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Found 38 results

  1. Just wanted to share and discuss with other video shooters using A7SIII. Until this trip I have been shooting always in SLOG3, however for this last weekend I tweaked a HLG profile and shot exclusively with that. I found it fine to use, although colours can be a bit odd to my eye. Always keen to hear from and learn other Sony shooters settings for underwater video. Enjoying the process. All shot in 4K 4:2:2 10 bit, 60fps, PP10, HLG, with A7SIII, 28mm F2 inside WWL-1, using a combination of nitescuba NSV80 lights which I'm currently testing, and my existing Keldan lights.
  2. All footage here I shot on the new Sony A74 (in Nauticam A7S3 housing). Dive sites around Puerto Galera and Verde Island. https://youtu.be/Y7appZ7mKsQ Anyone considering a trip here let me know. British expat dive instructor and professional photographer running dive trips around the Philippines. The country is open and we are diving every week.
  3. A good friend, airline Captain and motion creator put together a new system last year, pool tested, then contracted an aggressive medical issue and we lost him. His widow and family aren't uw motion creators so I'm helping her sell the system. I have the complete list of pieces with their new prices before price increases at the end of the 2021 year ($14,690). Would like to find someone to buy the system for about 70 percent of the pre-increase invoice prices. A serious potential buyer can contact me by eMail and I'll send the list of pieces and we can discuss the sale (chris@chriscrumley.com). A dated photo is included here. Summary of the system is: Nauticam housing w/vacuum sealing, GH5S w/14-42mm, Wet Lens, Nauticam external monitor housing w/SmallHD 502, Keldan 9k lumen lights (2) and all arms, floats, batteries, cables, clamps, gears, rolling case and pouches making a complete and operational system.
  4. Keldan Video lights - 13000 lumen each. Adjustable lockable power output switch. Both units for sale with original chargers and boxes. Total time used = < 20hrs and < than 30 full cycles in perfect working order with batteries stored at 50%. Original purchase receipt - 1 owner only. Both come with a std. ball mount. Can sell either separately or together. Seller is BSAC Advanced Instructor No. 1719 based in the UK. Ebay seller ID: GIS_ARC (check score). Pictures Here
  5. KELDAN Spectrum Filters are scientifically engineered red filters based on spectral measurements of the lighting conditions underwater. KELDAN Spectrum Filters convert the ambient light into a daylight spectrum in order to restore correct colours and to optimise white balancing. The filter characteristics are carefully adjusted not only to balance the RGB colour channels but also to correct for a very smooth spectrum with excellent colour rendering capabilities. Improves colour rendering with manual white balance 2 stops loss filter can be used for any water colour 4 stops loss filter available for blue water and green water Price negotiable: $200 AUD or approximately $140 USD The filter has only been used few times and is in perfect condition. Note: Will ship anywhere in the world but buyer pays postage and insurance. Enquiries either here or email me at info@kristianlaine.com or armada@hotmail.fi
  6. I've seen several posts about X-Adenturer, Weefine, Kraken, BigBlue and DivePro lights added over the last few days. As always Keldan is the elephant in the room First of all: pointing out that they are Chinese doesn't mean anything per se. Today 90% of our equipment is made in China. An iPhone is made in China. In our context, Nauticam is a Chinese company (I won't go into Hong Kong's terrible issues with Mainland China). As always the devil is in the details. Our equipment goes in salt water and given the cost, in the long run needs maintenance. So in addition to finding a product with great features, it is important to find a company that will support their products over the years and at a reasonable cost and time. As someone pointed out, sending a lamp to China for service from the U.S. / Europe has costs and times unrealistic. So it would be preferable to find a company with dealers who are also able to provide technical assistance and follow their customers. Nauticam has a worldwide network of dealers who can solve most of the problems. You are forced to send the housing to Hong Kong only for complete service and the dealer always takes care of it. Going back to the underwater lamps mentioned above, just take a tour of their websites to realize that many of their models are eerily similar if not identical. Even USA/Canada based companies, have identical lamp models except for logo customization and a few details. Moreover a quick search on AliExpress will shows dozens more unknown brands with very similar models. Have you noticed that they all have the same type of switch? A button that controls the lamp through a sequence of presses. I agree with @ChrisRoss, IMHO this is the absolute most inconvenient way to use it underwater. In the long run I have had several problems with this type of switch. They state that the lights are guaranteed 100 meters but already around 60 meters the switch does not work well. So the question I have been asking myself for a long time is: who really makes these lamps? It seems to me that Chinese and Western companies re-brand and "remake" OEM lamps with specific names, marketing and features, etc. But in reality most of the underwater lamp lines are the same. TL;DR Anyway, I too have had a couple and still have two small snoot lights that I use for macro. Some models are unbeatable value for money but in my opinion the important thing is to choose a brand with a reliable local dealer who will provide support if there are any problems. My experience on that:
  7. In this review of the Keldan Spectrum SF-2 filter I am giving you my reasons as to why you need an underwater red filter for your underwater camera system!
