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Found 92 results

  1. Please watch my latest video “Scuba Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt, Sinai”, which will bring you to the best dive sites and shipwrecks of the Red Sea, and show what you can expect to see underwater during a 7-day long “Sinai Wrecks & Reefs” diving safari. This trip took place in August 2022, and it was organized and led by Massimo Franzese (aka Interceptor121) for underwater photographers and videographers, hence the name “2022 Image Makers Liveaboard”. We have to complement Massimo for the success of this trip. He used to work in this region as a dive instructor, which, combined with his underwater photography and videography skills, helped him to choose the best time for each dive. One of the great benefits of this trip was that every evening Massimo would review our photos and footage, and give us advice on how to improve. Our boat, the Snefro Pearl, with its fantastic crew always eager to help, made our trip very comfortable and enjoyable. With respect to marine life, we were pleasantly surprised how healthy the corrals were, with absolutely no signs of coral bleaching. The water was warm, crystal clear and unbelievably blue. The most unforgettable part of this trip was snorkeling and diving with a family of wild dolphins. I counted 21 of them. Diving the Thistlegorm shipwreck was very interesting as well. Overall, this Image Makers Liveaboard trip exceeded my expectations. I hope that Massimo will keep organizing Underwater Image Makers Trips in the future so I can join him for more fun diving and continue improving my videography skills. Underwater Video Equipment used: Camera: Sony camcorder PXW Z90 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port and internal UR Pro Red Filter Video Lights: Keldan Video 8X 11000 Lumen, CRI 92 (5400K) Keldan Ambient Filter M1 (10-20m) for 4X/8X Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS Picture Profile: PP10 (HLG); Gamma: HLG2; Color Mode: BT2020 Above water camera: iPhone 13 Max Pro I will greatly appreciate your comments, including constructive criticism. https://youtu.be/-YfjesgYRdg
  2. Selling a Gates Underwater Housing for RED DSMC2 Cameras - Gemini, Helium, Monstro, Dragon, Scarlet-W, etc Comes with the prestigious 10" glass dome port (this alone is $4500 to buy new) but I'm also willing to sell this separately. Housing is in very good condition. I recently serviced & pressure tested the unit & it has zero leaks. Can even fit the Komodo & V-Raptor camera with limited camera control, just needs a different monitor housing. See below for full kit list, has many extras! Would cost over $25,000 to buy this new. $14,500 or best offer. Free FedEx shipping within the US or you can inspect/pickup in Southern California. Can also ship worldwide via DHL or FedEx at cost. Please message me with any questions, thanks! Gates DSMC2 Housing 10" Glass Dome Port Port Extension PE486 Monitor Housing w/ Extension Hood & Lemo Adapter 3 x Focus Gears 8 x Gear Shafts & Rods Canon 11-24mm Zoom Gear Canon 11-24mm Focus Gear 2 x Adjustable Side Handles 2 x Marker Rings Lemo Cable Hydrophone Adapter Spare O'Ring Kit Spare Parts Kit Weights Kit Hand Tools Storm Case
  3. For Sale: Gates Pro Action Water Housing for DSMC2 SP80 Glass Dome Port FP 80 Flat Port 5 extension rings including one with custom control for cine zooms Red DSMC2 Jetpack SDI Module Seal Check Lite Kit Starlite ST5 HD Monitor 100ft SDI Surface Feed Various accessories: custom cables, spare O ring, weight, tools, lens gear, shaft, etc... Everything works perfectly... That's why people buy Gates, it's reliable! This Pro Action was custom modified by John for my needs. It keeps its streamlined profile but it can also accommodate bigger lenses. I shoot with Zeiss Compact Zooms, Sigma Cine Zoom, Hawk Vintage 74, etc... I won't split this package. This housing is user upgradable to Alexa Mini and / or DSMC3 Red V-Raptor. There's around 25K of equipment, I'm asking for €13K OBO. Shipping and taxes not included but I have an international VAT number so taxes should not apply within Europe. Housing can be checked and picked up at my offices in the South West of France. International shipping is also an option. Please shoot me an email for pictures and infos: vincentkardasik(at)lkrtel.com
