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Found 2 results

  1. I am mulling over the LX100 to replace my current Sony NEX-5R for underwater photography and videography -- I find I am more interested in video when I dive, than in still photos (although I do both). I found this video, recently posted, and it looked pretty nice -- seems to have good detail, although the white balance is off in places (in my experience, a Magic Filter works wonders for U/W video). Here is the link: Does anyone else have experience with this camera underwater? How does it handle? How is the video?
  2. Alright, I just received mine, and seems like there is quite a bit of interest on this camera so I decided to put up some info even though Nauticam is still working on the info. First, I'm not sure if this should go to the Consumer housing section since it's Point and Shoot, but then it's a $900 prosumer m43 sensor camera, so I'm putting it here in the Mirrorless section so moderator feel free to move the discussion. Second, I'm using a 39" 4K TV as my computer monitor, so everything look quite small for me, if the photos are too big for you that you scroll around, sorry about that. A couple initial info: - The housing ship with rectangle flat port, and handle bracket, cost US$1200 - Additional ports are available (short flat port - US$180, dome port - US$280) Here are the pictures: 1.) Back of the housing, really glad that there is a working real dial feature! The On/Off level above the LCD screen is for Flash. 2.) I paid US$220 to get the vacuum valve. 3.) Rectangle port is not too big. 4.) The Control Ring Knob feels great (mostly for Manual focus), just the right size to use one finger to turn when you put your hand on the left handle. Too bad there is no M8 or M10 hole on top of the housing to mount another ball for focus light (http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=135_97_36&products_id=4746). So the only option is to use the cold shoes which you can't put too much weight/rough with the cold shoes mount. Housing is 7" wide and 6" deep. 5.) Housing is 5" tall, very compact consider the camera has external flash. 6.) The Blue zoom lock. If you dial the blue wheel clockwise all the way, it will lock the zoom level, dial the wheel anti-clockwise to release the zoom lock. You will only use the Zoom lock for the "Short flat port". 7.) The housing is very compact for the amount of control dials the camera has. Nauticam put the Aspect Ratio dial at the bottom of the housing next to the lens barrel. It could be hard to reach but it's not a dial that you would use often, kudos to Nauticam for well thought out placement!
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