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Found 15 results

  1. I would like to use Nauticam Shinobi with my Ikelite 200DL Underwater Housing for Canon EOS 90D DSLR. I installed Nauticam M16 Standard HDMI Bulkhead but I can not connect camera to the bulkhead inside the housing with the HDMI cables that are provided with the Nauticam housing. If I use "I" shape micro on the bulkhead, there is no space as it is going over camera controls (see photo). The second cable is "L" shape micro - that fits perfectly, but on the other end of the cable is also micro connector, and I need mini "L" connector. Is there any suggestions. I have spend 1 months looking for appropriate cable on the internet! Ikelite does not have suggestion. best regards, ante
  2. For sale, bought new October 2018. In perfect working order, in regular use, shows minimal signs of light use, but no damage or heavy marks etc. I have recently replaced the HDMI lead, comes with lead and bulkhead connector ...presently configured for SEACAM housings but can be configured for different housing with new bulkhead connector (available from Dive and See). Comes with manual, sunshade and 25mm ball mount. Charger for internal battery. Photos to follow later. will work with any camera with HDMI output. This is a high spec monitor that provides focus peaking and a wide range of functionality including SDI out port. See more about this unit here: https://www.diveandsee.com/products/monitors-and-gopro/DNC-5A-underwater-full-HD-HDMI-SDI-Video-Monitor-Live-Video-Waveform-functions Located in Europe. I am asking €1,250 / USD 1,350+ shipping, but will consider close offers.
  3. Hi, Hope in this corner there is someone to give me a tip... Last year I developed and built an underwater monitor case together with a case builder. We currently use Nauticam cables and sockets to connect from housing to housing, but I'm not 100% satisfied with the parts. I also have problems with my connection cable after 20 dives and it no longer works properly. The sockets and the cable are not sealed and so the vacuum of the underwater housing is even built up via the cable in the monitor housing. But if something is wrong, problems can arise in both cases in the worst case. For this reason I would like to build my own solution. I am aware that certain manufacturers already have ready-made solutions, but they are usually extremely expensive. For the reason the question whether someone has a tip for possible plugs / sockets from companies. The aim is as a minimum a plug connection on the underwater housing of the camera with an M16 socket. The connection must have 19 pins so that the HDMI signal can be looped through. The challenge of doing the whole thing with your "own" solution is of course still fun, even if it takes a lot of time. Thanks for your inputs! Greetings from Switzerland, Tino PS. Sorry about my bad english, hope the help of google translation works! 
  4. Looking to buy a SDI / HDMI and housing to work with my Nauticam Blackmagic 4K setup. Could be a older unit also. Preferable located in Europe
  5. I have an Ikelite housing for my Sony A6500. I need to have the door that covers the HDMI and USB ports removed. There's not enough room in the Ike housing to leave the door open. Has anyone done this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, selling a Atomos Ninja2 Monitor with Nauticam Housing 17902 including Leak Sentinel V3 vacuum System. Asking 1200 Euro. Will accept PayPal. Paypal fees and shipping cost on buyers expense. Items located in Germany. Can be picked up at Frankfurt/ Main. Will send world wide express including insurance: Approx. 40 Euro. Open for reasonable offers Send me a PM or contact me directly: mailmeyer@gmx.net Nauticam Housing 17902 Sentinel Leak Detector System V3(vacuum based) 2 x bulk head adapters Atomos Ninja 2 Recorder 2 x Master Caddies 2 x NP-F570 Batteries Full specifications on the Atomos web site (https://www.atomos.com/ninja/) NOT included: SSD, Batterie charger.
  7. Hi There, I have a Nauticam NA-Ninja2 housing with the original box and all the included accessories. It is completely unused--I bought it, but it didn't work with my camera housing, unfortunately. I'm selling it with my Atomos Ninja 2 recorder that comes with a hard case, two batteries, a charger, cables, a battery charger, two SSD cases, one of which has a 120gb SSD. Here's a longer description of the housing: http://www.nauticam.com/product/na-ninja2-housing/ And here's a description of the Ninja: https://www.atomos.com/ninja/ I'm hoping to get US$1,000 Photos attached. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions!
