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Found 24 results

  1. A new forum for issues surrounding Wetpixel travel and trips
  2. I've just got back from a dive trip to the Red Sea having organised a group of 24 on a liveaboard. We used Diverse Travel in the UK for the bookings and Emperor Diver's boat, Elite, on their South and St Johns itinerary. Bookings and arrangements with Diverse Travel were easy and straightforward even for this group of very mixed nationalities (UK, US, Brazilian, Dutch, Finnish). Emperor's arrangements in Marsa Alam and Port Ghalib were flawless from beginning to end. The DMs and boat crew were excellent. This is the third time I'd been on this itinerary since 2015 and, it seemed to me, that despite 32 degree water temperatures, the corals were in very good condition. No big fish sightings but then that was not really expected. Super relaxing diving in St John's and the Fury Shoal. We also used Egypt Happy Travels for a couple of side trips in Cairo and Luxor. I can recommend them highly (and thanks for the tip from a WP member). Efficient, friendly, very good price and reliable. The trip went so well (phew!) that next year's trip is now planned (and almost sold out) - again using Diverse Travel and Emperor Divers. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
  3. Please watch my latest video “Scuba Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt, Sinai”, which will bring you to the best dive sites and shipwrecks of the Red Sea, and show what you can expect to see underwater during a 7-day long “Sinai Wrecks & Reefs” diving safari. This trip took place in August 2022, and it was organized and led by Massimo Franzese (aka Interceptor121) for underwater photographers and videographers, hence the name “2022 Image Makers Liveaboard”. We have to complement Massimo for the success of this trip. He used to work in this region as a dive instructor, which, combined with his underwater photography and videography skills, helped him to choose the best time for each dive. One of the great benefits of this trip was that every evening Massimo would review our photos and footage, and give us advice on how to improve. Our boat, the Snefro Pearl, with its fantastic crew always eager to help, made our trip very comfortable and enjoyable. With respect to marine life, we were pleasantly surprised how healthy the corrals were, with absolutely no signs of coral bleaching. The water was warm, crystal clear and unbelievably blue. The most unforgettable part of this trip was snorkeling and diving with a family of wild dolphins. I counted 21 of them. Diving the Thistlegorm shipwreck was very interesting as well. Overall, this Image Makers Liveaboard trip exceeded my expectations. I hope that Massimo will keep organizing Underwater Image Makers Trips in the future so I can join him for more fun diving and continue improving my videography skills. Underwater Video Equipment used: Camera: Sony camcorder PXW Z90 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port and internal UR Pro Red Filter Video Lights: Keldan Video 8X 11000 Lumen, CRI 92 (5400K) Keldan Ambient Filter M1 (10-20m) for 4X/8X Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS Picture Profile: PP10 (HLG); Gamma: HLG2; Color Mode: BT2020 Above water camera: iPhone 13 Max Pro I will greatly appreciate your comments, including constructive criticism. https://youtu.be/-YfjesgYRdg
  4. I hope it's appropriate to ask this. Let me know if another forum is the best place for this question Have any of you ever travelled with Blue o Two for their Red Sea trip? Also, has anyone ever taken the Ultimate Red Sea itinerary? From looking at the website (https://blueotwo.com/boats/m-y-blue-melody/729e5bc56792e07bb11f727fd97ade81), the trip seems cover top sites in both the North and Southern Rea Sea. Most itineraries look like they make you choose between North and South. So, I am liking the Ultimate Rea Sea itinerary because it gives a little of both. If any one has travelled with Blue o Two and/or did a Ultimate Red Sea-like itinerary, I'd appreciate your thoughts and experiences. I'd also welcome anyone's thoughts on the subject matter of picking a good liveaboard itinerary for diving the Red Sea. Thanks Svati
  5. Hi Everybody, Wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a good private dive guide for Abu Dabbab? And any other advise on diving, best times to dive, locations etc. would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. After many attempts, I finally saw a dugong in the Red Sea: [media] [media] The rest of the video is just the usual Red Sea stuff, mostly in the 10-20m range so ambient light/manual white balance/red filter. For GH5 owners: the lizard fish (2'32") is what happens when you insert a 6K photo/video file (i.e. 18 megapixels at 30 fps) into a 50 fps video. The porcupine fish (2'13") was in a place that looked very dark, 15m down under an overhang. However I dropped the frame rate to 25 fps, and shutter to 25 too, with ISO at 1600. Quite good low light capability, at least for something that isn't moving fast. All constructive comments and criticisms welcome! Cheers, Matt
  7. My first picture, Dolphins in red sea. Canon 5d III + Seacam
  8. During a night dive in the red sea this squid passed by. Any tips to further improve it? Photo is taken with a Sony RX100 mk2 (Nauticam housing) and one Sea & Sea YS-01 strobe. No extra lenses used.
