IIMjMOWA I will greatly appreciate your constructive criticism and recommendations. In this video, I was trying to capture a beauty and abundance of marine life in Raja Ampat during our 9-day stay at Misool Eco Resort. My camera is Sony A7Rii with a 28mm and 28mm+fisheye lens. I used two Keldan Video 8X lights (11000 lm, 92 CRI), which are fantastic video lights. Thank you very much.
  8. I get asked this question very often, so here goes, here is my Beginner and Intermediate gear advice. I've been shooting as a pro underwater photographer and videographer for a few years now so hope this helps! Happy shooting! 🤟
  9. 2019 PHILIPPINES SUPER TOUR - ONE SPACE LEFT Male co-share room WHALE SHARKS, THRESHER SHARKS, INCREDIBLE MACRO - This trip HAS IT ALL Join Tim & Simon for an amazing Journey through the BEST of the Central Philippines!! Sadly one of our guests has had to cancel due to health reasons. This opens up a spot for one male guest. Join Tim Rock, Lonely Planet author and photographer and publisher of The 50 Best Dives in the Philippines and Simon Pridmore, author of the Scuba Confidential book series, as your hosts for an amazing trip to some of the top sites the Philippines has to offer. Excellent for both macro and wide angle photography. CENTRAL PHILIPPINES SUPER TOUR JULY 1 THRU 13, 2019 Read all about it here. https://timrock.photoshelter.com/p/2019-philippines-tri We will board from the beautiful Atlantis Dumaguete Resort "AZORES" the Atlantis first class liveaboard. Diving that once took a month by land to see can now be experienced easily by liveaboard ship through our first class 12-day charter to several beautiful Philippine dive locations. WHALE SHARKS, Oslob, Sumilon Island, the huge Sardine School at Moalboal, Pescador Island & Malapascua’s Gato Island. Also Monad Shoal, known for frequent sightings of thresher sharks as well as manta rays.The dramatic walls of Balicasag, then Apo Island and the world-famous slopes of muck diving heaven at Dauin. This is an itinerary is hard to beat if you want a wide variety of locations as well as incredible diving.
  10. Hey guys! My name is Tom Park and i'm a Dive Master and Pro Underwater Photographer from Australia. I'm starting a UW workshop on youtube with regular uploads and tips to improve your shots underwater. My first tutorial video is up with my top 5 tips and tricks to improve your UW photos. I hope you all enjoy and learn something from this I have plenty of other UW content you may also be interested in Anyways happy shooting! Tom
  11. Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my latest short film. This is a followup to my award winning 'Stay With Us' film. The story will have a total of three parts. This is a film you will want to have the volume up, with some bass if possible, and watch in full HD. It was shot with the Canon 1dx with 100mm macro lens. Curious to know what feedback you all have. I hope you enjoy it. -Dustin
  12. Have you ever dreamed about diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! We are giving you a 25% discount in diving and accommodation packages for the upcoming months of May and June! Offer details: 1) This offer is valid for bookings made this month March 2017. 2) Minimum stay: seven nights diving and accommodation packages, full board accommodation (x2 dives, x3 dives or x4 dives per day) Please check our website, we offer flexible packages, no fixed check-in/check-out and our very own personal service in an intimate resort. You can now (finally) dive in Raja Ampat with Biodiversity Eco Resort! Don’t let this opportunity go! You only need to go to our site and contact us saying you are a wetpixel user!! For more info, visit our website or contact us. www.rajaampatbiodiversity.com
  13. Hi everyone, posting in from Monterey Bay, This video features the excitement of diving in a world class destination like Monterey and Carmel. Divers here go to great lengths to squeeze in that perfect dive, but it's all worth it to experience all the amazing things we see down there.
  14. Hi, Some clips of diving around Tobago, visibility wasn't that great but still some nice dives including turtles, eagle rays, stingrays and a wreck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL1QlbH0DsA. Enjoy.
