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  1. The appearance is not very good, but there are no functional problems or a history of flooding at all. Asking $550 with free shipping WORLD WIDE. Payment method is PAYPAL. If you have any question, please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  2. English subtitles - Subtítulos en español - 日本語字幕 The Formiche di Grosseto ("Ants of Grosseto") are three islets included in the Tuscan archipelago (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formiche_di_Grosseto). The discovery in 2016 of a garden of Savalia savaglia near the largest islet gave us the opportunity to learn more, with Prof. Carlo Cerrano, the peculiarities of this species and its ecological and biological value. The dives also highlighted a particular type of interaction between the two typical chromatic varieties known for Savalia savaglia. The observation opened new hypotheses on the complex growth strategies of this species. The opportunity provided by this type of exploration underlines how technical diving is a means and not an end. A set of tools that allow to extend the duration of our excursions, to approach demanding dives making them safer and more fun or, as in our case, an example of "citizen science" that is a collaboration between technical divers and scientists. Short bibliography: cutt.ly/Iko2OHp
  3. WTS a Panasonic GH4 camera with its Nauticam NA-GH4 housing and 6" dome + zoom gear for Panasonic 7-14. All is in mint conditions and has very few dives . The housing comes with bonus vacuum valve installed. Shipping free in all Europe. € 2.200 the whole set.
  4. Selling my gh4 package. Everything is in good condition and has never been flooded. Included: Panasonic gh4 Panasonic 7-14mm lens Nuaticam Housing 6in dome port Carry case and polish kit 2500 plus shipping Please message if interested for photos and more info. Thanks!
  5. Time has come to sell my gh4 body and nauticam housing. Selling it as I wont be diving for a while and was thinking of upgrading down the line anyways. The camera has treated me very well and its an excellent system. The videos in my signature were both shot with this system. Condition is very good with everything working properly. The s in iso has started to peel off a little and the rubber on the handles have a few very small spots with a little peeling (not sure if its enough to be visible in the photos) Selling as a bundle for 1700$ which includes the invaluable vacuum valve and pump. Let me know if you got any more questions and Id be happy to answer them. Have done quite a few deals here both as seller and buyer previously. Housing new: 2250$ Camera new: 1000$ Vacuum valve new: 220$ Total new: 3450$ Ps sorry for the bad quality of the pics. Had to shrink them to be able to upload.
  6. For sale: Plus receipts, boxes, accessories. Bought in 2014. Prices in US$. Shipping from Perth, Australia to worldwide, cost to buyer. GH4 Nauticam housing new $2250 - selling $1500 or best offer Panasonic LUMIX GH4 new $997.99 - selling $700 (plus extra battery) Olympus M Zuiko 8mm PRO 1.8 Fisheye new $899 - selling 750 Zen DP-170-N85 Dome for Olympus 8mm fisheye new $999 - selling $850 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens new $424 - selling $350 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 Lens new $499 - selling $400 Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 ASPH. Lens new $597.99 - selling $450 Nauticam 36136 Macro port 85 for Olympus 60mm macro new $399 - selling $300 The 60mm macro, 12-50mm lens and 25mm lens work perfectly in the nauticam macro port 85. I also have for sale long ultralight arms, 20mm extension ring, and ys d2 strobes. Please email: xanderrood@gmail.com for questions. Photos taken with this setup: www.flickr.com/xanderwater