  8. Does anyone know what Wratten number cyan gel I might try over daylight video lights? I have been playing with my Keldan Luna 8s fitted with cyan heads and they are really useful in getting natural-looking footage as deep as 20m or so. I white balance to a combination of the cyan light and ambient, and it gives you a natural looking background, while objects that are close don't go all red. I'd like to find some gels to tape over my Sola 2000s to approximate the same effect as a more compact option. Something that would work well with a GoPro, for instance. It will cost around 2-3 stops of light, but I think it'd be a useful option, nonetheless. Thanks - Jim
  9. This listing includes Keldan 4X Video Light (9,000 lumens), clamp, ball mount, battery and charger, original box and user manual. This is a very lightly used light as can been seen in the photos. No scratches anywhere. Also includes a brand new Keldan M1 Ambient Light Filter for use with this light which has NEVER been used. Please contact me for any questions.
  10. Have you been dreaming of Raja Ampat recently? Me too.So, I created a video DREAMING OF RAJA AMPAT to share our memories and dreams about the breathtaking Raja Ampat. In this video, I used footage from our two most recent trips to Raja Ampat. Both times we stayed at Sorido Bay Resort (Dampier Strait), which is our favorite dive resort. If you are interested in more technical details, please keep reading below. On the first trip I used a Sony A7Rii camera, Ikelite housing and Keldan Video lights 8X 11,000 Lumen CRI 92 (5400K). Sony A7Rii had some problems with autofocus and did not allow to set WB manually. On the second trip I used the following equipment: Camera: Sony camcorder HXR-NX80 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port and internal UR Pro Red Filter Diopters: SAGA +5 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens, and SAGA +10 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens Video Lights: Keldan Video 8X 11,000 Lumen CRI 92 (5400K) with Keldan Ambient Filter M1 (10-20m) for 4X/8X Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS, Picture Profile: BT709, and on several dives - HLG picture profile. For camera settings, I used recommendations from the following article : AX700-Z90-Housing-Recommended-Settings-R2.pdf HDR clips were converted to Rec.709 color space using the following two methods: 1 - FCPX HDR Tool HDR to Rec.709 SDR, 2 - Leeming Camera LUT Pro Sony A - HLG to Rec.709. For reasons I could not explain, FCPX HDR Tool worked better for some clips and Leeming Camera Lut worked better for other clips. Juan Miguel Núñez Arellano provided me invaluable guidance and mentoring in shooting and grading HLG footage. You could visit his website (http://wetpixel.es) to learn more about underwater videography in general and about using HLG in UW videography. Juan's videos could be found at the following YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/JUANMONTEREY/featured
  11. Here is my first video using Sony camcorder HXR-NX80 taken during the last diving trip in Philippines this August: https://youtu.be/XZ2JvM6JXkI I have not mastered this camera yet, and on a few occasions I inadvertently used wrong settings (i.e. the internal ND filter was on on a few dives). Also, playing with different settings and filters resulted in some color inconsistencies between different clips. While I am still trying to master this camera, I will greatly appreciate constructive criticism and recommendations. The following equipment was used to make this video: Camera: Sony camcorder HXR-NX80 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port and internal UR Pro Red Filter (on most dives) and UR Pro Pink Filter (on a few dives) Tripod: Gates Tripod Diopters: SAGA +5 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens, and SAGA +10 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens Video Lights: Keldan Video 8X 11,000 Lumen CRI 92 (5400K) with Keldan Ambient Filter M1 (10-20m) for 4X/8X Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS, Picture Profile: BT709. I followed the following article for recommended camera settings: AX700-Z90-Housing-Recommended-Settings-R2.pdf In my decision to buy this camera and housing, I followed an advise from Juan Monterey, who convinced me through his articles that this Sony camcorder is one of the best cameras for underwater videography: http://wetpixel.es/mi-actual-equipo-submarino/ As I am shooting only videos, I found many advantages of going with this camcorder and the Gates housing, including but not limited to the following: No need to carry several lenses. With one wide angle dome and diopters you could shoot wide angle and macro on the same dive. Very good and fast auto focus Very easy (one-button touch) white balance setup. Ability to use HLG - Hybrid Log Gamma (In the future for me) Battery is good for four dives (about 4 hrs) One things that puzzled me with this Gates housing is providing a control knob for ND filters, as I have never been in a situation yet when there is too much light under water. Maybe someone could enlighten me about this. For all footage above water I was using iPhone X. Hope to hear your comments and recommendations on how to improve my videos. Many thanks and cheers.