  4. Sony/Gates AX-100 4K video camera and housing, all you see in the photo included as well as shipping to the lower 48 of the US, please inquire about international shipping. Items listed below. I have some of the best amateur footage with this rig, I have won several awards including best video, I have traveled all over the world with this rig. This was bought brand new from Backscatter in Ca, it has been recently service and has 12 dives on the new overhaul. The wide angle lens was cleaned up by Gates directly a few months ago, all records on file by backscatter and I can provide on request. I have moved toward cinema and have a 25k rig now and need to sell this one. I have included a rebuild kit, spare o rings, original manuals for both Sony and Gates. Here is a sample video shot with this rig just 2 months ago in Socorro. This rig retails right now for $6334 as you see it, Im willing to let it go for $3990. I am willing to offer tutorials on this set up post sale as I am passionate about what I do, and would love to see this unit be used as well as it has been to me. Thank you. 1. Sony AX-100 2. Gates AX-100 3. Saga Macro lenses X5 and X10 4. Carry handle or GoPro mount both included 5. 6 Sony batteries, 1 wall charger, 1 corded charger 6. Gates GP34A wide angle dome port IMG_7265.HEIC IMG_7266.HEIC IMG_7267.HEIC IMG_7268.HEIC
  5. Gates housing with Wide angle lens. Sony HDR HC9 camera, battery, arms, clamps. Tapes, i have two Hi Def systems, selling one, keeping one. I am able to buy the tapes for the camera on amazon. 2 x Green Force 250 Watt HID lights 2 x 1500 lumens Green Force Squid Lights. 2 x Green Force Fleix II batteries, they are older, still charge up, not recommend for the 250 Watt lights, will run the 1500 lumen lights. Likely the batteries need updating. 2 x Green Force battery chargers. Battery carrier, screws onto bottom of Gates Housing. 4 x new seal kits for the housing. Up for discussion... S
  6. I'm selling a plethora of my Gates Accessories to my Deep Weapon Housing. These items fit from the original Gates RED 1, Deep Epic and Dragon and finally the Deep Weapon Gates line of housings. All are in excellent condition.....and some are new. Gates Deep Weapon Underwater Housing Accessories For RED 1, RED Epic/Weapon/Helium housings PORTS 8” Glass Port: USED in excellent condition with anti-reflective coating on inside of port: $1,500.00 ( https://www.backscatter.com/Gates-SP80-Underwater-Dome-Port ) FP80: Acrylic Flat Port: NEW: $550.00 ( https://www.backscatter.com/Gates-FP80-Underwater-Acylic-Flat-Port ) Gates Nikonos RS Adapter Kit: $2,500.00 ( https://www.backscatter.com/Gates-Nikonos-RS-Lens-Adapter-Kit ) Monitor Housing Gates Red Pro Touch 7”LCD Monitor Underwater Housing: $1,850.00 ( https://www.backscatter.com/Gates-Red-ProTouch-7.0-LCD-Monitor-Underwater-Housing-RPT7 ) Pass Through Cable for Monitor: $250.00 (Used as a spare in case you have a cable break or pin disconnect) ( https://www.backscatter.com/Gates-Pass-Through-Cap-Large ) Accessories Redmote in case (new condition): $175.00 Variety of Port extenders I can’t recall all of them, but I have a variety to fit from Canon 11-14 up to angenieux 15-40. Sell for around $200 up to $400…or a package deal on all three or four of them that I have. Contact: Johnny Friday E: johnnyfriday@me.com C: 619-392-5524 Gates Deep Weapon Accessories.docx
  7. Have you been dreaming of Raja Ampat recently? Me too.So, I created a video DREAMING OF RAJA AMPAT to share our memories and dreams about the breathtaking Raja Ampat. In this video, I used footage from our two most recent trips to Raja Ampat. Both times we stayed at Sorido Bay Resort (Dampier Strait), which is our favorite dive resort. If you are interested in more technical details, please keep reading below. On the first trip I used a Sony A7Rii camera, Ikelite housing and Keldan Video lights 8X 11,000 Lumen CRI 92 (5400K). Sony A7Rii had some problems with autofocus and did not allow to set WB manually. On the second trip I used the following equipment: Camera: Sony camcorder HXR-NX80 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port and internal UR Pro Red Filter Diopters: SAGA +5 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens, and SAGA +10 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens Video Lights: Keldan Video 8X 11,000 Lumen CRI 92 (5400K) with Keldan Ambient Filter M1 (10-20m) for 4X/8X Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS, Picture Profile: BT709, and on several dives - HLG picture profile. For camera settings, I used recommendations from the following article : AX700-Z90-Housing-Recommended-Settings-R2.pdf HDR clips were converted to Rec.709 color space using the following two methods: 1 - FCPX HDR Tool HDR to Rec.709 SDR, 2 - Leeming Camera LUT Pro Sony A - HLG to Rec.709. For reasons I could not explain, FCPX HDR Tool worked better for some clips and Leeming Camera Lut worked better for other clips. Juan Miguel Núñez Arellano provided me invaluable guidance and mentoring in shooting and grading HLG footage. You could visit his website (http://wetpixel.es) to learn more about underwater videography in general and about using HLG in UW videography. Juan's videos could be found at the following YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/JUANMONTEREY/featured