  7. Setting up a GH4 for Diving To a lot of you who’ve been shooting video with DSLRs for some time, the settings on the GH4 might be a bit “ho hum”. But, for me, shooting camcorders for the last 10 years, it’s been a sea-change. I spent a lot of time studying the settings and came up with something that works for me. I thought that I’d share it. Firstly, I have to say that I prefer a “natural” look; I like my finished video to look as close as possible to what my eyes saw underwater. So that "natural look" bias is in my settings. I don't WB to white or add a lot of red. You can adjust to your own tastes. Secondly, when I am underwater, I want to focus as much of my attention on the “story” and the “subjects”. But I rarely use an “auto-everything” approach as that does not work well in many situations. But, I do like to quickly get to as close to the "optimal look" without too much fiddling and adjustments (while the whale shark swims away). So, I have found it very useful to leverage the custom setting feature in the GH4. It works really well with this camera. After a lot of research and testing, once I had an idea of what I needed, here is the process that I used: Set all the “in menu” settings (my preferred settings are below) Set the camera controls to your most “usual” setting Set the WB presets (more on how to do this below) Save this to C1 (in my case, C1 is full manual) Without changing the menu settings from C1, change the camera settings to your second most “usual” settings Save this to C2 (in my case, C1 is shutter of 1/50 with AFL/AEL for focus and exposure) Change to your third most “usual” settings. Save this to C3-1 (in my case I use “shutter 1/50; auto-everything-else”) (you could do two more settings, C3-2 and C3-3, but I don’t use these because they are not so quick to access) GH4 "In Menu” Settings Tool Menu: Personal choice but set date, time and system frequency first, I use 24.00Hz Motion Picture (set dial to motion picture): Cine D (flat - good for grading) Contrast 0 (neutral) Sharpness -5 (none) Noise Reduction -5 (none) Saturation 0 (neutral) Hue 0 (neutral) Rec Format Mov (less compression) Rec Quality C4K 100M 24P (as many pixels as possible) AFS/AFF: AFS (half-press focus) Continuous Auto Focus Off Highlight/Shadow: Flat diagonal line i.Dynamic Off (don’t want it to mess with the CineD profile) i.Resolution Standard (does some selective sharpening) Master pedestal 0 (neutral) Luminance level 0-255 (full range - can limit later in editing) Synchro Scan Off (used for shooting TVs and monitors) Ex Tele Conv Off Digital Zoom Off (just crops the image) Time Code Off HDMI Rec Output 10bit 422 (eady for the Shogun) Info Display Off (Shogun has its own) 4K Down Convert Off (No thank you) Sound output Realtime (only relevant for monitoring sound with headphones) Silent operation On (tries to keep zooming quiet) Mic Level 0db Mic Limiter Off (no auto sound gain) SS / Gain Operation SEC/ISO Color Bars SMPTE Custom Settings Menu: Cust Set Mem - here is where the Custom setting (1, 2, and 3) are saved. Silent Mode On (no lights or noises inside the housing) AFL / AEL Lock - Off for Manual custom setting, Both on for other two settings AFL / AEL Lock Hold - On (locks it until you unlock it with another press) Shutter AF On Half Press Release Off (not good inside a housing) Quick AF Off (wastes battery) Eye sensor Off (does not function inside a housing) Pinpoint AF Time - Mid (does not seem to matter) Direct Focus Area Off Focus / Release Priority - Release (not relevant to video) AF+MF On (allows fine manual adjustments of focus) MF Assist On (the lens barrel) -(expands the manual focus part of the monitor) MF Guide Off (personal choice) Peaking Off (personal choice) Histogram on (and moved to bottom-left corner) Guideline - Grid On (personal choice) Center Marker Off (don’t need a grid and a marker) Highlight Off (Histogram is better) Zebra 1 Off Zebra 2 Off (Histogram is better) Monochrome Live View Off (want to see the colour) Constant Preview On (not relevant to video) Expo meter On (for manual exposure guide) LVF Disp Style - text over image (larger image in VF) Monitor Disp Style - text over image (larger image in monitor) Monitor Info Diaplay On - see the settings Video Priority Display On (gives more data for video shooters) Fn Button Set - I changed Fn1 to Auto Focus On but don’t use it - still finding a use for Fn1 Q.Menu - no changes Dial Set - no changes Video Button On (but I always use the shutter button anyway) Eye Sensor - High / Mon (don’t use it - always use Monitor) Touch Settings - all Off - can’t access them in a housing Touch Scroll L - irrelevant as settings are Off Menu Guide Off Shoot w/o lens On - doesn’t matter either way My GH4 Underwater WB Presets: WB1: Light Blue WB2: Mid Blue WB3: Light