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  1. I am selling my used Mangrove MVHS-X70 underwater camcorder housing by Aditech. The housing is approx. 1 year old (delivered in January 2017). There is one year of manufacturers warranty left. The control board has been upgraded for the new Sony camcorder models and now it works with all of the listed camcorders below. The housing is made of anodized aluminium and has an electronic camcorder control via the LANC-protocol. It also features a TFT colour monitor and is depth rated till 200 m. The placement of the port thread is arranged to fit with these camcorders of the Sony Professional range: Sony PXW-Z90 (new model 2018) Sony HXR-NX80 (new model 2018) Sony PXW-X70 Due to the housing's universal camera tray it can be used with a wide range of Sony consumer camcorders e.g.: Sony FDR-AX700 (new model 2018) Sony HDR-CX900 Sony FDR-AX100 or any other of the smaller recent models. With the housing I am selling these accessories: ball joints to fix lights neoprene cover SW-MVH stabilization wings DP M77x125 wide angle dome port FP M77-M67 flat port HD-UP carrying handle battery charger (EU) Sony VCM-AV1 cable One year ago the price was 3.350 Euro. I am asking for 2.299 Euros including the expedited shipment within the EU. For shipment to other destinations please contact me. I am accepting PayPal (4%) or bank transfer. Oliver Ohlendorf +36 20 9564210 ohlendorf.oliver@gmail.com Features: HOUSING OVERVIEW: The Mangrove video housing’s front case is made from marine grade aluminium, machined, anodized and the rear case is machined from solid Delrin. The housing’s sleek, ergonomic design feels like a natural extension of your hands and makes capturing that perfect video sequence fluid and easy. Redundant double O-ring seal system on the rear case provides maximum protection and does not depend on clamping pressure for security. The housing incorporates a large 3.5” Color LCD viewfinder that is located at the rear of the housing with an angle of 25° for enhanced viewing at arm’s length. The Mangrove MVHS-AX700 housing is compatible with the Sony FDR-AX700, the PXW-Z90 and HXR-NX80 camcorders. It is also backward compatible with the Sony PXW-X70 camcorder. Since it is a universal housing it could accept nearly the entire line of Sony HD video cameras with just minor changes to the software or hardware. The design benefits from interchangeable optics like the dome port DP-M77x125 and the flat port FP M77-M67. The camcorder mounts on a specially designed universal camera tray that can be adjusted by the customer in any position in just a few minutes. The available length for the camera and its battery is 226mm/8.9 inches. It's solid build quality and elegant ergonomics make shooting underwater video a pleasure. Whether you are serious about getting into video or a pro already, this housing is designed to make the experience rewarding! The housing is depth-rated to 200 m/660 feet, making it the deepest-operating video housing on the market. CONTROL SYSTEM: The Mangrove MVH-AX700 is a full electronically controlled housing that uses the LANC jack connector and the Sony AV/R-10 pin connector. The external controls on the housing are linked by 12 electromagnetic push buttons to corresponding controls on the camera inside the case. The electromagnetic controls do not protrude the housing and can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. With non-penetrating electronic controls there is virtually no risk of the housing leaks typical with mechanical through-hole designs. Another convenient feature of this type of system is that the controls for the housing are grouped together in three locations, to the left, right and under the in-built monitor, so that each function can be operated by your thumbs while maintaining a steady grip on the handles. In this position you can instantly see the labels for the names of each control, as compare to a mechanical housing where you must either memorize the location of the controls or rotate the housing to read the name of the control you want to operate. Grouped electronic controls are very convenient on deep dives where nitrogen narcosis may be a factor. The Sony connecting cable adapter VMC-AVM1 is necessary for video cameras equipped with the Multi/Micro USB terminal like the FDR-AX700. Start Mode Power ON/OFF Record/Standby Manual/Autofocus toggle Manual Focus Far Manual Focus Near Zoom Tele Zoom Wide Increase Zoom Speed (+) Decrease Zoom Speed (-) Mode 1 (White Balance control) Power ON/OFF Record/Standby Manual/Autofocus toggle Manual Focus Far Manual Focus Near Zoom Tele Zoom Wide White Balance toggle White Balance