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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, I just finished shooting video in North Carolina with the new, and very affordable, FIT LED 2400 lights. If you're curious about buying them my opinion is: Get them! For most of us, cost is a huge factor on video lighting and to get lights for under $500 each with that kind of output is incredible. I wanted to do a video review of the lights but haven't found the time yet. So in the meantime here are my initial impressions: Build Quality - The build quality of the light is excellent. No complaints there. The threads are tight for both parts of the light and there are two o-rings to keep the water out. - My impression of the battery is that it's a pretty cheaply made generic rechargeable battery. For the replacement cost of $25 you can't expect more. I can't say I expect the life of the battery over time to be outstanding but with the cheap replacement cost you can afford to buy more of them. - The battery charger is junk. It works, but they really skimped on costs here. My battery barely stays in the charger and if the charger is at any angle it'll fall over and the battery will fall out. Careful if you use a rubber band to hold it in as it may become too hot. While I criticize the battery charger, they do work so no worries there. - The box comes with extra o-ring lube and an extra o-ring or two. Light Performance - The light output is as advertised: very bright. Do NOT make the mistake I made when turning it on and looking into the light head. You will not see for a few minutes. - The batteries last at least an hour on full output. I burn tested mine in ice-cold water (most of my diving is done in 30-40 degree temps). Output is definitely diminished at the end of the hour, but it is still useable. With the cheap battery cost get a second set for each dive you plan to do a day. - The light beam on wide is very wide. This will be perfect for you GoPro users who want a light or two for the wide angle lens. I was using it on a full frame Nikon D800E with 16-35 lens and the width was nearly enough to cover the full frame. Getting a second light easily covers the gaps. - If anything, the light is too wide. I almost would prefer a tighter but brighter beam. - The red LEDs are worthless to me. I tried shooting with them and the output was too dim for my use. The spot light is handy if you need to switch and signal your buddy...but generally a pain when they're mounted to a camera rig. - Running the red LEDs with the white LEDs is interesting. The white light output is diminished though. I don't see this as useful for my applications. If you have any further questions please let me know. I may have missed a bit in this short review. Now for the good stuff. See it in action in this first video I took with them: https://vimeo.com/72014413 For more upcoming videos, please subscribe on Vimeo or check out my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AretePhotography -Andy
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