  9. Hi All, Here are my photos from diving the major wrecks in the Red Sea north of Hurghada. I went on a live aboard with Emperor Divers and had an amazing time:) Can't wait to go back to Egypt for some more diving! http://www.thedeepblueportfolio.com/red-sea-wrecks-abu-nuhas-and-thistlegorm/
  10. There's a sea on the planet born out of a geological miracle... The Red Sea
  11. I am planning to go on a liveaboard in the Red Sea. I am undecided between two itineraries: - Get Wrecked: all the famous wrecks like Thistlegorm and Rosalie Muller - Simply the best: Brothers Islands, Elphinstone, Daedalus I am an uw photog beginner, mainly interested in wide angle. Which would be a good start for me?
  12. Trip Report: Egypt & The Red Sea Aggressor Photo Expedition The last time I saw the Egyptian Pyramids was 18 years ago. A lot has changed, and a lot hasn’t, having already all ready lasted 5,000 years. One of the things that was new is the lack of tourists, mostly due to misplaced fear. Fear of different cultures, and fear of the unknown. Some is founded on media hype, and some is due to mistrust, but most of it is misplaced. Divers, however, are a strange breed. When somebody yells “shark”, most people run away, but divers say “Where?” and jump in the water. Underwater photographers are even worse. They’re experienced divers who want to take shots of the most unusual animals and situations. They may be apprehensive and careful - that’s a good thing - but never so scared that they miss a great opportunity. Our Optical Ocean Sales Photo Expedition was for two weeks; Feb. 22 to March 7th, 2016. Twenty people had signed up, but as usual we had a few drop out due to work conflicts or health reasons, and a few join in. Several dropped out, however, because they were afraid of the political situation or for their safety. And I’ve had several inquiries since we’ve been back asking if we had problems, or if the Egyptian people were hostile to us. We all found that the answer was quite the opposite. We had a great time. We felt quite safe. People were extremely warm and friendly, just as they were on my last trip to Egypt, 18 years ago. Some things in Egypt, like the Pyramids, don’t change. It’s all a matter of perspective. We started out our land tour in crazy, raucous Cairo (“why use your turn signal, when you can use your horn?”). This is a terribly over crowded city, with heavy, 24/7 traffic. Cairo is the very definition of urban sprawl with 24 million people. It now surrounds the Giza plateau, which was once well out into the desert.... Continued Flickr albums: (all photos with a Nikon D800) Diving Cairo & Giza Luxor
  13. I am thinking of booking a livaboard to shoot the Northern Wrecks in Red Sea and Ras Muhammed. Has anyone been there recently? Is it still safe or is there any increased tension or the feeling of unsafety that is felt even on Livaboards?