  15. Hello everyone, I just finished up episode #10 of my 'Rolling in the Deep' series. This time we are seeing an overview of the diving around Bali Indonesia. Let me know what you think Enjoy! Dustin Or Youtube
  16. IKELITE + CANON 700D + LENS + STROBES 3000 € UNDERWATER PHOTO SETUP Canon 700D + tokina 10-17 + canom 100mm + Ikelite case for Canon 700d + inon 45 viefinder + wide port +macro port + 2 strobes = 3.000 € Equipment is 100% correct... Canon 700d - 400 EUR Canon 100mm f2.8 macro - 400 EUR Tokina 10-17mm - 400 EUR 3 battery for Canon Charger Ikelite housing for Canon 700d - 1000 EUR Inon viefinder 45° - 550 EUR Ikelite super doom for tokina 10-17 - 250 EUR Ikelite mini doom for 17-50mm - 100 EUR Ikelite macro port for Canon 100mm - 150 EUR Ikelite 200 flash + 2 batery - 600 EUR Ikelite 125 flash + 2 battery - 400 EUR Wireless sensor for flash - 50 EUR Battery charger ikelite - 2 pics Cable for 2 flash - 130 EUR Sending to EU - 50 EUR to world - 80 EUR
  17. I have been a photographer for quite a while and absolutely love the water. I want to get into diving. I would be starting from the bottom and would need to start working on my diving certifications. Where do I start? What do you recommend? I know I have a long way to go before I can actually start shooting underwater, but I would like to start heading in that direction and get comfortable in the water before making underwater equipment purchases.
  18. As foretold, or perhaps threatened, I've found my hundred favourite images to reflect on the things that I've seen as a diver. My best shot?
  19. Hi all, After 20 festivals around the Globe our award winning short movie is online now and ready to be watched! Share it as you like and happy new year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mkROP5wWjM Synopsis: A boat and its working crew in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. a father, a captain, never wanted his boy to work on the sea. The boy finds work in another boat a result of his affection of the sea. The boy learns diving from the cripple Omer, a famous diver working on that boat whom was healthy without a bend then. Time passes the cripple and the boy ends up working on the captain’s boat. There is sponge shortage, dives passes no sponge! Crew is upset and there is frustration among the crew. The tension between the trilogy (captain, the boy & the cripple), drives the viewer into a desolation in the middle of the sea and its bottom. Festivals: * 51th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Official Selection 10-18 October 2014 Antalya, Turkey * 41th Addition Festival Mondial deI'Image Sous-Marine Official Selection - October 30-November 2, Marseille France * Viewers Choice Award 2nd International Bosphorus Short Film Festival,14-28 November 2014, Istanbul, Turkey * 2nd BEST FILM 2nd Seattle Turkish Film Festival 2nd Best Film 23 November 2014, Seattle, USA * BEST FILM 16th Belgrade Underwater Film Festival December 2014 * 2015 Selection Beneath the waves Film Festival (20 cities around the globe) * ANZAC 100 Years celebration film festival - Melbourne, Australia ACMI- April 2015 * Official Selection, Roma Turkish Film Festival September, 2015 * JIFFEST - Indonesian Film Festival November 2015 * Official Selection, International Ankara Film Festival 25 April - 3 May 2015 * Special Jury Award Dogaka Short Film Festival, 22 July 2015 Hatay-Turkiye * 11th Holy Shorts Film Festival, Special Selection, Los Angeles-USA * Official Selection Blue Ocean Film Festival-Monaco 6-9 November 2015 * selection izmir Short Film Festival 2015 Cheers, Mert Gokalp www.mertgokalp.com
  20. I know I can't be the only one with the following challenge Been diving with a camera & housing (one form or another) for the last 15+ years, and outside of diving at places like Wakatobi, Lembeh, etc. (with a camera room close to dock) or on a live-aboard I'm still looking for the best way to carry a fully put together housing (currently for a D7100) & arms from hotel room to boat, many times with a significant walk/transit in between. Example: On the plane to the Big Island (HI) right now (WiFi at 30k feet & WetPixel to help pass the time) for a week of diving with the family. As we usually do, staying in a resort, diving 25+ min away down near Kona or up near Puako. I'll put together my camera gear the night before, and then end up carrying it from the room to the car, then from the car to the boat (along w/the rest of our dive gear). I've been on an unending search for a backpack wide & tall enough to comfortably carry the housing (preferably w/the arms collapsed (but attached). The best I ever found was actually a free backpack from the old Microsoft PDC developer conferences (got one at one at the conference, then started buying them on eBay as they wore out, which was fairly quickly given the environment). After I couldn't find any more of these, I switched to an Akona backpack that was slightly narrower (very tight fit, but was a little more ruggedized (material was resistant to salt water, heavy duty zipper, small waterproof compartment). On my 2nd one of these backpacks now, so thinking about what's next when this one wears out (it's a very tight squeeze [side to side] for the housing). This may only be an issue for those of us who