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Found 6 results

  1. Items for sale is a near new Nauticam DP4 housing that is in mint condition. The monitor was only used on 4 dives and there isn't even a scratch on it. Never flooded or any nonsense! Also included in the sale will be a Small HD DP4 monitor that has only been used 4 times also. This is a complete package and you will need nothing else! The DP4 monitor is also in mint condition. The housing will come with all manuals and everything included when purchased new. This setup was amazing. It allows you to hold the housing lower for a much more steady shot for video. I loved it...just getting rid of my whole system. Check out my other Nauticam listings. Retail on this complete package is $2000 Will ship for free to the US Please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks!
  2. Complete small HD monitor, housing, moisture sensor, mounting ball, HDMI bulkhead and cord, assortment of various HDMI connectors and 2 rechargeable lithium batteries with charger. The only thing missing is the cap to the HDMI cord coming from the housing. Purchased in 2013 for $400 and $1250 respectively. Used on approximately 20 dives and still in excellent condition. Asking $500 for everything mentioned above (see also attached photos). Buyer pays shipping (USPS, UPS, and Fedex available). 12"x12"x12" box, weight <4lb, shipping from 85501 Please email with any questions you may have. Thank you!
  3. I DO NOT have the Sony RX-100 camera, only the housing which fits the first version of the RX-100. The housing is NA-RX100V (port on top that can accommodate a video cord) Wet mount external fish eye and ring (UWL-28 Compact Wide 52mm w/ adapter ring) Nauticam Flexitray (R and L handles) I also have a Nauticam NA-DP4 housing and SmallHD 4.3 Monitor. Bought in 2014 $1250 for NA-RX100V, $330 for fish eye w/ ring, Flexitray with R & L handles $170. Asking for $800 for all items listed here. Buyer pays shipping. Full disclosure though..... The NA-RX100V has been well cared for.... but, I ran into problems with the external video cord, that caused just enough salt water get in to ruin the camera. The video cord on the NA-DP4 housing has been replaced by Backscatter. If interested in Small HD monitor with housing (with above warning). Bought in 2014 NA-DP4 $1400, Small HD monitor ($700??), asking $500 for this since this has been problematic for me in the past. (The HDMI cords are REALLY sensitive). Buyer pays shipping. Also just a bit of a word on shooting video with this version of RX-100.... W/B can not be manually changed in video mode. I always had great results by changing the Kelvin temperature to 9000K and just shot at that. Does best at depths of 20 feet to 40 feet with this setting with only ambient light. I have decided to switch over to dedicated video though....so selling whole rig. If you want to see some of my videos shot with this, just let me know and I can send you a Dropbox link. Kristy Klinger
  4. See attached. Complete with SmallHD monitor, housing, moisture sensor, mounting ball, HDMI bulkhead and cord, assortment of various HDMI connectors and two batteries. Asking $600. Buyer pays shipping. Bought in 2013 for $400 and $1250. Kristy
  5. Hi, selling some of my arms & misc. Please klick here for pictures and more info: http://www.ebay.de/sch/a.my/m.html?item=331828143785&hash=item4d427fa6a9%3Ag%3AH-sAAOSwbwlXCpya&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thank you and kind regards, Andreas
  6. Like new condition, never used in sea water, tested in bath tub only. Suitable for nauticam housings with M16 Accessory port. For SmallHD DP4 with backplate for Nikon EN-EL15, parts also included to accommodate DP4 with blackplate for Canon LP-E6. Included : 1x NA-DP4 Housing (with waterproof protective cap for HDMI cable) 1x HDMI Bulkhead with M16 thread (with waterproof protective cap) 3x HDMI cables (lengths 190mm, 130mm and 110mm) 1x Silicone grease Please note that one small o-ring for the HDMI Bulkhead is missing but you can use the o-ring of the M16 accessory port of your own Nauticam camera housing, it does not affect its function. Asking Price: US$800 Shipping cost from Hong Kong to US is US$26.
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