  12. Here is my second project using FCPX: https://youtu.be/6u1IIMjMOWA I will greatly appreciate your constructive criticism and recommendations. In this video, I was trying to capture a beauty and abundance of marine life in Raja Ampat during our 9-day stay at Misool Eco Resort. My camera is Sony A7Rii with a 28mm and 28mm+fisheye lens. I used two Keldan Video 8X lights (11000 lm, 92 CRI), which are fantastic video lights. Thank you very much.
  13. Hello, For sale is a FULL Nauticam Olympus EM1- MKII system. Unfortunately I got bent on my last dive on the barrier reef and I am giving up my equipment (not diving :)). I have only used this equipment on 5 dives total! My previous system, LUMIX LX10, was used extensively and I sold it here on Wetpixel. I would like to sell this system all together and not peace-meal. This system includes the Nauticam Olympus EM1 - MKII housing with plate and handles for two strobes. This includes the vacuum and extra batteries. The camera body (brand new nearly) with special zoom lens and Nauticam attachment for use with wet wide angle lens and macro lens. Included is also two Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes (brand new really) with rechargeable batteries and charger. Ultralight wide DB-BL08 strobe arms for extra boyancy (2 - 8” and 1 - 12”) and the fiber optic cables from Sea and Sea for each strobe (these alone are $90 each) Included is also a Keldan 4x 9000 lumen video light ($1400 value). I am also selling optional the Macro and wide wet lenses for these either separate or as a package. I am selling the Nauticam WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens 130° 67mm Wetmate lens ($1400 value) and the Nauticam Compact Super Macro Converter CMC-1 ($400 value). Feel free to do your research online for what this package is worth. Clearly I know what I paid and make an offer.
  14. Hi All, It might be easier to sell this system peace-meal. I would prefer not to, but that is okay. Below is a list of what I paid from Backscatter (I have all receipts). The equipment isn't even a year old until November. I got bent on a dive recently and I need to take a little time away from diving so I am selling my equipment for now. 1.) 2 - Sea & Sea - YS-D2 Strobes - PAID $689.95 EACH - Total for two was $1,371.90. I will part with them at a 20% discount so a total of $1,097 total. This does not include the fiber optic cables which I have 3 of. Those cost me $100 each and I will apply the same discount if you want them. 2.) 1 - Keldan 4X 9000 Lumen Video light - PAID $1,390 - I will part with this at a 20% discount for a total of $1,112 3.) Nauticam WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens - 130 degree - PAID $1,150 - I will part with this at a 20% discount and include the soft and hard cover ($80 value) for a total of $920 4.) Nauticam CMC-1 Macro Wet Lens 4.5X - PAID $370 - I will part with this at a 20% discount for a total of $296 5.) Ultralight Clamps - I have about 8 Ultralight clamps. They go for $30 each. I will see them for $20 each 6.) 2- Ultralight 8" Large Buoyancy Arms by 2" wide - PAID $68 EACH - I will sell for $54 each 7.) 2 - Ultralight 8" Double Ball Arm - PAID $47 - I will sell for $37 (I will include free buoyancy floats 8.) Buoyancy Collar for WWL-1 Wet Lens (super important to have) - PAID $80 - I will sell for $64 9.) 1- Ultralight 12" Large Buoyancy Arms by 1" wide - PAID $55 - I will sell for $44 10.) Nauticam EMI - MKII Housing for Olympus EM1 - MK II including Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve II - PAID $2,120 - I will part with this perfect piece of machinery for $1700 11.) Nauticam N85 Power Zoom Macro Port 29 - PAID $320 - I will part with this for $256 (this is necessary and essential piece if you want to use the M.Zuiko 14-42mm zoom lens so that you can use the WWL-1 and CMC-1 wet lenses effectively with the camera.) 12.) Nauticam Zoom Gear for Panasonic 14-42mm lens - PAID $180 - I will part with this for $144
