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Found 1 result

  1. About underwater photographer Rui Guerra: Rui Guerra, CMAS ** Instructor of Underwater Photography, has been engaged for several years teaching the art and techniques, is also the author of the only technical book of underwater photography in portuguese language, "Practical Manual of Underwater Photography" (Dinalivro / 2002). Being the most awarded Portuguese underwater photographer in splash-in type competitions, both nationally (six times National Champion of Underwater Photography, among others) and worldwide (World Champion in the category of Wide with Diver, Vice-World Champion in general, among others), Rui Guerra now transmits his experience and techniques to all those who want to evolve effectively in the practice of underwater photography. Aiming mainly to transmit their knowledge and experience in this area, his courses provide the essential foundation and cover all technical and aesthetic issues of underwater photography, allowing students to evolve in a solid way in this area. The priority is the quality of training provided, restricting the number of participants in each event and providing the best possible conditions for the practice of underwater photography once in the sea. About the photo trip/expedition PHOTOGUERRA SANTA MARIA 2013: Photographic trip to Santa Maria (Azores), where all divers who appreciate nature in its purest state are welcome (whether to shoot or simply dive with a small group of people and with the best conditions). The dive sites are those with greater beauty, biodiversity and more likely to unique situations. Rui Guerra, your photographic guide will be on hand all the time to take you to the best places and to give you all the photographic support you need to bring memorable images. Learn all the tricks and techniques to get that perfect image and live 7 (or 15) days of pure adventure, breathing photography! Please note that all dives will be made in the open sea, some in areas with high depths near, which demands a minimum of experience and good buoyancy control to enroll this trip (please see "Conditions of participation" below). The stay is in a spacious villa reserved for our group, where we have all the facilities and conditions. The logistics of diving will be the responsibility of the Dive Centre Paralelo 37. The vessel will be a spacious and comfortable RIB which will lead us safely to the various dive sites, operated by an experienced skipper knowledgeable in the Azorean waters. The training component in underwater image will be on a daily basis, not only continuously throughout the day, as well as more formally, in the evening, where besides being explained some more technical concepts, we'll also discuss topics such as image composition, the approximation to the marine life, how to operate and our behavior underwater, etc. In the continuos part of the workshop, I will guide participants in areas particularly good for diving and photography / video, while providing tips and advice so the trip will be is as productive as possible for everyone. Each day, we will plan the dives for the next day, taking in consideration the best possible conditions of weather and sea in various areas. As with all events that I organize, my priority is to give the maximum quality and a personalized relationship that only a small group allows, so that the experience is unforgettable to the few participants. In each week, we will be a maximum of 8 people, which will be a great advantage and we all can enjoy the dives the best possible way. We will have oxygen for nitrox or for rebreathers, at a very special price. You have three options to choose from: Week "Best of" - 5-12 September 2013 - week dedicated to the best dive sites in Santa Maria, with the best conditions to photograph / film or simply to fully enjoy the Azorean best diving , where the mythical Baixa do Ambrósio will not be forgotten. On one day we will have the opportunity to dive Bank Dollabarat and Formigas. Week "Blue Expedition " - 12-19 September 2013 - week of photographic expedition off the coast of Santa Maria. In this week we will go through many nautical miles in a fast and comfortable RIB in search of the best photographic opportunities in the blue, to meet the large pelagics, but not forgetting the fabulous Baixa do Ambrósio and of course the bank Dollabarat and Formigas. Whale sharks, blue sharks, makos, turtles, mantas, large amber-jacks, big groupers, dolphins, etc.., will be in our photo targets. Although it can be a little tiring, this week is tailored to the real adventurous spirits or for all those who dream of a memorable dive, a once in a lifetime experience. If you do not scuba dive but enjoy freediving and snorkeling, know that during this week you will have the opportunity to enjoy many of the situations, which will pass very close to the surface. Two weeks - "Best of" + "Blue Expedition" - 5-19 September 2013 - Make the most that this trip has to offer. Enlarge your knowledge of Santa Maria and Azorean's sea biodiversity , in a stay of 15 consecutive days. Delve further your photographic knowledge and enhance the results remaining longer on this island. Get the most cost-effective airline tickets and get access to a special price that includes both weeks. Experience the thrill of the blue in all its fullness in the company of Rui Guerra. During these fifteen days you will have the opportunity to repeat some of the best diving, with all the advantages it has in terms of photography/ video. Do not forget that until 31 March you may take advantage of the special launch price. At the end of any option, there is no need to tip anyone. :-) All the prices and conditions in: http://www.photoguerra.net/en-workshops.htm Please feel free to contact me if you have any question: photoguerra@meo.pt Cheers,
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