Green WB4: Mid Green Kelvin: 6500K How to do the WB preset? Print 4 A4 sheets of paper filled with the four colours above. (I have attached my pdf files). Set the camera to C1 to load up your custom settings. Place the first A4 sheet (light blue) in a natural light (sunlight - not artificial light as this would introduce a different colour cast). Open up the WB set function for WB1, point the camera so the colour fills the image and set it. Do the same for the other 3 papers into WB2, WB3, and WB4. Go to the Custom Settings menu and “save” (overwrite) the C1 settings. Now the WB presets are locked into the camera. You can change the WB settings underwater but you can always get back to the presets by simply moving the mode dial. Do the same for C2 and C3. Then, when you are diving, use: AWB: for near the surface and when video lights dominate (cave / night) Kelvin 6500K for 5 meters down to 12 meters WB1 for 10 meters to 20 meters (in tropical blue water) WB2 for below 15 to 20 meters (in tropical blue water) WB3 for 10 meters to 20 meters (in green water) WB3 for below 15 to 20 meters (in green water) The depths mentioned above overlap because you need to make a judgement call, depending on the conditions. My GH4 “Usual” Camera Settings, saved in Custom 1, Custom 2 and Custom 3, respectively. M; ISO 200; f2.8; 1/50s; AFS, centre-area focus - this setting is for when I really want full control over everything, even using manual focus if necessary; great when you have time to get a shot really right S; ISO 200; 1/50s; AFS, centre-area focus - this setting is for when the aperture is not so important and I want to quickly do an AFL / AEL lock before shooting than have the camera hold those settings, quicker than Manual but fast enough for most situations S; ISO Auto; AFC, multi-zone focus; multi-zone exposure; +/- set to minus one notch - this setting is for when something happens fast. e.g. a big creature swims past, and you don’t have time to think - flip the mode dial to C3 and let the camera do its best to figure it out. Shutter is set to 1/50. Camera will adjust Aperture and ISO to get a good exposure. +/- reduced to avoid the camera trying to make the image too bright. Might all look a bit complicated, but, if you set this all up once, you don’t need to do it again unless you want to make some adjustments. Underwater, it is very simple: Use C1 if you want manual control Use C2 if you want to use a focus lock and exposure lock (NA-GH4 has a handy lever for this) Use C3 if you want the camera to do everything for you Then depending on your depth and the conditions, flip the WB setting quickly between AWB, Manual, WB1, and WB2. (or WB3 and WB4, if the water is green) The other upside of this C1, C2, C3 approach is that, if you have been fiddling with any settings, a quick flip of the mode dial gets you back to a known state. I hope that this is helpful. Regards Peter Light Green MWB Preset.pdf Light Blue MWB Preset.pdf Mid Green MWB Preset.pdf Mid Blue MWB Preset.pdf
  8. For Sale: (Due to GH5 Upgrade) A Nauticam NA-GH3 Housing with the GH4 Upgrade Kit to enable use with the GH4. Its all working perfectly, last dive was sub 100m and it worked fine. It does have a few cosmetic marks (mainly on the lower rear) but its just some slight cosmetic wear. I had intended on keeping it as a purely macro rig, but not sure I can justify keeping two housings - and I want some more lights Comes with Body Cap FlexiTray II with 2 Handles (not shown) Vacuum Electronics (Requires vacuum valve) GH4 (USA Edition - so no EU 29:59min limit) which has the V-LOG-L upgrade - it great condition, its been mostly in the housing so very near mint. - Includes: Battery, charger, strap, body cap, flash cover in the original box 800e all together. --- Keldan Luna 8 CRI Lights, set of 2 with the 5,000lm CRI Modules + The 5,000lm CYAN Modules for ambient shooting, comes with chargers and battery (1 for each light). I'm moving to the even greater power lights, so would like to sell these too. They are also in good condition, the domes have a few marks, but nothing to effect the lighting quality and the body as a couple of marks. 1500e for the two. --- Located in Spain, happy to ship anywhere within Europe using courier Can provide photos of the other bits mentioned, if required.
