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Found 6 results

  1. Ikelite Housing for D7000 (6801.70) with D7000 Camera. Camera shutter approx. 10K. Package includes Ports for Nikon 105mm lens (5510.28), Modular 1.75 in Extension Ring with Focus (510.75), Port for Nikon 18-55mm (5510.16) w/ zoom ring and Port Extension for Tokina 10-17mm lens (5511.11) w/ zoom ring. Modular Flat Front port (5510.35), everything in their original boxes. Also included spares for Housing and zoom rings, 2 Ikelite 4 in. strobe arms and Housing arms. Price $1,500, includes shipping to US only.
  2. Does anyone have this setting i.e Tokina 100mm F2.8 and Ikelite flat post? If yes please a little review on how you're doing will be immensely appreciated. Thanks
  3. Does anyone have this setting i.e Tokina 100mm F2.8 and Ikelite flat post? If yes please a little review on how you're doing will be immensely appreciated. Thanks
  4. After 40 years diving with ikelite gear I've finally moved to metal: Nauticam and Inons. So my Ikelite system for the Nikon D800 is up for sale. I have a fairly complete outfit, covering the range from fisheye, to wide angle zoom, to 2 sizes of macro lens, matched to a twin strobe system (sync cord and slave systems). There's not a lot this outfit won't do, and do it very well. Everything is well-used, well cared for, and in perfect working order. Any minor scratches won't affect performance in any way - they just give the gear a little extra "character". The Ikelite iTTL system is very fast, very accurate and very easy to use. I'm still working out my new Inon fibre optic system and sense it won't be as unfailingly accurate as the Ikelite, which has almost seduced me away from using manual flash. Photos are attached. Everything is located in Melbourne, Australia. Prices are in Australian dollars (good exchange rate for non-Aussies at present) I'm happy to post anywhere, at purchaser's cost. Prices are per major component, with a discount for the whole system if taken as a job lot: 1. Ikelite DSLR Housing for Nikon D800 $1,500.00 2. Ikelite 8" Dome Port + 5510.11 (short) + 5510.28 (long) port extensions - fits Nikon 16mm F2.8 fisheye and Nikon 16-35 F/4 wide-angle zoom. $650.00. 3. Ikelite Modular Macro Port System for Nikon 60mm F/2.8 AF-S AND Nikon 105mm F2.8 AF-S VR macro lens (flat glass 5510.35 + lens extension 5510.22 + focus extension for 105 macro 5510.75) $500.00 4. Ikelite Modular Macro Port for Nikon 105mm F2.8 AF-S VR macro lens (flat glass 5510.35 + 5510.28). $325.00. 5. Ikelite DS161 strobe with 2x NMiH battery packs + DS51 strobe. Both with 1" ball mounts. 2x Ikelite quick release strobe arms with 2 clamps each. Includes 2x Ikelite single sync cords; 1x Ikelite dual sync cord; 1x EV Manual Controller (slave sensor for regular and off-camera use). Diffusers supplied for both units. $2,250.00. Individual components = $5,225.00 (roughly 50% of new price) + postage costs. If taken as a job lot I'll sell for $5,000.00 and include free freight. Merry Xmas!
  5. For Sale, a brand new Ikelite housing, along with ports, for a Canon 5D Mark III. This housing has never been in the ocean, and I purchased to replace my 5D Mk II housing a few months ago. Unfortunately, a texting driver ran into me, and I have never made it to the ocean (courtesy of 2 back surgeries). My pain is your gain. I have the following items for sale: Brand New Ikelite Housing for Canon 5D Mk III - retails of $1599.95 for sale for $1450. Ikelite Modular Port Extension, 1.75 inch 5510.58 (never used) - retails for $125, yours for $100 Ikelite Modular Port Extension, 1.25 inch 5510.54 (never used) - retails for $125, yours for $100 Ikelite Dome port with Shade (shade has patch on screw hole) and neoprene cover - Retails for $400, yours for $285. Ikelite port body 5510.16 (attaches dome port, or macro port, to housing) - Retails for $125, only $100 Ikelite macro port, with GLASS lens, 5510.35 - retails for $200, yours for $150. Ikelite lens extension focus port w/ knob (use with various lenses) 5510.75 - retails for $175, only $140. Ports include zoom gears. All prices plus shipping. Will make a package deal on ALL OF the above, if you buy everything (take another 5% off and give free shipping to continental US). For specific details on the above, visit www.Ikelite.com. The housing gives you access to all important camera functions on the Canon 5D Mark III. I shot the Mk II in an Ikelite housing for five years, and never had any issues whatsoever. Simply was a wonderful housing. The ports listed allow you a wide range of options for those wonderful underwater shots. I shoot a Canon 17-40 zoom, a Canon 15mm fisheye, and a 100mm macro. With the extensions and ports, above, you have these and many more combinations. Scuba season is here, so gear up!!!
  6. Hi, I am selling my Nikon D600 housing and full u/w setup. It is basically new, I have used it only three times, it's in pristine conditions. I've had the occasion to buy a discounted Nauticam system, so I am now selling the Ikelite rig even if it's new. In particular, this is what I am selling: 6812.6 D600 Ikelite housing http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/nik_d600.html Ikelite modular port system for Nikon: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2port_nikon.html 5510.45 8" dome assembly 5510.35 flat assembly 5510.16 port body 5510.22 port body 5510.28 port body Strobe system: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/ss_dig161.html 4061.1 Ikelite substrobe D161 + battery pack + charger 4067 spare Li-Ion battery pack 4103.51 Ikelite ICS-5 Digital TTL Sync Cords (two) 4086.61 SA-100 Arm Please contact me if you are interested in the whole thing or parts of it. I can send you pictures if you'd like to see it. The retail price would be $4,600 if you purchased it new. I am asking $3,600 for the whole package. Thanks, Cecilia
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