Set Preset A/B up Preset A/B down Mode 2 (Aperture control) Power ON/OFF Record/Standby Manual/Autofocus toggle Manual Focus Far Manual Focus Near Zoom Tele Zoom Wide Aperture Auto/Manual toggle Aperture Set Increase Aperture (+) Decrease Aperture (-) Mode 3 (Shutter Speed control) Power ON/OFF Record/Standby Manual/Autofocus Toggle Manual Focus Far Manual Focus Near Zoom Tele Zoom Wide Shutter Speed Auto/Manual toggle Shutter Speed Set Increase Shutter Speed (+) Decrease Shutter Speed (-) Mode 4 (Gain control) Power ON/OFF Record/Standby Manual/Autofocus Toggle Manual Focus Far Manual Focus Near Zoom Tele Zoom Wide Gain Auto/Manual toggle Gain Set Increase Gain (+) Decrease Gain (-) Mode 5 (Menu control 1) Power ON/OFF Menu ON/OFF Joystick Up Joystick Down Joystick Right Joystick Left Select Picture Profile Assign Button 1 Assign Button 2 Assign Button 3 Mode 6 (Menu control 2) Power ON/OFF Menu ON/OFF Joystick Up Joystick Down Joystick Right Joystick Left Select Picture Profile Assign Button 4 Assign Button 5 Assign Button 6 MONITOR: Rather than viewing the underwater world through a small viewfinder, the housing incorporates a High–Resolution TFT LCD monitor built into the back of the case that gives you a large 3.5” image; you see what the camera is recording, in full colour, while holding the housing at arm’s length. Not only will the larger image be of great assistance in composing your shots, you can instantly see the results when you change manual focus, turn on lights, or use your filter, you will also see all the status information normally displayed in your camera’s screen/viewfinder. The in-built monitor has a hood that eliminates glare and reflections from your surrounding, which also allows viewing even in strong ambient light; furthermore the LCD screen is 25 degrees angled for enhanced viewing at arm’s length. The monitor is powered by their own Lithium batteries so they do not rob any power from the camera’s battery. The rearward placement of the handles is also a boon for those who suffer from Hyperopia and Presbyopia. Rear monitor housings can be difficult for bad eyesight sufferers and often you can see many people shooting with arms straight out to be able to focus. A few inches does make a difference for many and the handle position allows all but the most farsighted divers to comfortably maintain relaxed arms for steady shooting. AUDIBLE & VISUAL LEAK DETECTOR: As with all our housings, the MVH is offered as standard equipment with a leak detector that will immediately activate a loud buzzer and a LED located at the rear of the housing in the event water should find its way past the o-ring seals, the water detector is located next to O-ring sealing and at the lowest point (in usual operating position) of the case INTERCHANGEABLE PORT SYSTEM: Full HD cameras demand the finest optics - the flaws of poor quality lenses will show up when watched on big HD TV screens or projected. Changes to the way land lenses see when taken under the water can compromise your underwater videography. Aditech offer a range of underwater video camera lenses to meet your exact requirements. You can shoot the smallest critters to hulking shipwrecks. The dome port allows 70% zoom through, letting you switch from super wide- angle to a narrower angle. This flexibility is ideal for working with sharks as you can video the entire shark and its backdrop, then zoom in for a head shot without losing focus. As always, it's vital to think carefully about the subjects you will want to portray in your underwater videos and the likely filming conditions before selecting the right lens to match your needs. The MVHS-AX100 comes as a standalone housing with optics not included, however, you can select to purchase the correct optics for your personal style of filming. Available are the 77mm threaded-mounted ports, which include flat and dome ports: FP-M77-M67: flat port with M77 threaded port ring. This port accepts M67 wet macro lens. Due to refraction flat ports reduce the angle-of-coverage of a lens and at the same time enlarge the image. Minimum focusing distance and zoom range depend upon your camcorder. DP-M77x125: the new DP-M77x125 wide angle conversion dome port provides all of the benefits of a dome port underwater. The conversion dome corrects for the refractive magnification of the flat port underwater to restore the camera's original angle of coverage. It increases the underwater field of view of your camcorders lens allowing to recover 105% of the FOV (field or view) of your camcorder on land. This is a semi - wide angle. You can use around 80% your zoom range.
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