  9. Nauticam Housing and Zen 170mm glass dome port to suit the 12-35mm f2.8 Lumix Vario G. Full working order - never flooded or dropped. Dome port optics are perfect. 3 marks on housing's LCD panel viewer. Details of the sale here on eBay: http://r.ebay.com/8Vp6NI (sale commenced today and is on for 10 days) Handles and ball joints included. Full purchase history. Camera and lens for sale separately. At a guess £1200? Offers welcome and happy to provide further details. Regards, James Laver BSAC AI 1719 TDI Mod II trimix rebreather
  10. This housing is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. The photos show the housing with my preferred setup (dovetail plates on top of the arms rather than balls). I will set up the housing as it comes new from the factory, with mounting balls on top of the arms. (The HDMI bulkhead will be removed and replaced with a bulkhead plug). You will receive a housing that has all the parts that Nauticam sells with its new housing, along with a vacuum valve and alarm (no vacuum pump included). The first two images are what the housing will look like once delivered --I will put the original balls back on the arms. The other images are what the housing actually looks like. You will get the housing in the 3rd and higher images, but with ball mounts on top of the arms. You can see that the rear window of the housing is almost entirely free of any scratches -- the housing is in excellent cosmetic and perfect working condition. There are about 3 or 4 very tiny scuffs and scratches in the rear window that are invisible both underwater and when viewed directly. They can only be seen if you look carefully from the side. I really enjoy using these housings. They are compact and easy to put together. Selling the housing and vacuum valve (no pump) for $1600. If you don't want the vacuum valve, then the housing alone will be $1550. If you are interested, please contact Norb Wu at temp2_at_norbertwu.com. Please no phone calls. I am happy to entertain reasonable offers. The location is the Monterey area in California. I prefer Square Cash or Paypal personal transfers that do not charge fees to the seller or buyer. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, then I will split the 3% fee with you which is charged to the seller. I can accept credit cards through Square (which is great; I can send you an invoice which you can then pay with a credit card or bank account; I never see the account number or credit card number). Shipping will be at buyer's expense (at actual cost) and will be UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS Priority Mail (all of which give tracking of packages). If we conclude a deal, I'll give you a quote for shipping via one of the above methods. Thanks! Norbert Wu
  11. Hello everyone, I have a Nauticam NA-GH3 in excellent working condition for sale. I no longer have any need for it. I am located in Canada but am willing to ship. Looking to sell this housing for $1,800 USD or best offer. If you have any questions or would like to see more pictures, please send me a DM.
  12. Nauticam NA-GH4 Housing, includes M14 vacuum valve and hand pump. Selling the housing and vacuum valve/pump for $1650. If you don't want the vacuum valve and pump, then the housing alone will be $1500. I used this as a backup housing, and it is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. The photos show the housing with my preferred setup (dovetail plates on top of the arms rather than balls). I will set up the housing as it comes new from the factory, with mounting balls on top of the arms. The first image is what the housing will look like once I have the time to put the original balls back on the arms. The other images are what the housing actually looks like. You will get the housing in the 2nd and 3rd images, but with ball mounts on top of the arms. I put a GoPro mount on the top of the housing -- I will include the original hardware if you want to remove that mount and put the original shoe on the housing. I strongly advise keeping the GoPro mount on the housing -- it will be difficult to get off for one thing; and it's a far better mount than the shoe that was on there originally -- you can always adapt something to fit into the GoPro mounts, and of course you can put a GoPro in the mount too! I really enjoy using these housings. They are compact and easy to put together. If you are interested, please contact Norb Wu at temp2_at_norbertwu.com. Please no phone calls. I am happy to entertain reasonable offers. I prefer Square Cash or Paypal personal transfers that do not charge fees to the seller or buyer. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, then I will split the 3% fee with you which is charged to the seller. I can accept credit cards through Square (which is great; I can send you an invoice which you can then pay with a credit card or bank account; I never see the account number or credit card number). Shipping will be at buyer's expense (at actual cost) and will be UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS Priority Mail (all of which give tracking of packages). If we conclude a deal, I'll give you a quote for shipping via one of the above methods. Thanks! Norbert Wu
