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Found 4 results

  1. Please help me with some of the lens port options for video the GH5 in Nauticam housing and maybe why you chose this option. Did you start with this option? What are some of the limitations of your old lens and why you switched? What are your favorite go to settings underwater for video? My current system Is the GH5 in Nauticam Housing. I like to shoot as wide as possible so i can get as close to my subject as possible. Reef, turtles, schooling fish. I'm told the less water between your subject the better the image. I'm told for video i should keep a shutter speed twice that of the frames per second. I like to shoot in 60fps with the GH5 for the most part as i like the option to slow footage down. I have the Olympus M. Zuiko Pro f 2.8 7-14mm - (14mm-28mm equivilant) Why I chose twh -- Why I chose over the Panasonic 7-14 - It is constant aperture, and i was told it is the best in image quality and will perform better in any given f-stop for low light and zooming in the 7-14mm my f-stop will not change? Since I never shoot video anywhere close to 2.8 should i care? Cons of this lens is it is Big, Heavy and expensive. Also does not have image stabilization. It has a lens hood that does not come off. This means that in order for the housing to fit the Nauticam housing i need 180mm glass dome (expensive) a spacer (expensive). That said, I chose it over the Panisonic version as basically I was told this is the best lens for image quality over the Panisonic 7-14mm and if i get everything right for settings and the reef life lets me get close enough i can get wonderful images. Its figuring the settings and the white balance that can be the challenge. I have the option to zoom to 14mm (28mm equivalent) although that is not much of a zoom i find and when i do see something a little bit smaller and i want to focus in on that subject there is not much to work with in my opinion. I started shooting at about F8 and still found my edges soft. What i have found is I have to shoot at about f11 mostly to avoid the distortion and make my corners more square. I leave my shutter at 179d as I shoot at 60fps then just play with Iso and the f-stop. I manual white balance on my hand or some grey coral and the sand if nothing else is available. I have auto focus turned off and use focus assist with back button focus mapped to the AF lock button FOR MACRO .... I went with the Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f-2.8 Macro lens with The N85 macro-port 65 for this lens. Again with the Olympus lens was told is better image quality. This one i found a little confusing especially the dial on the side . I see that i currently have it on the 0.19-0.4 setting. It has been almost a year since i have shot with this. I assumed i would shoot at 1:1 not sure why i had it on this setting. can you guys help me out with how and what subject your shooting with this lens? I am thinking about other lenses port options. Specifically to maybe address the sharp square corner issue and/or the fact that you're stuck shooting really wide angle or really small stuff. I knew that going in but there is some other lenses out there and for video what do you guys have to say?
  2. Attached a little clip I've compiled from our dive trip to French Polynesia. I took my GH5s along this time but I did miss the stabilisation a bit I must admit... Most shark footage form the Fakarava South Pass "Wall of Sharks" at Tomutoa Atoll.
  3. Attached a clip of our diving trip to Triton Bay in January 2018. Dolphins, Whale-sharks, Mobulas, huge schools of fish, incredible soft corals and good macro. For those interested, I used the following lenses: Panasonic 12mm Summilux Panaaonic 7-14mm Panasonic 12-35mm Olympus 12-50mm (for Macro) Color corrected and edited with Davinci Resolve 14 I hope you enjoy.
  4. Attached a clip from our recent diving trip to Fiji. Challenging weather and underwater conditions most of the time, therefore most shots are from just a good handful of dives with reasonable visibility. Also on the overland shots I tried to take advantage of the few sunny days/spells :-) Hope you enjoy.
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