  8. Gates AX700/Z90 Housing and the following: 1) GP34 Gates WA port 2) Gates top mounted carry handle 3) Kraken remote control 4) SAGA DivePro +5 Macro Diopter Lens 5) 2 Kraken solar flare mini's with ball adapter and 2 optical cables (can control lights without reaching) 6) SAGA Flip Diopter Holder 7) Gates Tripod 8) Gates factory installed Seal Check Lite System (inclusive of housing fitting) 9) Sony AX700 4K (UHD) video camera with NP-FV100A extended batteries (2) All you need are some UL arms-----=-= All items were purchased in April 2019. Only used on 6 dives. I will remove the Sony AX700 and or the Video lights, but all other items are a package. $6250.00 for everything (original cost 10K)
  9. I have a used Gates ax100 housing for sale. No port, no tripod, no extras. It works great! Never had a leak or any problems. Built like a tank. Great way to try out a more pro setup and see if you want to go to "the next level". Fits the sony ax100 camera. I have the camera but am selling it on ebay. You can inquire though. It might still be available. Just make me an offer! Would like to get about $800 for the housing. It was originally $3000. I do have a scratched port that I can through in. But it is pretty messed up. Thanks.
  10. Gates AX700/Z90 housing and the following: 1) Gates GP 34A Wide angle port 2) Top carry handle 3) Saga 174 67mm single flip diopter clamp (diopter not included) 4) Tripod mount ( no legs) 5) Dive & See HDMI bulkhead 6) Sony AX700 4K (UHD) video camera with NP-FV100A extended battery All purchased around June 2018. In perfect condition. New this rig would be close to 8K. selling for 4500.00 plus shipping
  11. Gates Sony EX1 XDCAM EX Housing and the following: 1) Gates Standard Port SP44 2) Gates Flat Port FP44 3) Flip red filter and flip macro diopter 4) Seal Check Valve 5) HD-SDI Port for surface umbilical 6) 120ft HD-SDI surface umbilical 7) HD-SDI to HDMI converter (to connect to flatscreen on the surface) 8) Balancing weights (housing buoyancy) 9) Camera Sony PMW-EX1 with only 607 hours recording time 10) 1x SXS Pro Card 8GB, 3x AFT ProExpress-7 SXS Card to SD Card Adapter, 1x MXM Express EX-SSD Recorder there are also a number of batteries for the camera, but they can not be shipped. I'm accepting reasonable offers for everything as a package or also for individual items. Items location is Sabah, Malaysia, please also consider the shipping costs. Pictures: https://mega.nz/#F!e1s1GZ5T!YXDoD2XDaa__u4XKGMTulQ
  12. Here is my first video using Sony camcorder HXR-NX80 taken during the last diving trip in Philippines this August: https://youtu.be/XZ2JvM6JXkI I have not mastered this camera yet, and on a few occasions I inadvertently used wrong settings (i.e. the internal ND filter was on on a few dives). Also, playing with different settings and filters resulted in some color inconsistencies between different clips. While I am still trying to master this camera, I will greatly appreciate constructive criticism and recommendations. The following equipment was used to make this video: Camera: Sony camcorder HXR-NX80 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port and internal UR Pro Red Filter (on most dives) and UR Pro Pink Filter (on a few dives) Tripod: Gates Tripod Diopters: SAGA +5 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens, and SAGA +10 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens Video Lights: Keldan Video 8X 11,000 Lumen CRI 92 (5400K) with Keldan Ambient Filter M1 (10-20m) for 4X/8X Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS, Picture Profile: BT709. I followed the following article for recommended camera settings: AX700-Z90-Housing-Recommended-Settings-R2.pdf In my decision to buy this camera and housing, I followed an advise from Juan Monterey, who convinced me through his articles that this Sony camcorder is one of the best cameras for underwater videography: http://wetpixel.es/mi-actual-equipo-submarino/ As I am shooting only videos, I found many advantages of going with this camcorder and the Gates housing, including but not limited to the following: No need to carry several lenses. With one wide angle dome and diopters you could shoot wide angle and macro on the same dive. Very good and fast auto focus Very easy (one-button touch) white balance setup. Ability to use HLG - Hybrid Log Gamma (In the future for me) Battery is good for four dives (about 4 hrs) One things that puzzled me with this Gates housing is providing a control knob for ND filters, as I have never been in a situation yet when there is too much light under water. Maybe someone could enlighten me about this. For all footage above water I was using iPhone X. Hope to hear your comments and recommendations on how to improve my videos. Many thanks and cheers.