  13. Caveat: Maybe you all know about this technique and find this thread a bit "ho hum". In which case, please ignore. But, for me, it was an exciting breakthrough that improved my success rate shooting moving subjects. Situation: Panasonic GH4 in a Nauticam NA-GH4 housing with either the 7-14mm, 12-35mm (dome) or the PZ 14-42mm (flat port) shooting video of octopus, cuttlefish and squid in Lembeh. I wanted to be able to shoot these critters "up close" and "on the move" but still keep them in sharp focus. Problem: I don't trust any auto-focus tracking system and have not had reliable success using it with the GH4 underwater, especially in murky conditions. I prefer to use AFL/AEL to lock in focus and exposure for the whole clip. With the camera set to AFS and a small centre focus point, I lock in the focus on the eye of the critter at the start of the clip. But, then the critter starts to move. How do I ensure that the critter's eye stays firmly in the narrow depth of field? Obviously I need to move the camera with the subject, keeping the distance between the critter's eye and the lens at the same distance. But that's quite difficult, especially checking the focus with the small monitor on the back of the GH4. Solution 1 (attach a better monitor): Use a large monitor that has built-in focus peaking like the Shogun. But, Nauticam have not yet released the Shogun housing. And I need to get the footage now. Solution 2 (flip on the GH4's focus peaking): Unfortunately, the GH4's focus peaking only works when the camera is set to manual focus (Panasonic: could this be fixed in a firmware update, please). The lens / port combinations that I'm using don't have manual focus. But (and here is my big breakthrough), the NA-GH4 housing has a MF-AFC-AFS switch in a convenient location. Here's what worked: Before diving, turn on focus peaking in the camera's menu and save it to your favourite UW custom setting. Underwater, set the MF-AFC-AFS switch to AFS and use the rear lever to set AFL to get a sharp lock on the subject's eye. Flip the MF-AFC-AFS switch to MF. The lens stays at the same focus distance as locked in. But now the subject is also covered with focus peaking dots. As the subject moves, move the camera with the subject, ensuring that the focus peaking dots continue to flicker all around the subject's eyes. If it's not moving too fast (e.g. an octopus walking), I was able to keep the subject firmly in the plane of focus (9 times out of 10)... Regards Peter
  14. Selling a nearly-new underwater camera housing package: Nauticam NA-GH4 Housing with dome port, vacuum pump and zoom gear ring for the Panasonic GH4 4K Camera plus extras (see below). Our production company purchased this underwater housing for a film we were making last year and used it on two shoots. The housing is in near new condition and we've discounted the sell price considerably less than the same model would cost you new. The 6" dome port has a couple small scuffs on the lens--have to disclose this--but they will not show up or affect the image in any way. We saved the original Nauticam boxes and packaging and will ship the housing and included items in an additional box for added protection. All of the photos for the listing are of the actual units. The following are included with this sell: Nauticam NA-GH4 Underwater Housing for Panasonic GH3 or GH4 Nauticam 6" Wide Angle Dome Port na-36133 Nauticam Zoom Gear Ring P714-Z zoom gear for Panasonic Vario 7-14mm (compatible w 36043) Nauticam 6" Wide Angle Dome Port Vacuum Valve Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve with Pump 25611 Various Ultralight Ball Arm Extension Attachments for lights / accessory mounting (as pictured) Camera not included For a full description, check out the link below: nauticamusa.com/news/2014/7/9/housing-for-gh4 If you're interested, you can contact me directly via phone or email: 512-865-1998 krlipscomb@gmail.com Thanks. -Kelly
