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Found 4 results

  1. For underwater photography in very special places I travelled high into the North Atlantic. But on Iceland, I were not only enthusiastic about geological structures in the water. On PanOceanPhoto I report about the first part of my 10 day rountrip. http://panoceantravel.com/?p=1265&lang=en
  2. Just got back from Iceland, my first time taking the Hydroflex out in open water. Was interesting bringing a feature style of shooting (ie tethered to a boat with monitoring, a focus puller, power etc running to the camera) to an open water/documentary type situation but it worked well. The camera was an Alexa XT with Hawk anamorphic lenses. The location was the stunning Silfra Fissure where the tectonic plates of America and Europe meet. Despite the cold water conditions (2C / 35F) both camera and housing performed flawlessly. Have attached some pics and will post the full piece when it's published. Cheers
  3. Hey Everyone. Just an update on what we're doing up in the Hebrides and also overseas with our wildlife and travel company Basking Shark Scotland (www.baskingsharkscotland.co.uk). Along with Dive Oban & Argyll which diving specific (www.diveobanandargyll.co.uk) Although 2014 wasn't a classic year for sharks and despite the media sensationalising things all over the UK, we still bucked the national trend which confirms that the Hebrides is the best place in the world for these sharks. We had around 150 sharks over the season which ranged from May-Aug this year. We also had excellent encounters with common & bottlenose dolphins, minke whales and sunfish. Our Grey & Harbour Seal trips have been running really well and are generally a great addition to our trips. Add this to the excellent marine life and visibility here there is fantastic diving and free diving opportunities, as well as the surface experiences such as the stunning Fingals cave. We really have a unique and diverse area, which combining the amazing pelagic life and diving opportunities results in an world class area. We also run a specific diving business - Dive Oban & Argyll which is diving charters and expeditions out of Oban. This can be booked for general diving year round and we have lots of very interesting photographic subjects nearby including the sepulid reefs, northern sea fans & fireworks anemones. For our basking shark & wildlife trips, check out some of the highlights of the year on the video below. We've been having good success with our drone and put together a video at the end of the year to showcase some of this. We'll be following up with more underwater footage but it always takes so long to work on all the media. [video=youtube;o4jH4JFo33Y] We have a variety of trips running over summer 2015 which range from day trips to week long expeditions. For serious underwater photographers who want specific time with the sharks and less distractions of mixed groups then we would recommend our week long trips which will focus on the sharks specifically. We have a lot of time to have great interactions with them, but also for other large pelagic and a fun one below from this year. We are running two specific shark week trips over the following dates next year and places are limited to 10 on each trip; 25th July - 1st August 2015 1st August - 8th August 2015 Our trip are based in the heart of the Hebrides and will include 6 full days at sea. Our trips are based aboard our Redbay Cabin RIB's, both having a 11m passenger style which is used for the sharks and a dive specific version. They are highly seaworthy, comfortable and fast, however the bonus is we have the speed to cover lots of ground but also have shore based for comfort. Very different to chugging around on a liveaboard in each others pockets. Price is from £980 based on a twin share, we do also have double ensuites, which cost a little extra as to be expected. In addition to our Hebrides trips following on from two great years in Iceland, we are continuing on with the short breaks there for 2015 too. Generally we visit in October which is after all the crowds have left but is also a good time for Aurora. Diving or Snorkelling is at the famous visiblity of the Silfra lagoon, volcanic ake, with additional trips to the geysers, waterfalls & hot springs in the area. They are 3 & 4 day trips based on UK flights but we do have other people internationally flying in to meet us with the good connections. More information can be found here, with pics and videos from the last couple of trips. http://baskingsharkscotland.co.uk/diving-swimming-in-iceland/ We also have a couple of last minute spaces on our Orca/Killer Whale trip in January 2015. We are taking a small group this year to Norway and only recently finished bashing out the details after our 2014 trip. Dates are 22nd- 29th Jan 2015. See here for more info and more details available via email if interested. http://baskingsharkscotland.co.uk/swim-with-killer-whales/ Thanks for your interest and very happy to chat via email and phone about any of our trips. Kind Regards Shane Wasik Basking Shark Scotland Dive Oban & Argyll Shane Wasik Photography
  4. Last month I went for a few days to the Silfra crack at the Þingvellir national park for snorkeling and underwater photography. The special feature of Silfra is it’s visibility range underwater of up to 130 m. The Silfra water is probably the clearest in the world. The water is coming from some big highland glaciers but runs for 30 to 100 years through the lava before entering Silfra. Therefore it is extremely filtered. The underwater experience in Silfra is absolutely incomparable to anything else in the world and should not be missed. The only problem with snorkeling or diving in Silfra is, that the water temperature is around 2°C, in summer and winter, which is not very warm. On the first day I joined an organized tour with DIVE.IS where some rental dry suits were provided. On the next days I was using my own 8mm neoprene wet suit, which worked better than expected. My body, head and feet always stayed warm, but I made a big mistake regarding the gloves. I thought for a good handling of the underwater housing thin gloves are helpful. But at 2°C water temperature you definitely need the thickest gloves available. After 30 minutes in the water with 2 mm gloves I could hardly move my fingers. I have some experience in landscape photography but it was only my second attempt in underwater photography (after shooting a few days on the Maldives with a compact camera). Therefore it was also the first real test of my new underwater housing from Seacam which worked perfectly. Considerung my lack of experience I'm quite satisfied with the result. I used a D800E camera with either a Sigma 15mm FE or a Zeiss 21mm lens and no flash. Here are some images from this trip: Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr If you are interested in some landscape images from this trip or some more background information you can find both on my website wild-places.com. I would really appreciate a feedback regarding my images. Boris
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