still occasionally tolerate multi-dive day boats (most have limited capacity to carry on larger camera bags), but I've found myself even wanting this during longer excursions off of liveaboards (last year in Raja Ampat we did a 3 dive long range trip with 1 being a shore dive - wanted to carry some gear & my camera in a way that kept it out of the sand). Both hands end up being for dive gear, so really like the option of carrying the rig on my back (also have a wife and 13 year old daughter diving so I seem to be carrying more gear than before - even though they do claim they carry their own gear). So I'm looking for ideas, or better yet, a recommendation for some mythical backpack-like, rugged, salt-tolerating bag big enough to comfortably carry a full housing (and a few odds n ends). Does such a beast exist? - Matt
  21. Hello My name is Jimmy and I am a complete beginner in the field of ("more serious") underwater photography. Underwater photography is something I have felt passionate about to get into for years and years since I'm a freelancing and devoted filmmaker as well as still photographer. I love shooting wildlife and highest on my list has always been to evolve into underwater photography mixing my love for the ocean and its species with my love for photography. I've finally made investments in Ikelite housing and strobes for a Nikon D7100. Currently not living in a very diving friendly part of the world and I only have approx 15 dives under my belt since I took my PADI open water certificate in 2009. My goal from the beginning when started diving is to mix it with photography but understood the necessity of becoming a comfortable diver before moving attempting to shoot underwater. After having now dived in Fiji, Thailand, Tanzania and Cuba I can no longer resist the urge to have a camera with me beneath the waves on my next trip now to the eastern caribbean (where I'm partially from). I am curious to ask advice from the more experienced divers and underwater photographers if more dives are strongly recommended before adding the complexity of photographing as well or if it should be fine as long as I feel up to the challenge? As a person and freelancer I am very active in safety measures for productions and generally have a great respect and understanding for the ocean as I have grown up partially in the tropics. Dive instructors have commented that I'm relaxed underwater and do well. Among my 15 dives I have had dives with Bullsharks and dived through short rock/cave formations which have all been fine. Hopefully this weighs in my favour but it's still difficult to guess how technically tricky the diving will become when adding the photography aspect...
  22. Hey! Iv bought the Nauticam NA RX 100 M2 along with the Flexitray (with right handle) Am finally ready to purchase the Sea & Sea YS D1 Strobe. What mounts, arms do i need to additionally buy in order to have everything up and running. Cheers Tiku
  23. Here are the results of three weeks in Chuuk, as recounted above. https://www.flickr.com/photos/timsdiving/sets/72157645297557139/
  24. Hi, I'm excited to share with you a feature story we've been working on with CBS for a while. Some positive press in the cave diving community. Weeki Wachee Springs is Florida's oldest roadside attraction and home of the mermaids. Its also one of the deepest cave systems in the United States at over 407 feet deep! A highly experienced team of Explorers are pushing the limits of technology in order to go deeper, stay longer, and explore this never before seen cave. The entrance and exit is extremely challenging making it difficult to bring in safety equipment. The window of opportunity to dive only opens for a few months every decade. This highly experienced team must collect all of the scientific data, gather samples and map the system before mother nature decides to render the cave undivable again for a year or the next 10. To view the story on CBS follow the link! It will air again at 5:30 today February 14th and Feb 15th at noon. Becky Kagan Schott & David Schott Liquid Productions, LLC http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/356706/250/EXCLUSIVE-Secret-underwater-world-beneath-Weeki-Wachee
  25. Gates Housing in excellent condition, only used for one month shoot in the Caribbean and a few weeks in British Columbia. Soaked in fresh water after each use Comes with: 1 x Gates EX1 underwater housing 1 x Standard SP44 (Dome) Port, 1 x Macro FP44 (Flat) Port, 1 x Internal flip Diopter system w/ close up diopter 1 x Flip down green-water color correction filter, 1 x Gates tripod in new condition, 1 x Full set of trim weights 1 x New O-Ring Kit, 1 x Novus Plastic Polish and Cleaner Sony PMW-EX1R XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorder In good shape. Was used as documentary on-land camera as well and has more hours than the Gates housing, but works perfectly. Some cosmetic wear which doesn’t affect the usability. Comes with: 1 x B&W polarizing filter, 1 x BP-U30 stock battery, 1 x Extra long life SWIT S-8U62 battery 1 x Sony SBP-8 8GB SxS PRO XDCAM Memory Card 1 x Sony SBP 16 16GB SXS Pro XDCAM Memory Card 1 x Sony BC-U1 battery charger $7,500. Contact: Twyla at twyla(at)oceanfilms.net
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