  15. I have the following Panasonic and Olympus gear (for the Panasonic GH4 camera and other Micro-4/3 cameras) for sale: All items are in like new condition. I used these in an underwater housing for two trips. As most uw photographers know, cameras and lenses sealed in a housing are used in about as perfect an environment as possible. There's no dust, for instance; and dive crews usually days handle the gear very carefully. As long as the housing has never been flooded, the gear should be in excellent shape -- far better than used cameras and lenses used topside. All the below items are in like-new cosmetic and perfect working condition. Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ Lens (Black) Nauticam Macro Port and Zoom Gear Set For the above lens see extensive notes below. The port also fits the Olympus MSC ED M. 60mm f/2.8 macro Lens. The lens retails for $499. I am selling it for $439. The zoom gear and port retails for $800. I am selling the gear and port for $599. Olympus MSC ED M. 60mm f/2.8 macro Lens: brand new in box. Never used. Selling for $399. Olympus M.ZUIKO 40-150mm f/2.8 Interchangeable PRO Lens for Olympus/Panasonic Micro 4/3: brand new in box. Never used. Selling for $1299. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4 BODY DSLM Mirrorless 4K Cinematic Camera Body Only (Black): like-new cosmetic and perfect working condition. Used as a backup camera. Retails for $1298 on Amazon, selling for $1099. If you are interested, please contact Norb Wu at temp2_at_norbertwu.com. Please no phone calls. I am happy to entertain reasonable offers. I can accept credit cards, Paypal, and personal checks. Personal checks will have to clear my bank before the product is shipped; which can take up to three weeks. Shipping will be at buyer's expense (at actual cost) and will be UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS Priority Mail (all of which give tracking of packages). If we conclude a deal, I'll give you a quote for shipping via one of the above methods. Thanks! Norbert Wu **** About the Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ Lens, gear, and port combination: I used the above lens, gear, and port on a Panasonic GH4 system. The lens should fit on any Micro 4/3 camera. I hope to sell the lens, gear, and port together, because putting the gear on the port, while guided well with the instructions, was quite a process. This lens and gear/port combination is perfect for someone with a GH-4 camera, who wants to shoot both wide and macro on the same dive. It has a 24mm angle of view (equivalent to a 35mm full frame lens) and focuses down to . With the Nauticam zoom gear, you have power zoom capability. I loved using this lens. It is truly a "one lens does it all" as I was able to use it to shoot wide scenes and macro during the same dive, without having to change lenses. Macro specifications for the lens: Min focus 0.20 m (7.87″) Max magnification 0.36× (focuses close enough so a postage stamp fills the frame -- just tested it, see the sample image). from the web: True macro would be 1:1 meaning a one inch object would be one inch on the sensor/film. So this lens would have a one inch object being .36 inches on the sensor. Which is quite good given the sensor size...In this case, a rectangle from the business card about 2 inches wide would fill the width of the final photo. A true macro lens should have a magnification of about 1, and for a general purpose lens, 0.36 is very very good. It means that a postage stamp will be blown up to fill your monitor screen.... From the web: This special gear and port solution allows the physical macro switch on the 12-50 lens to be operated, and enables the lens' entire zoom range. This solution provides both more magnification and the full range of focal lengths from 12-50mm, which is not possible in competing housings. This port has 77mm threads; 67mm mount wet lenses can not be directly attached. Use the Nauticam 67mm Flip Diopter Holder for 77mm Ports.
  16. Hi all, As the title says. Has someone some original underwater clip from a GH4 shot at high ISO to share? I mean ISO 1000 or 1250 at least. Thank you in advance
  17. Selling my GH4 setup as I'm moving on to Sony setup. Nauticam housing was purchased brand new at the beginning of September, has about 5 dives on it. I've had the GH4 and 7-14 lens for about a year and a half, GH4 has wear on the eyepiece. I used it mostly for filming real estate videos, loved using it, great 4K video and slow motion. The 12-35mm was purchased in May of this year. If you buy the whole setup, it also comes with 5 batteries, charger, and strap. Let me know if you have any questions! Nauticam-GH4: $1900 Dome port: $200 Panasonic GH4: $900 Panasonic 7-14: $600 Panasonic 12-35: $700 If you buy everything together, I'll discount it. Total price $4000 for whole setup.