  15. Anybody tried the latest 8X CRI 92 or the previous model CRI 96? Any feedback is appreciated.
  16. 2 High quality Keldan lights with 4 batteries at very good price. Lights in good condition, some minor marks here and there but nothing to visible and certainly nothing that affects performance The batteries don't hold a full charge but can still run the lights at full power for over 40 mins, the lights have never run out on a dive Lights are in Iceland and will ship anywhere for additional payment of shipping cost
  17. For sale are 2 Keldan Video 4x 6000 Lumens Underwater Video Light with 2 extra batteries (total 4) Near perfect condition Package retails for over $3,500 Asking for $1400 for both Features: Depth Rating: 656' Output: 1700-6,000 Lu­mens Run Time: 45-170 min Color Temperature: 5000K Anodized Aluminum Head/Body PM me if you are interested.
  18. 2 Keldan Luna 8 CRI lights, in good condition. Minimal signs of wear and tear. Come in regional box (Boxes damaged from always transporting lights) Also comes with 4 batteries plus 2 battery chargers so you can always have a set on charge 2 Nauticam Carbon float arms 4 Clamos for Arms 2 Short arms, ball one end and screw thread the other Good condition lights, some minor scratches on lens but nothing major or ver visible. Great performance for the price 2,900 USD for the full set shipped
  19. Nauticam 1-inch Base Ball for Easitray and Flexitray: Quantity: (1) $20.00 Nauticam Standard Clamps: Quantity: (6) $100.00 Nauticam Ball Mount for Cold Shoe Quantity: (1) 1$18.00 Keldan Spare Battery Pack for Video 4X Quantity: (2) $400.00 total Nauticam Panasonic LX100 Housing with M16 vacuum seal/alert system (1) Quantity: $1,200.00 Nauticam N50 Short Port with M67 thread for WWA Lens: Quantity: (1) $150 (Keldan Video 4X (6000 Lumens, 100° Beam) with AD-SS Mount: Quantity: (2) $2,775.00 Nauticam 27cm Lanyard with 2 snap hooks Quantity (1): $25.00 Panasonic DNC-LX100 Digital Camera (Black) Quantity: (1) $450.00 Nauticam Wet Wide Lens WWL-1 130° Quantity (1) $975.00 Nauticam Buoyancy Collar for WWL-1 -UNUSED Quantity: (1) $35.00 Nauticam M67 Port to Bayonet Mount Converter for Wet Lenses Quantity: (1) $60.00 Nauticam M67 Flip Diopter Holder for NA-LX100 Port: Quantity: $240.00 Nauticam Compact Super Macro Converter: Quantity: (1) $285.00 Nauticam N50 3.5 Acrylic Done Port: Quantity: (1) $240.00 Zen Tripod Plate: Quantity: (1) $195.00 Nauticam 5 Inch Double Ball Arm:Quantity: (2) $70.00 Nauticam Flexitray II Wide Quantity: $100.00 Nauticam Right Handle for Flexitray II Quantity: (1) $20.00 Stix Jumbo Float Kit for Ultralight Arms FUL-3 Quantity (6) $10.00 Ultralight DB-BL08 8" Large Buoyancy Arm Quantity: (1) $80 Panasonic Spare Camera Battery Quantity: (1) $30 IInon Telescopic Arm Options: Medium Quantity: (3) $300 Delkin SD633X UHS-1 128GB SDXC Memory Card For Camera: (1) $75.00 There are many other not listed, like memory cards and other accessories. *All items are in excellent condition. Everything you possibly need here! Total of all items is: $6,653.00 USD Buyer to pay all S/H, insurance costs and PayPal fees. This prices are almost half of what I spent on everything brand new. The prices and each items current condition go hand in hand. If the items were not maintained, scratched or flooded they would be reflected in the price.Buy with confidence that all items are in impeccable condition.