  13. Thanks to one of our guests this trip, I had the opportunity to do a comparison test between three 10000+ lumen video lights, the Gates GT14, Scubalamp V6K and Jaunt G18 Plus. First, let’s take a look at the advertised specifications (I’ve included the V6K Pro and the Jaunt G18 models and some other 10k+ lights for comparison purposes): A side by side size comparison (the GT14 has a home-made float attached, but is still negative): Comparison of the chargers, from left to right, GT14, V6K and G18 Plus. The Jaunt light has the smallest charger, a nice perk for travel. Field Testing - Beam Coverage, Power, Color Temperature, Run Time I did a simple underwater test in a small cavern at 35m to limit ambient light influence. I mounted 2 GT14s on either side of my camera, one paired with a Jaunt G18 Plus and the other paired with the Scubalamp V6K to compare beam angle coverage, light strength, and color temperature. I used the GH5 with the Panasonic 14-42 II and Nauticam WWL-1 combination and simply took a picture in 4:3 aspect ratio at 14mm, which should produce about a 130 degree diagonal field of view. I then tried to position each light to illuminate the center of the frame to judge difference in beam spread and power. All shots were taken in aperture priority mode at F5.6 with ISO fixed at 200 and AWB. Basically, I wanted to see what the camera would chose for the shutter speed as a measurement of the light strength and for white balance as a measurement of color temperature. Here are the side by side results: Gates GT14 (left) at F5.6, ISO 200, 1/30s vs Scubalamp V6K (right) at F5.6, ISO 200, 1/15s The wider beam coverage of the V6K is noticeable, and one light is enough to fully cover the 130 degree diagonal image plane. However, this comes at a cost, as the V6K is a full stop less bright than the GT14. As advertised, the color temperature is also a little cooler on the V6K, registering as 4450K on the V6K vs 4200K on the GT14 Gates GT14 (left) at F5.6, ISO 200, 1/25s vs Jaunt G18 Plus (right) at F5.6, ISO 200, 1/25s. In this case, the GH5 chose identical auto exposures and very similar auto white balance for both lights. Beam coverage appears very similar, as does light strength and color temperature (GT14: 4200k, G18 Plus: 4150k). I’d say they’re more or less interchangeable. I also tested drain times at full power and found that the V6K and G18 Plus performed exactly as advertised at 30 minutes and 52 minutes respectively. My GT14 battery has gone through maybe 100 cycles already, but still managed 37 minutes (7 longer than advertised). Additional considerations The V6K has a single (small) push button to operate. Holding the button for a few seconds activates the light. Then, one press gives you full power, another press 50% power, and a third press turns the light off. From full power, pressing and holding the button will reduce the light power in 10% increments. I don’t really like this button as it sometimes is unresponsive. The G18 Plus also has a single push button to operate, but it is larger and more responsive. A single push will turn on the light to Mode 1, which by default is full power. A second push goes to mode 2, which by default is 50%. A third push goes to off. Holding the button in either mode will reduce (and then increase) light intensity by 10% increments, so in practice you can program each mode to retain the power setting you prefer. This is great! The GT14 is operated using a 6 position locking turn-wheel that is both fast to use and reliable. However, aside from a 400 lumen scouting mode, all the other settings range between 7000 lumens and 14000 lumens, so there’s no way to turn the light to less than 50% power without factory reprogramming. Gates offers an optional accessory for the G14s with 2 52mm filter threads for adding blue filters, for example. Similarly, Scubalamp offers an optional push-on blue filter for the V6Ks for $78 retail. I don’t believe Jaunt offers any blue filter options. With the GT14 and G18 Plus, you can swap batteries while leaving the light attached to your camera via the ball joint. With the V6K, the ball joint is screwed in to the battery compartment, so you have to unclamp the entire light first to swap battery packs or recharge it. The Pro/Plus version of the Scubalamp and Jaunt lights have battery packs larger than 100Wh, which creates problems for air travel. There is a technical limit of 2 batteries between 100Wh and 160Wh per person, and some airlines may refuse to allow you to bring any at all. The Gates GT14 has an optional vacuum seal check to ensure proper seal. [EDIT: Updated the table to include two Big Blue lights (which I believe aren't great options ultimately) and the projected specs for a Scubalamp V6K with a flat front element]