  18. hi everyone i have a slightly used GH4 housing which is surplus to our current needs. it was purchased for a documentary shoot - only used on two trips and presents in perfect working order. a few minor surface scratches- bu otherwise it is as-new. The complete kit was purchased from ScubaPix and the invoice is attached. i'll upload photos soon. Im looking to sell this rig for AUD$5000 contact me anytime many thanks george@theconstructionsite.com.au ScubapixInvoice INV-00573 for TheConstructionSite.pdf
  19. Selling the housing for the Panasonic GH4. The housing has been in use for about eight months. It has been on three dive trips. It works perfectly. I am the only owner. It retails new for 2250. I am selling it for 1999 USD. Buyer pays shipping. Returns accepted for defective items. Payments accepted via paypal. If you have questions then email: tallomd@ourkiddoc.com
  20. Price: $595.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear Shipping instructions: CONUS ONLY via USPS Priority Mail Mint Condition. Very little use and works/focuses perfectly. Glass is flawless. No Case, but box, caps and Instruction book included. BIG BONUS >>> I have added the "Olympus Modification." This is the addition of a filter holder (from the Panny 8mm Fisheye), to the rear of the lens in order to add a gel filter. This helps eliminate the occasional, known issue of purple fringing or purple blobs when used on some OLY cameras. (Not an issue on Panny cameras) The holder and filter are visible in the photos and obviously, you can insert or remove the filters easily. Right now I have the Kodak Wratten 2E Filter inserted, which is a slight bit too yellow, but can be corrected for. The recommended filter is the 2A. A bit hard to find, but often available on eBay or other forums. Great Lens, but I decided to get the OLY f/2.8 7-14 instead. If you want more info on the purple fringing problem, and how well the filter works, you can read this: http://alanwatsonforster.org/writing/mft-purple.html
  21. This is a complete GH4 underwater photo/video package that has been used only once and is in perfect condition. The package includes: - Panasonic GH4 camera, with original box and all original cables, accessories, manuals, warranty cards, battery charger, etc. - Panasonic Lumix Vario 7-14 wide-angle lens, with original box, lens cap, lens bag, accessories, etc. - Ikelite underwater housing for GH4, with TTL circuitry, includes all original accessories, spare parts, manuals, etc. - Ikelite 8" dome port with proper port adapter for the 7-14mm lens - Wasabi Power charger with 2 extra batteries I bought all of this new 2 months ago and have used it on only one dive trip. Loved the size and quality of the system but can't afford to keep it. Cheapest price on this setup today (with US warranty) is $4480 I'm selling it for $2800 I'm not able to upload all the photos here for some reason but you can see them at the Ebay listing: http://ebay.to/1SMNEYy
  22. New Member Disclaimer: If there is a better place to ask this question, please let me know! I currently own a GH4 along with the Olympus 8mm/1.8 Fisheye Pro and Panasonic 12-35mm/2.8. I'm interested in building a video rig around a Nauticam housing. I'm more interested in using the 8mm (CFWA, reef-scapes and over/under), but would like to have the option to use the 12-35mm as well. According to Zen, the DP170 accommodates both lenses. Can anyone tell me how these lenses would behave in the 170mm dome? Is there a better dome option that covers both lenses, or will I need two different dome/ring configurations? Also, does the crop in 4K mode on the GH4 change the decision-making process at all?
  23. Up for sale is a lightly used Nauticam GH4 housing with 7-14 port with focus control, vacuum system & zoom gear. Also included Panasonic GH4 body, Lumix 7-14 mm lens, 2 batteries and charger. Used approximately 5 times for music video. I am now using the RED Dragon underwater. Everything is in good condition and boxed in original packaging. New $5530 + tax. Lightly used package $4400 + shipping, ready to dive. Paypal.
  24. NAUTICAM NA-GH4 UNDERWATER HOUSING FOR SALE $2300 Camera Package includes: Nauticam NA-GH4 UW Housing for Panasonic Gh4, Nauticam UW Flat Port M77 & Lens Gears for Olympus M.ZUIKO 12-50 macro zoom (lens not included), Nauticam leak sensor. Purchased August 2015 **The center ultra-light ball adapter mount (shown in pictures) is not included.
  25. I haven't posted in a while, I need to figure out the codes for embedding video links. But for what its worth, heres a link to a quick test shot this past week using a GH4 and the Lumix 30mm macro lens, and V-Log L color profile. I graded it in Resolve Lite and used the Vericam 35 LUT. https://youtu.be/7CtvCksCsJk
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