  20. Used on two trips and in perfect condition. Comes in manufactors box with all original accessories plus Keldan Handle Kit. Comes with original Invoice from Oct 2016 about 1780 €. Located in Frankfurt/ Germany. Shipping within Europe is for free. Wordwide shipping: 30 €. Buyers pay shipping cost and PayPal fees. For more pictures or any questions please send a PM or contact me directly: mailmeyer@gmx.net Kind regards, Andreas Light flux max. power: 13,000 lumen Burn Time max.: 45 minutes Light flux min.: 4000 lumen Burn Time min.: 170 minutes Beam angle: 110° (in water), 120° (in air) Correlated Color Temperature: 5,000 Kelvin Charge time: 3-4 hours Battery capacity: 97 Wh 14.4V Diameter (Head): 7 cm/2.75 in Length: 17 cm/9.25 in Dry weight: 0.9 kg/2 lbs Wet weight: 0.32 kg/0.75 lbs
  21. **Price $2,000** (2) Keldan Video 4X (6000 Lumens, 100° Beam) with AD-SS Mount and Original Boxes Accessories included: (2) Battery Charges - (Included) (2) Extra Batteries (worth $290 each) - Included (2) Nauticam 5 inch Inch Ball YS Arms. (worth $180) - Included Impeccable condition: (slight rubbing spot on the exterior from adjusting light positions. E-mail: brianarnone88@gmail.com S/H and PayPal fees not included in price.
  22. Two Keldan 4X Video Light Heads. Factory updated in June of 2016 to have the new (at that time) 7000 lumen heads six batteries (three sets of two) Two Chargers Originally purchased in 2014, they were sent in to Keldan and updated in June of 2016 to have the newer heads. I have all documentation. Comes with 3 sets of batteries. All have approx the same burn times. Latest set of batteries purchased June of 2017 Perfect working condition, pristine lens/heads. Light wear on body, no problems switches etc work perfectly. $1960 + shipping (item located in California, USA). rogeruzun@gmail.com
  23. Hello I'm selling two Keldan Video 4X lights in good condition including a total of 4 battery packs. I will post some pictures of them tomorrow. I would also include a spare set of O-rings (unused, the O-rings that came with the lamps are still in perfect shape). If you are interested, please send me a PM. The lamps currently live in Preston, UK and would prefer to not travel too far on their own (i.e. I'd rather sell them in person so you can have a look at them when you buy them). I'm only selling them because I've now switched to only taking pictures. I absolutely loved them for video! The price tag for all of the above is £1900.
  24. For Sale: (Due to GH5 Upgrade) A Nauticam NA-GH3 Housing with the GH4 Upgrade Kit to enable use with the GH4. Its all working perfectly, last dive was sub 100m and it worked fine. It does have a few cosmetic marks (mainly on the lower rear) but its just some slight cosmetic wear. I had intended on keeping it as a purely macro rig, but not sure I can justify keeping two housings - and I want some more lights Comes with Body Cap FlexiTray II with 2 Handles (not shown) Vacuum Electronics (Requires vacuum valve) GH4 (USA Edition - so no EU 29:59min limit) which has the V-LOG-L upgrade - it great condition, its been mostly in the housing so very near mint. - Includes: Battery, charger, strap, body cap, flash cover in the original box 800e all together. --- Keldan Luna 8 CRI Lights, set of 2 with the 5,000lm CRI Modules + The 5,000lm CYAN Modules for ambient shooting, comes with chargers and battery (1 for each light). I'm moving to the even greater power lights, so would like to sell these too. They are also in good condition, the domes have a few marks, but nothing to effect the lighting quality and the body as a couple of marks. 1500e for the two. --- Located in Spain, happy to ship anywhere within Europe using courier Can provide photos of the other bits mentioned, if required.
  25. Hello! I'm selling two "Keldan Video 4X 6000lm" lights on behalf of a friend. Included are the two lights, two batteries and two chargers. Price: 1800€ I'm located in Austria. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact me! Technical details: - 6000 Lumen Output - 110 Degree Beam Angle in Water - 82 CRI - 5000K Color Temp - Extreme Efficiency from Custom Reflector and Dome Lens - Magnetic Power Switch - Intelligent Lithium Ion Battery (Since this is a private sale is no warranty)
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