  8. Hi all, selling one M16 Offset Connector with Dual Activation Vacuum Valve. Nauticam NA 25623. New in open box. Retails at 400 Euro. Asking 250 Euro and open for reasonable offers. Will accept PayPal. Paypal fees on buyers expense. Items located in Germany. Can be picked up at Frankfurt/ Main. World wide shipping. Send me a PM or better contact me directly: mailmeyer@gmx.net Pictures will come soon. Also available: HDMI bulkhead to use with socket extension [25032], asking 60 Euro Kind regards, Andreas Other items listed on ebay "Start at 1 Euro auctions", only 1 day left :-) https://www.ebay.de/sch/m.html?item=332721508628&hash=item4d77bf5114%3Ag%3AF90AAOSwOqBbS3OA&_ssn=a.my&_sop=10 Atomos Ninja-2 in Nauticam Housing 17902 (Sentinel Leak Detector System V3, HDMI BUlkheads M16, Atomos Ninja 2 Recorder 2 x Master Caddies, 2 x NP-F570 Batteries, Brandnew SSD CRUCIAL MX500, 250GB;brandnew Dual Fast Charger for the Sony batteries) Light & Motion Sola Video 3500 Plus DSLR N120 Port System Nauticam 18722 NAUTICAM MACRO PORT N60 for Nikon AF Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D or in combination with the INON Insect Eye UFL-MR 130EFS60 Insect Eye Nauticam 21270 Extension ring 70 + focus Knob NA 18301 Compact port 30 NA 18211 Compact port base NA 18540 Compact Port Extension 40 NA 18550 Compact port Extension 50 N85 MIL (Olympus/ Panasonic) NA-36131 - N85 3.5 Wide Angle Port for Lumix G 14mm F2.5ASPH, Nikon 1 Nikkor 10mm f/2.8, Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM NA-36183 - N85 4.33" dome port for Canon EF-EOS M adapter and EF 8-15mm f/4L Nauticam Sony N100 Port System): N100 for Sony A7....A9 NA 37129 N100 180mm Optical Glass Wide Angle Port Other & Misc Ikelite 5510.45 Modular 8 inch Dome Port w/shade. Asking 360 Euro Olympus PT-EP12 for PEN E-PL7 Olympus PPO-EP01 OLYMPUS PPO-E01 for Olympus ZUIKO 14-45 mm & 35mm macro ZEN WA-100-EP ZEN FP 100 EP
  9. Hi all Anyone know if a HDMI recorder for 4K 60fps exists in a small and cheap packages? No monitor is required. The Atomos shugon records well, but is very expensive and so are the housings. It must be possible to get just a recorder, no monitor, fair battery life, low price, that will record as soon as it get a record signal from maybe the GH5 or other cameras. I imaging there would be a lot of us that would like to find such one. Any ideas?
  10. Included with the housing: · Nauticam HDMI bulkhead with thread size to fit Nauticam 5D mark 3 housing · Leak detection system · Vacuum pump · Ball mount · HDMI Cables (4) · HDMI L adapter · Replacement o-rings · Nauticam carry case · Nauticam silicon Nauticam Monitor hood (shade) I paid 1600.00 for the housing and 180.00 for the hood. I'm asking 1250.00 plus postage. I only used this on one dive trip (8 dives). Marc www.robovet.net
  11. Hello, I am searching for the Nauticam M14 Offset Connector Extension Valve with Vacuum Valve ( Nauticam number #25059) Willing to buy or swap against regular Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve. Thank you very much for any hints or offers.
  12. Does anybody have experience (video & photo) with the Sony a7II? I am considering this camera to enter the FF world, if liking, I can upgrade to the 7rII (or maybe even to its successor next year) without the need to replace the housing. Right now I use an olympus E-PL5 and being disappointed in video quality & low light performance. The sony would be an upgrade in both departments I hope.
  13. I am selling my Dive and See 7" HDMI external video monitor. I have used this monitor on my Amphibico Rouge housing, but I have sold the housing without the monitor so I now no longer have a need for it. I have all the cables and bulkhead fittings for both video and DSLR housings (the Rouge uses a larger diameter bulkhead). I also used it on a DLSR housing prior to the Rouge. I have right angle HDMI to HDMI mini adapters for DSLR use. It's an exceptionally good monitor that is extremely rugged. It has the DVI mode so that you can send clean HDMI to it that does not lose sync and blank out momentarily when you start recording like the cheaper monitors do. It has a screen protector on it, so the actual plexiglass viewport has never been exposed to any possibility of scratching. Retail with all of the cables and bulkheads was a little over $2800. Will sell for $1250 OBO. Since I no longer have a housing, I'm a highly motivated seller. PayPal OK. The monitor is currently in the US and packaged for shipment.
  14. I'm considering a Dive and See DNC-7A(H1) 7" Underwater monitor with HDMI input for my GH4 rig. http://www.diveandsee.com/products/underwater-monitors/33 I need a monitor and I think this should be a cheaper/more compact/lighter/more straightforward solution than the others. Anyone have any experience or opinions before I pull the trigger? I was planning to get an Atomos Shogun but there are so many apparent drawbacks that I've just about changed my mind. i.e. Cost, size, bulk, storage requirements, battery life, dubious real-world benefits of 10-bit 422 etc. for this camera, and still no housings.
  15. I've got a gently-used Nauticam NA-DP4 housing and SmallHD DP4 monitor up for sale. This is a perfect combo for enhancing your DSLR video, giving you the flexibility of positioning your monitor on top of your housing facing any direction, and a large monitor to help you get proper exposure and focus every time. Compatible with most Nauticam housings: http://www.nauticam.com/product.asp?id=151 A review of the monitor/housing combo can be found here: http://wetpixel.com/articles/review-smallhd-monitor-in-nauticam-na-dp4-housing My pair have seen around 25 dives, and have been babied throughout. There are a few extremely minor, cosmetic paint dings, mainly on the back of the housing, and some paint wear around the neck of the ball-head where it mounts to my triple-clamp. Happy to provide detail photos of the wear for a serious buyer. The monitor itself has never been used outside of the housing, so it's in pristine condition. Comes with the following: Nauticam NA-DP4 housing Nauticam HDMI Bulkhead Caps for bulkhead and housing HDMI cord (when not attached) Leak detector battery (unused) Spare O-ring 3 different lengths of mini-HDMI to HDMI cables for use inside housing SmallHD monitor (with Canon LP-E6 backplate) Dry HDMI cable for use with DSLR on land Hotshoe ballhead mount for use with DSLR on land Screen protector (unused) Component out cables (unopened/unused) Well-used Small-HD monitor hood (I used this more than I used the monitor itself, so it's the one piece of this kit that actually shows a fair bit of wear) Sorry, no original boxes. Asking $1450 for the pair, but I'm open to reasonable offers. You pay 3% PayPal fees, I pay shipping.
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