  14. I have a question for owner of Gates housings with threaded ball mounts on the top of grip handles. Could you please tell me how significant is a problem with threaded ball mounts becoming loose? In the review of Gates AX700 / Z90 Housing (Sony FDR-AX700 / HXR-NX80 / PXW-Z90 / PXW-X70) by Karena and John Ellerbrock (owner of Gates), they pointed out on a problem with threaded ball mounts: "Ball mount on the top of the grip handles have been ¼-20 threaded type for over 20 years. They worked well, but have a tendency to rotate loose. Especially when re-positioning GT14 lights. So we fixed it. Within 3 days of our return to the office, a new design was done and headed to production. No more loose / spinning ball mounts." ​To address the problem, they developed no spin ball mounts, which are sold separately for $94 a pair (!). How big is this problem to spend additional $94 to address this design flaw? Also, have you experienced any other problems with this housing? Many thanks.
  15. Gates Underwater Z100 housing with Sony FDR-AX1 camera This is a professional underwater video system which has been used on numerous television productions as well as my show, Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, for a few years. This is one of the few cameras that can shoot 4K at 60p for awesome slow motion. I’m selling it as a complete package, with a few options. You can learn more about the housing on the Gates website The basic package includes: • Gates Housing (Retail $8,000) • Gates SWP44C super wide lens (120° field of view) (Retail $5,000) • Floatation collar for SWP44C (for neutral buoyancy) (Retail $300) • Gates Flat port FP44C for macro (retail $450) • SKB travel case (retail $300) • Top handle • White card on flexible loc-line arm • Sony FDR-AX1 4K camera (retail $4500) • Set of diopter flip filters for extra macro capability Total retail cost ~$18,550.00 ASKING $8,500.00 for the whole package. Will ship in the continental USA included. Please note that the monitor pictured on the top of the system is not included at that price. The outer element on the lens was replaced a few months ago so it is brand new and perfect. Options: • EM50 HDMI monitor (pictured on system) (Retail $2400) Add on: $1200.00 • Second camera so you can have a spare or matching above water camera: $2,500.00
  16. Lately, I've been using 2 Gates GT14 14k lumen lights + 2 ScubaLamp V6K 12000 lumens lights (and I wish I had about twice that much light, still). Needless to say, the lights are quite heavy. Given that the Nauticam GH5 housing is already negative, that means significant additional floatation is needed to get the whole rig neutral (which is how I like to keep it for wide angle video.) Here's what I've come up with: Unfortunately, it's very heavy on land, and the arms have a tendency to swing loose even with the clamps tightened down all the way, which makes transporting it a hastle. In the water, it's pretty good, but still has a lot of mass. We need some lighter LED lights!
  17. I have a Gates AX100 housing and an AX100 Sony 4K camera I'd like to sell. I've had them for about three years; Gates maintained the housing last year. They have accompanied me on many dives and can produce very good video. When I switched to 4K I was surprised at how much the quality and detail increased - I'd not go back to 1K (HD). There are no ports with the housing. I'm keeping them for the next housing. The housing does have a vacuum port for the Gates Seal Check; the fitting is a $210 option and is included. The camera is in good condition, and complete with all accessories that came with it when new. I'm asking $750US for the camera, $1250US for the housing, plus shipping. I apologize for the photo quality - if you need more (hopefully better!) I can supply some. The first group of pictures will be the housing, then the camera.
