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Found 13 results

  1. The original version of this trip report was posted on the front page of Wetpixel a few weeks ago, but I have now updated it and added some new images on the version I have done on my site. Here is the link to Diving the Witu Islands All the wide-angle images were taken with a Nikon D500 and 8-15mm lens in a Nauticam housing with the 140mm port, which I personally find to be really great combo. The macro images were taken with the 40mm Micro-Nikkor - I screwed up in the last minute packing and left my 60mm and 105mm macros behind... As they say the best lens you have is the one on your camera! I have been visiting Papua New Guinea regularly for 20 years, but this was the first time to the Witu Islands and I really was impressed. When you look at the location of the islands in the Bismarck Sea, relative to the rest of the Coral Triangle, it becomes clearer why they are such so biodiverse. Here are a few images to illustrate what I mean. Don
  2. Going to dive Kavieng for a few days this summer, followed by a liveaboard trip around New Hanover and up to the St. Matthew Islands, Mussau and Emirau. Not sure if I should bring the big macro lens (100mm, on Sony NEX-6 = 150mm equivalent). Anbody dived that area before, could give me a few hints if there is enough really small stuff around to make it worth the hassle? It's at least 1.5kg more, everything included. I think I'm good for Nudies with the 1650 + CMC, and wide angle is packed anyway. Thanks for any inputs here.
  3. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest episode in the 'Rolling in the Deep' series. This time taking a look at the critters in Milne Bay. PNG is a terrific destination, and Milne Bay is an area where it can offer both fantastic macro and wide angle photography. As always comments are welcome. Let me know what you liked and didn't. Enjoy! Dustin
  4. Hi Guys, I am travelling to Papua New Guinea next August for a land based trip. The trip starts on Saturday 8th, so I have booked a whole week extra off work beforehand to get there from the UK, which will probably take the best part of two days. This gives me the flexibility to book a few days somewhere before arriving in Port Moresby for the start of the holiday proper. I guess I have two options: fly via Cairns and spend a few days diving on the Great Barrier Reef, or fly to Port Moresby and spend a few days on Loloata Island. From the research I have done so far, I have identified a liveaboard by Pro Dive in Cairns, for 3 days and 2 nights diving the Barrier Reef. However, they do not start there trips on a Tuesday, which would be the best day to start (Tues, Wed, Thur diving, Friday de-tox, Sat fly to POM); starting on a Monday is a bit tight with flights, landing in CNS at 4:20 am and leaving the jetty at 6:00am, and Wednesday is too late. Alternatively, fly "directly" to POM, arriving on Thursday and transfer to Loloata Island. Then diving on Friday, and join the start of the tour on Saturday. This only gives two nights and one full day of diving, at around $800. Currently, I shoot wide-angle only (as I don't have a macro port yet), which I know is not best suited to PNG diving. So I guess the question I am asking is: what is the best thing to do, given I only have a few days? Which is a better dive destination? Are there alternative dive operators in Cairns the might better suit my needs? Is Loloata Island worth the cost? Which sites should I ask for? By the way, I am a single traveller so can't share the costs, and am looking for a group-type trip to buddy with someone. Any information gratefully received. Thanks, Phil.
  5. Hello Everyone, Wanted to share my latest underwater short video. I finally got some good footage of some emperor shrimp while I was in PNG. They are known to be fast and elusive to the videographer. So it was nice to have some cooperate. As always, comments and constructive criticism, are certainly welcome. Enjoy! Dustin Or Youtube
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my first video from our trip to Papua New Guinea. We stayed at Tawali and had the entire resort to ourselves for 12 days! it was really a fantastic spot and we really enjoyed both the diving and resort very much. While PNG is not exactly easy to get to, it should be on everyone's bucket list. This is the first of a few videos that I will be making from the trip. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it! Or Youtube
  7. Hello everyone, For those that have traveled with Air Nuigini from Port Moresby to Tawali - Alotau (GUR). They are saying 70 lbs total for weight....Including carry on. Additional baggage is $5 USD for every additional Kilo. Which is fine, but it says that if the airplane is weight restricted it won't go with you. This has me a little nervous, especially since I am planing on packing and checking 2 dslr's (in pelicans) and dive gear for myself and my wife. What is the likelihood that the plane with be overweight? If you have any other words of wisdom..Please feel free to share. Dustin
  8. Hello everyone, I am headed to PNG in a couple of weeks. Based on research from Wetpixel as well as other places. It seems Malerone is the most popular malaria prevention. However, my wife went to the doctor yesterday and he refused to prescribe it based on side effects. It seems that with a lot of people it can cause depression not just while you are on it, but long term. Anyone else had issues with this? He has instead prescribed Doxycycline. Which is still on the approved list for malaria from the CDC. Thoughts? Dustin
  9. I have finally finished updating the location guide to Tufi in Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. Less well known than Milne Bay and Kimbe Bay, Tufi is actually one of my favorite locations in PNG as it offers really good diving at certain times of the year combined with spectacular above water scenery and, for the more adventurous, some quite special village culture and homestays. I have updated all the pages in the Tufi guide and added new ones based on recent trips - included is an overview of Oro Province and diving Tufi plus there are dedicated pages on Tufi Wharf, the PT Boat wrecks, the really great offshore reefs and diving in Cape Nelson's Fiords. There are also dedicated pages on the B17F Black Jack wreck on Cape Vogel that can be dived from Tufi and the B25 "Pistoff" Mitchell Bomber wreck in Collingwood Bay. I have also included a dedicated section on the quite special village culture around Tufi with pages on village homestays, cultural demonstrations in the villages, the facial tattoos of the Tufi area and the Puri Puri (loosely translated as Black Magic...) men of Tufi. Don
  10. I have just completed revising and updating the location guide to Milne Bay in PNG on my site. I have updated all the pages and added new ones based on my most recent trips. Included is an overview of Milne Bay province, an overview of diving Milne Bay, Tawali dive resort, overview of the north coast dive sites, Dinah's Beach and Deacon's Reef at Lauadi, the famous Milne Bay manta cleaning station Giants@Home and what is probably the best aircraft wreck in PNG the B17F Black Jack plus links to the various articles I have written over the years. I have been visiting PNG regularly for over 15 years now, so this has kind of become a labor of love.... Don
  11. I have finally finished revising and updating my location guide for the Port Moresby and Bootless Bay area of Papua New Guinea. Most divers traveling to PNG try to get through Port Moresby (which is still the only international gateway in to the country...) as quickly as possible because of its bad reputation for raskol gangs and random violence, but there is actually some excellent diving to be had. Port Moresby is also not the hell-hole it is often depicted as - "gritty" and potentially dangerous yes, but manageable with a modicum of common sense in my opinion. My guide provides an overview of Port Moresby, plus links to what else to do there and where to stay. There are overviews of diving in Port Moresby and the main dive sites, Loloata Dive Resort and my two favorite dive sites Suzie's Bommie and the wreck of the Pacific Gas. Don
  12. It is just so great that after having done 5000 or so dives in my life, I can still come out of the water from dives like this and have no words to desribe the beauty I have just witnessed. On this trip to Milne Bay last year, I let my friends do the talking and I just pushed the record button and filmed what I saw. The trip was organised by my friend, Douglas Seifert, onboard Craig De Witt's MV Golden Dawn and the legend, Dinah Halstead, was our dive guide. I can't wait to go back and film more.
  13. PNG is a target rich environment. Check out part one of my trip report with lots of wide angle photos. http://www.uwphotogr...inea-mv-febrina
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