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Found 8 results

  1. Grouper season just wrapped up, glad that I got some good footage this year without hurricane interruption. The dive condition could be challenge most of the time, but every now and then, you can some decent calm sea, but visibility could still be bad: Shot with Panasonic LX-100, two Archon WM66 light, and Opteka 0.3x lens (modified).
  2. Here is the video from my recent voyage to the Tubbataha reserve in the Philippines. I have been diving for 20 years, and this the most amazing dive trip I have ever experienced. (Make sure to select 4K resolution, if your monitor supports that) https://youtu.be/n54kRn3IazQ Enjoy, Basil
  3. Shot this with Panasonic LX-100 and did some color grading. My monitor color calibration is off so I need some help/suggestion. Can you care to do a screen grab and post here about which scene do you think has a pleasing color? In most scene, I used 10bar red filter, in situation where the sun is not behind me, I get purple color. I also played around with Natural/Standard/Landscape color profile. Without the red filter, the coral look very washout, but the blue is quite nice and no problem of purple hue. With the red filter, the coral color is more pop, yellow saturation seems too high, but the blue is quite nice as long as if I get the sun behind me or at the right angle.......I'm still trying to nail down the color on this camera. Also, don't worry about the soft corner of the video, I used a modified WA lens for land use so the result is not as good, but love the wider FOV that none of the existing wet lens can provide. Not sure if this modified WA lens is a keeper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D3SDzxmuR0
  4. I am mulling over the LX100 to replace my current Sony NEX-5R for underwater photography and videography -- I find I am more interested in video when I dive, than in still photos (although I do both). I found this video, recently posted, and it looked pretty nice -- seems to have good detail, although the white balance is off in places (in my experience, a Magic Filter works wonders for U/W video). Here is the link: Does anyone else have experience with this camera underwater? How does it handle? How is the video?
  5. Nauticam LX100 housing System & Camera - Demo, as new We have one Nauticam LX100 demo system for sale, very lightly used on one trip and a couple of shop dives (probably a total of 10 dives). As new, in boxes, full 1 year warranty. Has all the latest features including the remote trigger and vacuum valve. Included as well is the LX100 camera in very good shape with box, etc. Includes: #17710 NA-LX100 Housing with standard port #25612 M16 Vacuum Valve #38702 N50 Acrylic dome port #71204 Nauticam Flexitray Wide, with left handle #71204 Nauticam Flexitray Right Handle #71311 Flexitray Strobe Mount Balls (2) Above has full 1 year warranty. Panasonic LX100 Camera, boxes, manuals, flash, charger, etc. Spare battery New this system is $2800 Now Only $2100 Including paypal/cc and free ground shipping in the cont. US. I will consider selling it without the Flexitray system for -$200. Email: Jack@opticaloceansales.com 800-359-1295
  6. Quite a few DSLR, SLR and compact cameras get really good quality footage. In fact there are experienced videographers who buy them with no intention of taking a single still picture. These cameras can perform a manual WB at almost any depth, on ambient light, without need any red filter. In the other hand almost any advanced user camcorder housing comes with its built-in flipping filter. Proper MWB is supposed to be achieved from a certain depth (light is heavily filtered) by using the red filter.... Could anyone explain me this paradox???? Do the sensors of all the manufacturers of sill cameras have something in common that make them so different to the ones in the camcorders? Maybe is a mistake no using red filters in still cameras if you want the best results? Or maybe the flipping filter is an item inherited from past needs that are beginning to loose their point since the new camcorders can achieve MWB with on red filters?... can they?
  7. Here are a few of the better pics from my recent liveaboard trip on the Red Sea Aggressor. I learned a LOT as I practiced, and I can't wait for the next trip, so that I can learn even more! -Basil Egypt Red Sea (9 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr Scorpionfish - he was really well concealed! Egypt Red Sea (14 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr I would love it if someone could tell me what this fish is. I assume it is some type of triggerfish?? Egypt Red Sea (7 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr Ehrenberg's Snapper schooling with some Goatfish Egypt Red Sea (8 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr Blue Spotted Stingray Egypt Red Sea (10 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr I would also really like to know what this guy is? He is awfully cute, is he a baby grouper??? Here is the full album on Flickr https://flic.kr/s/aHskizroyC
  8. I read Adam's preview on this camera today: http://wetpixel.com/articles/sony-unveils-the-rx100-iv-compact-camera Like the idea of the super slo-mo for critter behavior documentation and I'm trying to decide between this and the Panasonic LX100 Does anyone know if the control set remains the same as the RX100-III? Hoping of course that it will fit into an existing RX100-3 housing. Thoughts? http://www.imaging-resource.com/cameras/panasonic/lx100/vs/sony/rx100-iv/
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