  14. Here are a few of the better pics from my recent liveaboard trip on the Red Sea Aggressor. I learned a LOT as I practiced, and I can't wait for the next trip, so that I can learn even more! -Basil Egypt Red Sea (9 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr Scorpionfish - he was really well concealed! Egypt Red Sea (14 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr I would love it if someone could tell me what this fish is. I assume it is some type of triggerfish?? Egypt Red Sea (7 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr Ehrenberg's Snapper schooling with some Goatfish Egypt Red Sea (8 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr Blue Spotted Stingray Egypt Red Sea (10 of 22) by Basil Kiwan, on Flickr I would also really like to know what this guy is? He is awfully cute, is he a baby grouper??? Here is the full album on Flickr https://flic.kr/s/aHskizroyC
  15. Hi Friends I just returned from my dive trip on the Red Sea in Egypt. I have not yet edited all the photos, but I did pull together a short video of the diving. Feedback always appreciated, here is the YouTube link (can't figure out how to do an embed): https://youtu.be/VxVPQ9sQGVE Many thanks, Basil
  16. I wanted to share some of my shots from my last red sea trip this summer. I started photography in 2012 because I was absolutely fascinated by the stunning underwater shots I discovered on uwphotographyguide.com. Unfortunately i did not have much time to take underwater shots the previous years because I had hardly time to go diving but I tried to practice a lot with my cam whenever I had some spare time. Shots taken with a Sony A65 and Tamron 60/2, Sigma 10/2.8 or Tamron 17-50/2.8@17mm in an Ikelite housing with one DS-161 and one DS-125. Critics much appreciated
  17. A few images (more later) from last month's workshop with Alexes Mustard and Tattersall, aboard the MV Whirlwind: Nauticam Red Sea Workshop Interceptor121's blog
  18. In the early summer large schools of snappers, batfish, unicorn surgeon-fish, barracuda and trevallies swirl off the southern tip of Sinai, at Ras Mohammed. Nearby there are shallow reefs and a treasure-trove of World War II military paraphernalia in the wreckage of the SS Thistlegorm. Alex Mustard regularly runs an excellent workshop based aboard one of several large and comfortable live-aboard dive boats. This year he was joined by Alex Tattersall, demonstrating (certainly not forcing sales on us with his usual skill) new and exciting ideas from Nauticam. The winds died down, after blowing us away from the shoals of Abu Nuhas, and the diving began:
  19. Here's a recent trip video from a deep south Red Sea photography workshop (Egypt). Shot with Canon 5D Mark III in Nauticam with Canon 16-35mm, 17-40mm and 8-15mm lenses. Lit with the Orcalight Seawolf 2260. Loving the sheer lumen power of that light. For some reason the embedded video won't go above 720p res so for the full 1080 effect click through to youtube......
  20. Hello WetPixelers, I have created a new OL albums from my first two dives. I have no prevoius experience with photography (unless shooting with my cellphone counts), however I am a divemaster and I always wanted to keep a "diary"; of my dives. If you care to look it my photos, your feedback will be much appreciated. One note, I had to crop all my WA photos (Installed the dome port with the shade on the sides instead of topqbottom ). My new rig: Nikon D7100 Nikkor 105mm Nikkor 10.5mm Ikelite housing 2X DS161 8" Dome port flat port for the 105mm Some macro Thanks for watching, Gal. My album
  21. The body responsible for responsible environmental practices in the Egyptian Red Sea, HEPCA, has just launched a "name and shame" section on their website. Their first target is a company that is offering sport fishing for sharks out of Hurghada. The company is called Egyptra Travel Services and the page offering shark fishing safaris is here: http://www.egyptra.com/Excursions/Hurghada-Excursion/Sharks-Fishing-Red-Sea-Open-Water/#bookingForm Please feel free to drop them a line and ask them to stop! Their email is info@egyptra.com As far as I know, shark fishing in the Egyptian Red Sea is actually illegal, so I don't think they will last long officially. Adam
  22. UNDERWATER VIDEO COURSES Jeff Goodman, director and award-winning TV cameraman, leads a series of courses aimed at improving the art of good underwater video production while at the same time realising the incredible wealth and diversity of our planet's marine life. Jeff has over 30 years experience in wildlife and underwater filming. Credits include the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet and many others. He has twice been nominated for BAFTA Award Cameraman and won Montana Festival Best Series Director/Cameraman. Among Jeff's many TV Credits are: BBC... Mimic Octopus...Narrated by David Attenbourgh BBC... Secrets of the Maya Underworld...Narrated by Simon MacCorkindale Venues in the Red Sea, Indonesia and S.Africa for 2013 Details at www.jeffgoodman.co.uk
  23. RED SEA UNDERWATER WILDLIFE VIDEO & EDIT COURSES Award winning International Television Underwater Wildlife cameraman and Film maker Jeff Goodman hosts filming and editing workshops with Oonas Divers at the Red Sea Diving Safaris location of Marsa Shagra Still spaces left on the Nov/Dec course at Marsa Shagra. 5 day course during the period 28th Nov - 6th Dec. Unlimited house reef diving as well as day boat excursions to off shore reefs, Course fees are £250 for the 5 days in addition to all normal travel and holiday costs booked through OonasDivers. Learn how to get the best from your camera at the same time as having a great diving holiday You don't need expensive equipment to make exciting underwater films. Learn the skills of camera work, editing and story creation first. Share a camera with a friend if you like. The courses are very flexible and can be tailored to fit individual requirements from the absolute beginner to the semi pro. Contact me for advice jeffgoodman@supanet.com FULL COURSE DETAILS www.jeffgoodman.co.uk/redseacourses.html oonasdivingdetails2.pdf
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