  18. Selling my Gates AX-100 housing, Sony FDR-100 4K video camera with all the accessories: (2) Sola 2500 lights, arms, charger. $3500. OBO
  19. Up for sale Sony AX-100 4K video camera Gates Housing to fit 1- Flat port 1- Wide Angle port SubSea flip away close lens holder 2- Oversize batteries Lock line video light arms Backscatter Vacum pump and gauge $3000 USD Buyer pays shipping world wide PayPal or USPS Money Order Pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5
  20. I would like to sell my video system purchased in 2011 for a good price so that it gets used and doesn't just sit in a cupboard. What I have is Sony Ex-1R video camera new $5999 (including 4 batteries, 4 x memory cards, chargers, card reader) Gates EX 1 housing new $6860 Gates SWP44C Fathom Super Wide Port $4948 (has been refurbished and not used since) Gates EM43 Wide Screen monitor HD version $2325 Gates carry handle $130 DF1000 Audio moisture alarm $167 UR pro internal colour filter Blue Water $138 Total 18,242 US dollars My price $5000 Australian dollars roughly 4000 US It's a great package and in excellent condition. Buyer pays shipping from Australia
  21. Great video package that includes: Canon HGF 10 video camera with remote, Gates housing with magenta filter, standard port, wide angle port, macro port, spare o-rings. All in pelicase. Lights are not included. $1500 + shipping Can ship worldwide Joachim Photos will follow shortly.
  22. A little selection of macro goodness from a recent trip to Bali. Huge thanks to the entire team at The Underwater Tribe for taking me diving For anyone interested, this is the equipment list and settings etc - Shot on Red Scarlet W, 5K @ 40fps on a 25fps base timeline. Gates Pro Action Housing and Gates GT-14 Video Lights were used. The Nikon 70-180mm macro lens was also used and turned out to be a very versatile lens. The R3D's were edited and graded in Resolve 14.1 and a couple of clips were post stabilised. There wasn't a great deal of grading needed as the H20 OLPF works nicely, especially when white balanced off a white slate. Hope you enjoy.
  23. Gates AX100 Underwater Housing for Sony FDR‑AX100 for sale in perfect condition. Purchased brand new last year 2,660.00 fromOptical Ocean Sales. Only used once for maybe half hour, housing is in original box with all the paperwork. Asking 2,300 including shipping, open to offers. It's been sitting in my closet for too long and I'd love to sell it to someone so it can be appreciated. Paypal preferred. Thanks, Beth @sealeveltv
  24. Gates AX100 Underwater Housing for Sony FDR-AX100 Video Camera, used once for a half hour. Purchased from the great folks here for $2,660: https://www.opticaloceansales.com/gates-ax100-video-housing-for-sony-ax100.html I also have the amazing Sony 4K FDR-AX 100 Camera that fits perfectly inside, making this a great package deal for the right lensman/woman. I've probably used this camera a total of 8 hours and it's in brand-spanking-new condition. I purchased this from B&H Photo for $1,598.00. I'll also include an extra battery for you. http://www.sony.com/electronics/handycam-camcorders/fdr-ax100 I'm selling because the project I had anticipated using this set up for never happened and this equipment is just sitting in boxes. Also, I've got too many cameras and I'm primarily shooting with splash housings in the surf lately. I've got all the original boxes, accessories, and manuals for all the equipment. I spent a total of $4,258, not including shipping on all the items, willing to part with everything for $3,950, including shipping, anywhere in USA. Please let me know if you need more info and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you! - Beth
  25. Despite almost zero information within the Red colour channel, the R3D files from the Scarlet W still grade up nicely. Took about 12 nodes to get to this point but considering the starting point of this clip, it turned out reasonably well, especially given the conditions. Conditions were tough with maybe 5 metres vis, surgy and lots of floating particles. This shot was about 18 metres deep. Scarlet W, 5k 50fps, Nikon 16-35mm and 8 inch dome on the Gates Pro Action Housing. Graded in Davinci Resolve 14.
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